Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/17/2014 – Ginger Lynn

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/17/2014 – Ginger Lynn

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ginger Lynn

Recorded 02-16-2014 – Release Date 02-17-2014

Production Number #1262

Show Page

Adam is opening the show to a new #TopDrop, one of the gems from A-Rose late last week.

Adam is plugging the arrival of Ginger Lynn, the last time she guested on air with Adam was 07/29/2003 on Classic Loveline, where she discussed the infamous “Charlie Sheen/Fake Her Death” story.

Adam is explaining how there was a time in life when his buddy Katie’s 1991 civic was a luxury for him, he makes it clear it was about a year old and BB steps in to clarify prematurely, Adam rightfully mocks him after his 3rd lap trying to clarify.


Adam is joking about his the time he swapped his Isuzu trooper with his buddy and finally got to use AC and power windows, Alison is riffing with him.

Adam is making a larger point about how he would be unhappy in a civic now, he’s explaining the two ways of looking at it.

Adam is telling them about heading to a bathroom in South Central, to tape his Spike TV “Catch a Contractor”.


Adam is now painting them a picture and BB has an edgy joke with racial implications as per usual, Adam is joking about the open sewage pipe he was breathing in the tiny bathroom.

You can see a picture of the tiny bathroom via the show page link above.

Adam has a point about on camera work and how “for that day he’s in a swamp” to explain what it’s like to tape in real world locations.


Adam is telling the gang about his kids “President’s Day Off” as discussed on The Adam and Drew Show #117 with Art Alexakis.

Alison has a funny mix-up with Skip Adam’s new cohost and then a nice save, she remembered Kilo!

Adam is back to the plans for zip-lining Lynette made for the kids and their friends on Catalina island, Adam is now joking about the juxtaposition to the kids out in the open air on an island accessible by helicopter vs. Adam stuck in a can with dudes yelling at each other.


Adam is now sharing a quote from Kevin Hench about the person who deserves the zip line will get none of the zip line, Adam is highlighting how he could not have gotten further away from his family’s plans for the day.


Adam is telling them about playing out back in the yard with Natalia, he overheard “Penny Lane” by the Beatles and how he walked in to the kitchen and asked Lynette to turn on the speakers outside to enjoy the sunshine vibes on this Sunday.

Adam is getting to the cruel irony of “Hurts So Good” as the immediate follow up song that started right as Adam exited the house, Adam says there needs to be a buffer song between John Cougar and The Beatles.

Adam is now plugging Songza, he says he loves it and is asking the “Musical experts” who “curate” the playlists to use some buffer songs, he’s now quoting a few options, a “Palate dirtier” as Alison coins it.


Adam is describing his hilarious “never breaking of stride” with BB when he heard the opening of “Hurt So Good” and BB is now sharing how much he loves the specificity of the Songza playlists.

Adam is making a point about a customer bases and why certain restaurants don’t carry coleslaw is the same reason nobody likes The Beatles and John Cougar, Adam is now making another point about the person who made the playlist not being able to appreciate both of those songs equally.

Adam has a great criminally insane/butterfly net riff about the person who likes “Hurt’s So Good” above “Penny Lane”,  nice laugh from Alison about the butterfly net, she’s even commenting on it now.


“Shitty Songs for Dumb People” – Adam’s playlist idea


Adam is telling the gang about Natalia demanding an afternoon swim in the non-heated pool, Adam is sharing his dare for her to jump in.

Adam is now getting to the interesting daredevil dynamic, he’s telling them about her standing on the edge of the Jacuzzi, Adam used hilarious “Are you a Viking?” verbal challenges to her.

He’s really going in depth on the story, this is great, he’s telling them about Sonny wanting no part in this, no fucking way he was going to do this, the differences in their personalities, Adam says Natalia didn’t want to do it, but she had to do it, to overcome her fear.

Hilarious “Hurts So Good” callback from ace, gold!


Adam is making a strong point about personality traits, how Natalia’s can bite one in the ass or possibly be harnessed into the skills of an Olympian.

Adam is telling an adorable story of Natalia finding water slides online “This one comes with the water I think”, Adam is describing her hilarious cute insisting about that, Alison’s reaction is priceless.

Adam is sharing that someone tweeted him about his book, he’s got a mention for his Spike show coming out March 9th.


Adam is getting to the pantheon of his name misspellings, the one he’ll never get over is the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix participant car with his name spelled two ways on it.

Adam is now getting to his book description from Google Play, he’s describing the paragraph and you can view the image via the show page link above.

Adam is explaining that the name is spelled right 6 times above the new sentence now misspelled, on the same page.


BB is joking about considering intentionally misspelling Adam’s name on his own book cover, Adam is now giving them a fair shake with the 6 for 7 on the correct spelling in the Google Play description.

Adam is now doing a live read for a new sponsor, Bark Box.

Hilarious “you know what they do with that money” riff comparing stray dogs to hobos, comedy gold between Adam and Alison, great live read!


