Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/18/2015 – David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/18/2015 – David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Wild

Recorded 02-17-2015 – Release Date 02-18-2015

Production Number #1514

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Adam opens the show with “knuckle dragging fucking douchebag” #TopDrop from BB and David Wild is already in studio, Adam is once again threating to share his favorite ELO songs and mentions how they’ve had a resurgence due to use in movies and other media.

Adam is asking the gang if they’ve had the same experience and he’s telling them about buying a new car and he is now on a tangent about his mother and her car buying history, Adam has a killer one liner about her going to the grave with that old car smell.

David asks if Adam has ever considered going full Elvis and buying his mom a car, Adam jokes about a new car smell casket for customers the like of Jay Leno.


Adam is explaining how his first question is about the size of the fuel tank, he’s explaining that when making a 60k purchase its disconcerting when the sales person has no idea about the product.

Adam is going over the various difficulties trying to give this dealership 60k, David is explaining he had the same experience and then switched his car brand loyalty over it.

Gina is shocked there is a 60k Hyundai and Adam says that most people who sell things don’t care about the products they sell, Adam says he doesn’t care if you don’t care or know, just find it out, it’s your job.


Gina agrees with Adam and Adam is now describing the experience of trying to open cars, Adam is going over the lack of brochures at 2 out of the 3 places he visited.

Adam is now explaining how if this was a watch we would expect much more as customers, Adam says that Sonny wanted a mustang for mommy and Natalia needed to know which car and how much it was.

Adam says that he need them each to write down some numbers for him, he’s asking them about having a waitress at a place like the ‘Cheesecake Factory’ who is in between very young and very old, the 49yr old woman.


Adam is further describing the middle range that elicits the sadness and sympathy from him, Adam wants to know the exact range, after what age and before what age is sad to be a waitress?

Gary is now giving his range, 36-57. Dawson says 38-60, Adam has a killer one liner. David Wild says 26-56, Adam tells him that’s too young.

Gina says 36-55, BB says 26 and 40.


Adam is sharing his 38-62 and Gary adds a Los Angeles caveat to his number range, BB jokes about being thankful for the first time that David Wild is present, jerk.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore live read

Adam says that Galore is a word he feels is going the way of the dodo, he claims to be in love with the word.


Adam is playing his favorite ELO song and doing a nice intro for “Can’t Get It out Of My Head” as they play some of it, David sets up “Showdown” and even defends “Evil Woman” and Adam brings up ACS #963 from Nov. 30th 2012 where David Wild brought Jeff Lynne onto the show for a special 1 on 2.

You can obtain the episode by signing up for the official archive that comes bundled with Take a Knee, via the show page link above.

Adam plays “Do Ya (The Move song)” and David tells him about the two versions, sharing that he likes this version despite what the popular opinion among music critics that the version he recorded with his other band ‘The Move’.


David is now playing them ‘Melting in the Sun’ and David is telling them about “sergeant major” as a lyric and attributes it to Jeff.

Adam is playing them “Rockaria!” and claims it to be his favorite ELO track to skip rope to, David is sharing an anecdote from Jeff about gaining enough respect and experience to eventually produce songs for the ‘Beatles’.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jesse, he wants to know if Adam saw Celebrity Apprentice last night, Adam has a funny “Longer Island” one liner about the caller’s accent.

He tells them about being Puerto Rican and something confusing about Powerball, Adam jokes about buying Puerto Rico if he won the Powerball while living there.

Adam jokes about the United States not wanting to talk about Puerto Rico as being a U.S. Territory, like an older brother named Kurt failing through life.


Jesse wants to know if Adam thinks ‘The Hammer’ didn’t get the recognition it deserved, Adam is citing his low expectations for his projects and how he would’ve ended up disappointed had he’d hoped it might replace a few of the weekly showings of the 2nd Duece Bigalow movie.

Adam is now citing the few bits of press that made him feel good, including being labeled the best sports movie of the year.

David proclaims ‘The Hammer’ as a greater film that ‘Citizen Kane’ and Adam describes the Complisults people deliver about the movie, Gina backs him up and David says he’s weaseled his way into the upcoming screening at Phil Rosenthal’s house.


Adam says he doesn’t have any control over ‘The Hammer’ and he can’t doing anything about the Weinstein’s burying that movie.


