Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/16/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 118

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/16/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 118

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Erik Kramer

Recorded 02-05-2014 – Release Date 02-16-2014

Production Number #118

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Adam is opening the show with his old buddy Erik from the East Valley Trojans, you can see a photo of their whole team that Erik brought in via the show page link, Adam is now referencing said photo.

Adam is now telling Drew about the “very 70’s!” coaches, Adam is referencing a coach not in the picture and Erik’s father pulling him aside when he was in the farm team, the “Tro-Babes” for 7yr olds.

Drew is now mocking Adam, claiming he brings this up all the time, I’ve never heard Adam bring up that farm team name, Adam is right, Drew is wrong.


Adam is sharing the “tickled pink” line Erik’s dad gave him about his evolution in the sport and his character by showing up the following year after the farm team.

Drew is explaining that element is now lost from children’s team sports, Erik agrees and Adam is now telling Drew about Mr. Fitzgerald and his policy about anyone on the line getting a chance to show him if they’re better and ready to start.

Adam is explaining the modality to advance it created along with the knowledge that the guys who were starting were in fact the best.


Adam is now asking Erik about his position, he always thinks back up QB, but Erik says it was tight end and he’s telling him about his time with pop warner.

Adam is explaining the differences between the Valley Dolphins and the Sun Valley Falcons, Adam is joking about their practice at Poly High and the murals of Cesar Chavez that indicate you’re not in a great place.

Adam is clarifying the roles Chris and Ray played in the pop warner, Erik wasn’t around for their years with Adam.


Adam is now bringing up his thought about how often a guy plays pee wee football and goes onto see a guy he played with on TV as starting QB in the NFL, but didn’t play QB in pee wee leagues.

Adam is now asking Erik how he knew he could do this, he’s saying his dad who believed in him and didn’t give him the QB slot for their team.

Adam is explaining how good Scott Whitman was as QB and the unusual role Erik’s dad took not trying to influence or manipulate the positions or try to get a leg up for his son.


Adam and Drew are now joking about his high school team that beat St. Genevieve, nice use of “Little Lord Fauntleroy School for Albino Hemophiliacs”.

Adam and Erik are remembering Jance Fitzgerald, he’s telling them about his own transfer from St. Genevieve to Burrows High.

Erik is sharing his “just hang in there like an old set of balls” advice he was given when he joined the Lions, Adam is now getting to Erik’s 15 years in the NFL.


Adam is now having Erik walk him through his trip to Pierce Jr. College and how he ended up playing QB, Adam is saying that football players are notoriously stupid and end up playing at Jr. College, he’s got a point about Chad Ocho Cinco and Chad Smith all pros playing at the Santa Monica Jr. College.

Adam is sharing how he jokes about the dad of the 3rd kid wondering why his son didn’t make it with his peers, Erik is confirming Adam’s theory and how Jr. College is a place for guys to get a 2nd chance.

Erik is telling them about his transfer to North Caroline State, Adam is explaining the role GRIT played in Erik’s path to the NFL.


Erik is telling them about playing as a scab during the NFL strike and how he was the only guy kept after the season, he’s telling them about going to Canada after being cut the following year.

Adam is sharing how young Erik Kramer used to dress and Adam is saying that he could tell how he worse his uniform the same way while playing in the pros.

Adam is now asking Erik what happened to Jance Fitzgerald and Erik is telling them about the death of Jance’s father, their former coach who wasn’t a fan of the kids’ drinking water mid practice.


Adam is asking Drew about the anti-water policy that would lead to laps if violated, beating the shit out of the kids.

Erik is telling the guys about the kids trying cut weight over the summer, Adam is saying he had to do that too and was on a diet at age 11.

Adam is asking if Erik ever followed Adam’s career like he followed his, Erik is confirming that he was introduced to the “Women’s suffrage” bit from the 1st season.


Erik is now telling them about getting hooked on Loveline the radio show, awesome!

Erik says he’s wondered if Adam made the connection to their history as well, awwwww.

Adam is now sharing his various memories and how Erik’s dad would add weights to the bar to see the kids do clean and jerk lifts until he founded the strongest kid.


Adam is further commenting on the kids from their team and the nice racial diversity among them without any outside influence.

Erik is filling in some information for the kids who went off to play for Miami, Adam is asking about their neighborhood, he used to get dropped off to hang with the Boyd Brothers in Pacoima.

Adam is now calling for a reunion of all the surviving team members, Adam says that experience shaped him profoundly and filled in the missing discipline, comradery and community.


