Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/20/2015 – Nahnatchka Khan, Melvin Mar, and Matt Ralston

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/20/2015 – Nahnatchka Khan, Melvin Mar, and Matt Ralston

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Nahnatchka Khan, Melvin Mar, and Matt Ralston

Recorded 02-19-2015 – Release Date 02-20-2015

Production Number #1516

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Adam opens the show to a bumper sticker intro from Dawson, Adam is telling Gary to bring in his SNL info whenever he sees fit.

Adam is asking if Gina telling the story of losing her virginity with drops from Huell Howser to spice things up is a better idea than him telling an old story once again with Huell drops added to it.

Gina says she’s never told that story on air anywhere, wow she’s done a lot of talking on radio and podcasts so that would be a huge reveal, Adam clearly didn’t bring this up off air or if he did they’re saving their conversation until now.


Adam has a funny series of situations where he thinks it’s fine if she wants to take a pass on telling this, involving a family member, an innocent jog in a park gone wrong, holy shit!

Gina is game, wow.

Gina is telling them about being 18, a freshman in college at the time and performing in ‘Hair’ and BB is peppering in some light drop work but it’s not working that well.

Adam is asking some follow up questions, he asks where the hell they even got the “Carolla’s excited” drop forgetting about the origin as explained by BB on a past episode.


Adam is commenting on the more ample bosomed women typically being more hesitant to go nude, Gina shares how proud she is of her body and mentions the twitter trolls, good attitude.

Adam is asking about the college guys getting boners on stage, he wants to know how these 19 year old dudes kept from getting hard.

Adam shares the story of his push-ups in the doctor’s office to get rid of an ill-timed erection, BB is trying the drops still but it’s not quite working.


Gina is telling the story and BB wraps it up with some funny choices, the laughter in particular cracks Adam up.


Adam is doing a Tri-Calm live read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Joel wants to know about an organizational system for his garage, Adam says that organization is one of the most difficult topics for someone to tackle, it transcends book smarts and education level.

Adam is describing the million different characters he’s dealt with and the results with each type of person, Adam says it will be the name of one of his books one day, he’s now describing the chapstick and AA batteries drawer combining.

Adam is further describing his efforts to get his people coached up on the best way to keep things organized, Gina asks if it isn’t Adam running into people’s unwillingness to change or do extra work.


Adam is using his 10k offer to motivate someone to change their behavior, BB insults Adam’s staff and Adam reminds him he also works for him which BB acknowledges.


Matt is joining them for his debut on the ACS, Adam is asking him about getting into politics.

Matt sounds a bit out of breath and less than enthused initially, Adam is interrupting him to explain that he’s talking to the guy who’s been ranting about this for 20 years.

Adam is in full agreement and explains the fear reaction the woman in his car had while he was pulled over in the inciting incident that inspired his political campaign.


Adam is asking about the West Hollywood cop cars, Adam is talking about the gay flag and jokes about people not knowing about the shape of West Hollywood.

Adam is telling him to lobby as a straight citizen, Adam’s gaydar is way off and BB has a funny reply when asked if he’s gay.

Adam is telling Matthew that a simple now would suffice, Adam is sharing his argument for the Armenian majority to be represented, hilarious Armenian heat index one liner.


Adam has a killer “DickIsInYa Tribe” one liner after Matt gives a kind explanation of the history of West Hollywood and the gay community there.

Adam brings up Harry Hay and says he’s finding his weight behind Matthew, Adam wraps up with Matt.

Adam has a killer AIDS mixed with herpes analogy for airport police, BB brings up how they are by far the most aggressive and intrusive type of officer.


Adam is further distilling what it means to be a passenger using the airport, the day they stop showing up is the day they stop having employment.


Adam is doing a live read for Reverie Bed

Adam is telling them about Sonny recovering after an injury on the basketball court, he mentions his book report on Shaq and the requirement for him to dress up like the man.


2nd Caller Adam, he wants to know who the first 3 guests will be on Adam’s “What Happened?” podcast, he says he’ll bring his dad and his mom in, go into the McDonalds and interview the senior citizen, then the guy’s brother working over at Home Depot.

Gina has a super depressing “medical bills” addition to Adam’s show idea.

Adam is explaining that his mom is moving out of her house and selling it, a 10k dollar house so now that she can move into her mother’s old home, a 12k dollar house across town.


Adam is explaining how “if we can bulldoze it and rebuild” is one of the worst things you want to hear about a piece of land, Adam says the first 25k will be tearing the house down.

Adam jokes about his life of white privilege, Adam jokes about the cost of such a low mortgage.

Adam says his dad bought his place for 13.5k and jokes about comparing his family to the Trumps.


3rd Caller Derrick, he compliments the podcast and tells Adam about smoking marijuana and how he wants to use it while not being negatively affected by it.

Adam says that freeing your mind using chemicals is a very sad thought, the type of person who has to get drunk to be fun.

BB says it’s a little juvenile and Adam says he gets the part where you set a mood, but he thinks sitting alone with your thoughts doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be taking some peyote.


Adam is giving some wise advice about marijuana and how it does affect people, it’s not harmless, nor is it the most dangerous.


Adam is making a point about life calling on you to make things happen that aren’t necessarily compatible with being stoned, Adam is explaining how he likes to enjoy his booze after work, it’s not a 0.


Adam is doing a live read for CarVi


4th Caller Ron, he has some girl problems and explains the on and off again thing with the ex has led to him breaking up with his new lady.