2nd Caller Luke, Adam is now going into a live read.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


Luke’s been binge watching Adam’s show ‘Catch A Contractor’ on HULU and he wants to know how they convince the contractors to sign the releases, Adam is now bitching about the guy who took off in Dana Point, the furthest place he had to drive.

Luke asks to plug his shitty podcast, Adam has a funny joke mocking him and then lets him back on air to actually plug it.

Adam is asking for the Raspberries song as referenced during the ELO chat.


3rd Caller Adam, not Mike. He wants to know what Adam thinks about “Whisky Plates” and is explaining what they are and how they shame drivers.

He explains how they’re used in Minnesota and what they look like, Adam is all for shaming and likes that it’s only for a certain amount of time, hilarious hovercraft one liner from Ace.

Adam is asking if the keep going with this and get shaming plates for people with overweight children, Adam is bringing up the real world dangers of morbid obesity vs. being present for a DUI.

“Your heart valves have no crumple zone” – Adam on the relative danger between driving drunks with your kids in the car vs. letting them become obese.


Adam says he’s never been more proud of his daughter than today, he describes how she spotted a woman who was waiting for their space and told Sonny to hurry to let her park sooner.

David asks if Adam’s ever shamed Mike August for taking Toilet Paper or other stuff,

“Mike August is beyond shame because he exits on a plane that is more reptilian than man, you know what I mean, could you shame an Iguana…” – Adam killing it!


Adam is further describing the way Mike experiences near glee with his frugal nature, David brings up people who survived the holocaust and exhibit similar traits.

Adam is bringing up how simpatico he is with Drew and August despite all of their differing backgrounds, Adam is explaining how he feeds sonny his leftovers rectally in his sleep, via a body temperature slurry.

Adam is further explaining how he cannot waste units of energy, Adam says he would rather pay 5$ for the uneaten crust from Sonny’s pizza to be given to a homeless seagull than have it thrown away.


David is off mic and asks another follow up, BB has a comment and David gracefully gets back on mic with some funny commentary.

Adam is explaining his take on nuclear power and the logical way in which he sees all situations and processes them in the way that makes the most sense regarding waste and resources.

Adam says he wants his wife to get a Tesla, he’s uncertain on how the leasing process works, his wife needs to lease it as she can then write it off on their taxes.


4th Caller Chris, he has a nice hello to everyone and brings up how Sonny seems to love being on mic, Adam says that sonny demanded a Mustang for the money Adam owes him for his ringtone.

Adam is talking about his kids being hams and he says that he doesn’t want his kids doing anything they’re not good at, we don’t need one more shitty podcast or one more shitty standup comic.

Adam says at a certain point they’ll either have something to say or they won’t.


Adam is sharing how he told his son about trying out for the Hawthorne SWAT Team, and wanted to show him the ‘Man Show’ bit and was unable to access it on his computer.

Adam is now asking if there is a way for Adam to go to his computer and bypass the password requirement for him to get into his calendar.

Matt is now on mic suggesting they make a document with all of his passwords, or they could just get a sponsorship for one of the many password management companies and start using their service, right?


David is now sharing an anecdote from his son regarding how he finally had respect for him as a man after seeing him get into a yelling match with a member of Kanye’s security.


Adam is now doing a live read for My USA Trainer and they’re now playing a clip of Kanye walking into a street sign while trying to evade paparazzi.

BB make a point about Kanye avoiding the camera while on the street despite wanting the spotlight at all other times.

David demands a diet soda, Adam is now bringing up a rumor of Gina Grad leaving an unfinished can of coke out, Gina is now explaining how she is known as the “Coke Killer” and Adam is now asking if they have a scale to weigh the can.


Gina suggest she bring in the mini cans and keep them for herself, so she doesn’t waste cans of full soda.

Gina claims she’s not into swallowing and Adam along with BB deliver quick understated one liners, Adam is now suggesting Gina get a soda buddy to help her finish cans, solid idea.

BB keeps playing “your fired” drops and Gina is apologizing as if Adam is a monster who is going to pitch her into a volcano, its cool Gina!

David protest for not being considered for Newsgirl and they all joke about it.


Adam is now having them play ‘Go All the Way’ by the Raspberries, Gina is unsure how someone drinks that much liquid and she says she’s never taken a shot, she doesn’t mind drinking but it’s not her drug of choice.

