Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 214

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 214

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-18-2015 – Release Date 02-19-2015

Production Number #214 – Regulating Emotions

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Adam has the standard mandate to Get It On intro, Drew says he’s not bad but had a distinct “uh oh” reaction to sitting down with Adam in the studio, Drew explains how he thinks Adam is super busy and shares that Adam had him swap stools.

Adam is telling him he’s always like this, Adam is explaining his schedule and wiring, he wishes others were wired like him and let things on their horizon effect his preparation and sleep.

Adam brings up the lunch with Mark Geragos and his wife’s last minute shower decision, he wishes he could do the same and explains why he can’t take the chill pill his wife advises.


Adam says it always works out because he always steps in, Adam says his new decree for 2015 is for them to leave the house before the time of their reservation, not be at the restaurant before or on time, but leave the house at 7.

Adam says he now has to be that guy as the answer to not being that guy is for his wife to not be that girl, Drew says all that pertains to parenting and Drew says he has the same ability to spin out that Adam describes having with Lynette for his kids.

Drew is now addressing Adam’s lack of involvement in his kid’s activities, why he doesn’t need to Carew and why that’s different than his own parent’s lack of interest.


Adam has a self-satisfied sniff and reasonable explanation for his kids being “taken care of” and Drew takes it to a live read.


Adam and Drew are doing a live read


Adam says that his daughter’s best friend’s father is an engineer and he doesn’t need to worry about them nor his kids, they’re surrounded by good people.

Adam is now explaining how he can’t get good sleep before he has an intense schedule and things to get done, he’s now off to Lynette’s complaints about his shoes lying around tripping her up and even though he thought it might be just a fake complain he still noted it and adjusted his behavior after she pointed it out to him.


Adam is now explaining how he’s now scanning for his shoes, it’s on his radar, two conversations and it’s now programmed into him.

Adam says he’s been told it’s a way of life for some people to never adjust, as he’s been told, Drew is asking him follow ups and Adam is now explaining he doesn’t need his shoes in the middle of the room and he should have adjusted it.

Adam says his schedule for ‘Road Hard’ involves some intense travelling due to the crowd funding reward fulfillment.


Adam is now describing the brilliant scheduling of these premier screenings that go along with live shows and Mangria signings, very clever Mike August.

Drew says that normally when he sees Adam when he’s living with that kind of schedule he’s miserable but isn’t today.

Adam is explaining how making this film is different than an intense standup schedule, Adam says that when he goes out on stage with a partner like Drew or Dennis Prager it allows him to feel comfortable.


Adam says that standup and podcasting live both feel like work, Adam is bringing up how he is trying to give people their money’s worth.

Drew is not getting it, Adam is talking about being live with BB and Gina who both aren’t professional comedians, and how they can’t always get the best guests when they’re in another city.

Adam explains what he likes about being a guests vs. performing, he explains that work involves an intense sense of responsibility, when he has to keep the plates spinning.


Adam says he envies Drew as he doesn’t have to be funny all the time, he’s now contrasting that to how it is for someone like Drew or a famous actor.

Adam says he’s alone in this, he’s trying to explain to Drew what the difference is and has a brilliant carpentry analogy for what’s expected of Drew.

Adam says the expectation on him is different than for Drew, Drew is resistant to admitting that.


Adam has a nice Artie Lange vs. Phylicia Rash?d comparison for what’s expected of a talk show guest.


Adam and Drew do a Simply Safe live read


1st Caller Christian, he’s a huge fan and has been listening to the ADS since day one, he says he’s a winner at all things in life and feels like a victim of his own success.

He wants to know if he’s too content with what he’s already achieved, he’s citing the TAK episode with Terry Crews and now Adam is explaining his “biggest curse” theory about how a cush gig and 60k a year might have kept him from ever getting into comedy and finding something even better.

Drew is asking him if he has a passion that would make him happier, he says he doesn’t feel like he has a passion about anything, Drew says he’s exactly where he needs to be.


Drew is now explaining the “well now what” feeling that Christian is experiencing and he tells him to look for way he can be of service, Drew says it sounds like a platitude but it’s true.

Adam agrees and they both explain how it important it is, he uses his 40 nightly push-ups to explain how doing things for others feels like doing push-ups if you thought doing push-ups gave you man tits, holy shit this is funny.

Adam is now setting up they clip of Terry Crews from Take A Knee.

Adam has them play another choice selection.


Adam says what he wishes his kids is that, whatever it is that Terry has.

Adam jokes about putting the small toe of Terry inside of his kids, hilarious and gross closing thoughts that Drew doesn’t protest, good stuff.


Adam is doing a live read for Life Lock Ultimate Plus


2nd Caller Gabe, he’s been listening since 1997 and compliments them on not being politically correct and defending masculinity, Adam is now clarifying how he just tells people “what is” not what his experience is.

Adam is now using kids and water consumption, they’ll drink when they’re thirsty and Drew is saying that it’s just a fact that Adam is shining the light on.

Drew is explaining the difference between opinion and fact, he cites a reason topic where he was argued to about facts.


Adam is now explaining how shaming works, using property values and lawn maintenance as his example of it in action.


Drew is doing an AVG cleaner live read

Adam explains Lynette’s phone was not taking a proper charge, she needs to clean it out according to her pal Jodi, Adam doesn’t mention she uses an iPhone, this program is for Android so he’s just using it as an example for how smart phones can get burdened by unnecessary processes running in the background.


Back to Gabe, he’s super complimentary and wants to know about emotional regulation, he wants to know what it means.

Drew is recommending 4 episode of his podcast the Dr. Drew Podcast, he explains that people build emotional regulation with two brains, two skulls.

Drew recommends the most recent episode of his show with #162 @JustARide Glenn Rockowitz, episodes #15 #63 #65 and #90.


Adam says he only vaguely remember taping episode 90 of Drew’s show, he explains why he has a limited rear view for remembering meeting people and doing things.

Adam is commenting on his meter of life that’s spinning so fast you can barely read the numbers, his monthly nut.

Adam explains he needs to be in earn a dollar instead of save a nickel mode, he’s also citing his comedy factory not a warehouse rule of creating.


Adam says that you need to keep moving forward instead of looking over the scrap book of life.


3rd Caller Russ, he received a concussion while playing racquetball back in November, Adam jokes about that being a first world problem.

Russ is telling them about the MRI that revealed an 8mm lesion on his skull base, Adam describes the size of 8 millimeters.

Adam says it would be a nice sized pomegranate seed.


Drew is now looking up some info about this type of bone tumor, how it’s incredibly rare and slow growing but not without risk.

Adam tells him to reach out to Bald Bryan and thinks he can lead him to the proper place to get information about this, Drew once again explains this is different that what BB has.

Drew asks if there isn’t one leading expert in this tumor, Adam says there is but sadly it’s Steve-O so he’s not going to be much help, killer reply!


Russ tells them about the one place that seems like it may be able to help, Drew explains that “waiting and watching” is far less risky than surgery if nothing changes.

Adam is now asking about Johns Hopkins, Gary has all of the info from Wikipedia and Adam jokes about how he would be viewed today by the likes of the Huffington Post.

Drew has a tease for episode #215 and Adam is going into a live read.


Adam and Drew are doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


Adam gives out the plugs for his upcoming live tour and ‘Road Hard’ and Chris plugs the Terry Crews episode of TAK available on iTunes.

Adam plugs Take a Knee and says he’s really having fun inspiring people.

Adam wraps up the episode.