Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/13/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 117

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/13/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 117

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Art Alexakis

Recorded 02-05-2014 – Release Date 02-13-2014

Production Number #117

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and mocks Drew for making noise, Art Alexakis is making his Carolla Digital debut, and he’s a Loveline legend.

Art has 8 known Loveline Appearances from the Adam Carolla era, with 3 in the year 2000 alone, he visited the Adam Carolla show on KLSX once in December of 2006.

Adam is commenting on the tour Everclear is now on with Spacehog, they’re discussing the lead singer’s former marriage to Liv Tyler and Adam is going in depth on her parentage, Art is in the mix.


Adam is now giving his take on the different types of rock stars, Keith Moon UK type vs. Donavan in reply to Art’s anecdote about Gwyneth Paltrow and her “rockstar marriage”.

Adam is joking about naming his twins pear, mocking the name Apple.

Art is sharing how they toured with Spacehog back in 1996, now again 18 years later, whoa!

Adam is now asking Art about his sobriety and marriage, he says he’s living the dream in Pasadena asking Adam about his new place nearby.


Adam is sharing how his new place was good until… he’s now explaining his riff on being exposed to unfinished not fully realized technology and how it negatively impacts modern day life.

Adam is using his standard “CGI” analogy.

Adam is telling them about the situation that screwed him over, La Canada the city he now lives in gets mixed up with La Quinta California, Adam is saying he was using 411, not Siri, Adam!


They’re now discussing the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, he’s sharing some insight into the man after meeting him at a meeting.

Art is sharing how he’s seen his peers’ fall of the wagon in various ways, Adam is enjoying the first part of the description, and Art says seeing these peers fall off only makes his sobriety stronger.

Drew is sharing his take on how the medical profession give pills to those who are sober, Drew says that’s what takes them out every time.


Drew is now taking it to the off air discussion with Art about taking pharmaceuticals for a back injury, a topic that came up a decade ago about his throat surgery as well, back on Loveline.

Art is explaining that they gave him Oxycontin and how he threw it out, Art is making Drew really go off, they’re having a nice back and forth.

Adam is telling Drew he likes the “panties in a Cuisinart” version of Drew.


Art is telling them about his back injury and the doctor’s insistence upon giving him a benzos to help him take an MRI.

Art is going in depth on his experience at the hospital and the resistance his resistance was met with, Art is sharing the “you look happy” response from his wife, very similar to something he said on Loveline a decade ago well.

Drew has a “he’d be Phillip Seymour Hoffman” reply and Adam has a comical misunderstanding in response to that, gold!


Adam is asking what actually happened to PSH, Art agrees with Drew but he’s also saying there is a role personal responsibility plays even when dealing with pushy physicians and opiate prescriptions.

Art is getting to his 4 marriages and former sex addiction, Drew is giving his take as someone who has had his patients “just taken out” by some of his peers that don’t understand addiction the way he would hope.

Drew is making a point about ADD and drug addicts, Adam is giving his take on every boy at 13 has ADD and every girl will be assaulted by 13, he’s mocking USA today and Huffpo logic about these things.


Adam is now showing his work and explaining his thinking that lead to his statements, Art is now working out the explanation, he’s telling them about his 22yr old daughter and 6yr old who is just like him.

Art is telling them about his younger daughter who screamed and did a push up like a cobra upon birth, Adam is telling them about his daughter who does the crazy scream, he’s telling them about her desire to do a front flip onto the sofa from his shoulders.

Adam is now sharing how Dr. Drew’s “it’s all there” take on cheeseburgers, how one can get by in a 3rd world situation on such a diet, Adam is saying he now uses that to reason with himself when he’s dieting for on screen work.


Adam is now talking about the power of wanting to do something, the desire to get altered and how any excuse to allow you to only makes it easier.

Art just challenged Drew to a “Sword Fight” after his comment about declining testosterone, Drew is now telling them and anecdote about Shelly his colleague from the hospital and Celebrity Rehab and an emergency surgery that led to a morphine drip.

Adam is getting to the “answer” saying that on the program side this needs to be addressed and part of the training for physicians, a dual sided approach, a simple coaching up, no funds needed.


Drew is telling Adam about what they consider addiction in his profession and the bizarre almost religious arguments about pain management with non-addiction educated physicians.

Adam is making a point about lawyers and their influence on things like this and a follow point about people with higher educations who are eager to shove their opinion into the mix, unwilling to go along with the expert.

