Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/17/2015 – Jimmy Dunn

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/17/2015 – Jimmy Dunn

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jimmy Dunn

Recorded 02-16-2015 – Release Date 02-17-2015

Production Number #1513

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Adam opens the show to a Cindy Crawford untouched photo callback intro, he teases the possibility of Arite Lange and Alec Baldwin guesting on ther show.

BB has a classic Norm MacDonald #TopDrop and Adam says hi to Gina, They’re all talking about the SNL 40th anniversary special.

BB asks Adam about his take on SNL and if the 1980’s casts effected his opinion of the show as a whole, Adam has an extended “you should be out on Saturday night” take on missing most of that era of the show.


Gina asks Adam about stuff that doesn’t hold up, BB cites the Debbie Downer sketch and now Adam is listing some of his lesser known favorite sketches.

Adam is bringing up the Bill Hader Italian Interviewer sketches, they’re playing the one with John Malkovich.

Adam is offering up some light commentary.


Adam says that he loves that Will Forte just eats the whole time, he really loves this recurring sketch.

Adam is bringing up his other favorite recurring bit of a recent memory, the Barry Gibb talk show.


Adam is doing an live read

Adam listens to Marky Ramone’s audiobook edition.


They’re now playing the Barry Gibb talk show, Adam and BB are peppering in some light commentary.

Gina says it’s all about the song, Adam agrees and they move on.

Adam says he watched last night and felt a little bad for Lovitz, he shares the funny In Memorium joke at the end of the special.


Adam asks if this isn’t what we love about SNL and the target’s career must be going in the toilet and you must be alive, BB is unable to name anyone better suited.

Adam says if he was in the writer’s room he could predict how it would go, someone would broach the idea of asking Lovitz how he felt about it first and then get the kibosh from another writer or writers telling them not to ask permission or how he felt as it could only hurt the joke.

BB has a funny one liner mocking the idea of Adam being in their writer’s room.


Adam asks Gina and BB for their takes on the special, Gina says she liked Emma Stone’s appearance and BB says it was much like the show itself.

BB implies something about Dan Aykroyd’s performance and they set up the Celebrity Jeopardy sketch with Norm Macdonald playing Burt Reynolds.

Adam is giving more thoughts on the sketch and how this doesn’t really make sense from a sketch writing standpoint but it somehow works regardless.


Adam further sings the praises of the great Bill Hader.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Nick, he congratulates Gina on getting the job.

He wants to know about Adam’s experience playing the MTV Rock and Jock games, Adam tells him about all of the celebrity games he did, including the Dodger games.

Adam is sharing how he felt playing football with Dan Marino, he is now telling them about playing in the all-star game in Chicago and describes the scene at Comiskey Park that day.


Adam is breaking down the game and huge moments that are enhanced by the presence and attention of the crowd.

BB asks Adam if he’s the guy who Marino got angry with, Adam says he is but clarifies the details of the play and offending move from Adam.

Adam wraps up with Nick.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe live read

“So easy and inexpensive Mike August used it!” – Adam


Adam is now setting up another favorite sketch, a Marty and Bobbi Culp bit.


2nd Caller Ramón, he’s curious if Adam is already dreading the travel required for season 3 of ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Adam says he’s not yet in pre-dread mode and explains how MTV Loveline spoiled him for television production schedules.

Adam is explaining how easy his 12 noon call times were.

“When I shot that bit about trying to fuck my own mom” – Adam

Adam is explaining how long the ‘Man Show’ production took compared to his time doing MTV Loveline and his naive outlook on television production because of his limited experience with an unusual schedule.


Adam is further breaking down the process of filming the scene, BB takes it back to SNL and says that his favorite dark/lost SNL sketch is lost to time, he now describes the sketch.

BB asks fans to find the D-Day Sketch and Gary tells BB to remember him finding this clip the next time he makes fun of him, BB claims to never mock Gary, beg to differ.

They’re now playing the sketch, almost exactly as BB described it and everyone seems to be enjoying Phil Hartman and Kevin Nealon.


Adam is telling the gang about Tracy Morgan, giving them a vague update on his positive news about going home to his family and says he’ll be around with us for a lot longer.

Adam is now setting up a Brian Fellows sketch that he loves, while peppering in some light commentary.

