Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/16/2015 – Gabe Polsky

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/16/2015 – Gabe Polsky

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Gabe Polsky

Recorded 02-15-2015 – Release Date 02-16-2015

Production Number #1512

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Adam opens the show to a reminder to buy his paperback for ‘President Me’ and BB plays a rare drop from Busy Philips per request from a hardcore fan.

Adam is now making a point about the amateur Russian hockey team, Adam is discussing it with BB and says he’s realizing there are some of his legendary stories he’s never shared on the podcast before.

Adam is telling them about growing out a beard and getting some new frames with a scarf to make himself seem like an artist, the real world Jules Dash.


Adam says he can’t afford a lapdog for his trip to NYC to do press, Adam is telling them about “raffles” his fake lapdog brought out on an old episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Adam is explaining how he was the lead guest, hilarious hexagonal shaped rolodex joke and quasi insulting one liner from BB.

Adam says it was from Season 3 of the show, he tells them that Tisha Campbell-Martin was the 2nd guest and Adam explains how guests used to stick around for the 2nd segment.


“If this was war we’d all be on fire right now” – Adam to Gary about their system for sending information between the booth and studio.

Gin has a funny reaction to this and now Adam is describing the expectations of doing talk show panel, Adam is describing the dog convulsing in his hands, Tisha was knee deep in her story and Adam says that a certain point he had to alert them that the dog was going to blow.

Adam is describing the dog vomiting, he’s got pictures of the incident and says you couldn’t pose that picture of Tisha reacting.


Adam is telling listeners they can see the photos via the show page link above, Gina has a funny line.

Adam is now asking Gina her story, well teasing that he wants her to give her “journey” later in the show.


Adam is doing a live read.


Adam is telling them about spotting what looked like a turd smashed into his seat, BB has a funny one liner in reply about why they’d be happy about this info as Adam claimed.

Adam says he noticed he was sitting in chocolate, he explains that Mike August was eating one while driving home the night before, like a bully in a cartoon out of his fist.

Adam is telling them about driving in his passenger seat with a “road soda” and he’s now ranting in favor of open containers.


Adam is telling them about the horrors of chocolate smashed into the rear end of sweatpants.

BB is telling them about eating fiber one bars for his constipation and the misunderstanding about some melted bar on his pants that resembled poop.

Adam says that yelling at Mike August is like yelling at a lawn jockey and isn’t sure how much good it does.


Adam is asking Gina about her journey, she’s telling them about her time in Portland and then Kansas City, she’s explaining how she got a theater degree and wound up pursuing voice over work.

Gina tells them about working at Hugo Boss and Adam is now mocking the driving slipper attired men trying to hit on her while she was a salesgirl.

Gina is telling them about how her father got her foot in the door over at KLSX and gave her the job of a call screener they apparently fired just to hire her.


Adam is telling them about how weekend radio shifts differed from the weeknights and prime time shifts, Gina is sharing how she got on air and Adam is telling them about the old KLSX building that didn’t have carpeting for over 7 years.

Adam is now mocking the explanation given about their attempts to get a trade out with the carpet genie, when he used to guest on Conway and Steckler in the late 90s.

Adam is ranting about radio and the cheapness of the people in charge, he compliments Julie who sent in chairs for him and Drew on Classic Loveline in 1997, remembering his threat to burn them in the parking lot when they left, gold!


Gina is telling them about a bad car accident that happened just prior to being cast on the Conway and Whitman show on KLSX, now after 9 years of hard work, experience, 3 rounds of try outs and guest spots she’s finally got her gig on the ACS, congratulations Gina!


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘The Kingsman’ and his telling them about the lead who he really enjoyed, he’s now off on a tangent talking about a documentary based around casting directors where it was argued there should be a category for them at the academy awards.

Adam is in agreement and uses ‘Pulp Fiction’ as a main example, hilarious mix-up of the title of ‘Look Who’s Talking’.