Q and Ace

1st Caller, Zach wants to know what kind of deodorant Adam uses, he’s telling them about using chick stuff then Toms of Main, he’s now joking about smelling like things and how “fresh cut pine” or a whole bunch of lilacs, you know someone just shit up a bathroom.

Adam is now saying that the axe smells bad cologne’y and the secret is much lighter, Alison wants to know if Adam will explain why he uses deodorant but not shampoo.

Adam says he doesn’t get the funk too often but when it hits, it hits. Adam has a hilarious “after I got back from Bombay” reply to the question of what did you eat from his example of the annoying person blaming you for your own funkitude.

“No, No, No You Can’t Skip Commando” – Adam in reply to BB

Adam is telling them about his nightly rope skipping he does before the show, he’s telling them about using talcum powder to extend the life of his under armor cycling shorts he wears 2-4 times each, him too!

Zach wants to know how Adam shaves, Adam is now giving his most in depth explanation of his various shaving habits, when he does it daily while doing camera work.


Adam says he has to use foam after 4-5 days, every day he can do it with pure hot water, Adam says mainly because he’s lazy and has early call times.

Adam says he would use shave cream but it adds 2min, Alison has a nice sleep time reply, BB has a wipe joke and Adam kills it with a molly’s tale topper.

Adam is now saying the only over the counter stuff that works, Nyquil and zit cream.


Adam is sharing how he uses the 10% benzoyl peroxide on his neck rash, due to his ingrown hair, he says his beard is like kelp, he’s got the beard of a black man, the pubey beard, and the brother’s pubey beard.

Adam is now giving his classic advice about white vs. tinted acne cream and what he prefers, Alison is sharing about her own blemish and Adam first alleviates her concern then mocks her saying its gigantic, gold Ace!

Alison is telling them about her blob Clearasil and Adam is comparing it to the snowcap on Mount Rainier in my hometown Washington State.


Adam is sharing how he ran out of the tinted cream, when Lynette was going on a run he asked for two bottles of the tinted cream.

Adam has a great riff asking who the white stuff is made for, whom is that shade? Not Even Meryl Streep according to Adam.

Adam is explaining that Lynette brought home only the white variety, Adam is asking what’s up that they don’t have them, he’s further joking about the seagull shit color he doesn’t even understand the existence of.


Adam is bringing up his moment when he becomes a douche “whhhhhhheeeee eeeeee you didn’t have to get two…”

Adam is sharing his zit advice he intends to give his kid, the super practical advice his parents never gave him.

Alison has a hilarious interrogation riff involving her zit, BB seems to dig it and has a nice reaction.

Adam is going in depth on his zit techniques, this is classic Loveline material straight up.


Alison is explaining how she used two Q-tips trying to mash open the zit, funny “clear stuff” back and forth between Adam and Alison.

Adam has an excellent point about “game on” and how things never have to be more than one Reese’s peanut butter cup, the same is true for a zit, making a bad run is ok, but now back off.

Adam and Alison are making a point about vows and staying away from things that aren’t healthy, Adam is advising moderation instead of “game one”.


2nd Caller Spencer he’s excited to see him in Vegas and is going to school for Air Traffic Control, he’s telling them he has a 2yr and 4yr degree option, if the job will take the lowest possible degree, should he just go for that.

Adam is explaining his stance on Jr. College, he only has a problem with “white loser stoner dude” who doesn’t feel like moving out or getting a job, Adam says he was that guy and went to Jr. College with those very same types of guys.

Adam has a great “looking to transfer to Stanford” riff and he’s citing a couple dudes who he went to school with that worked hard and did whatever they had to do in order to advance in life from their poverty and apartments.


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB saw “The Lego Movie” and he’s saying that he was prepared to discuss the remake of “Robocop” and instead wants to talk about something he saw today.

Adam is giving his take on how bizarre and off putting the Lego characters are shaped and BB is explaining the talent behind the production.

BB is giving his take on how wonderful the movie was, he’s almost as enthusiastic as I’ve ever heard him and he’s hinting a weird left turn towards the 3rd act.


Alison is asking him about the plot and he’s keeping it vague, Adam is now sharing his take on animated TV vs. Film and how they should sit-down screenwriters to learn from them, especially the Pixar stuff.

BB is telling the gang about the one bad review, he’s echoing Adam’s idea about the one guy who has to be contrarian losing their “top critic” status.

Adam is giving the reply Matt Atchity would, he’s got an amazing boxing and Olympic judging analogy, if you don’t see what other people are seeing, you need to be let go.


BB is asking Adam about the movie, his kids have already seen it and he says it’s going to be tough to beat for the Oscar next year.

BB gives it an A, Alison has a great closing joke.


Adam is telling them about his trip to the Pixar campus and hearing from John Lassiter that he wants to be part of the Paul Newman documentary, he’s even now offered up tons of behind the scenes material and is providing the crew to film it, wow!