They’re playing the sketch.

Adam and BB agree that the character is pre-sexual.


3rd Caller Don congratulates Gina on the new gig, he wants Adam’s take on people who block parking lots while trying to back into parking spaces they missed/passed.

He describes the scene, Adam talks about Drew backing into their parking lot and how it’s more of a statement about his intent to constantly move forward.

Adam says this guy Don is describing made two parking faux pas, Adam has a funny one liner mocking Don’s description of the car, Adam is offering up some symptat5hy for people stuck driving sad old/damaged vehicles.


Adam is now suggesting that if you show him the inside of someone’s car he can tell you about their psyche, Adam is showing his work and explaining this idea to BB.

Adam is talking about the people with cars filled with newspapers, mobile hoarding.

Gina is telling them about her car content, Adam is mocking ‘The Pocket Fisherman’ device.


Adam and Gina are doing a Lifelock ultimate plus live read


4th Caller Rick, he’s 69 and moving back in with his kids to help care for his grandkids, he’s asking about interns and Adam tells him that they don’t “yet” have any interns, though they used to.

Many of us started as “interns” back in 2009, Adam says that they will be doing “Will Andrew eat it” and he asked William about his take on pies, he dislikes all varieties.

Adam asked him about the chocolate pie, the pudding inside of a pie tin and now BB is explaining the origin of this bit from the KLSX show 9 years ago involving producer Angie who briefly worked on the radio show and then again on the podcast in 2010.


They’re now heading to break


They’re back from break

They come back to some “What not to watch on TV Tonight”

Adam welcomes Jimmy to the ACS for his debut appearance, he’s asking him about his journey into comedy.

Jimmy tells them about painting houses with his old man, Adam is explaining them to how tough a gig painting actually is when you’re doing it right, compared to how easy/simple most people think it is hence why most of the jobs are low paying and lead to poor quality work.


Jimmy tells them about partying and floating through life, Adam is commenting on the idea of his kids floating through life and how unacceptable that is for him in comparison to how his parents treated him.

Adam has a funny Adrian Peterson “sting on the backsack” example for how someone can evolve past their parent’s trauma and behaviors.

Jimmy tells them about getting into comedy in the 1980’s and Adam is commenting on how the new England area are so into busting balls, They’re talking about Lenny Clarke and his legendary lifestyle and persona.


Adam plugs Jimmy’s dates and talks with him about going back on the road for a moment, Adam has a weathered and knowing tone to his voice about the brief excitement of going back on the road followed up with the immediate harsh reality of that lifestyle.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the SNL 40th Anniversary special, she’s got the details of the ratings and a brief recap of the show’s Emmy award nomination history.

Adam is commenting on sketch comedy and shares his “much taller order than you know” response to people who are overly critical of SNL.

Adam says it feels uniquely American to have an institution like this where so many careers have been built, they all weigh in and Gina moves on.


2nd Story is on the record inclement weather for Massachusetts, she describes Thunder Snow and Adam is now riffing about that as a gay porn term.

She’s now playing the clip of the weatherman going nuts about the thunder snow and Adam says he feels sorry for his daughter, he’s now riffing a quick improv theme of him being less than enthused for anyone or anything else in his life.

Adam and BB are now riffing about the weird inflection among the cast of ‘Point Break’ and they’re now watching the closing scene from the movie.


Adam is unclear on the location for the final scene with Patrick Swayze, Adam brings up the surfer dude recognizing Keanu as a former college football player and how improbable that is in real life due to the limited interests of suffers.


3rd Story is on the death of ‘OCTOPUSSY’ Villain Louis Jourdan, she’s got a clip from the film to better acquaint Adam and the listeners with who he was exactly.

Adam is commenting on re-watching ‘Talladega Nights’ and the hilarious way Sacha Baron Cohen would pronounce Formula 1, Adam does an imitation of it.


Adam is now doing a live read for future advisor

“Traction to the wheels” edition


They’re now playing a clip of Sacha from the movie and Adam sets up another favorite scene they also play, they praise the actors and the movie.


4th Story Is on Johnny Depp and Joe Perry’s new “super group” and Adam is joking they’ll be called 0 body fat and he brings up his own recent weight gain after turning 50.

