Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2014 – Titus Welliver and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2014 – Titus Welliver and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Titus Welliver and David Wild

Recorded 02-18-2014 – Release Date 02-19-2014

Production Number #1264

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Adam is opening the show to a “David Mild” intro from Dawson and David making his 58th appearance, BB has some “Hey Man Sup!?” from Larry Miller for the #TopDrop which reminds Adam that Larry hasn’t visited in a while.

Adam is telling the gang about watching some TMZ and he’s listing it as one of the good things for him to watch while skipping rope.

Adam is telling the gang about the passage of time while doing boring things like skipping rope, Alison hopes that she’s now the only one who makes “mind bets” with herself about not looking back at the clock, Adam says the bite sized TMZ reporting works for him.


Adam is now discussing the latest Kanye West rant, Adam says he’s glad David is in studio about the super ironic thing he was doing, using his auto tune.

Adam has a hilarious beer on a Macintosh comment in reply to Kanye, hilarious “that could be my son” follow up.

Adam is now asking why use auto tune if actual talent is present, Adam is asking David about Kanye’s talent level, hilarious “with those pipes?” fake outrage from Adam trying to defend Kanye, hilarious Roomba + Mr. Microphone closer.


Adam is now making some great points about talented guys like John Popper and David Wild has a Britney Spears counter point.

Adam is now critiquing her live concert that aired on HBO that featured her running up a flight of stairs without taking a breath, Adam and BB are bonding over appreciating the imperfections of a performance.

BB is giving his take on Pink not singing while performing her high wire act, Alison has a point of her own about a friend saying the band “sounded just like they did on the album” with some other musical expertise about new sounds and appreciating them.


Adam is now pitching that someone brings a pellet gun to the next Pink show to test and see if she’s actually singing, BB is telling David to “stop it!” as he defends her.

David is sharing about a horrible moment where they accidentally turned a mic on during a Janet Jackson performance.

David is bringing up the U2 performance on Jimmy Fallon and Adam is joking about the bucka bucka’s, comedy gold!


Adam is now citing the Milli Vanilli incident and the follow up on Arsenio, nice painful rendition from Ace, Alison is sharing how dismayed she was when she first learned of all the lip synching and fake performing.

Adam is now playing Kanye’s rant, having Producer Gary play it more specifically.

Adam is now on a killer Johnny Whitaker riff about how upset and confused he would be if Kim Kardashian were to hook up with a white guy, proving Kanye’s point false.


Adam is now asking a great Barbara Walters hypothetical and making a point about race no mattering at a certain level of success the “he’s one of the good ones” level of approval, excellent points about The Bulls and the fans during the Jordan era.

David is sharing a Jamie Foxx anecdote and Adam is now explaining is take on super-balls of talent, BB is now addressing Kanye’s claims and Adam is citing Barbara’s vagina being at the tip of the racial equality spear, nice one liner follow up from Alison.

Adam is bringing up the two forms of narcissism, the “I’m great” or “I got a target on my back” and Alison sums it up nicely.

Alison has a point comparing Kanye’s wording of Barbara Walters to the way DFG speaks when he gets excited, they’re now playing the clip and Adam is mocking it.


Adam is telling gang about heading to South Central with the Zip Lining contrast, the contrast always makes it worse for Adam.

Adam got home to discover Natalia’s space heater just buzzing away for over 15hrs, Adam is now making a point about kilowatt burners, saying the bathroom light is a draw, leaving anything with a heating element it’s a big time draw.

Adam is now sharing Natalia’s “good I like it toasty in there” reply when he notified her of the mistake she made, Adam is fantasizing about a red light dome like a smoke detector stuck to your ceiling, that notifies you when power is being consumed in said room.


Adam and Alison are joking about what the image should be instead of a simple light, Adam being shaken upside down by the utility company.

Adam is explaining how the American Girl dirigible could motivate Natalia to care enough, he’s making a point about how anyone can do anything, they just choose not to.

Adam is now using his cigarette smokers who use various ways to flick their cigarette butts, from the car, from Dawson with his phlegm moat which he’s now riffing on.


Adam says 9 out of those 10 people who smoke use an ashtray at their home, do you flick cigarette butts out in the wild or don’t you? Why is it different at work, in public etc.?

Adam says if the answer is “differently” then that’s the way you should treat the behavior full time, Adam is further going off on his light fantasy, the light of justice as David puts it.

The only concern for the red light would be some sort of minimum draw cutoff, he’s now addressing that issue, a light for things left on.


Adam and Alison are discussing the “give your electronics a break” campaigns and the rolling brown outs, he’s bringing up the gist of the problem, people don’t want to shut off their AC when it’s 110 degrees out.

Adam says the only thing that would register with the family is to refuse to keep paying the utilities and let them shut off.

BB and Alison are now bringing up additional ways this could not work, Adam is now getting to how the lights are shut off, and the space heater is not.


Adam is now joking about testing if an iron is hot or not, Adam says the whole thing should light up with a shaft like akin to the Bat Signal.

Adam is making some great points about behavior and choices and how the person who pays for things is often the person home the least.


