Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/21/2014 – Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/21/2014 – Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Matt Atchity

Recorded 02-20-2014 – Release Date 02-21-2014

Production Number #1266

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Adam is opening the show to a nice intro inspired by todays guest Matt Atchity, BB has a nice #TopDrop and Adam is telling the gang about a crushing disappointment.

Adam says he was doing some morning radio, he was scheduled to call a Vegas station on his new phone, and Adam is now redefining male beauty, hairy asses and double chins.

Adam’s logic is that if women can redefine their beauty, we can too, Fondiler on the cover of “Men’s Fitness” magazine.


Adam is wrapping up the inner beauty riff and getting to his 9:48am arrival in his car, he got ahold of the station and was hit with an incoming call from Matt, checking where Adam was 42 seconds before Adam was on the line.

Adam says his ID is still very angry with Matt, Adam is explaining his trip to “People” magazine and his follow up visit to O’Reilly for his appearance on the show.

Adam is citing the Pier 1 Imports he passed on the way to his taping, he’s sharing how one of his first jobs was moving a parking lot mound of dirt from the parking lot to the dumpster.


Adam is now joking about the two lampposts outside, he’s making a point using Rembrandt as a contrast to the cities attempt at art displaying “cultural unity”.

Alison has a point about artwork, much like jokes they/it shouldn’t be too difficult to understand.

Adam is sharing his celebratory victory lap in the parking lot, nice joke from Alison about him doing doughnuts.


Adam is joking about Pier 1 and the need for wicker, hilarious riff.

Adam is really going off on the modern art douches and all of their excuses as to why he’s too dumb to comprehend it.

Adam is going off on the “attack” of the modern art welcoming people to North Hollywood, You can view both of these via the show page link above.


Adam is telling the gang about visiting Norm Pattiz from Podcast One, he’s sharing his iced tea dilemma, and it’s even infected the tennis club/golf club he was lunching at.

Adam says the war is officially on, he’s got another anecdote about living in fear of his daughter, he’s citing the story from the most recent “For Crying Out Loud” while sharing new details about her elbow drops and jump rope interference.

Adam has a great “let me hear your cock talk” Olivia Newton John joke, Adam is making a point about the almost sex like nature of a hard workout.


Adam is sharing how Natalia spooked him with a scream in his ear when he was mid workout, Adam broke out the angry dad voice.

Adam was ordered to go speak to her by Lynette and Adam is complimenting her on her manipulation skills and ratcheting up the upset when you enter the room.

Adam is doing a plug for their upcoming live show in Vegas, BB is sharing his excitement for returning with the podcast, saying they haven’t gone there since the KLSX days.


Adam is bringing up the 4 douchebags Dawson showed up with at their after show dinner, Adam hated the “sweat sock beer” that said douches then all ordered and loved.

Dawson is now on mic, Adam is describing his favorite type of Beer and is giving some nice plugs for Stella.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Chris, he wants to know if Adam has ever taken and IQ test, he’s sharing his Classic Loveline era 83, dangerously close to moron.

Adam is telling the gang about Lynette never stopped laughing and how he used reverse logic to make a point about her marrying him, Alison is shocked the point of the test was to prove that Adam wasn’t smart.

Adam says he’s certain that reading is a necessary component he thinks might be his stumbling block and is sharing the 101 he got by retaking the test and randomly answering it.


Adam is making a point about the fluidity of the brain, he’s explaining that things end up becoming a problem that you need to solve with the best outcome, and Adam is making a point about the evolution of his writing process since his first book.

Adam is making a point about independent and documentary filmmaking, Adam is asking if you get smarter, he says no, you get better, much like learning carpentry.

Adam says working on your IQ is just jerking off, work on the efficiency.


Alison is now chiming in with a very sweet “don’t you think you really have a high IQ, it’s apparent to everyone” comment, Adam seems to really appreciate it.