Adam is riffing about how thin those guys are, Adam is bringing up the time Joe Perry guested on the ACS, he says that Joe likes cars and they toured his other warehouse after the show.

Adam is quoting what Joe said about Johnny Depp and his guitar skills, Adam asks about the last time he saw Steven Tyler and brings up some footage of him out in the woods.


Adam is now riffing about Steven taking the banana hammock worldwide, he jokes about not needing more coverage and Gary finds the footage of Steven playing the bongos in a speedo.

Adam says his titties are flying and his sack is in the air, Adam asks if someone couldn’t tell Steven he’s from Boston, get him a t shirt and some shorts.


5th Story is on the latest crying fit of North West this time during New York Fashion Week, what?

Adam is now giving his take on kids having meltdowns in public, he’s sympathizing with a 19 month old being stuck at fashion week doing nothing.

Adam is saying he digs the part where you want to expose your kids to what you’re interested in, he says that makes sense but not when the kid is too young to understand what’s going on, hilarious one liners.


Gina has some quotes from Kanye that send Adam and Jimmy on a bit of a tangent.


Adam is joking about how he mocks his dog and her limited responsibilities, he’s envious of her not even knowing what day it is, he compares that to Kanye and his inflated ego that keeps him from ever seeing himself from an outside perspective.


Adam does an E-Voice live read


6th Story is on the new ‘View master’ device coming from Google and Mattel, Adam says they better put porn on that thing and Gina informs him of the #D dinosaurs, Adam is telling them about showing his son Jurassic Park for the first time last night.

Adam says his daughter was showing him footage of her on a paddle board, the footage was recorded 4:3 instead of 16:9 by holding it sideways.

Adam says he’s now obsessed.


BB says that Adam has an ambitious life goal to get his kids to alter their behavior after being reprimanded/instructed once, a one and done mode of parenting.

Adam jokes that’s how he feels about his wife, he’s now explaining how he views life as limited amount of time that he doesn’t want to waste repeating mindless and useless activities.

Adam is using his “x amount of minutes on the planet” way of viewing life, he’s explaining how he wanted some tend skin for his beard to take to NYC and the small size was 4oz, too large for airport security causing him to have to fill up another empty mini bottle and waste time because if he brought it half-filled TSA would make him throw it out despite it clearly being less than the 3.6oz limit.


Adam is commenting on women and their extra 7 years on earth and uses that to explain why they sometimes approach things with less urgency than their male counterparts.

Adam uses his agent Babydoll and the recent death of his dear mother as an example of how wives can sometimes outlive their husbands by 20 and 30 years, a lot of extra time to find those lost keys.


Gina takes it back to the View master and Adam is bringing up the electronic view master, he’s now saying this is part of his “Land of the Lost” theory, he tells BB to remind him to do 20min on the next show.

Once again BB says “meaning Adam and Drew” as if Adam can only repeat old rants on that show, jokingly trying to dictate the content of the ACS, sidekick bro, sidekick!


7th Story Gina has a perfectly timed update on Sid and Marty Krofft bringing back ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monsters’ and Adam says that he found out that Sid and Marty were out of Canada, which finally clued him into why he was extra turned off by the weird aesthetic.

Adam uses that piece of shit ‘Cailou’ to make a point about bad color palettes and the unusual film quality.

Adam says that Sid and Marty just warm over abortions form their past, Adam is now asking Gina to read the IMDB breakdown for the original series.


Adam says the guys were so out of ideas they cast the two child leads using their real names, Adam is mocking the laugh track and mocks the ‘Land of the Lost’ movie and original TV series.

“You have the temerity to pull the scab off this piece of shit and revisit it!?” – Adam on the remake of Sigmund.

Adam is now demanding a clip and feeling sorry for putting Gary to work so much this episode.


Adam is now doing a live read for

Gary is now playing a clip from the show.

Adam is mocking the laugh track and peppering in some light commentary.


Adam says it’s all just fucking garbage and the recognizable name is all that is has going for it.

Adam says they just do warmed over shit and tells them to go back to Quebec, he says we gave them acid rain and they gave us Sid and Marty Krofft.

Gina wraps up the news, this time with a drop from the Octopussy story.

Adam gives out the plugs and BB plays the drop of him as Molly (and him as a dog) describing her day’s activities.