Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/22/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 215

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/22/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 215

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-18-2015 – Release Date 02-22-2015

Production Number #215 – Let Go Of The Wheel

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Adam opens the show asking Drew about the topic he wanted to get into, Drew says he forgets his actual train of thought from the last show.

Adam is saying he’s now having a renaissance with his daughter, he’s describing some conversations with Mike Lynch about this, the various periods of time he experienced with his daughter not caring for him.

Adam shares his “let go of the wheel” instinct to letting a car course correct when the tires start to break loose, Adam explains his family’s long history of daughters not loving their fathers.


Drew compliments Adam’s “stay the course, take your hands off the wheel” metaphor for parenting and being selfless on behalf of the child.

Adam explains the time his nephew didn’t like him around 7, how he rode out the storm and didn’t take it personally, he says his daughter is starting to recognize that he’s the mule that brings home the bacon.

Drew gets Adam to quote his “you bring home the Bacos” reply to Lynette, Adam is making a point about one of them giving up their job to raise the kids and how it would insane to give up the higher paying gig.


Adam is now commenting on his mother and her Chicano studies degree and asks how it would feel for Drew to stand in the same room with his mom and both be considered “people who went to college” with no delineation between their skill level.

Adam is not denigrating and explains why with some interesting wisdom.


Drew is now quoting some facts about the potential job market and world that Adam’s kids will be entering into, Adam is using the prediction about the future of bygone eras and the hysteria about diminishing opportunity present in most generations.

Adam says if it gets to the point where his kids can’t make it in America the whole country is fucked anyway, he does give caveat for as meteor to hit the country.


Adam and Drew are doing a Cremo live read


Drew is bringing up a recent trip to a college and the 20% of personality types he’s encountering on campuses, an ideological type who sees life through a rigid set of theories.

Drew says he could see these type of people being converted to something like ISIS, Adam is now explaining the new terror of terrorism would be armed gunmen attacking malls, he says he predicted that after 9/11.

Adam is now bringing up the “work related shooting” at the military base, that was realistically a terrorist attack but the current administration is hesitant to label it as such.


Adam is now bringing up young men who having to lose and the difference between them and women, Drew say’s it very interesting but then Adam goes back to the military base shooting and gets some facts.

Adam says they should have judged him before he struck, Drew is commenting on this ideologically driven personality shift in the country and how they could easily be swayed by a movement like ISIS or the Nazi party.

Adam says he could have talked into throwing his life away for 5k driving some pot back from Mexico, doing 20yrs now for something so stupid.


Adam takes it back to this theory about women always having the potential to become mothers, Drew brings up the disaffected males in pre-Nazi Germany.
Adam explains how feeling powerless, not oppressed but not having “juice” no modality to seize power will cause men to lash out and attempt to size it momentarily.


Drew is now doing an AVG cleaner live read


1st Caller Lauren, she’s very thankful they’re doing this show and is a huge Loveline fan, she tells them about listening to podcasts and wants to know some advice on how start her own podcast.

Adam says that bandwidth is much cheaper than it was when he first started, nobody tells her about using for free.


Adam say there is no barrier to entry but what she’s going to bring to the table, Adam is explaining why she can’t do what Adam and Drew have already done.

Adam is now suing the patent office and fusion cuisine for ways to create content, or you can go with a staple but you have to be the best at it.

So doing something new, combine things that have never been combined and do that great or go for a classic formula and master it.


2nd Caller Kevin tells them about his use of “brain wave” apps to keep from going back on ADD meds, Drew asks him if he’s had any success with the brain wave apps.

Kevin says he now writes things down to keep from stressing about forgetting tasks at hand, Adam is talking about dialing in your life.

Adam says he brings buck slips and Drew puts his keys in the fridge.


Drew brings up how the brain diminishes in this functional memory as people age, along with him raising a 2 year old, he just needs to write things down.

Drew references Sonny’s helmet prescription as an infant/toddler after Adam brings up his book report, Adam is now ranting about that and wants to know why he just heard of helmets now.

Adam brings up Joel McHale’s son and how people come out of the woodwork after you mention the helmets, he makes note of his buddy Chris and his peers who didn’t have helmets and may have asymmetrical skulls but that didn’t keep them from getting laid, hilarious wording from Ace


Adam says his son has chosen the autobiography of Shaquille O’Neal and he’s unsure how he will be dressing up as Shaq for said report/presentation.

Adam is talking about his wife kicking his son’s tires about not being able to concentrate on his report, Drew has a knowing “uh oh” that Adam quickly gets past by explaining it wasn’t straight out of a prescription commercial, she was just asking her son what’s up.

Adam says it’s him being a boy, they’re now looking at old picture of Drew, this happened back on Classic Loveline, Drew and Mike’s stage show and now on this show, again.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe live read


3rd Caller Enzo, he brings up interviewing Adam in Vancouver and wants to know Adam’s take on growing a podcasting business.

Adam is using his other warehouse and how it looked when he first acquired it vs. now after years of plugging away at it, chip away.

Adam says build and chip, Drew says service.


Adam says chip away at everything in life, Adam is bringing up how he uses other people’s reactions of the things he’s reshaped and grew to further appreciate them as he doesn’t notice the change like they do as he’s too close to it.

Drew is bringing up the balance one must acquire in life and work, Adam needs a physical part of life.

Adam says that one large middle is bad for males, he describes a mindless scanning job at the post office.


Adam says men need the physicality and the “barn raising” of life, they a need a certain amount of the beginning, the middle and the end.

Adam says even IKEA furniture is satisfying, he says society is moving into a long middle now.

Adam comments on the 24yr old guy sitting a cubicle all day who might be better served swinging an axe outside.


Adam and Drew are now doing a live read


Adam has a moving bricks form end of the yard and back explanation for what he’ll instruct Sonny to do if he’s without work and has nothing to do when he’s older and out of school.


4th Caller Jay, he’s contracted genital warts.

Adam jokes about people in New Orleans getting warts from the airport there, Drew says 80% of people in urban populations have warts.

Adam is asking Drew about getting the vaccine after contacting warts, Drew is explaining it to Adam, they’re talking about oral sex in hilarious terms, and Drew even has a drop worthy comment.


Adam is telling Drew about the Mr. Microphone commercial, he says you couldn’t do that commercial today.

They’re now playing the commercial

Adam is mocking the logic of the advertisement, Drew’s reaction is priceless.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show.