Gina is unsure how the mechanics of taking a shot actually works, Adam is joking about gagging during oral sex, some off mic talking is happening.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read


David shares the details of one of Adam’s buck slips.

Adam talks about the restaurant experience and what it triggers in his brain, BB says it makes him think of moms, Adam says it makes him think of Ray’s mom


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Stevie Wonder tribute special, she has a clip of Beyoncé from the show.

David is now giving some behind the scenes info, he’s choking a bit and they joke about him taking a hit of his soda, Adam says he was laughing as he was thinking of finger blasting in place of finger tips.

Adam plugs the Alec Baldwin appearance on the podcast coming up next while he’s in NYC and now he’s singing the praises of Beyoncé and contrasting her talent against the Britney Spears of the world, hilarious impression.


Adam is telling them about the “Woody” they were giving out at the Teen Choice Awards and he shares the story of first meeting 18 year old Beyoncé and the girls of ‘Destiny’s Child’ which led to them guesting on

Classic Loveline #1148 – TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2000 – GUEST: DESTINY’S CHILD • ADAM, DR. DREW

Followed up with an appearance on the MTV show, the show version of the show they were actually familiar with and were fans of.


David is now sharing his reaction to seeing the rehearsals for the Grammys performance.

They are playing a clip of Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Adam says the thing that’s so crazy about these guys is when their faces start to turn into the person they’re impersonating.


2nd Story is on a movie theater brawl during a screening of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in Scotland,
Adam is joking about them having to clean up blood and vomit for any form of gathering in that country.

Adam is now describing hoe Europe treats adults like adults, he’s contrasting that to a ‘Man Show’ wrap party where he was told he couldn’t take his beer outside while enjoying a cigarette and he’s now riffing about the damage he could do with that half of a beer outside the bowling alley.

Adam references his classic karaoke favorite of ‘Hell is for Children’ by Pat Benatar and Adam has a crazy “uhh googoogahh!” noise that BB is surely going to close the show with.

Adam is now lamenting paper and plastic cups for booze.


Adam is doing a live read for Drop Stop


3rd Story is on the deadly outcome of a game of Russian roulette, Adam is saying this will put a crimp the survivor’s ability to masturbate for the next week.

Adam is now exploring how this must have been for the witnesses who were encouraging him not to do it, Adam is now asking how one might view this when the parents are asked about it later, was he suicidal?

Adam says that only men have the last words of “check this out” and David has a killer double dare one liner.


Adam is now asking how many guys have ended up at the emergency room with a cock drawn on them, Adam is describing the horrific scene of a parent identifying the body of their child with a “shaprie’d” cock on their body.

Adam says he would be the cool coroner and would keep a bottle of Windex nearby to clean up the afflicted dead guys.


4th Story is an update on the upcoming Charles Manson nuptials, Gina has a quote from the bride to be and Adam jokes about putting her on the electric chair reverse cowgirl on top of Charlie, take them both out with one shot.

Adam wants to know why people are so against him and his take on the death penalty.

David is asking Adam about Dennis Miller not appearing on the SNL 40th anniversary special and Adam plugs his PO’D Cast with Dennis available on PodcastOne and Adam is now sharing an anecdote about working Dennis doing a live show.



Adam is explaining his take on Dennis and his motivation, David has some kind words for Dennis and his talent level.

Adam does a Dennis is Dennis, but explains it’s not him using the “asshole code phrase” and he describes how Dennis likes to live outside of the city and lead a more normal life.


David brings up the sketch BB had them play on the last episode, David is asking Adam if he ever met Phil Hartman, he says he might have come on Loveline, not that we know of, maybe on Radio but very unlikely.

Adam is bringing up the great Phil Hartman characters from ‘The Simpsons’ and even quotes some Lionel Hutz, BB is in the mix and their just bonding over Simpsons moments.


Adam is doing a Tax Act live read


They’re now playing a mash up of some of the best Troy McClure clips, and Adam is now wrapping up the show as they further quote the great lines of Phil Hartman’s characters on ‘The Simpsons’

Adam says he ranks Phil Hartman up there with John Candy as the guys he’s always going to miss, BB wraps the show to the clip of Gina impersonating Charlie’s bride to be.