Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/20/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 119

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/20/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 119

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 02-18-2014 – Release Date 02-20-2014

Production Number #119 Don’t Do Your Best, Do My best

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro, he’s asking Drew how he’s feeling and Drew is telling Adam about the 1 month/1 hour rule for feeling poorly after anesthesia.

Adam is telling Drew not to buy into that bullshit, Drew is telling him how brutal it is, Adam is citing their same hernia procure and Drew is citing his lightweight status.

Adam was literally hanging doors at 7am the next day, Classic Loveline 2004.


Adam is now riffing with Drew about the scale of reactions to medication, Drew is at the bottom.

Adam is telling Drew that what this anesthesiologist did to Drew is what these crazy people try to convince women of, the black molds and hidden dangers of the world.

Adam is now giving his version of a doctor “get your shit together puss”, Drew is riffing it with him.


Adam is explaining how his wife will tell him about every 6 weeks she feels like she’s coming down with something, Drew explains there is no such thing and Adam is now citing his mom and her 3 stages of something coming, has something, getting over something.

Adam is now asking who these people are bitching about just getting over something, Drew agrees.

Drew is asking Adam about his mom’s maiden name, Drew wants to know what “it’s a mess” means and Adam is breaking down the mysterious history of their last names.


Adam is giving a nice freeway overpass/cardboard box analogy about lifting it up, why don’t you do it?

Adam is killing it, this is a great metaphor for his experience.

Adam is getting to the “oh, I can’t recall” answers he’s met with, he’s basically quoting his mom who can’t remember at what age her dad left?


Adam is saying that we would all like to be able to drive around with a car with a dented fender and not have anyone ask us about it, a neck growth, eyesight problems, nobody wants people pestering them.

Adam is now making a point about the best way to preemptively avoid this attention, he’s now describing the people in denial who react with a heap of tears or a balled up fist when asked the same questions.

Adam says you can get people to leave you alone, they will put you on the relationship “no fly zone” and you’ll never really know it, whoa!


Drew has a killer segue, they’re now in the midst of a live read, Drew says Adam abuses his dog, hilarious Molly comments, Adam mentions the 50k he has in the dog as discussed on the latest Ace on the House with Ray.

Drew is bringing up the “Real Housewives” sniffing around for Lynette and Susan, Adam and Drew are both giving their takes, Adam is quoting the conversation he had with his wife.

Adam says he never wanted to date someone in the business, he wanted a mom for his kids, a wife and anything else she was like an engineer, not in the public eye 24/7.


Adam is telling Drew what he thought his reaction might be, Drew is giving a rather complex answer about having to actually consider it, due to his HLN show and the desirable Bravo audience possibly carrying over.

Adam is now bringing up how these shows work, he’s mentioning how the producers have to cook the production.

Adam is now bringing up his conversation with Jill Zarin, he’s got a great bobsled/cerebral palsy comparison, and this is great.


Drew is reacting to the “Hot Cup of Jill” title and Adam is telling him she doesn’t know that Adam was making fun of her, much like a dog and the tennis ball pump fake move.

Adam is telling Drew about how he would like to clone himself to get more shit done in life and laying around watching these yentas on these reality shows is akin to death, Drew agrees.

Adam is now joking about death hanging out down the hallway staring at you while you watch, this premise is comedy gold, and Adam is now addressing death using the name of the devil, gold!


Adam is making a point about how this logic can extend to things like sitting inside building a ship in a bottle vs. watching TV, Adam is now figuring out how to defeat that counter argument.

Adam is making a point about problem solving and brain activity, how it benefits the rest of your life.


Adam says we understand how musical activity helps kids develop in life and thinking, Adam is now sharing how he doesn’t believe in turning the brain on and off, he’s saying he just solves problems with the same sequencer he uses for every other problem.

Drew is giving his take as someone who had to use “experiential learning” to advance in life, citing his medical training.

Adam is now giving his argument about taking 10k+ calls from teens across the country for 10 years and that’s what makes him an expert, he’s got a point about books on construction and the guys on the job site.


Drew has an apprenticeship point and Adam has a solid internet in the 1700’s joke.

Drew is now doing a live read.


They’re now back from break, Adam is getting an update on Drew’s feeling, he’s telling him he was under for 5 1/2hrs and Adam predicts 8 ½ months of stretched out belly aching.

Adam is now telling Gary they need to get some mugs and T-Shirts ordered up for “Don’t do your best, do my best” after a listener had some made up custom.

Drew agrees with Adam and they’re mocking “do your best” and “I did my best”, Adam wants to any option for any less acceptable answer for any scenario you would use that in.


1st Caller John, he’s calling back after calling into the ACS “Mr. Brightside” on ACS #1241

He’s telling them about his ex-wife and what he should tell his daughter about her behavior, Adam is sharing how he and Drew are not into laying heavy shit on kids, and he’s citing how it freaks out kids.

Drew says it damages them, shattering their upper limit for the capacity of emotions, holy shit.

They’re both giving their expert advice on how to address this with his daughter, Adam has a point about how this will effect John’s daughter later in life.


Adam is now making a point about women in the workplace, Adam says he doesn’t take the relationship he had with his dad and then graft it on his construction foreman, he says there is no doubt that all humans do it though.

Drew agrees with Adam that women are more prone to do this even in the workplace, Adam is making some points about how it effects the workplace dynamic.

Adam is now citing a dude he knew who has a horrible relationship with his mom and sister and how would do the same thing with women in the workplace that Adam was just citing the inverse of.


Adam is making a point about casting others into roles they’re not aware of, Drew has a great counter point and they’re not feeling sympathy for the women forced to work with these kind of dudes.

They’re summing up their advice for John.


2nd Caller John, he wants to know about marijuana and the respiratory system, Drew is being very fair and explaining that he doesn’t think it’ll shake out as carcinogenic but it does cause chronic bronchitis.

Adam is now joking with Drew about something that Tommy Chong gave him, Drew is joking about it being made out of a skull.

Adam says uncreative guys always go for skulls, he’s joking about “big dog skull” and how it’s the absence of creativity, Drew was given a skull/bone pipe.


Drew is giving his point about skulls and what it means about the people drawn to them, Adam has a wannabe counter point and how guys want to present a tough guy aesthetic to avoid aggression.

Adam is sharing how guys could do work and keep themselves physically safe from violence vs. a costume, Drew is now connecting their two theories.

Drew is wrapping up a bow on this one, Adam is now offering up a tap out clothing line theory, how the MMA clothing line has exploded for their cotton black hoodies and T-shirts, how the people wearing them hope others assume they train MMA.


Adam is calling it an ingenious sales angle, Drew is bringing up the internet and how everyone will fuck with you there, another smooth segue into a live read.

Adam is riffing about “internet guys” and cat burglars with Drew.


3rd Caller Juan, he’s calling from Shafter and they mix it up with Shasta, Adam is now clarifying that it’s near the grapevine while heading up north, they’re talking about the James Dean accident interesting that took his life.

Juan’s phone line is breaking up, it’s become impossible to hear him.

Adam is asking his question, why is Juan turned on by the idea of his wife with another man and they’re now discussing cuckolding and Adam is even offering a possible “healthy” excuse.


Adam is now bringing up how most of the female fantasies involve humiliation and degradation, taboo stuff, not just straight sex with super attractive man.

Adam is making a point about fantasy, how it’s not reality and he’s telling him that it’s ok in that realm, but don’t toy with picking up a hobo to join you, he’s saying to keep it in the shower stall and not let it affect his relationship.

They’re now wrapping up the episode.