Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/22/2013 – Dr. Drew, Eric Roberts, Heidi Fleiss, Michael Lohan and Rachel Uchitel

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/22/2013 – Dr. Drew, Eric Roberts, Heidi Fleiss, Michael Lohan and Rachel Uchitel

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Dr. Drew

Recorded 02-21-2013 – Release Date 02-22-2013

Production Number #1020

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Adam is opening the show with Dr. Drew in studio for a special one on one, this episode is in response to the negativity Drew’s been subjected to since the untimely death of one of his former patients.

This was recorded several days after the last Adam and Drew show but it shares a similar theme, you might want to listen to that first or after. Adam is observing Drew’s shift to anger over the years, he’s got a great analogy comparing their different styles.

Adam has a great point about how people won’t do the “full math” on successful public figures; Adam is getting Drew to give his take on this “backlash” and the notion of a curse.

Drew is really making some great points and you can hear how much Adam has his back and cares about him. Adam is citing some examples of how people or companies can either contribute or take from society.


Drew is explaining he doesn’t care what he has to do to get someone into treatment; Adam has a great analogy about giving kids money for grades to make a larger point about motivation.

Adam is trying to bait Drew into crying and asking him to come up with the most stinging barb from this past week while he does a live read for go to meeting, Drew and Adam were both separately using it earlier in the day, hilarious live read!


Eric Robert has now joined the show, he sounds great, both the phone line and his voice. He’s praising Drew and I couldn’t agree more, Adam is asking some questions about how Drew helped him reconnect to his stepson.

Adam is singing in the praises of “Runaway Train” and Eric seems to genuinely appreciate it.

Eric is now walking Adam and Drew through his typical day of smoking Marijuana when he was suffering his dependency; Eric is confirming a lot of Adam’s long held suspicions about daily users.

Eric just admitted that he was stoned every time he talked with Adam in the past; Adam is now explaining he could tell. This superfan did pick up on some irritability the first time he guested on the podcast.

Eric sounds like a million bucks, he’s being extremely honest about his life and dependency and it’s shocking and beautiful, whoa! Adam has a great comparison to Jay Mohr and his reformed asshole status.


They’re now back to what has upset Drew the most this past week, Drew uses the term vituperous and describes it as literally murderous threats.

Drew is citing something posted on CNN from a dietician critiquing Drew’s treatment, Drew has a hilarious observation about asking a dietician about what it is he does and practices.

Adam is now jumping in; he’s in character as the “know it all” who is explaining they’re unique and special.

Adam is asking if any celebrities have come after him on twitter, he can’t think of any specifically besides Robin from the Howard Stern Show.


Drew has a real down moment right as Loveline legend Heidi Fleiss calls in to defend him, Heidi picked up on what he just said and is trying to diffuse the negativity, nice.

Adam is asking Heidi about where she’s calling from, she immediately picks up on the bird thing and spills the beans, and she has some great insights into caring for parrots.

Heidi says her experience on Celebrity Rehab may have been the best thing to ever happen to her, Adam and Drew are having some fun and now Adam is asking her about her guest spot on Oprah.


Adam and Heidi are riffing on Dennis Hoff and Adam’s getting an update on Heidi’s personal and professional life.

Adam is asking when and where this bird thing came from; he’s citing her late 90’s loveline visits pre parrot sanctuary.

Heidi is telling Adam about being brought under the influence of a famous Hollywood madam who taught her the business in her teen years, Drew is in love with this part of the story and Adam has some great follow up questions about how she got her start.


Heidi is explaining how she would get women to work for her in the 90’s, Adam has some more great follow up questions.

Adam is getting a great and quick synopsis of prison life from Heidi and he’s wrapping up her call, what a delight!

Adam is now recalling the 1997 loveline episode where Heidi plead her case and told the truth which resulted in Adam then reading the names of all the L.A. cops who consumed narcotics and engaged in intercourse with prostitutes in order to entrap her.

If you know of a tape of that show, either one you made or one that was submitted as evidence to the state, make sure it finds its way to this superfan.


After Adam wraps up a live read he now has Gary Patrick Smith on mic to read a very nice letter from Mary Carey about the death of Mindy, nice reading there Gary!

Adam is now asking Drew about Ty Pennington’s 2004 Loveline visit where he essentially admitted he was a bit of a conman of sorts, Adam is using “extreme home makeover” as an counterpoint to Drew and Celebrity Rehab, makes perfect sense.


Michael Lohan is now on the phone, he wants to update Adam and Drew on what’s been going on for him and his fellow cast since filming wrapped.

Adam is asking Michael what his day to day is like now, he’s seems to have some genuine insight about his place in the world and overwhelming past.

Drew is lost in thought and he says he’s thinking about Michael’s daughter, Drew is citing his current Loveline cohost Mike Catherwood (the 2nd greatest Loveline co-host of all time).

Michael is now giving an update on his daughter and what it’s like to have the tools and knowledge to help her but still be powerless to get her to listen or try.

Drew is bonding with Michael over his family; Drew remembers a ton, whoa! They’re wrapping with Michael.


Drew has an update from Tom Sizemore, Bob Forrest saw him recently and he apparently is doing great. Drew is remarking on how after 10yrs of care Tom was finally able to overcome his addiction while on Celebrity Rehab of all things.

Adam is doing a legal zoom live read, Drew is jumping in and Maxipada is doing the legalese. Adam is complimenting and teasing him at the same time, it’s gold!


Rachel Uchitel has now joined the show, Adam mixed up her media scandal. She seems cool enough about it, and now she’s explaining she was more of a love addict.

Rachel is crediting her experience on Celebrity Rehab for her new baby and the guy in her life, she’s now admitting to the prescription pill abuse.

Drew is citing the unbelievable story Rachel told on the show, Drew is sharing some of the details and Rachel is filling in the rest.

Rachel is now fleshing it out even more; Adam is asking great follow up questions and has a wonderful hypothetical question about how her life turned out.


Rachel is being super honest and has seemed to warm up to the nature of this special episode, wow this is intense and amazing, no other podcast can do this.

Adam has a funny interruption to override Drew’s interruption, now he’s mocking his own lack of research and interviewing technique along with the super insulting intro to her call.

Adam’s getting her to get specific on what happened on 9/11, she’s filling in all the details and confirming some of Adam’s suspicions.

Adam wants to know how Rachel ended up with Tiger, she doesn’t speak about that in the media but is essentially explaining it to Adam without telling him all the details, nice compromise!

Adam is asking Rachel to say something to Drew to make him feel better in light of this past week, she has some good points without being partial or one sided, and she just used the facts to make her point.


Now that they’ve wrapped with Rachel, Adam is quizzing Drew about the number of seasons Celebrity Rehab ran for. Drew is thanking Adam for even doing this episode, Adam is now explaining how this was a ratings grab.

Drew is laughing but Adam is making an honest and serious point, he’s drawing parallels to celebrity rehab and he just tied the entire episode into one beautiful bow.

Drew is now teasing Adam about the scandal mix up with Rachel, hilarious!

Adam and Drew are now doing a great live read for “Tax Resolution Center” Adam is citing an off air conversation with the CEO where Drew accidentally revealed a very telling thing.

Adam has a great heartfelt message to Drew to close out the show, the theme of which is how one can never win over every heart and to focus on the things and people that are truly important to your life.