Adam is sharing what the Pixar campus is like and he’s doing a live read.


They’re back from break with Ginger Lynn, he’s asking her when they last met, she says Save Virgil but that was 2000, Loveline was 2003.

Adam has a great “behind the behind” quote while asking her about her E! True Hollywood Story and she’s saying it was very fair, Adam is now asking her about her upbringing and evolution from Music Land to Penthouse model.

Ginger is going in depth on her evolution to porn, Adam is making a great point about the internet archive of all recorded material, and he’s saying he often thinks of the people who got into this business thinking it wouldn’t follow them around.


Adam has a killer super 8 film projector joke and the pay discrepancy for the actors in “Deep Throat” vs the millions the movie has brought in.

Ginger is telling them about her practice run with Ron Jeremy, she’s telling them about the first “loop” and how her dad discovered her after putting a quarter into the machine.

Adam is joking about beating off to the same quarter, Ginger is telling them about her dad going to jail after beating up the porn shop worker, and Alison has a killer joke.


Ginger says she’s his father’s daughter, she wants to know what Adam would do if it was his daughter, great shoulder roll and “George C. Scott in Hardcore” comedy.

Adam is joking about the simpler times of “buying up every copy”.

Ginger is telling them about her hometown of Rockford Illinois, Adam is speculating what the phone call was like between Ginger’s dad on his one phone call, great replies from Alison and BB.


Ginger is telling them in depth about her parents discovering her porn career, she’s sharing how she went from disowned to back in the family’s bosom after a 13 page letter to her dad.

She’s telling them about her dad dying on a motorcycle at 67, Ginger has some very sweet words for the man.

Adam is asking her about her career, she’s saying she did 69 films.


Adam is now bringing up the Jamie Gillis aka a Douche avalanche story about the time he attempted “dray anal rape” as Ginger told Adam back in 2003, she’s now breaking down the scenario.

She’s sharing her “dog fart” reaction to his attempt, Adam is now riffing about a coworker slipping it in his as without a heads up, great back and forth with BB “you’re fucking lucky you’re so good at doing the sounds”.

Adam is now joking with BB licking his asshole, this is great!


Ginger is saying she didn’t put him on the “no fly list” but did put Ron Jeremy on it, Adam is now joking about Ron’s feelings, hilarious riff!

Adam is joking about Ron’s funk and essence, Ginger is now saying she likes a man in charge and Adam is joking with her about it and how there are less definitive ways to be in charge in a relationship.

Adam is now asking her about the era of John Holmes she worked with, she’s now explaining her petrified reaction to the idea of filming a scene with him.


Ginger has a weird double phrasing of “I’m a little girl” and she’s now telling them about getting lowered down onto John’s dong, she’s sharing how the makeup artist took her into a closet to blow John before the scene.

Adam is joking about the sensibilities on set and why they had to go into the closet to blow him, Ginger says it was 3 women and Adam is blown away, wishing he could parcel his cock out.

Adam is now joking that 3 women would have to take numbers and wait like a bakery, Adam is now joking about this in terms of on-set problems, trying to explain this to John.

Adam and BB are now riffing the on-set discussion, she’s now telling them about the makeup artist being photographed for playboy by her father.


They’re now looking at an image of the woman you can see via the show page link above, Ginger is now comparing her wrist to John’s dong, and Adam has a funny laugh in reply.

Adam is describing the “Best of John Holmes” the same porn he may have told Ginger about back in 2003, he’s describing the sad headstone shot before the clips, Adam is joking about tone they set.

BB has a funny joke that Adam runs with.


Adam is now asking Ginger about Charlie Sheen, she’s being very kind and praising him while explaining that they did their share of partying.

Ginger is going in depth on her relationship with Charlie and their various ups and downs.

Ginger is now sharing her idea to change her name and fake her death, the same story she told Adam on Loveline in 2003. Adam has a great Christy Canyon joke.


Adam has a great “shake the Etch a Sketch” of life, and a killer “Nell” joke.

Alison is getting Ginger to elaborate and explain the plastic surgery angle for the faked death, she’s sharing how she was knitting him a blanket for his 27th birthday while he was home with a house filled with whores and baseball players.

Adam has a great kid buying a pizza covered with Jelly Beans analogy, Adam and BB are now joking about his reduced party in his 40’s, killer baseball comedy.


Adam is now joking about someone misunderstanding you suggesting you fake your death, Alison is joking along with him.

Ginger is sharing how she was arrested and violated her probation by traveling to the Cannes Film Festival and being photographed by the paparazzi.

Adam is now asking Ginger if she’s ever been hit up by any rich sultans or executives who want a night with Ginger, she’s telling them about swapping sex parties with a Sultan.


Adam is now joking about sapping a cock cam on Charlie Sheen throughout the 90’s, Ginger is telling them about the struggles with Charlie’s family.

She’s being very kind and supportive, she says the last time they spoke was 1995.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Alison’s News


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping the show.