Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/15/2013 – Bryan Callen

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/15/2013 – Bryan Callen

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 02-14-2013 – Release Date 02-15-2013

Production Number #1015

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Adam is opening the show with a quick “tell a friend” request for people who enjoy the quality episodes this week; he’s citing DAG and Jay Mohr.

Adam is now thanking a fan of the show Amy Fishbeck, she made Natalia a custom outfit for her American Girl doll, and it sounds like he’s actually taking it home for her, nice work Amy.

Bryan has a funny line to transition to the American Girl parties; Adam is now telling the gang his take on how it ended up that you always had to come home with a toy or gift for your kids.


Adam is giving the guys an update on the new Mangria flavor and label, he was talking with his guy Steve who runs everything and his difficulties trying to get the new label approved.

Adam is going in depth on the bureaucracy of the process and why it takes so much time, he’s making some great points and using flawless logic, it sounds worse than the building inspector process as depicting on “The Adam Carolla Project” in 2005.

Adam is now explaining the super ridiculous response he got from the board that approves this process; he’s citing the other flavor and its label. Adam is now reading his new blurb about the white Mangria that he’s just submitted.

Adam is now begging for the asswipes to get out of the way so he can give them a bunch of money they didn’t earn to begin with, he’s got a point.


Adam is now hinting at a rant about the “Earthquake country” argument in Los Angeles, he’s now calling for the control room to get him some stats on Sonny Bono, I think we know what he’s hinting at.

Adam is now claiming that Sonny might be the prime example of a human who has done more with less than anyone else; Alison has a great counterpoint about Nicole Richie and stops Adam in his tacks. Adam first brought up this point in depth in 1997 on loveline.

Adam is now comparing Nicole to Sonny and going in depth on Sonny Bono and how he used Cher to manipulate his own career and success. Alison has a great point about the age discrepancy between the two and Adam is agreeing and adding to it.

Adam is telling the gang about picking out songs for DAG/Teddy Pendergrass and how he came across a Cher cover of a Bob Dylan song; he’s now playing the Dylan version and doing live commentary mocking it.


Adam is now going in depth on his dislike of Bob Dylan, hilarious quotes about what kind of stew his work is.

Adam now has Bryan play some “Baby Don’t Go” by Sonny Bono and he’s ripping into it, he’s explaining that if anything accidentally sounds good it’s due to the “Wrecking Crew” session musicians and not Sonny.

They’re playing another song; Adam is claiming John Travolta actually sings better than Sonny. Adam has some amazing quotes about how he could recreate a bob Dylan song with dead cats and closes it with a killer one liner directed at Chris.


1st caller Terry was stood up on Valentine’s Day some years back, she is telling the gang the story and now Adam is following it up with a funny reply.

Terry just told Adam she’s one of the loveline listeners who actually took their advice, Adam is now riffing on Drew’s reaction to the callers who claim to be huge fans but live really fucked up lives, Adam is now doing an in character riff as a caller, it’s gold.

Terry works where they develop and test jet engines, she’s referencing Adam’s riff about how they test the metallurgy of the engines with birds they fire via air cannon into the engines.

Adam is citing how everything he predicts and makes note of then comes to pass, Bryan is asking for him to turn his focus to a cure for cancer, even though Adam just cited his cancer screening dog’s idea from over 15yrs ago.


Adam is doing a quick pass over his dogs on planes rant, he’s got a great analogy about what happens in society and he’s using a hypothetical handicapped parking argument to prove it.

Adam is now pitching his new Spike series “The Jet Set” the alternate title is even more hilarious. Adam is now describing the premise of the series and it’s incredible.

Bryan is asking about a possible darker ending for the show and now Adam is pitching an all celebrity episode, he’s breaking down the show and how it’s executed so to speak.

Adam is now launching into one of the all-time funniest Go to Meeting live reads; he’s incorporating his new series into it and now digging into Producer Gary a bit.


2nd caller Ben, he’s got a confusing situation with a girl who told him not to do anything for Valentine’s Day and he surprised her anyway.

Adam is now telling the story of the 2nd hand Tori Amos flowers, he’s explaining her smaller but super loyal fan base, he’s breaking down the average Tori fan.

Adam is explaining how he’s actually a big fan of Tori and finishing up the story.