Adam is making a point about blue collar vs. white collar, disagreeing just to disagree, Drew tells him he’s right and they’re now commenting on the types of people this behavior is typical of.


Drew is saying this is the fullest explanation he’s ever had about this on a podcast, he’s telling them about the doctor’s reaction to the praise from their addict patients.

Art is shocked the doctors really buy into the addict bullshit and manipulation.

Adam and Art are joking about him wearing a hospital gown and Adam’s hairy ass, Drew has some nice descriptors.


Adam is now commenting on how we have a society that punishes people for having body hair in the wrong places, Drew makes a point about sweating being the same thing, Adam agrees and their explaining it to Art.

Adam is plugging the show with Fitzsimmons and other items.

Adam and Drew are now doing a live read, Adam is joking with Art about having to pay bills.

Art is telling the guys about the new record and Adam is teasing a call before break, he’s bringing up the cell phone and radiation studies/risks.


They’re back from break and Adam is praising the classical music, saying how it helps him think.

Art is bringing up the movie “Frozen” both of their daughters love it and have seen it multiple times, Adam says he’s at least 350$ into the “Frozen” hole.

Art is explaining the girl power angle of the movie and giving some spoilers, he’s telling them how it’s about love between sisters not the typical romantic love. Art really likes this movie and he’s got a point about the plain vs. pretty sister character and their relative merchandise sales.


Adam also loved the movie and the soundtrack in it, Drew is commenting on the photo of the character and Adam is getting to his point about his daughter and the prep time before heading out to dinner.

Art is shocked that Adam lets his daughter put on makeup and Adam is explaining the deal about not being in the house enough to control these things.

Adam is explaining his life to Art, trying to get Drew to be a witness and Art wants to know why Adam doesn’t have strong feelings about it, Drew doesn’t either.


Adam is being a realist and is explaining why he chooses his battles, not wanting a blow out over this.

Adam says he wishes she didn’t do it but she’s surrounded by society, Adam is making a point about figure skaters in the Olympic and their makeup application.

Art is making a point about inappropriate dress for some 6yr olds he knows, hilarious reply from Adam.


Adam is getting to his thoughts on the wasted hours put into women’s hair alone, how much stuff they could do with all of that time.

Adam is commenting on his wife and daughter both applying makeup and the “you’re beautiful” message he’s sending his daughter, Adam says let’s stop telling all women their beautiful, that shouldn’t be the message, it should be about their character, funny, compelling etc.

Adam is giving a very pro women/feminist argument for why beauty shouldn’t be exalted over who a person is and what they do, Adam says let’s stop saying everyone’s beautiful, it’s a lie that only hurts more.


Adam has an excellent point about dudes, what they’re wired for and Lena Dunham.

Adam is cutting both Art and himself off again, he’s telling them the praising they give his son for his skills, never mentioning his physicality unlike their daughter.

Adam is really making a point about the societal double standard that only sets women up for misery and basing their self-esteem on their outward appearance.


Art is giving his take on “everyone’s beautiful” and they’re all clarifying their mutual enjoyment of Lena Dunham and how they dislike the media machine that pops up around her regarding these messages.

Art is giving his take on raising children now vs. his 22yr old, the political correctness that’s been introduced, eliminating even heavy/fat from vocabulary.

Art is making a fine point about what this PC stuff is, Adam says he doesn’t think it’s a step in the right direction and that we’ll never redefine what beauty is.


Adam is now making a supreme point about Lena Dunham becoming who she is based on her life and experiences, Adam says he wouldn’t want to get ahold of her at 9 and tell her how beautiful she is, he would tell her how smart and funny she is and how it will last her much longer in life.

Drew is making appoint about beauty vs. being attractive, Adam is making a point about marriage survival statistics and the beauty of the couples, wow.

Art is taking it a step further saying let’s get rid of Barbie, Drew is bringing up the added layer of peers influencing this type of thinking, Carolla has a great even creepier reply that the last time.


1st Caller Sam is telling them about a W.H.O. posting about the risks of cellphone radiation, Drew is making his classic point about the lack of evidence, and how phones aren’t even held near one’s head anymore.

Adam is sharing about 3rd hand smoke and now he’s wrapping up the show and giving out he plugs, Art is telling them about being a teacher and teaching songwriting.

Art is joking about Adam’s points about beauty and his evolution in his career, Adam is now wrapping up the show for reals this time.