BB mocks him with some Huell drops, Adam says he better be good looking and Ron is honest about his appeal, Adam tries to get him to reveal who in the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast he most resembles.

Adam says he tuned out and wants to know what’s going on, Ron sums it up and Adam jokes about zip ties and ether rags, hilarious “Vic…” quote form Ace.


Gina has a wise point about his interest level being related to her disinterest in him, Adam is now doing an improv scene with Ron where they reenact the date.

Adam is recommending the Denny’s waffles, Adam is playing Ron and is trying to wrap up the call.


Adam is doing a legal zoom live read


They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break

Melvin and Nahnatchka Khan are making their ACS debuts and Adam messes up Eddie Huang’s name, Adam is asking Nahnatchka about Iran and what we might not expect.

She says she thinks it’s good that American culture has influenced their culture and credits the internet, Adam is asking about acting roles for Asian men.

Adam is bringing up the black dwarf MacGuffin from earlier in the month, Adam is now playing the commercial for the guests and they’re weighing in.


Adam has a funny “Well groomed Mexican” and “very articulate” series of quotes, Melvin is giving his take on roles for Asian men.

Adam is joking about them not having a lot of role models in media and how if only they did they might excel in the class room and in life.

Adam is explaining how he doesn’t need equal opportunity in jobs based on color, he just wants the best fire fighter, and he jokes about Mindy Kaling as your firefighter trying to pull you out of a burning house.


Adam is further asking them about casting the show, hilarious acrobats’ one liner from Ace.

Adam says he’s fine with different cultures focusing on other careers, he doesn’t need to see them represented on TV to understand they’re getting shit done and part of the community.

Adam is joking about whiter guys adopting Asian kids and then has a “we’re thinking like an Asian” one liner and once again brings up Eddie Huang.


Adam jokes about him having to listen to dumb people and how it’s only going to make things difficult for him, Adam says his kids are watching the shit out of Master Chef Jr. and that it’s depressing him as his kids can’t even heart up their own Eggo waffles.

Adam is comparing how when one watches porn it doesn’t inspire them to make porn, just as when watching cooking it doesn’t inspire the kids into wanting to cook, wow.

Adam says fuck that show, his kid can’t even eat a taco without dropping half of it on the floor.


Adam says some collateral damage spills over onto the wife who also can’t cook at that level.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Geraldo Rivera’s comments about rap culture and its influence on black Americans, Adam is now using neck tattoos as an example for how most people react to something like that.

Adam has a good or a bad, that’s where we’re at.

Adam says he agrees with Geraldo, funny basketball related interviews riff from Adam.


Nahnatchka has a funny one liner about Geraldo’s glasses and Adam tops it with some funny tags, Adam is now bringing up Geraldo’s pass due to his head trauma from a chair.


2nd Story is on a deadly superbug that was potentially exposed to many UCLA patients.

Adam jokes about Asian people not being able to get into UCLA and how they’re lucky to be at Cal State Northridge.


3rd Story is on a pediatrician who refused to care for an infant due to her lesbian parents, Gina has the info about the case.

BB asks if it’s discriminatory and Adam says he’s an atheist and doesn’t have a dog in the fight, Adam gives an example of what he like using a bar for only one gender, give you the right to open it while hoping nobody gives you their business, by choice.

Adam has a killer riff about the Guantanamo Bay prison guards and the arrow pointing towards mecca, Adam shares his Vegas goof, great description of him laughing while eating his lunch.


Nahnatchka is now giving her take and has funny riff about the doctor now being discriminated against by lesbians, Adam joins her with some funny Subaru jokes.

Adam says he doesn’t want his person of medicine praying on anything and probably did this couple a favor by cluing them in that she wasn’t qualified to be their doctor, not the other way around.

Nice closer from Ace.


Adam is now doing a live read for Me Undies

Hilarious “how many assholes do you have Gary?” edition


4th Story is on the new “Heat Map Microwave” and she plays a clip from the engineer describing the technology.

Adam is asking about the 3 mugs he has that always seem to heat up while the liquid inside does not, Adam says he wants the microwave that takes foil, referencing some Stouffers that comes in foil like it’s 1974.

Adam has a great “blow your dad or fuck your mom” hypothetical and mocks the people who refuse to give an answer, he says that if you gave them the super power one they wouldn’t tell you how impossible it was.


BB is in the mix, Gina takes them back to the topic at hand.

Adam says he doesn’t like the microwave and laments how long such short windows of time can seem to take, he brings up his method of microwave setting.

Melvin says he gets lazy and doesn’t heat it up.


Adam is commenting on fruit in the fridge, Adam is making his dog shit argument and says that the pasta primavera cold gives you the same calories with only 20% of the flavor.

Adam is now suing frozen dog shit to prove his point.


5th Story is on the final selection for the Mars One crew candidates, Adam is joking about how offended one would be if their friend suggested they sign up before they close the list.

Adam is doing a killer riff as the concerned friend and Gina is in the mix helping him with the improv scene.

Melvin suggests gifting an application/invite and Adam is now further riffing with some help from BB this time, Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read

Adam is riffing about the razors being locked up and the idea of a primered van pulling up to sell a guy with a 5 o’clock shadow a razor, he’s further mocking the notion of an underground shave market.


Adam is giving out the plugs and says the Alec Baldwin podcast will be one on one, not a live show?

Adam plugs the show ‘Fresh off the Boat’ and closes things out to one of BB’s drops.