Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/21/2013 – Ben Hoffman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/21/2013 – Ben Hoffman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Ben Hoffman

Recorded 02-20-2013 – Release Date 02-21-2013

Production Number #1019

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Adam is opening the show with a plug for Ben’s comedy central series and now getting into some bathroom etiquette, he’s citing the golden yellow surprises left in every men’s room.

Adam is explaining the mindset of someone who doesn’t flush the toilet or urinal, Alison is chiming in and helping him flesh it out.

Adam is now riffing on automatic flushers and airport bathrooms, Alison is chiming in and now Adam is doing a hilarious “magic eye” riff with some key drop work from Bald Bryan, nice work!


Adam is sharing an anecdote about taking a piss at the convention center next to an eager fan, he’s on a hilarious riff about checking out the dong of someone you’re a fan of, and this superfan politely disagrees.

Adam is going super in depth with this bathroom riff, he’s citing some classic examples and Alison is weighing in. Bryan just revealed Gavin Newsom will be a guest on the podcast next week and told Adam to prepare a list of fixes to present to him.

Adam is wrapping up his “transitional era of the magic eye” tangent and now Alison and BB are weighing in, Adam just had some amazing quotes about the guys who kick the bathroom door open and the gang is jumping in to make it even funnier.


Adam is going off on the germ phobic people who won’t use their hands while opening the bathroom door but will happily eat fast food; Alison dubs it “selective germaphobia”.

Alison just brought up doggie acupuncture and BB jumps in for a hilarious exchange; Adam stops them and reexamines what just happened. BB is talking about his dog’s bad back; Adam has a hilarious bit of advice.

BB just blurted out what can only be described as an attack against the Aceman for treating his dog’s cancer in response to Adam mocking his doggy staircase. Adam has another amazing quote when he learns the stairs turn into a ramp, gold!


Alison has a follow up question about something Adam said on yesterday’s episode, she’s citing the story of the producers who wanted to give Adam and Drew notes on the set of loveline. Adam is now giving her his in depth take on how he comes off to other people, amazing stuff!

Alison is asking great follow up questions, Adam even remarks on it. He’s now citing Jimmy Kimmel and how he knows who he is today vs. his earlier stations in life, this seems to be a callback to the Kevin and Bean show from earlier this month.

Adam is now telling Alison how he got their pay doubled for season 3 of MTV Loveline, a very interesting and compact version of the events with a nice ending about it not being done in anger.


They’re back form break with Ben Hoffman in studio making his ACS debut, Adam is giving some praise for his show and he’s giving it right back.

Adam is comparing Ben’s show to the Man Show and he’s citing a specific bit from the show, Ben is now explaining whether or not they used real obituaries.

Adam is now asking Ben about his journey and he’s walking Adam through it, including his time at “Current TV”.

Ben is sharing the abuse and negativity he experienced for being a Jewish kid in the south, BB has a good question and it’s leading to some funny moments.


Alison’s News

Her top story is a couple of updates to the Olympic “blade runner” story, Adam heard some of the details too and is correcting some info.

Adam is on a good mild rant about the spirit of the law; he’s citing the OJ Simpson case and making comparisons to what’s gone on so far with this case.

Adam is now going off on the concept of “roid rage” and bringing up some good points while asking some great questions.


2nd story is on the corpse found in the water tank atop a Los Angeles hotel, Alison is reading the details and Adam has a hilarious and creepy reply.

Alison has more details and Adam is still riffing about the body that would cause him to never stop vomiting, Ben is jumping in to agree with Adam in jest and now Adam is explaining how this is total vindication for him not showering.


3rd story is on mayor Villaretardo and the syncing of the traffic signals in Los Angeles, Adam is citing the “right on red” not be advertised with an awareness campaign despite how much traffic it would alleviate.

Adam is now bringing up the “if you can steer it, clear it” policy other states have regarding fender benders. Adam is now going off on the “click it or ticket” campaign.

Ben is weighing in and Adam is giving a “your prerogative” reply and then also arguing the counter point to that, Alison has a great observation about people who tune things out and how ad campaigns might not work on them.

BB has a good point about the right turns on red lights and Alison has a funny idea and request for multi-function car horns.


4th story is on Nestle recalling products containing traces of horse meat, she’s reading the details of the recall and now Adam is on a hilarious “meat is meat” riff. He’s making some great points about the majesty of different animals and the hypocrisy in only consuming certain ones.

Alison has a great question about eating dog food and now Adam is on a hilarious riff about faking out ones dog pretending to eat the food to kick start the dog’s interest in eating.

Adam is doing a Go to Meeting live read and working the dog food riff into it.


5th story is on an airline passenger who slapped a woman’s toddler and used a racial slur towards him.

Adam and Ben have some funny replies to the story; Adam is citing Alec Baldwin as the happiest man on the planet because of this story.

Adam is asking questions about the story and Ben has some funny observations about the looks of both parties and the airline policy on these types of incidents.

Adam has a great point about the mind of a two year old and even more funny remarks about this story.


Adam is now launching into a funny anecdote about trying to be on time to meet his buddy for lunch, he had to stop for gas last minute despite his best efforts when he ran into the director of his episode of “Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place”.

Adam is going on a quick tangent about trying to overcompensate for the few actual racists still out there; he’s commenting on a photo of the cast and has some kind words for Ryan Reynolds who did two classic Loveline episodes.

Adam is now doing a live read, giving some plugs and wrapping the show.