Adam is explaining that because of his family of origin he does not in fact have that belief, he thinks that there was nothing about his brain that was different than any other average person.

Adam says he went 0-30 without being made aware of his skills, he’s got a great sniff after his comment about “shaving 1/10th off the lap time of life”.


BB is making a nice “Rudy” analogy for IQ and mental horsepower reaching the back wheels as it were.

Adam says there is always going to be everything better and lesser than you, you’ll always be in between, do the best you got with what you got in this life.

Adam is making a point about his realistic take on his football experience and having to wrap it up at some point.


2nd Question Shawn, he wants to know about Adam’s view on a work/life balance.

Adam is now getting to his thoughts on raising children and his presence vs. his wife’s, he’s explaining how the kids react to his arrival vs. hers.

Adam says he’s more of a “presence” in their life, unlike the constant of Lynette who is always present.

Shawn is interrupting to ask how Adam views it himself, Adam is now giving his take on a father’s role, and he’s making a great points about how one can ruin a family.


Adam is listing his favorite racers for another caller.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the conviction for the two men who beat Bryan Stow, she’s reading some of the grisly details that we all seem to forget about.

Adam is giving his take on murder vs. attempted, he says that if you tried to beat a man to death with your boot but there just happened to be some Iraq war veteran trauma surgeon present who manages to keep the man alive, you should still be charged with murder.

Alison is giving her take on consuming meat and the logic of praising and admiring those who kill their own game, she’s got a nice bit of logic about being removed from the process, I agree.


Alison is further reading the details of the sentencing of these men, she’s reading the quotes from the family and has a weird “I wouldn’t call it cowardly though”, two on one, really?

Adam is making a point about if the man died it would be a different sentencing, he’s using The “Long Island Lolita” case and point blank shootings as his example.

Adam is bringing up the randomness of life, he doesn’t want that factored into the act and sentencing in response to said act.


Alison is asking the gang about seeing the two accident sites on the way into the studio, Adam is bringing up the people he saw pulled over, shitty car and you can tell they’re poor and now being in deep shit.

Adam is being very sympathetic to random poor person he doesn’t know getting ticketed, he’s now sharing the other pull over victims that he sympathizes with, interesting.


2nd Story is on the violence and protests in the Ukraine, She’s now saying that she doesn’t know what “scores” are and BB thinks he does, but now nobody does.

Now BB is being told it is 20 years and he’s correct, Adam says he would be the worst government sniper, he would pretend to be picking people off and lying to his superiors.

BB is now celebrating his vindication that the gang already gave him moments ago, Alison is now asking the percentage of people who hold a gun for a living that enjoy killing.


Adam is now sharing the speech he’s heard that’s given from grandparent to young child, he’s citing the “you don’t shit where you eat” analogy that never makes sense, he’s calling trying to fuck hot young receptionists as “work”.

Adam is bringing up the “30 for 30” about the young basketball star that was shot and killed in his prime, he’s bringing up the interview with the guy who shot and killed the young man 3yrs ago.

Adam is getting to the “you pull a gun, you better intend to use it, you shoot, you shoot to kill” Adam says no, he always thinks no in response to that logic, he feels like pulling a gun is a nice way to prevent violence, or used like a starter pistol.

Nice “Velveeta” gun comedy.


3rd Story is on Cee-Lo Green not returning to “The Voice” as announced on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Adam has a great riff about the wardrobe department being the most relieved by this, great arm size comedy.

Alison is commenting on never seeing an episode of the show and BB is saying his wife loves it, Adam is sharing his take on how compelling it is, he’s crediting it to Mark Burnett.

Alison may have been convinced to watch it.


4th Story is on Andrew Green suing the makers of “The Wolf of Wall Street” over his portrayal in the movie, Adam is making a point about the guy announcing his real name in spite of a fake name being used in the film.