They’re now playing a clip of technicians shooting hail and chickens into jet engines


Adam is now coming back to the show to a listener voicemail where an expert proclaims Adam does not have Asperger’s syndrome.

He’s welcoming Bryan back to the show, it’s his first in studio appearance, he was on an early live premium podcast, and he’s also done two live ACS episodes, both available in the archive you can find via the show page link.

Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t have a condition and why people always like to label him, he’s citing his theory on buying many of the same small items to save headaches, Alison has a follow up question as someone who’s adopted the technique.


Bryan is joking with Adam about his success and his cars; he’s genuinely interested in the cars at the studio and the Paul Newman car. Adam is making a larger point about efficiency and optimization.

Bryan is agreeing and giving his take on what Adam is saying, they’re talking about Cheetahs in metaphor to cars and Bryan cites his sex life.

Adam is explaining his own efficiency of movement and how he tries to get multiple things done at once, they’ve now stumbled on the Arnold Schwarzenegger affair and they’re going in depth on it.

Adam and Bryan are riffing on different responses among men when it comes to women and getting laid, Adam has a hilarious quote and Bryan is now taking it back to Arnold and going off, good stuff.


Adam and Bryan are riffing on the guys who take their shirts off backwards; Adam is now on a more interesting inverse of that about athleticism and the human body. Bryan is really getting into it and giving his take.

Adam is weaving Dawson into his point now; Dawson has a counter argument about rocking on stage the same amount of time Adam spent on the football field.

Bryan is asking Adam about his boxing skill and Adam has a killer reply. Adam is getting technical and explaining why smoothness in a physique is better for boxing when compared to a body builder.

Adam is now asking Lynch to prepare some pictures from an episode of “The Ultimate Fighter” that featured a ripped black guy and a tall lean white dude who came in at the same weight.


Adam is now commenting on Bryan living overseas, Bryan is telling him about his journey and I’ve now realized they’ve never really had a chance to go in depth on it as he’s never been in studio before.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about Sonny and his standardized tests; he’s critiquing himself for his reply and asking if he was being a dick.

Bryan is now sharing a story about his father’s reaction to him getting a C in school, Adam has a hilarious comment and now Bryan is finishing up the story. Adam has an even greater twist to close out the story and Alison has a great callback to an earlier episode.

Adam is now going full circle in the heavy department and explaining why competitions of sport are appreciated on such a visceral level.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the positive ID of Dorner’s remains that were reported on during yesterday’s show, Adam is calling for high profile cases to be put on the fast track regardless of protocol and now Bryan is riffing as the guy in charge.

Bryan is sharing an anecdote from an acting teacher that has a dark twist involving a funeral home.

Alison has a great point about necrophiliacs and now Adam is relating that point to cops and explaining how it’s the same thing, flawless logic.

Adam and Bryan are discussing cops and firefighters and Adam is playing his “pussy” trump card that has a great twist in case the person is gay. Adam has a hilarious observation about Bryan’s love for saying the words “Delta Force”.


2nd story is on the Olympic “Blade Runner” being charged with the murder of his girlfriend. Adam is remarking on the hypocrisy regarding looks that plays a role in the reaction people have to the Arnold/maid controversy and her appearance vs. the model good looks on the girl who was killed in this story.

They’re now riffing on Sylvester Stallone and Bryan is really into it. Adam is going off on “Tango and Cash” which needs to be a Basic Cable Commentary ASAP!

Bryan is now complimenting Adam on his movie knowledge; Adam is in character as Bryan’s new Lebanese buddy and now snapping out of character and getting back to his reaction to the news story.


Adam is now explaining how his opinion has changed on Lance Armstrong after hearing about him trying to ruin other peoples careers, Bryan is adamant in his dislike for the man.

Adam has a great point about attention spans and how people don’t have enough room or time to fully evaluate or understand the nuances and qualities that define a person’s character completely.

Adam is in the middle of a metaphor about “bad guys vs. god guys” and he’s using villains in movies to make his point about how these news stories can never capture the full story.

Adam is now a great tangent about the guy not being able to bring his prosthetic legs into prison, hilarious!

Adam and Bryan are now riffing on Jamaican guys and their running abilities; Adam has a hilarious quote and blames John Candy.  Alison just wrapped the news.


Adam is launching into a live read but he’s requesting the pictures of the two guys on The Ultimate Fighter so he can make his point.