Drew is now explaining why he took his kids out of baseball and put them in football, grabbing by the facemask is referenced, nice.

Adam is now bringing up Erik’s tragedy with his son and giving him a forum to speak about it on the show, they’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break, Adam is giving some plugs and asking for the fans to support the pirate ship via PayPal subscriptions.

Adam is now asking him about the death of his son, Drew also interviewed him and it will be airing tomorrow the 17th.

Adam is explaining his take, seeing this in the news and remembering Erik, he’s telling them about his late son Griffin who struggled with substance abuse since Jr. High School.


Erik is telling them about his own experimentation and Adam is asking about the family histories with substance abuse.

Erik is telling them about his son’s time at an outdoor youth program and how he returned to a toxic environment in the home.

Adam is now bringing up the typical “try something” phase of kids and how you differentiate that against abuse, Drew is saying that if you catch the kid, it means the kid needs help.


Erik is explaining his take on actions, choices and consequences including drug use.

Adam is now asking when it became apparent to him that his son was spiraling out of control, he’s now listing off the various warning signs.

Erik is telling them about his son’s awareness of his own impending doom, he’s telling them about his son’s first time smoking pot and reaction to it.


Drew is asking Erik about any possible trauma he had that they didn’t know about, he’s telling them about his son’s infant staph infection that could’ve killed him.

Erik is sharing how a therapist predicted that he would show signs of abuse because of the traumatic medical experience.

Erik is sharing how his son wanted to go back to smoking pot and drinking after a year of sobriety and openness with his father, he’s being very forthcoming and helpful sharing all this.


Erik says his best time with his son were in the car trips to and from outpatient, he’s sharing his son’s desire to keep using drugs and Adam is asking about how forthright he was.

Adam is citing the pot story, Drew is now understanding the original point.

Erik is explaining his resistance to letting his son use drugs while living under his roof, Erik explains that he went to live with his mom full time and ended up overdosing on heroin during one of his first exposures.


Adam wants to know how a parent implements “tough love” midstream into the upbringing, Adam is explaining his own lack of discipline with his kids.

Erik explains they had a house divided and Drew says it has to be a unified wall.

Drew is now correcting that Lynette is on his podcast tomorrow, Erik’s airs next week.


Adam and Drew are discussing Adam’s “problem” and Adam is now saying he’ll tell you his problem, he’s explaining that the video on the Mangria fb page explains his problem.


1st Caller Kevin from Hawaii, he’s been with his wife for 5 years and she has been sexting a relative, he wants to know what to do.

Drew is quizzing him about catching her sexting, asking what her reaction is.

Adam is now explaining the video of the line for the Mangria signing, Adam explains he gets shitty when he comes home and asks Lynette about something he’s asked her to do that she’s hasn’t gotten around to.


Adam is explaining why he’s tired, the bills he has won’t allow him to take a break, and he wishes he could see the Foo Fighters with Susan, Drew and Lynette after a nice dinner.

Adam is now having them look at Portland, he’s explaining his trip in that afternoon followed up with two shows at the Aladdin Theater.

Drew is saying they should go on the road again, because he’s calmer that way.


Erik has a hilarious “we’re you giving away money?” one liner and Adam is further explains how he gets a little batty.

Drew is explaining his troubles with the ISDN line that his wife forgot to pay the bill on just two weeks ago, Drew doesn’t understand the “My bad” and how he doesn’t live in a world with “My Bad’s”.

Adam is joking with him about his schedule, Drew is ranting about his hour of fucking need and not being able to rely on “that shit”.


Adam is now sharing his conversations with Kevin Hench about how they make money, he’s got a nice racehorse analogy to explain the contrasting level of care provided to the human equivalent.


2nd Caller Jake is bringing up the ways he would refer to Drew as more feminine than male over the years, Jake is mixing up the passion element.

Adam is now bringing up Drew’s feminine qualities, his lack of a softball swing.

Adam is now calling Drew a “Chigger” a dude who thinks he’s a chick, Drew says he doesn’t wish he were a woman but he enjoys being around them.

“If Chicks had an Al Sharpton, you’d be it” – Adam on Dr. Drew as a person.


Jake says he feels like he relates to Drew and his connection to women over men, Adam and Drew are telling him its fine and wrapping the call.

Adam is telling Erik to notify his dad of his ongoing love for the man, Erik is saying that his dad says Adam was even funny back then.

Adam doesn’t even know pops Kramer’s first name, Erik says his name is Carl and is nursing back to health after cancer surgery, he’s on deck as a potential future guest, nice!


Adam is now wrapping the show.