Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/18/2014 – Julie Samuels, Ray Oldhafer, and Deaf Frat Guy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/18/2014 – Julie Samuels, Ray Oldhafer, and Deaf Frat Guy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Julie Samuels, Ray Oldhafer, and Deaf Frat Guy

Recorded 02-17-2014 – Release Date 02-18-2014

Production Number #1263

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Adam is opening the show to a great anti patent troll intro from Mike Dawson, BB has his most often requested #TopDrop, from Dana Gould.

Ray is in studio and Adam is telling the gang about the latest thing Lynette aka Codename: Cheryl did, he’s telling them about the helicopter to Catalina to go zip lining.

Adam is referencing the story told on yesterday’s show, Ray says he would marry Adam.


Adam is giving and update on the acne skin cream, he’s explaining how he she bought two more un-tinted, she used his “you always say get a bunch” logic against him.

Adam is now arguing about the “two vs. couple” argument, Alison and BB say a Couple means Two, Adam has a great fun size Halloween candy metaphor that everyone agrees with.

Adam is saying he doesn’t begrudge Cheryl and the kids for having fun, he’s just saying having to wake up first and how much worse it makes things.


Adam is now explaining how Molly just does some weird old dog noises, Adam says Molly took his spot in the bed after Adam left for work in South Central.

Adam is sharing how he was looking through a stack of mail and is joking with Ray about his kids having to go meet the helicopter via car.

Adam is bringing up Cheryl who subscribes to some magazines, Adam is now joking about the varieties of magazines on kids and running, how about wife or husband, Adam says is now joking about the fear mongering stuff in the parenting magazines.


Adam is now explaining how he started getting angry on his way in, he’s telling them about the pictures he took of the “Sanford and Son” like nature of the front yard.

Adam is sharing his take on the clear roads that left him simultaneously pleased and pissed off when he realized how many federal employees are filling up the roads.

Adam is telling that Judge Scalia announced that Deep Dish Pizza should not be defined as Pizza, Adam is now quoting the speech and the potentially hostile crowd he chose to say that in front of.


Adam is now playing a clip from last week where Adam went off on Deep Dish after returning from Chicago, they’re now playing the clip, “4 pieces of pizza that are butt fucking each other” clip from #1253.

They’re now looking at the house Adam was driving past, hilarious “roosters” addition to rich man/poor man and an even funnier “people hung themselves off of it” joke about the zip line in south center.

The gang are loving the photos and Adam is now sharing how the hyper vigilance of the place he witnessed with crutches against a shed, photos available via the show page link above.


Adam is now doing a live read, he’s having get to his segment.


Just the Tip

Ray from Ace on the House (newly added to “Comedy” on iTunes) is giving a tip on removing epoxy from concrete floors, he’s explaining how this might be a common tip for homeowners unlike past tips that were aimed more towards the job site.

Adam and Ray are having a back and forth over why this over simply painting the concrete, Ray is giving a cool tip saying to spray it with Freon.

Adam is now asking for a household tip, hilarious propane tank on your forklift joke.


Adam is further mocking Ray, this is gold!

Adam is asking him about Terrazzo look and what it would cost the homeowner.

Alison gets Adam to reveal that the woman in the “Just the Tip” clip is Matt’s gf.


Deaf Frat Guy is now joining the show for


J.V. or All Balls

A switch on the usual way, perhaps that was so Rich Banks could work the title into lyrics better.

They’re playing the new theme song.

Adam is sharing his own recent dilemma when questioned with a J.V. or All Balls that even DFG needs time to reflect on.


DFG is now riffing with all of the twitter users interacting with him about an all gay frat, he’s doing a bunch of “get more than” jokes.

DFG is


1st JV or AB “This dude does more fingering at Julliard”

Adam says it’s J.V.

2nd JV or AB “This dude plows through more beaver than a reckless riverboat captain”

Adam says All Balls

3rd JV or AB“This dude stuffs more beaver than a Canadian taxidermist”

4th JV or AB“This Olympic figure skater got more knobs than home depot”

5th JV or AB “We nail more trim than a finish guy with a pancake compressor and endless brads”


Adam is now riffing with DFG about pot use among his frat and the nicknames, DFG is killing it.

DFG is sharing how they petered out, he’s now listing off the remaining runners up that won’t be getting anyone to Baha.

Adam is laughing about the idea of a “caulkers union” and is like some of the reaming entries, bean flicking and in the crease J.V. material.


Great Taco Bell executive chef Lorena Garcia reference, Adam is now doing an improv with BB about her trying to hide where she works at social engagements.

Adam has a great “Sorry Noggles” one liner.

DFG is now closing it with a couple final attempts, DFG is explaining why specificity makes it funnier, great Lizzie Borden “hatchet wounds” joke, Adam is now joking about that being nursery rhyme.

DFG is now giving out some plugs for Mangria and they’re going to break.


Julie is now returning to the show for her 2nd appearance, Adam is going on about the lawsuits and the patent trolls before getting to Julie.

Adam is sharing what it must be like to be Google or Apple having to deal with these insane lawsuits and how people view them and the frivolous lawsuits filed against them, “just because they’re doing well doesn’t mean you get to crawl through he doggy door and get something from their fucking fridge” – Adam.


