Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/14/2013 – David Alan Grier Live from the Irvine Improv

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/14/2013 – David Alan Grier Live from the Irvine Improv

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 02-13-2013 – Release Date 02-14-2013

Production Number #1014

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Adam is opening the show with a nice slow build intro, Dag is running late and Adam has some funny one liners, Alison jumps in with a nice closer.

Adam is now commenting on a discussion he had with Alison off air before the show, they were talking about people who can’t recognize social cues when you’re trying to get off the phone with another person.

Dag has now entered the room mid riff, the audience is losing it and Dag is well aware of their love for him. Adam is on a funny riff about DAG being like lobster and Adam his lemon wedge that brings out his best flavor, DAG has said that very thing while being interviewed.


Adam is now making DAG reenact his lovemaking technique/scene; Adam is walking him through the bit and making sure he adds in the sleep apnea, hilarious.

Adam and Dag are now discussing sleep apnea, DAG is breaking down his test from about 15yrs ago and how he went 40 seconds without breathing. Adam is commenting on how he feels like he would fail a sleep test too.

Adam has a hilarious idea that involves forcing the crew to wear a very funny costume. Adam is now going off on people who claim they didn’t sleep all night but you heard them snoring.

Adam’s on a crazy memory foam riff, he’s citing the commercial for the sleep number bed now and Alison is jumping in for the improv reenactment.


Adam is sharing his classic story of his late night “wonder mop” purchase as told on classic Loveline, Adam is breaking down the infomercial and Alison is asking some great questions, whoa!

Adam is now riffing on the “Shoe Dini” and they’re now playing the commercial with Gilbert Gottfried VO as Adam riffs over it.

Adam is now working Pert Plus into the riff and Alison has a great “Trapper Keeper” reference, the “spaghetti colander” infomercial Adam referenced is now up on screen and he’s riffing on it.


1st question from Gabe, Adam is mocking his last name and his appearance, Adam dubbed him the old face of terrorism and Gabe seems to enjoy it and agree, Dag is comically protesting and it’s hilarious.

Gabe wants to know why men experience a refractory period and lose interest in intimacy after orgasm, Adam argues that it’s not actually a problem; Dag is having him clarify and mock bragging about his twitter feed and followers.

Dag is now giving Adam crap about intimacy and hints at singing, Alison has a funny reply and it looks like it’s now “nut time”, even Dag is taken aback for a moment.

They’re discussing Teddy Pendergrass and his death, DAG is now busting out the impression and singing some amazing new lyrics.

Adam is now setting up the early career of Teddy as a session musician; Dag is having Adam explain what the “wrecking crew” was to the audience. DAG is now back in character and Adam is playing the straight man engineer.

They’re wrapping up the Teddy Pendergrass bit and DAG is complimenting Alison while asking her about her relationship, Adam is now chiming in and telling DAG how he likes when brothers do the “If I had you” pick up tactic.


Alison’s news

Adam is giving DAG some plugs and now they’re discussing dogs, DAG just set up Adam’s “Lotzi” the German Sheppard story, DAG is doing real time mock commentary over it.

Adam is interrupting his own story two have them play the opening to “Run Joe Run” and how it’s similar to the A-team and Six million dollar man intros. Adam describes it as “The A- team but with a dog”.

Adam is citing that show as the reason he always wanted a German Sheppard, he’s back to the Lotzi story.

Adam is wrapping up the story and explaining how much he wanted the dog, the best telling is the loveline recorded the day “Lotzi” the dog died, but this is a close second.

Alison is telling the gang about her new puppy and DAG is busting out his “Landanlius Truefeld” character and DAG is working in some of his classic vomiting technique to mock Alison’s sentiment.

Alison is sharing her experience of taking her dog to the vet and how she was asked to hold the dog as the vet took its temperature, hilarious quote from DAG and Alison closes it with an amazing callback.


Her top story is an update on the Dorner case; she’s citing the charred body they found in the rubble of the burned down cabin. Alison is explaining all the various forensic information she’s learned about teeth.

Adam is having DAG step in as a black man appearing on the news that doesn’t condone Dorner’s actions but seems vaguely sympathetic; Adam is chiming in as the straight man and helping aim DAG’s impression.

Adam is citing the murder of “Notorious B.I.G.” and how it was done right near the Peterson auto museum, DAG is telling the gang he was on his way to the party that night but Biggie was killed before Dag got to the party.

Alison is now playing a clip of the cops communicating and agreeing to burn down the cabin despite claiming it was unintentional, Alison is being fair and explaining the officer’s argument.


2nd story is on about how much money people spend per person on Valentine’s Day, Adam is bragging about hammering a gift certificate and Alison wants to know how Adam treats the holiday.

Adam is telling the gang about having to buy gifts for the kids for them to give to Lynette for the holiday, Adam has a crazy oven one liner and DAG wants to know the most extravagant gift he’s ever given his wife.

Adam is now on a jag with limitless potential about frivolous holidays indicating the type of culture you’re dealing with, he’s got a very funny side tangent about Valentine’s Day in the Middle East.

Peanut it now making a cameo, she seems to be suffering from blank LCD screen related amnesia this visit.

Adam and Dag are talking about predator drones, DAG is comparing Adam’s old RC plane hobby from the late 90’s and citing it as “drone technology” and Adam is giving some insight into that specific hobbyist community.

Adam has a funny throwaway line about Ray living in the Middle East, wow that needs to be extrapolated into a sitcom or web series.


Dag is dipping back into the Teddy Pendergrass and Adam is picking the song, we’re 5 seconds in and this is gold, wow!

Adam’s work as the nameless recording engineer is severely underrated, it makes this bit perfection, I feel like his character should be named Randy or Jeff btw.


3rd story is on the new Dolce and Gabbana baby perfume. Adam is riffing on the idea and the ad campaign featuring a model with several babies.

Alison is reading the description of the scent, Adam inquires as to the purpose of it.

Adam has a great new car analogy for the smell of kids, Alison is agreeing and asking who would buy this, and Adam is calling for a perfume for old people and has the greatest title ever.

Teddy makes a cameo to sing the jingle for Adam’s new “essence” and Adam is now revealing the true market for this new baby perfume, DAG seems to walk off stage in comedic protest, wow!

Dag is now making a cameo in the live read, Adam’s straight man replies are even funnier than the profanity, and Adam just set up a “defending your life” scenario for DAG.

Adam is now demonstrating how to make DAG go silent, besides ”non beat off wrist” jokes that is, Adam is now wrapping the show.