Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2013 – Nick Pileggi, Nick Santora, and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/19/2013 – Nick Pileggi, Nick Santora, and Dave Dameshek

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Recorded 02-18-2013 – Release Date 02-19-2013

Production Number #1017

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Adam is opening the show with Dameshek in studio, they’ve got some kind words for Nick and his work writing “Goodfellas” and “Casino”, Alison and Dave have a very funny comedic kafuffle about something off air and Adam has a great call back to the first “Teddy Pendergrass” episode.

Adam has some funny riffs on the movie “Green Card” and is now setting up an extended segment on his new favorite show MTV’s “catfish”.

He’s got a great riff about the host and his tiny frame in comparison to the larger people who appear on the show, the control room is now playing a clip.

Alison has a great question about the clip and Adam is launching into his loveline wisdom with some great points about homosexuality and its acceptance in predominantly black communities.


Adam is now launching into an anecdote from the Hollywood YMCA with the famous hipster dads and he’s explaining the premise of these observations to Dave. Adam was leaving the Y when he heard a woman yelling “Coltrane” and became aware there was a 7yr old white kid with that name.

Adam is now laying into the parking lot attendant at the Y, Adam’s not a fan of the man or his practice of not removing the paper tabs from cars upon them leaving the lot.

Adam is breaking down his most recent exit from the lot, he handed the attendant his 5 bucks and the parking tab/slip, the attendant decided to drop the tab into Adam’s car and his reply is priceless, wow!

Alison wants to know Lynette’s feeling about this encounter, Dameshek appreciates it and Adam has an even better example to flesh out how Lynette feels about Adam being challenged in public, awesome!


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

He has a quick plug for an interview he did over on his own podcast, he’s now giving a eulogy of sorts to Jerry Buss and Adam has a funny thought about this being the last generation to know of the “comb over” hair style.

They’ve now transitioned to the Catholic Church and the pope’s resignation, Adam has some deep thoughts about the cover ups and spells out what was going on.

Dave has a new theory on Billie Jean king and is calling for Danica Patrick to take her place in the pantheons of history.

Adam has some thoughts on weight and racing, he’s predicting Danica’s possible win streak.


Creep of the Week, Walking Dead is the first target, Adam wants to know what is up with all these zombies in pop culture, he’s got a funny vampire analogy and now he’s riffing on how fucked out the sexy vampire motif is.

Adam doesn’t get the love for zombie shit, Dameshek is now skipping this bit and moving on to Nick Santoro the character Pesci played in “Casino” and now how their buddy Nick Santora is actually working with the man who wrote the film.

Adam is now going off on the Christoph Waltz Oscar gambling odds; he’s explaining what he originally said when he first brought this up back in January. Adam’s now going in depth on when he declared he was going to bet 1k on the awards but Nick talked him down to 100.

Dave is now going off on Valentine’s Day; Adam has a killer one liner in reply to Dave’s claim as to why men don’t get gifts on the holiday, gold!

Dave declares Adam Carolla the Creep of the Week and gives him a shot of the Han Solo edition blaster.


They’re returning from break with a hilariously inebriated Nick Santora and a much more lucid Nick Pileggi, Nick is responding to Adam’s prodding about the gambling on Waltz, this is great.

Adam is now describing a moment from backstage before they returned from break; he’s describing a painting from “Goodfellas” and how they have a copy of it up at the shop.

Nick’s mother actually painted the picture and he’s telling an anecdote that ties into KLSX ACS morning show veteran Frank Vincent.

They’re now breaking down the cooking scenes from the prison in “Goodfellas”


Adam is now asking Nick Pileggi about working as a true crime reporter in the 50’s and 60’s, Adam is describing it as when crime was fun as opposed to now.

Nick is breaking down how he became a reporter after spending time as a copy boy, Adam is asking him in depth questions about responding to calls with the police, this is great!

Adam is now riffing about chalk outlines and Nick Santora is setting up another great anecdote from Nick Pileggi, he’s sharing it and it’s very interesting.


Adam is asking Nick Pileggi how he got involved in “Goodfellas” and came to know Henry Hill; Nick is being very honest and sharing all the details.

Adam and Alison have some great follow up questions, Adam wants to know about Joe Pesci and his performance, and he’s asking how his character was written and how the scenes were executed.

Adam is now citing a conversation he had with Mike August about the testing process and how it affected “Goodfellas” theatrical release.

They’re going beyond in depth on “Goodfellas”, one of the best breakdowns I’ve ever heard, Alison has a great closing question about Nora Ephron and what her life with Nick Pileggi was like.

Adam is now chiming in and getting Nick to elaborate on what their life together was like, Nick is taking it in stride and explaining how they first met when working together as crime reporters.


Alison’s News

Adam is getting a check up on Nick’s blood alcohol level, he’s citing the Super Bowl chauffer Nick commissioned and they’re all bonding over enjoying Kevin Hench getting dropped off by his mom.

This is gold, Nick is drunk and it’s amazing, he should stop by way more often.


Alison’s top story is an update on the Oscar Pistorius case, Adam is giving his theory on why the guy’s story doesn’t quite add up. Alison is now reading the gruesome details and everyone seems to agree it doesn’t sound good.

Adam is making a larger point about human beings and how we’re not too far removed from animals and how it all can be taken away in a moment by ones reptilian brain taking over.

They’re joking about Nick Santora’s script some more, he’s explaining what actually happened and there is some good comedy making fun of “The Program” too.


2nd story is on the suicide of Mindy McCready, Adam is asking who has a better batting average Nic Cage nand his last 10 movies or Dr. Drew and Alison just pointed out that 10% of the season 3 celebrity rehab cast has now died.

Adam has a funny anecdote about driving home with Dr. Drew the other night, he’s now defending Drew and explaining how hard he tries for his patients, he’s got a great analogy comparing Drew to a surgeon who only tackles the toughest cases.

Adam is still defending Drew and now Bryan is jumping in with a funny callback to Adam’s earlier question, wow nice work!

Adam has a funny reaction to the news of Mindy shooting her dog first, Alison is jumping in and doing some improv, now Adam has taken it serious and he’s listing some gripes he has with Molly aka the Money pit.

Adam is citing how he’s spent way more on molly than his parents ever spent on him while he was growing up and now he’s wrapping up Molly’s anecdote.


Adam is joking about giving Molly her “jerky treat” the riff about what he gives her is hilarious, Alison has a funny laugh in reply and now Adam is just going off, this is nuts and non stop hilarity, one of the funniest bits of dog related comedy I’ve ever heard.

Alison is now reading Dr. Drew’s statement about Mindy; Adam wants to know what we should do about people who just don’t want to be on this planet, a very serious and thoughtful question from the Aceman.

Adam is having a very heartfelt moment thinking about how all of this must affect Drew as he knows these people and they’re not just some footnote in pop culture history or some tragic character, very insightful and caring.

Nick is joining Adam for a great live read and now he’s mocking them for ribbing him on the drinking, great episode!