BB sets up a clip from the film where the leads talk about their favorite bond films.


Adam is telling them about taking the kids over to Leno’s shop and announcing they were going for sushi for dinner only to hear his daughter lament having it again after the night before, Adam is making a point about movie critics and using food as an analogy.

BB says that he loved it and recommends it highly, Adam says he will never see ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and is asking Gina about her take on the movie.

She says it’s a repeat of 2 scenes over and over for the whole film, Adam asks if there is any real story and she tells them her boyfriend’s desire to bail on the movie for the majority of the running time.


Gary agrees with Gina and gives his take, Adam says he enjoyed Sex and the City the TV show and has a funny one liner about not having to be in the coast guard to enjoy ‘McHale’s Navy’ and Gina tells them people were laughing at the movie the whole time.

Gary saw it with an audience mostly over 60 and they were more shocked by the frank dialogue, BB says his bold prediction is that the Kingsman ends up topping this movie next week.

Adam wants to know how much a book like this goes for when it gets optioned, he says it’s just the title and the product doesn’t matter.


Adam has a funny “that was a test” reply and is telling them about the 5 million dollar option for the book, Gina brings up the fan fiction origins of this book.

Adam says he talked to Alec Baldwin on Friday and says he’s all in for a live show from NYC, BB asks Adam if he’s seen Alec’s latest product.

Adam says that Alec wants to talk about cock and balls on stage.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Danny, he wants to know Adam’s favorite SNL moment.

Adam says most of the early 19780’s stuff doesn’t hold up as much as you might think, Adam says that the “box store” bit from the show with Fallon and Timberlake is pretty funny.

Adam is having Gary setup the clip of the skit, Adam does some light commentary as the sketch plays.


Adam is praising Alec and says that when he would guest on the show he was better than most of the cast, Adam is praising his wide range of abilities and impressions.

Adam is asking for a clip of Alec as Charles Nelson Reilly.

Adam is peppering in some light commentary over the sketch of Alec as Charles on ‘Inside the Actors Studio’.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth Live Read

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break

Gabe is making his ACS debut to promote his new documentary ‘Red Army’ and he explains the format, Gabe is telling them about obtaining the archival footage and how he ultimately he had to journey to Russia to obtain some of this footage.

He is sharing a familiar story of trying to recover an analog archive of material with a “manually” organized” system.

Gabe is telling them about some of the difficult interviews and Adam describes the run and gun style of filmmaking featured in the documentary. BB has a funny Ivan Drago one liner.


Gabe is now telling Adam about a random encounter that happened while filming, Adam says he learned that Russians has their own way of playing, he asks Gabe to brag about the Russian hockey team.

Adam asks him about the “hard” nature of these old-school dudes/former players.


Gabe has a ‘Beatles’ analogy for what these players did to the sport, akin to what the Beatles did for music.

Adam is talking about their unique puck movements and willingness to take it back towards their own goal in order to retain puck control for longer amounts of time.

Adam is now asking about the Berlin wall and how anyone ever thought that would work, Adam says it’s like paving over grass and has a beautiful metaphor for innate human desire for freedom, Gina echoes his sentiment with a quick comment.


Adam has a great point about the players perhaps injecting style into their game and improvising on the ice because they are restricted from doing so in everyday life.

BB asks how the kids are selected for this process to become players, Adam mocks him and is now answering the question for Gabe explaining how the kids were brought into the “Red Army” if they were of high enough skill.

Adam and Gabe are now explaining how the players were allowed to choose between the Army and playing on the team.


Gabe is telling people where they can see the film, Adam teases the latest Take a Knee with Lee Steinberg


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the two latest women to come forward with accusations that Bill Cosby drugged and raped them, she’s got the details and Adam claims that all women should label themselves a “former model” once they hit their 50th birthday.

Adam says if you are over 5’5” and 55 you can claim it and nobody will ask for your “zed card” and Gina has a great reaction to that insider terminology.

