Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/21/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 311

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/21/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 311

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-18-2016 – Release Date 02-21-2016

Production Number #311 – The Inspector General

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Adam asks Drew if he’s in town for a while and Drew tells Adam about taping the Steve Harvey show while in Chicago and Drew says Adam has taught him how to improv with comedians and Steve liked him bouncing the ball back on air, he appreciated it.

Adam is talking about Red Eye flights and how he never seems to find them offered, he doesn’t often fly in the right directions and the Burbank airport has cutoff departure times due to city ordinances.

Drew explains the “You Live” thing to Adam, Adam’s not that into it and he talks about the way he waits to get to the front of the line and slides in where his number is.


Drew brings up ‘The Simpson’s’ opening and the couch gag and how things would work if everyone waited until the last minute to form in line.

Gary is on mic and he says that there are 2 ½ seats for every asshole in airports and describes how all of the passengers stood up waiting in line for over an hour while Ray was playing ‘F, Marry, Kill’ with guys on the Carolla crew about women sitting around them within earshot.

Gary is now describing this insane scene and mentions the guy Ray shouted at who was trying to ignore their insane conversation.


Adam has a “momentarily in charge of Jennifer Aniston” theory about approaching someone who you think is above you who you can control momentarily by throwing them off balance with a comment or interaction.

Adam says if you gain self-worth over the misfortune of others you truly have nothing like the guy who lost his fries to a seagull, Adam say the loser is the person mocking the guy who lost his food to a ravenous bird.

“all you got is an ass full of sand loser” – Adam to the guy who enjoys mocking the person they feel that is above them, you satiate yourself because you don’t have a burger by watching others lose theirs.


Dres is bringing up the Don Draper 1st class theory, how an adult would explain him to their kids in the 1960’s vs. today and the changes in society regarding envy and negativity when it comes to wealth.


Adam is talking about the worst part of the First class ticket for him is getting on the bus first, Adam is talking about the assholes who use the First class overhead compartments when he’s waiting to board.

Adam thinks he shouldn’t be forced to check his back because some coach flying douche took his spot.


Drew is doing a Live Read for Five Four Club

Adam and /Drew both use them for their Live show and TV jeans edition


Adam is back to how Drew doesn’t like the way the wind is blowing, Drew wants people to strive for greatness, not equanimity, equality in opportunity yes!

Adam is now setting up the clip of Michael Moore on the Howard Stern Show when he was promoting ‘Capitalism a Love story’ and he talks about him lying.


1st Caller Sean, he tells them about losing his parents 10 months apart to cancer 5 years ago, they were 55 and 54.

Drew is asking him about the loss and he talks about knowing his “demons” and proclaims that he’s the baby in his family and he doesn’t like people who bring up zodiac signs or birth order or anything about what hand they pick their nose with.

Adam takes it back to Sean, he talks about working through his issues and Drew says he’s had bad therapy, he says cognitive awareness is one tiny pieces and he needs to go back in for emotionally focused psychotherapy.


Drew talks about the way you can use therapy to “refuel” with a connected person and what it does for your health.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock

Adam talks about Yuri who stole Ray’s credit and showed up begging to give it back to Ray, it’s ruining his life edition.

Hilarious improv short story


Adam is back to the Michael Moore on Stern clip and he talks about money being a byproduct of achievement and Drew is bringing up the controversy about the movie ‘Roger and Me’ and the possible lie about the interview with Roger being denied to Michael.

Michel is now lying to Howard, Adam and Drew are peppering in some light commentary over it.


Drew is mocking this logic and the idea that if you count his house he has more money, hilarious “20 million of art” in his house in Michigan.

Adam says he likes the guy but he’s lying and the message shouldn’t be don’t hate me because I’m as poor as you are, it should be work hard and earn like I did, this weekend I will be working like all weekends.

Adam talks about wearing a suit while on Television and how Michael Moore wears his tattered costume/uniform, funny visual of Geragos drinking scotch in sweatpants comments from Adam.


