Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/18/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 310

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/18/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 310

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-18-2016 – Release Date 02-18-2016

Production Number #310 – Eating a Buick

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Adam has the standard intro and thanks people for letting them do this, along with Dr. Drew and Adam tells Drew that Philly cheesesteak is in the studio and he talks about the dog’s rapid growth.

Adam is telling him about the live show in Irvine last night and the rain storm between them and orange county.

Adam talks about how you can tell that they care in Orange County and how different it is than the rest of Los Angeles.


Adam is now arguing some great points and Drew brings up how Disney has offset the costs of the upgrades in the surrounding areas.

Drew is predicting that the NFL will help Inglewood California, he addresses the hysteria about it being ruined by the new stadium and Adam says it was ruined decades ago.

Adam is now arguing for Walmart and against the people who complain about having one in their neighborhood or city.


Adam says he prefers the mom and pop sub sandwich place over Subway or Quiznos, Drew says he understands that people are scared of scaled power, he talks about the little guy being offered an opportunity to step in and change things.

Adam is talking about Giamela’s subs from the 1999 Dixie Chicks story, Adam is talking about the ride back and forth in the pouring rain and how this morning it was also raining.

Adam is bringing up how we’ve ruined the word literally, he is talking about callback times and Drew recommends using Precisely instead and Adam jokes he’ll need to learn it in Spanish and predicts it’s another one of those words they just stole from us.


Adam is asking Gary for a picture of the horror-scape of Lops Angeles, Adam is talking about the Mayor and his plans for the homeless, he says by admitting that up front you’re like a woman online dating talking about her surgery to remove her excess pannus, those aren’t the words of a hot chick and talking about your huge homeless problem are the not words of a good or successful city.

Adam says that means you neglected your city, you let a massive homeless problem spin out of control by not doing your job, Adam has a rat and roach pest’s metaphor with Angelina Jolie and Brad Garrett (Pitt) and Drew asks what they should have been doing to take care of this.


Adam is working his idea and clarifying he’s not saying that homeless people are rats.


Adam and Drew give a live read for Blue Apron

Drew ate a risotto like thing and Philly cheesesteak needs his portion too, Adam talks about her lack of discipline in his house and how he will walk in on Natalia eating a pie out of a tin in the living room.


Adam asks about the dog and now Drew is apologizing to Adam for having to cancel on the live show at The El Portal Theatre.

Phil is barking away and trying to eat Adam, Drew talks about Rex who Adam jokes is handicapped 4th kid he rarely speaks of.

Dree apologizes again and takes the blame while mentioning how August told him something different.


Adam is back to his mad dash this morning and the meaning of literally conversation from earlier in the show, he says he thinks he should start lying to people, he told the guys to show up at 8:10am sharp after the wife and the kids have left.

Phil is talking to them and Adam talks about Phil doing his funny whining bark at night to his face like he’s’; trying to talk to him.

Adam is back to his morning and the late arriving guys who showed up right as he decided to pack it in and leave.


Adam is talking about how waste kills him, Drew interrupts for a live read.


Adam and Drew are doing a Five Four Club Live read

Adam and Drew love the jeans man, Adam’s new show/travel jeans edition


Adam is talking about Nick going from this warehouse to the other and how he loaded him up with boxes to take to the other place, Adam likes to make empty vessels move with the most efficiency.

Adam takes it back to his guys working on his house and their start times.


1st Caller Chad, he brings up Adam’s idea about grinding up a Buick and feeding it to someone and asks about water bottles, he wants to know if you ground up a bottle and fed it to someone it would have any medical effect.

Adam is not into that and hangs up on him and gets to the idea he’s now presenting to Drew; Drew has a killer “please don’t confuse your google search with my medical degree” sigh that he enjoyed.

Drew talks about experiential learning and how to approach and overwhelming task, Drew talks about is brick wall to infinity he had ahead of him with his medical career.


Adam says life, just being born and making it to 80 seems insane, he says everything seems undoable until you try and cites his own experience swinging a hammer on job sites unaware of how radio worked and how to ever get into that world.

Drew interrupts for a read


Drew is doing a True Car Live read

Adam says “Smart!” edition


Adam is back to his ground up Buick idea and Drew asks about the bottle part under hushed breath, Adam has no idea and they discard it.

Adam is back to the insurmountable tasks and the new plans for the pool and backyard changes ahead, he showed it to the kids and the Lynette and now she’s excited, he says that there are parts of the process that everyone gets excited about, Adam tells people not to pick and choose the exciting parts.

Adam says if Drew was looking forward to his cadaver more than organic chemistry it doesn’t matter he has to do both and learn both.


Adam says that Lynette looked up at him with enthusiasm asking when they got started and Adam said he got started two months ago, without snark.

Drew says it’s not time to teach a lesson, Adam says it’s always time and Drew asks if Adam had a feeling while telling her that, Adam says he didn’t look at this like “let me coach you up” and Drew is referencing the Up with People singers.

Adam has already started eating this Buick, he’s gotten through the dashboard and some tries already, jump on in.


Adam talks about laypeople not being able to see the architecture come to life and Drew explains how relates this to his kids and lessons they learned in life.

Drew is trying to get this point about Adam “shaming/teaching” his wife and Adam is explaining he was not trying to be discouraging he was trying to help her see the whole process from a different perspective.

Adam a say he even showed them to Mike August, he was that excited about the plans.


2nd Caller Brett, he’s a huge fan and wants to know about people having “energy” about things in life after being deprived or denied earlier in life, overcompensation or Adam eating pie filling and marshmallows out of his neighbor’s pantries.

He wants to know about Adam making money in his 30’s and how he was able to handle it, he says it/s like Crocodile Dundee sleeping on the floor of the Ritz Carlton, as that’s what he knows.

Drew is bringing up the various ways this demonstrates himself in culture, the young poor black kid who gets rich and flaunts jeweler etc.


Adam says he wants a pool in his backyard so he will put a pool in his backyard, not the best pool but it will be a good pool.

Drew brings up Catch a Contractor and Adam is now talking about his mom’s former house being torn down and replaced with a McMansion.

Drew is now listening and realizes it’s the famous house, his mom’s old shitbox.


Adam says that must be a weird life, live in a house and wait for someone to die to move into another place, that shall be your life on this planet, you get two free houses but will be the most miserable person on the planet, wow.


Drew is doing a Live Read for the PodcastOne Listener Survey


Adam is talking about rebuilding the porch with his grandfather and how he bought burned down sea water warped cheap wood.

Adam says what he thought he was doing was saving himself some money, instead he wasted time and completed a shitty porch that they were stuck with for 15yrs.

Adam says don’t be his grandfather, you save a few duckets but then you’re trapped with that shitty porch.


3rd Caller Chris, he wants to know about how to maintain a long distance relationship and he Drew asks how they first met.

Drew says that long distance relationships tie people up emotionally and keep them from experiencing their lives, in your 30’s with resources, that’s different.

Adam talks about the Southwest part of life and flying for visits back and forth.


Chris is looking for advice about the clinginess and neediness he feels.

Adam says at a certain point you must assess the individual.

Adam is trying to figure out what Maxipada is doing and Drew plugs his own podcasts, The Dr. Drew Podcast and This Life with Bob Forrest.


Adam is doing a Slender Tone Live Read

Chris is controlling Adam’s ab toning belt while he talks edition

Makes Adam not crave eclairs, Chris is going up and down with intensity, Drew calls Adam a pussy, hilarious!

Adam gives out some closing plugs and mentions Nick who doesn’t yet have a nickname because he’s only a mild fuckup.