Adam is now bringing up the time he was taken into custody at McCarran airport after they play a clip of one of the victims.


Adam has an argument about being “in” to certain things and how you’re either in or out, Jay Leno loves cars, hence his personal museum/warehouse.

Gina is offering her take on how these accusations might only cause people to become burnt out on the accusations and take them less seriously, Adam says he predicts something even sadder, where Bill dies and then even more women come out with him totally evading prosecution and now being famous to future generations as a serial rapist who also did some comedy.

Adam has a prediction about your legacy going back to your art regardless of your crimes, they cite Michael Jackson and BB brings up OJ Simpson, Adam has a funny reaction.


2nd Story is on the death of the owner of Nutella, Gina updates the gang on all the products manufactured by the parent company.

Gina brings up the wartime origins of Nutella.


3rd Story is on winter storm Neptune, she’s got all of the details and Adam says this is why California is viewed so highly despite not producing much, Adam has a killer description of Mike Lynch’s wife shoveling snow while he smokes, sips brandy and watches her through the window.

“Mike Lynch’s wife went out and shoveled the driveway, while he drank brandy, smoked and watched her!” – Adam on the snow across the east coast.

Gina is lively and quickly moves on as the story/comments lose steam.


4th Story is on Emile Hirsch admitting himself into rehab, following an incident that took place at the Sundance Film Festival.

Adam is commenting on how the higher elevation and booze can fuck your shit up, this might have been discussed on another podcast where another substance was mentioned too, Gina doesn’t have that info it seems.

Gina has the details on what Emile faces legally for his actions along with his upcoming court dates, Adam asks if he did anything different than what buddies do while roughhousing, he knows you are supposed to put your hands on a woman, but wonders if she’s ok and if some roughhousing is really as serious as a potential 5 year prison sentence.


Adam asks if we can’t all crack a beer and a move on, he’s got a hilarious “she’s talking” reply after hearing about her “red marks” and trauma.

Adam says you hang out with guys like Ray long enough you’ll see some things.


5th Story is on the untouched Cindy Crawford photos that leaked online, she’s got all of the details and BB calls Cindy super fucking hot.

Adam has a killer “Marie Claire Mexico” improv/recreation where BB plays Cindy and Adam her agent trying to talk her into doing a shoot for their magazine, hilarious covering up by Adam as the agent.

Gina seems to enjoy it, and they move on.


6th Story is on Gary Busey hitting a woman with his car, Adam is now interrupting to bring up the most blowhardy move of telling others the times they’ve been clinically dead.

Adam says that Gary mixes a lot of trauma with swordplay and it’s not the best combination.

Adam asks if sober Busey isn’t like the rest of us on 9 Michelob’s.


Adam is doing a Drop Stop live read

Adam reminds everyone this was actually his invention, dating back to 1997 and 2003 when Adam mentioned it on air.


7th Story is on the world’s first penile reduction surgery performed on a 17 year old boy, Adam asks if they can look at pictures of underage guys penises.

Adam is commenting on the photo, he’s now asking if you had cock reduction story how often that would be worked into random non cock related conversations.

Adam is riffing about how he would never stop with the cock reduction talk.


Adam says it would be a fun gag to ask about the extra penis tissue, Adam is now the curious hospital goer and BB the suspicious doctor.

Adam is now further diving into this improv, getting angry about them being so wasteful with spare cock meat.

Adam is now demanding the doctor go find his foreskin, Gina confirms this happened in Florida.


Adam is now adding the “cock reduction on a 17 year old” to his list of activities if your hand goes right up for he’s not interested in you undertaking, much like the cub scouts chaperone for weekend bivouacking.

Gina wraps up the news, Adam is now going into a live read.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read

Adam is giving out the plugs and Gabe plugs his film reminding everyone’s she’s still in the studio, BB closes the show to a funny drop from Gina.