Drew shares his recent frustration with documentaries and the “op-ed” element of them, Drew is now bringing up ‘Making a Murderer’ and contrasting that to ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ and now Adam is riffing about Lynette making him breakfast before his KLSX radio show in 2006.

Adam says he would go down at 5aqm and make some eggs and watch CNN, to get caught up on the news with Soledad O’Brien and that was before there were so many agendas.

Someone is bringing Dr. Drew some coffee, he’s dripping on the floor and Adam calls him son.


Drew is bringing up the Ben Shapiro controversy and how it never seems to go away, Adam is talking about a culture arising at various networks, in any environment.

Adam says his crew won’t bring up their lost 45 of ‘Maneater’ and empty hazelnut creamer for coffee.

Adam is sharing Vinnie Tortorich’s reaction to the food in their pantry and his various comments about better options.


Adam says you’re slowly poisoning yourself every morning and the good news is you’re going to die for drinking it.

Drew says these networks and the agendas are driven by the ratings and who is watching.


Drew is doing a Live Read Bitch


2nd Caller Danny, he was diagnosed bi-polar and talks about smoking pot when he had his 3 hospitalizations, he says he gained a lot of weight from the medications.

Drew tells Adam about how some psychiatric meds will reset your satiation point.

Adam is now talking about his one day a week of crazy eating during NFL season and how it slowly makes him gain weight as Drew describes a little extra food per day can do.


Adam is with him about possibly weaning down his meds and Dr. Drew suggests doing it under supervision, Gary is on mic updating them on the dog walking, he didn’t poo but they got him to pee.


3rd Caller Shawn, he’s telling them about coming from a family of losers and never having a strong role model or coach in his life and how Adam’s story makes him feel not so alone in life.

Adam is now mocking the “Cradle to College pipeline” proposed by Hillary Clinton, Adam would love to hear the conversations between her and Bill about having to sit down with Al Sharpton.

Shawn talks about the amount of celebrities who have almost no coaching by their family, he mentions Harland Williams father the solicitor general for Canada and how that reminds him of Danny Kaye.

Adam has Gary search for the movie and Drew is looking it up too.


Adam is telling Gary to list off his movies from the 1950’s, none of them ring a bell and Gary admits he’s never heard of Danny Kaye and his legacy.

Drew found the movie it’s 1949 and Gary explains that he wasn’t trying to be confusing and Adam tells him not to give him a condescending reply.

Adam is saying he didn’t know if Gary was repeating what Adam said, Gary says they have the song ready.


4th Caller John, he talks about being addicted to Periscope to use to fuck with people and troll them with stalker like comments, he gets a cocaine like high by manipulating others.

Drew says it sounds like a process addiction and recommends technology wellness.


Adam is saying it would be one thing if this was him addicted to hand jobs and had an orgasm at the end of the process, John is sharing how wrong this feels and Drew is not calling him a sociopath, presuming this is an isolated behavior.

Gary is telling them about the song and Drew now predates Adam by bringing up ‘The African Explorer’ by Groucho Marx, Adam wasn’t ever a Marx brothers guy.


Adam is doing a Slender Tone Ab Belt Live Read

Adam got up to level 38, still can’t eat an eclair while wearing it edition.


5th Caller John, he’s back on the wagon and in therapy, his therapist wants him to get on antidepressants.

Drew is telling him to see a psychiatrist for this possible prescription or decision about a medicine.

Adam asks if Gary has the right one, they tell him to give them one that looks most like it.


They are now watching Danny Kaye performing, Drew says this was the song he was thinking of, Adam says no this is not it.

Adam is once again coaching up Gary about the crazy outfit description and mention of a Beefeater costume.

They are now watching the wrong song from Inspector General with Danny Kaye and Drew pledges not to play his movies for the audience on his ‘This Life’ podcast with Bob Forrest.

They wrap up the show and give out the final plugs.