BB is a making a point about his portrayal, Adam is asking what the chances are you’re going to depict a bunch of lawyers who are still alive without getting sued, He says pirate movies is where it’s at to avoid litigation.

Alison is sharing how there are apartments that will not rent to lawyers in NYC, Adam agrees with that logic thought he doesn’t think it’s legal to discriminate, nice Pat Benatar “Law as weapon” joke.


5th Story is on Michelle Obama and a “drink up” campaign.

Adam is saying while it’s all very noble, he’s distracting himself on her hair and the way it’s getting longer, lighter and straighter, calling for her to embrace “the natural” to change society and the pressure on all women.

Adam is asking if these campaigns work, he’s saying it all has to start at home, inside out, not outside in.


Adam says that unfortunately fat has now become the norm, he’s making a point about the chasm between the have and the have not’s.

He’s saying there will be a chasm of insanely in shape people and overweight people, the general populace will be obese, hilarious muscle confusion riff from Ace.

Adam now has a killer point about the coming times where the richest people on earth will be the skinniest, for the first time in human history where opulence and being overweight were signs of status.

Alison is now wrapping up the news.


Adam is doing a live read for Blinds Galore and now going to break.


They’re back from break with Matt Atchity returning for what’s become a weekly segment.

Adam is explaining the premise of the game and asking Matt about what’s being released, he’s telling them about the new Kevin Costner movie.

Adam is explaining how he defends “Waterworld” at almost every turn, he’s now giving a “but” and saying he forgot about the element of the movie he recently tuned into on cable, he’s using a beautiful woman in a bad photo analogy.


Adam is making point about the dirigible with an “aids quilt” sail, he’s joking about the era of movies with that type of bullshit.

Adam is getting to the point where Dennis Hopper fires his spear gun in anger, he’s citing the kid sitting on the pontoon and falls a fatal distance yet survives, nice use of “Smokers” by Ace.

Adam is mixing up the gender of the little girl in the movie, he’s getting to Costner using his grappling hook to descend from said dirigible.


Adam is getting to the least truthful thing that happens in all movies, the “tie this off” then jump move without and altitude calculations, Adam says there is a lot of way too easy to climb ropes and wet ropes in movies, Spoiler Alert!

Adam says the fakest part of the movie is where the guy who just did that super brave move “I just jumped before you tied that off” but doesn’t mention it, Adam is now riffing in character bragging about the badass move he’ll never stop bringing up.

Matt is telling them about “Pompeii” and Adam wants to know when the sword and sandal epics came back, he’s blaming “300” and is tired of the genre.

Adam wants to know who wants this, Matt is using the term “Sword and Sandals” and now Adam is picking up on it, I prefer the “Sword and Fjord” genre ala “Highlander”.

Adam is getting to the homoerotic nature of these films and the musculature of the men featured in them.


Rotten or FreshKevin Costner Edition


1st Movie Waterworld

They have a quick recap of the film’s reception upon release and Adam appreciates its 2nd life on cable TV.


2nd Movie Dances with Wolves

Adam is commenting on this being the movie that screwed Scorsese out of the Academy Award for “Goodfellas”.


3rd Movie the Bodyguard

Adam is giving his take on the movie, he’s making a point about the opening few bars of her singing “I Will Always Love You”, hilarious.


4th Movie Bull Durham

Adam loves the scene where they discuss a wedding gift at the pitcher’s mound, for some reason that movement stands out to him.

Adam can’t believe the 100% from top critics, in a good way.


5th Movie Tin Cup

Adam is now breaking down the strategy, Alison was in the midst of her math and isn’t ready, once again Alison lands the Silver.

Adam is making a point about movies being ubiquitous doesn’t necessarily make it a good movie, interesting logic.

Adam is now doing a live read right as they wrap up the game.


Adam is giving out the closing plugs and has a funny “probably getting married” closer with Alison, joking about her missing an upcoming show due to the ceremony.

Adam is wrapping it up with some plugs for Matt.