Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2015 – Lyndie Greenwood and Grae Drake

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2015 – Lyndie Greenwood and Grae Drake

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lyndie Greenwood and Grae Drake

Recorded 02-18-2015 – Release Date 02-19-2015

Production Number #1515

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Adam open’s the show to a G’s V intro, really…

Adam welcomes Gina and BB has a #TopDrop from a caller, Grae Drake is making her ACS debut filling in for her colleague Matt Atchity.

Adam is now setting up the clip of Troy McClure and Dr. Nick from ‘The Simpsons’ and offers up some funny observations, Grae mentions the episode where Lisa goes vegetarian.


Adam wants to share something and BB is mocking him, Adam brings up the Matt Fondiler “Dad’s shoes” incident.

Adam says he got the call today that his wife’s car broke down, Adam thought it must be a flat tire.

Adam was told it was a breakdown, but he knew it must have been a tire.


Adam says it ran out of gas, he knew it had to be something else.

Adam is sharing how he’s never known the exact amount of fuel left when digital gas displays read 0, Adam says that Gary drove in a circle on 0 to find out how much distance he got, 17 miles, so roughly an extra gallon remaining.

Adam says he’s always called for a reserve tank, with 1 gallon.


Adam says the problem is you kind of learn that the car can go so far on limited gas.

Adam asks Gary about when he first did this, in high school and shares his amazement that he had a car with a digital gas gauge while in high school.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read


Adam gives out the plugs and BB makes a Lemon party joke that only Gina seems to understand


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Movies that are full of Oscar Nominees


1st Movie ‘Swordfish’ (2001)

Adam wants 4 bonus points foe guessing the title, Adam is describing this era of action movies with the super sleek bad guy they’re trying to make everyone want to fuck.

Adam goes with 19%, BB says 44% and Gina goes with 55%

Adam has a killer joke about Travolta’s titties.


2nd Movie ‘Inside Man’ (2006)

Adam says he liked this movie, BB says it’s his favorite spike lee movie despite a few cringe worth moments.

Adam goes with 83%, BB with 89% and Gina says 78%.

Adam tells Gina she needs to see the movie as there are two women with great cans, like Gina is really into other large boobs, weird logic.


3rd Movie ‘Alexander’ (2004)

Adam didn’t see it as he heard it was a mess, he goes with 31%, BB with 42% and Gina goes with 60%.


4th Movie ‘White House Down’ (2013)

Grae loves this movie, Adam is talking about the way Hollywood releases two similar movies in the same year, ala Volcano and Dante’s Peak.

Adam is going with 67%, BB guesses 50%, Gina says 35% and BB is on the nose and gets the bonus minus 5 points off his score.


5th Movie ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (2001)

Adam goes with 76%, BB says this movie over delivered and goes with 83% and Gina picks 89%.

BB is just one point off.

Adam has the breakdown of scores and Gary gets on mic to explain how the 5 point deduction resulted in such a close “photo finish.”


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed live read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Robert, he wanted to know that his grandfather Lotzi’s movie ‘The Mole People’ was on ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ and now Adam is giving a warning to other cultures trying to coopt broken families’ as racial signifiers, his people the Carolla’s have been doing that for generations.

Adam is commenting on it being on the show and how that’s all he’s known for despite being nominated for an Academy Award and has a funny reaction to Robert’s closing dig about the quality of the movie.


2nd Caller Justin, he wants to know where the resentment from Producer Ann on Loveline came from, Adam is trying to explain the weird environment for him to step in to.

Adam says they weren’t talent friendly, Adam is now taking it to engineer Anderson in 1999, he’s skipping ahead from the 1995 origin with Rachtman and how Ann chose to throw her weight and support behind Rikki and tattled on Drew and Adam for doing the MTV show without him.

Adam is now commenting on phone screener Terra Don’t Call Me Tara Goddammit and her refusal to listen to him and proclaimed he wasn’t the boss of him.


Adam is referencing his work as an “Emotional Chiropractor” the term I coined on the Adam and Dr. Drew show episode #09.

Adam is commenting on the personality type the show attracted and is now reenacting Drew getting his coffee while on air, Adam is commenting on how colossally pussy whipped Drew is and how he wouldn’t back Adam up when he would make demands of the network.

Adam is sharing his Kathy Griffin is going to get raped in the parking lot warning and how he demanded a security guard.


Adam is explaining how Drew was indoctrinated into a really shitty on air system and legacy of bad radio.

Adam is commenting on the success he brought the show, the affiliates and all yet he was still treated like crap over there.


BB is commenting on how confusing it was to work for KROQ, BB has a point about bosses and defacto bosses, Adam is commenting on the “no laugh” policy from Anderson.


3rd Caller Artie, he wants to know if they saw the list from Rolling Stone where they rank the SNL cast members, Artie has some nice trivia about the pool of contenders including non-televised cast members.

BB gives Artie his requested “Holla!” and Artie is sharing his less than zero theory on cast members ranked below the two women who never appeared on the show.