Adam is now getting to the music, David is a huge “Lost” fan and he’s picked “What Is Truth” by Johnny Cash from “The Johnny Cash Show”, and David is referencing the Linda Ronstadt performance they once played.

David is now talking over the 3-4min intro of Johnny discussing narcotics, Adam is joking about it.

Adam likes this, but not quite as much as Evil Knievel and his anti-drug PSA’s.


Adam is now having Gary search for a long form “Send in the Clowns” by Frank Sinatra.

The song is now playing and David is telling Adam about “One Piece at a Time” another song by Johnny and a true story.

They’re now playing the long form talk intro version of “Send in the Clowns”, Adam is now riffing about rolling into each joke with a 5min preamble about how he thought of it.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Patrick, he’s hanging out watching “The Bachelor” with his lady, after Adam’s hilarious mumbling humming noises while trying to pick a call and get the gist of each one.

Adam is now sharing the dangers of talking at the TV in front of the lady friend, how picking the hot chick will only get you in trouble.

Adam is explaining what else he finds ridiculous about the show, he’s describing their extravagant dates and how unrealistic the expectations become in your partner after seeing the luxury.


Adam says his life is frolic free, as opposed to these frolic fests, Alison says she’s never frolicked.

Patrick wants to know about people who are always performing from the improv world, he wants to know if that’s a good quality to have for success or simply annoying.

Adam is getting to the comedians who can’t turn it off and how booze can amplify that, Alison is trying to conjure someone who has this behavior.

Alison is now telling David that DAG is different off mic, Adam says he has to be otherwise he would be dead, Alison says that Adam is similar off and on air.


Adam is now giving his response to people telling him to do his “bits” that are just his actual thoughts.

Adam is explaining Babydoll’s reaction to Adam emptying his pillow case full of jokes for his books, Adam is explaining how he just keeps talking and Lynch just grabs them and puts them together.

Adam says that Babydoll called book 3, President Me, the best one yet!


2nd Caller Wilbur, he wants to know if there is a time in history when premature ejaculation was appreciated.

Adam is now drawing a comparison to the time when rubenesque women were in demand, the same era as the premature ejaculators.

According to Dr. Drew it’s actually a biological advantage, Adam’s making a point about lobster once being slave food and has a nice dig at BB for trying to say there was a time when bald was sexy.


BB is now actually presenting Dr. Drew’s theory, Alison is laughing to it and joking along with it, but that’s actually evolutionary biology.

Adam is now joking about Tobar the caveman explaining how much pussy he eats but simply can’t do to the danger of the saber tooth tigers lurking around, Adam is now joking about “early man” being their designation and the idea of a future of wheels and “late man”.

Adam is doing a great back and forth with Alison about how much pussy he eats, he’s killing it with this riff/improv and Alison is a great partner.

Jerky time, Adam says Tobar usually eats pussy for the time it takes to salt meats.


David is now asking Adam to do his blow-hardy intro from his live album for that very bit they just did, Adam is joking about people brining up things and then claim they’re not important, then why did you bring it up?

Adam is joking about woolly mammothai/mammotheses multiples of the mammoth.

Adam is offering David the chance to hang out and cup Titus’s sack when he comes in, they’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Titus making his ACS debut, Adam is praising some of his other work and involvement in the latest Transformers movie.

Titus is praising Ben Affleck and says he would do even a puppet show to work with that man.

Adam is now bringing up “The Town” and how he thinks it’s underrated, BB agrees.

Titus is explaining that Jeremy Renner was nominated for an Oscar and they’re singing the praises of Pete Postlethwaite.


Adam is now bringing up Titus’s new Amazon series and saying how much he likes this new media landscape, Adam is asking Titus what it was like to make a show with Amazon.

He’s sharing how the show is rated after they view it, unlike testing done for network TV.

Adam says he just spoke to Mike O’Malley and is listing of many of his credits, he ran into the man at his son’s basketball game at the Hollywood YMCA.


Adam is giving his “what do we need you for” reasoning for executives who hire dullards from Florida to focus group everything they put on air, Adam is joking any other industry using focus groups and testing, Titus really loves this riff.

Adam is asking Titus about his journey, he’s summing it all up with some quick brush strokes of his family including his painter father.

Adam is asking Titus about his father’s work and if it’s widely available, Titus says they’re landscaped and are in all of the museums across the country, he’s explaining the abstractionist element.


Alison says she totally knows but Adam wants to know his dad’s name, Titus is telling them about how hard his parents worked and what his mom did as an illustrator.

Adam is now admiring one of his dad’s painting and is joking about him rebelling against his father, Titus gets the angle and is agreeing to it.

Titus is telling them about his time at art school that he devoted to partying instead of painting, Titus is sharing his dad’s “if you don’t love it, don’t do it” advice pertaining to a career in the arts.


Adam is explaining the strange paths people enter into the arts, how some come from long lineages of artists, Alison and Adam have a nice conclusion that “comedians don’t begat comedians”.

