Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/20/2013 – Greg Fitzsimmons live from the Pasadena Ice House

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/20/2013 – Greg Fitzsimmons live from the Pasadena Ice House

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Greg Fitzsimmons live from the Pasadena Ice House

Recorded 02-19-2013 – Release Date 02-20-2013

Production Number #1018

Show Page

Adam is opening the show with Fitzddog on stage; he’s teasing another entry in Alison’s fake memoir.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about using the bathroom before the show and the “shit tell” move, he’s calling for some uniformity in bathroom light switches after inventing a new word, thanks Greg.

Adam has a hilarious quote that’s in reply to Alison’s funny comment, nice work setting up the boss.


Adam has a funny observation about white kid’s placement in the NBA dunk contest; he’s now got a funny reversal of races and an even funnier one to top it, great Samoan comedy.

Greg is sharing his love of witnessing pick-up basketball games among Hispanic gents; Adam is now on a hilarious riff about Latin guys not having swimming trunks and Middle Eastern guys not having construction boots.

Adam is wrapping up his boot riff with a great Brawny paper towel reference; Alison catches it and has now set up 3min of comedy gold. Adam is riffing about the various gay mascots for household products, hilarious quote about the Brawny guy and a quick tagline about Adam’s own line of paper towels and their absorption rate.


They’ve transitioned to the thematic songs of Adam’s youth and Greg just dropped an anecdote about the daughter of the guy who wrote the Taxi theme song, Adam is walking Greg through it and really mining the story for details and hilarity.

Alison has an observation and question about dim lighting, she inadvertently stumbled onto the possible dual meaning of all her boyfriend’s preferring dim lighting, and Adam has some hilarious responses.

Adam is about to jump to audience questions but a very funny and well-timed comment from Alison has now led to a hilarious riff about Lynette’s non-iron like ironing device, Adam is fired up!

Adam is now going off on insurance commercials, he’s citing the abundance of them that air during sporting events. It’s now led to a riff on banking commercials and Greg is now jumping in too.


Audience Questions

1st question from Dr. Chantal wants Adam’s take on measure B driving porn out of Los Angeles. Greg is giving his take and telling Adam they disagree on this, Adam wants to know if the premise is even accurate.

Adam and Greg have some great riffs about condoms in porn, good stuff.


2nd question from Chuck, he wants to know why men have nipples. Adam hopes they’ll slough off eventually and has a hilarious reply to top that.

Adam has an even funnier dolphin riff, Greg has a pertinent question and Alison kills it with her response.

Adam is now riffing on Hayden Panitierre and how she dated a klitschko, Alison has a funny question and Greg has a disturbing and darkly funny topper.

Adam is telling the gang about measuring Natalia’s height and her attempt to cheat, hilarious anecdote.


Adam is now targeting off with a story about an episode he was planning for “Birchum” and he’s asking Greg his take on removing concrete slabs that have the handprints of the kids who used to live at the house.

They’re on another tangent about all things Dutch, Adam is going specific on double Dutch and jumping rope in general; he’s now reciting the lyrics to a jump rope rhyme/song.

Adam is discussing the childhood rhymes and bizarre urban legends that will survive the test of time and they’re all now citing some of their favorites. Adam is now singing the R rated version of the Beverly hillbilly’s theme song.

Alison is now reading another entry from one of her books, this time it’s her new reference book, gold!

Adam is jumping in and riffing on some of the entries from Alison’s book, Adam’s on a great riff about James Babydoll Dixon and now Alison is jumping to her final entry and reveals the title.


Adam is now citing the podcast taping he did earlier in the day with Dr. Drew and how down he is about the death of Mindy McCready. Adam is telling an anecdote from the old mtv days to further explain what kind of guy Drew is.

Adam is now telling the anecdote about the van full of prostitutes from NYC during one of their old east coast satellite Loveline broadcasts.

They’re now riffing on picking up prostitutes, Adam has a transsexual prostitute observation and they’re referencing Eddie Murphy’s 1998 arrest.

Adam is now telling the story of why Jim Brewer didn’t care for him for a spell, he’s telling all the details, citing his 2002 Loveline, the KLSX morning show and their eventual hatchet burying in Atlanta.


Alison’s News

Her top story is a statement from the Olympic “blade runner” about his girlfriend’s death, Adam is jumping in and asking who watches the fluff pieces on him in the media and would decide to target him.

Adam has a hilarious riff about the voice/interpreter for deaf people being required to be the same sex and he brings up poor Hayden once again, awesome!

Alison is now reading the rest of the statement from him and the reactions from everyone to it and its veracity.

Adam is sharing some details of his trip to the firing range and telling the gang about his shotgun he keeps loaded with a blank and rock salt, he’s pondering why other people don’t advocate non-lethal rounds for the first couple shots to prevent accidental gun deaths.

Adam has a crazy claim about what his own shows are like, some of the best hood comedy I’ve ever heard and now BB is joining in on his idea for white people to riot if the blade runner is acquitted.


2nd story is about the Carnival cruise ship fire; Alison is reading some of the details of the fecal horror’s found within the ship.

Adam is now on his “floating city” riff, mocking that conceit and claim. Adam is now on a crazy riff about how this is a first world problem, insane quotes!

Adam is calling for a new twist on the childhood handprint in concrete and Alison is wrapping the news

Adam is doing some plugs and wrapping up the show with a funny quote about Greg.