Adam is bringing up Norm MacDonald’s Bob Dole Impression, Artie is listing off the remaining cast members, Grae comments on Victoria Jackson’s stuff not holding up as well in hindsight, Adam is commenting on Victoria being ostracized for her political stance and religious beliefs.


Gina objects to Phil Hartman not cracking the top 5, Adam is defending Norm and Jim Bruer and Adam is objecting to Rolling Stone’s super biased list and how these lists are all bullshit due to the ideological biases from the staff.

Adam is further defending Victoria Jackson, Adam is now heading to break.

Adam is now bringing up the Mr. Microphone commercial he showed to Dr. Drew on ADS #215.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read


They’re now playing the commercial, BB’s reactions are priceless.

Adam is breaking down the legality and practicality of so many people riding in a 2 seater car, Gina says she did have one of these as a kid.

They’re playing the rest of the commercial, Adam jokes about the 14.88 being too close to knocking on the door of 20$ for him

They head to break


They’re back from break

Lyndie is making her ACS debut, Adam is bringing up some of her bio and it’s incorrect, Adam blames Caelan and comments on the two stoner moves regarding cans of soda.

Adam describes the leaving the can in the freezer for two days until it blows out on both sides and the can wrapped in a wet paper towel as it needs to cool rapidly.

Caelan gets on mic.


Adam is now asking her about her actual journey into acting, she’s telling them about her ethnic background and Adam praises her genetic hand.

Adam is asking her about filming in Wilmington North Carolina and how many productions are now leaving as the tax breaks are no longer offered.

Adam is making note of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ opening up production in that market nearly 20 years ago.


Adam is commenting on the nomadic nature of film production crews and their ability to transform any location into looking like another place, giving them the ultimate advantage.

Adam is asking her what she has going on and she’s telling them about wrapping a cross country road trip with her boyfriend, using his Subaru outback.


Adam is doing a life lock live read with Gina backing him up.


Adam is asking her about the next season order for her show and Adam is commenting on how the studios leave you hanging until the last minute.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Joe Biden caught whispering into a woman’s ear, Gina has the details of Joe’s multitude of examples of violating the personal space of various strange women.

Adam is asking if he has a substance abuse problem, Adam doesn’t get how someone can’t avoid being this creepy on camera.

Adam is further describing Joe trying to rub some DNA on a teen gal, Adam is commenting on how gross and smelly old people are, he says everything fails except for the grip.


Adam says the sniffing the hair with the hands on the shoulders is pretty weird but the slow push in for the kiss is worse.

Adam asks if they’ve ever seen a porn movie where a girl doesn’t want to be there, he’s describing a horrific scene.

Gary has some background info on Joe, BB is trying to explain away the erratic behavior.


2nd Story Is on Kim and Kanye putting their daughter in a bullet proof vest, Adam is commenting on how they must need to be in the press every day and asks if you shouldn’t give your kids the benefit of the doubt that they might end up in some profession or belief where they don’t want these embarrassing photos floating around the internet.

Adam is joking about Kim teaching business classes, hilarious.


3rd Story is on the bipartisan effort to save a marijuana dispensary, Adam is commenting on the legal pot and gay marriage issues that have been taking up our precious time for over 30yrs.

Adam is commenting on how a decade of this flies by and you don’t even notice it, Adam has a killer riff about smoking a joint though your gay lovers penis.


4th Story is on the effort to replace Jon Stewart, Adam feels sympathy for the next person who takes the role, Adam is telling them cast a woman or someone of a different ethnic background for the job next, go in a different direction.


5th Story is on the KKK Wednesday’s Krispy Kreme promotion in the UK, Adam has a funny “open a branch” one liner and further jokes about crashing on a horse while visiting England later this year.

Adam brings up the K’s that were held up for each of Randy Johnson’s strike outs and BB knows the reference well.

Adam is asking if they know about the KKK in the UK, Gina calls them a global force and if intended as a joke it’s pretty fucking great, if not also still hilarious.


Adam is asking if the Neo Nazi guys get along with the KKK guys.


6th Story is on the upcoming Taco Bell menu additions, Adam is lamenting how people will not rest until we explode from obesity.

“but the fact that you’re just sort of ingesting 250k calories and enough grease to keep a lantern lit for 12 nights straight” – Adam on fast food menu additions and combination items like the quesarito.


Adam is doing a live read for the All Ball Pro Rebounder

More couch time for Daddy edition.


Gina is now breaking down the menu item and Adam calls it a Mexican turducken, Adam is telling them about a “rich guy, poor guy” move of eating taco bell at Jay Leno’s garage.

Adam is commenting on the intensely mature lunch choice of an orange by the woman sitting at the warehouse, Adam is comparing this to the experience of eating a slice of pie while on the phone with your mom.

Adam says picking at food while talking ruins the experience, his classic riff.


Gina wraps up the news


Adam is doing a live read for Smart Things

Your house is still kinda wearing that dunce cap – Adam


Adam gives out the plugs and mentions BB’s appearance on Adam’s wife show ‘10th Avenue Podcast’ and he wraps up the show.