BB has a mix-up about Pauley Shore and his mother, not the improv, The Comedy Store.

Titus has a nice comment from his dad about how anyone can be a lawyer, Adam has some nice comedy with David.


Titus is now telling the gang about watching his father paint nude models, Adam is asking him how that all went down, good stuff.

Titus is telling the gang about guest starring on 90210 back during its original 90’s run, his dad saw it and told him it’s not good for his soul, even offering to pay his bills rather than have him do shitty TV.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Ted Nugent making the news after hitting the campaign trail with gubernatorial nominee Greg Abbott.

Alison is now quoting the campaign and their take on Ted’s controversial statements, they’re now playing a video of Ted running his mouth.

Alison is sharing that was an interview he gave with “” and she’s sharing how people are freaking out over the use of the word “mongrel”, Alison has a killer twofer one liner.


Adam is now joking about ancient footage of Ted swinging across the stage, BB has a “Barack!?” reply then tries to say “you said it dude” to blame Adam, he’s heard this anecdote before, BB has, so he’s in the wrong and made a racial joke that nobody laughed at, Adam is not to blame.

Adam is saying that Ted’s lyrics are worse than “The Cars” and Adam is now riffing about Ted impersonating a rock and roll star like an alien from another planet akin to the 80’s movie where a girl poses a guy and acts ultra douchey.

Titus is in the mix asking why Ted’s even in the public eye still, Adam has a great point about people who say crazy shit to get the public’s attention.


2nd Story Is on the violence and protests in the Ukraine, she’s sharing the details of the unrest and what’s motivating it.

She’s got lots of details and Adam is now asking about the future present, 2014. Adam says he’s very disappointed with the primitive almost 1960’s style behavior.

Adam is asking this is it, as a species? Adam has a great silver jumpsuit addition and laser guns to make it seem futuristic.


Adam is giving his “most fucked up people on the planet” take on Russia in response to David’s comments about Putin, Adam is joking about David Hasselhoff rocking the wall till it crumbled.

Adam is further riffing about the Hoff, he’s sharing about a 60 minutes story featuring a man who started a business and was run out by various thugs after his lawyer mysteriously died, Adam says it’s 2014 wtf?

Alison is now asking the gang about the ice dancing duos, she’s bringing up the non-typical looking American pair, Adam is now commenting on the photo of them.


Adam has a great “clear mask thing” descriptor for the woman in the US pairs Ice dancing, Adam wants to know why the clear bank robber mask is scarier than the ones designed to be scary, great goblin vs. clown comparison.

Adam is now joking about the woman loosening her bun, Adam says it looks like her bun was cranked till it tightened her face, hilarious toothpaste analogy.

Adam has a “Professor Fingleheimer from Wonderama” reference, you can view the photos via the show page link above, hilarious Dc Brown closer from Ace while discussing the male from the pair.


Adam is now getting to the brother sister teams and how they creep him out, the crotch grab/hold being the creepiest, Adam says there has to be “digits dropped” during practice right.

Alison is agreeing and Adam is making a point, spelling out the vagina/hand proximity and he’s now looking at a picture of Fingleheimer, he’s recalling “Wonderama” the east coast children’s programming from a bygone era.

Adam says the woman from the duo looks like she’s had bad plastic surgery, he’s sharing how some people haven’t been touched but look like they went under the knife.


3rd Story is on the premier of the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show.

Adam is asking David about who guested, he’s walking them through all of the guests and they’re joking about Joan Rivers while praising her.

Adam is now commenting on top loading the guests for week 1, he’s got a point about the curiosity factor for week 1 late night ratings, Adam says you should be front loading week 3 instead.

Adam has a great Steve and then Kirk Kardashian joke about his future as a panel guest with a 3rd string Kardashian.


Alison is now reading off the list of upcoming guests, she mentions that Sandler and Drew Barrymore guesting together means there is a horrible movie in the pipeline.

Adam has a killer “51-100 dates” sequel joke, David is now telling them about the new movie and the ridiculous premise.

They’re now playing the trailer and Adam is offering up some live commentary, a mini Basic Cable Commentary of sorts. Adam has a great “what you’re on this puny continent too?” reply to the premise of them not being able to lose each other in Africa.


Adam is sharing the “he likes to get paid to go on vacation” explanation he was given about why Sandler makes these turds, Adam is joking about his own “Adam naps and beats off” vanity project.

Adam is sharing how he “tacks a show onto a weekend” to pay for his vintage races and understands the multiple bird mentality.

Adam is riffing with BB about the love of performing, Alison is now wrapping the news.


Adam is now sharing the George C. Scott mash up with the Jack and Jill trailer, Titus is well aware of the film and quoting it, he’s very knowledgeable.

Adam is now describing the meme they’re watching, the very mash up of “Hardcore” and “Jack and Jill”.

BB has an observation of the evolution of father’s reactions to their daughters in porn, based on Ginger Lynn’s episode from Monday.


Adam is now doing a sweet “Bark Box” live read while sharing how much he loves his dog Molly and how with age she even still wags/thumps her tail when he gets home and what that means to him.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.