Adam now has Julie on the line, he’s giving some plugs and having her give her official title.

Julie is giving them and update on how the fights is going, Adam has a great find the cure for your disease 10min after you die analogy for how it might affect his own lawsuit.

Adam is asking her about the recent thing he heard about Google and Apple being overwhelmed by these patent trolls.


Julie is sharing what’s going on with these various patent trolls and what it means for big companies and smaller podcast operations alike.

Adam is now calling this technology against technology, saying patent trolling is a cybercrime and we’re going to shove crowd sourcing up their ass.

Adam is now saying that he doesn’t think he realizes how big this community is when they picked this fight, millions of listeners super dedicated to various shows, not just Adam as he says.


Adam and Julie are going in depth with how these lawsuits and the behavior of the faceless attorneys only makes her job easier.

Adam is asking her about Marc Cuban and she’s all praise without putting words in her boss’s mouth.

Adam is saying he doesn’t know Marc’s politics but he’s the kind of man that Adam would vote for, interesting.


Adam says they’ll keep the fans abreast, he said he’s very interested in working with other podcasts and has “concerts” possibly on deck, that’s the new info gleamed from his side of the discussion.

Adam is now doing a live read, great “compuber” misspeaking moment with Alison mocking him, gold!


Alison’s News

She wants to know the guys most offensive terms for women’s genitalia, she’s listing her worst three and BB has a great cunt reply, Alison has some funny reactions.

Adam is now bringing up “fuck my pussy” in porn and agrees with Alison about “Hatchet Wound”.


Her top story is on a copilot hijacking an “Ethiopian Airlines” flight, Adam is now commenting on the crazy conversations between the pilot and Habib the hijacker.

Adam is doing a great riff with Ned and Ted now, open the door!

Adam is pondering what the person in the first row of 1st class must have been thinking overhearing and witnessing this exchange.


Adam is predicting new aircraft modifications to prevent pilots from leaving midflight to urinate, Alison is asking him about the cart use to keep anyone from heading towards the cockpit.

Some airlines had proprietary “webbing” post 9/11.

Adam is now bringing up the Egypt Air Crash as discussed on ACS #908 and ACS #1116, Adam is killing it with his riffs and he’s discussing oxygen masks with Alison.


2nd Story is on George Zimmerman giving an interview, homeless and afraid for his life.

Adam is now being sympathetic while calling him an asshole, interesting “in his shoes” riff from Ace.

Adam says that everyone cares when large groups of people dislike you, BB has a telling “not everyone” and Adam says he would even be a basket case after a year of this.

They’re now discussing Omarosa and Ann Coulter and if they like being hated or they use it to sell more books and obtain even more success and attentions.


3rd Story is on Ellen Page coming out while at a conference

Adam wants to know if men now have to scratch her off of a list, the “not going to get to fuck them anyway” list.

Alison is sharing Adam’s “getting off” on Scarlett Johansson hating their night together, Adam is joking about her new boyfriend the super executive DJ Chef, spins a wok.

Triumph motorcycle and a scarf, “tight pussy right?” – Adam


Adam says maybe there is a little Michael J. Fox effect going on here, he’s explaining the proportions of these people in person and how they appear on camera vs. in person.

Adam is joking about the dork not matching the dork, Alison is talking about the guys who are attracted to miniature women, and Adam is making a point about how slight Bieber is.

Alison has a Sarah Michelle Gellar shot in the dark, Adam is asking about Ellen and the great thing about being a women is that you can have fluctuating and fluid sexuality.


They’re now referencing Anne Heche and the 9/11 pass she got for her crazy outburst with “Celestia” and Adam is now further getting to the other cases that were overshadowed by 9/11 and other bigger stories.

Adam is now bringing up the Chandra Levy and Gary Condit case, Adam is referencing Anne Heche’s Today show appearance and doesn’t know it.

Adam is bringing up the Paula Poundstone case.


4th Story is on the tax being waived to try and win back some runaway film productions

Adam is explaining how simple it is to shoot in a warehouse and how it then comes down to the math, he’s making points about the hypocritical movie and TV industry abandoning their hometowns to go film in other locations to save money.

Adam says if the most thoughtful people on the planet will do it, then who won’t?

If the most kind and considerate left leaning rich person will do it, then who won’t?


Adam is making a nice restaurant analogy for Los Angles and what it meant in past eras and how greed has corrupted everything.

Adam is killing it with an epic riff summing up the problem of runaway productions.


5th Story is on the game “Flappy Bird” being pulled from the Apple and Android markets, hilarious comedy between the gang about Alison’s vagina, gold!

Adam is now riffing about introducing the flappy bird guy to George Zimmerman and he’s now doing an improv with BB.

Adam is now asking if it’s like Angry Birds, Caelan is now on mic explaining the game.

Adam is sharing the thing the Jimmy Kimmel does where he gets contrarian when Adam makes an observation, hilarious “I’ll just kill myself” from Ace.

Adam says he’s seen both games and they are not that different, awesome.

Alison is wrapping the news.


Adam is now doing a live read and wrapping the show, hilarious one word “Prince” vibe comedy.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.