Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/13/2014 – Jim Jefferies and Jacquelyn Byers

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/13/2014 – Jim Jefferies and Jacquelyn Byers

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jim Jefferies and Jacquelyn Byers

Recorded 02-12-2014 – Release Date 02-13-2014

Production Number #1260

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Adam is opening the show to a classic #TopDrop from BB and a phoner from Jacquelyn Byers, the woman who’s forgone shampoo for many years.

Adam is explaining to her his philosophy on bathing and shampoo, she’s giving her reasoning for giving up shampoo and telling them about the alternatives she tried along the way, before arriving at Adam’s method.

Adam and Jacquelyn are agreeing over the cruel joke if shampoo was needed before it was invented, Alison and Adam have a great impression of the reporters who have to make an audible gross out noise when they hear about this type of bathing.


Adam and Alison has a killer back and forth, great new drops from Adam and Alison, BB is oddly quiet…

Adam says “tongue my bunghole” and “I have the soul of a Klansman and the hair of an activist” in reply to Alison’s observation on his hair and it’s similarity to black people’s hair.

Adam is asking her about the blowback she’s received about this and says he was sorry to see Carson Daly doing the “ewww” gross out motions and noises in response to her on the show, BB is in the mix as Adam asks when it became ok for men to act like that in public.


Adam is now reluctantly bragging about his super soft skin and how he’s always complimented about it, Adam is using his wife’s eagerness to moisturize their twins as infants.

Adam is giving his sunglasses and chapstick analogies about behaviors that mandate constant use.

BB has an excellent point and Adam has a great moment of self-awareness as Jacquelyn is not in the mix, Adam is further making an analogy about the human body always trying to overcome whatever you’re trying to do it, always searching for its equilibrium.


She’s now offering up some interesting points about the “ewww” factor and Adam is suggesting they procreate and start a brood of truth seeking shampoo shunners.

Adam is asking her about her family and her take on skin moisturizer, she admits to using coconut oil when needed.

Adam is commenting on a photo her and her family, he’s giving her a plug for her blog and she’s got some weird “that’s right” replies, Adam is explaining how her reasons are “crunchier” than his and BB observes yet they arrived at the same conclusion, true.


Alison is sharing what cracked her up when Adam was asking her about her hair, as she liked his genuine interest in hair care.

Adam is telling the gang about his wife and Sonny battling over drinking water, he’s explaining his take on how the kid will drink when he’s actually thirsty.

“Jesus, I haven’t taken a shit in 14 months?” – Adam on the notion of forgetting to hydrate or do other bodily functions.


Adam has a hilarious “had it coming” merits of the tumor riff about BB’s medical condition, holy shit!

Adam is now suggesting people try out his showering method for one week to see how their bodies respond to it.


Adam is now doing a live read for “Nature Box”, BB and Adam are working the shampoo into the read and Adam is bringing up his atheism, hilarious sigh from Adam.

Adam is now revealing that he “snatched Alison’s box”, hilarious quotes from both Adam, Alison and BB, get those drops!

Alison spoke of this very theft on a recent episode of her podcast Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, this needs to be nominated for “Best Live Read” 2014 in the Ace awards, Alison and the gang keep tossing out the excellent one liners, hilarious!


Q and Ace

1st Question Brad, he’s going to be buying a new car and wants to know if he should go with a new lease or a used purchase.

Adam is telling him about the possible tax incentives for a lease, he’s explaining his take on leasing cars and the relative cost vs. buying.

Adam is now making a larger point about the stuff people do in life, “I want the best wedding cake” –Adam on Alison not even being aware of the cake by the time it comes out.


Adam is predicting what will happen at the wedding and BB is confirming it, he’s making a larger point about the time spent contemplating things you barely use in life, yet when it comes to the car in your life you spend way more time in it vs. amount of thought about it.

Adam is making a point about automobile death, Alison has a killer “go out in a car you like” one liner and Adam is suggesting he spend the extra couple hundred per month to


Jim Jefferies is now entering the studio and Adam is joking about him being Jim’s new girlfriend.


2nd Caller Matt, he wants to know when Adam realized he had “made it”, Adam is telling him about starting in radio for free.

Adam is explaining the incremental nature of his success and how his pay gradually increased, Adam says MTV paid him and Drew 1100 bucks per show, the math we always knew was that they paid 400, Adam got it doubled to 800 or 900, and perhaps they were getting a different amount.

Adam is making a point about meeting celebrities like Duff McKagan and once overhearing someone looking for “Birchum” and it was Henry Winkler who was an early fan of Adam’s.
Adam is joking about Henry’s eyebrow pyramid, he’s joking about it looking like Evil Knievel going “ramp to ramp” and he’s going in depth on the Henry Winkler two handed handshake and the “nobody does what you do, nobody can do what you do”.

BB is joking about the two guys who liked Adam, Adam is telling them it’s “Acoustic Christmas” 1994 after starting in radio in May of that year.

Adam is sharing how the “Adam Carolla Type” description is flattering but also he is available so…


Adam is now doing another live read.


Jim is now back in the studio for his 6th visit, his first appearance was on episode #84 back in 2009, which you can obtain via the 2nd album in the upcoming official Adam Carolla Show archive on ITunes, Amazon and Google Play, released next month!

Adam is telling him about attempting to watch the screener and how he even had an expert, Gary attempt to open it.

Adam is now asking Jim about the Loveline connecting to the season 2 premier of his show “Legit” and Adam is now riffing about Drew convincing Jim he was a sex addict.


Jim is giving the gang his take on Drew and Loveline, Alison is asking him about the questions used to determine if he was a sex addict.

Adam is sharing his “Fuckin’ A” idea for sex addict 12 step groups, Jim is telling them about the SA groups being primarily women, and somehow men don’t show up.

Adam and Jim are riffing about the single guy that doesn’t exist taking a look in the mirror about his behavior, Jim’s son is on his lap and Adam is now giving his take on men entering SA, the Duchovny move.


Jim is telling them about watching the movie “Labor Day” and BB is giving his take on the trailer, now Jim is spoiling the film and giving all of the info.

Adam is explaining when he knew he was out during the commercial, the “mix pie filling” reach around scene, and Adam has a killer one liner about filthy criminal hands, nice laugh from A-rose.

Jim is now giving the pie company twist, Adam is now possibly back in as he loves pie.


Jim is telling them about his “pie-maker” he’s been using for meat pies and Adam is joking about America being soft-core when it comes to eating, hilarious.

Adam is now sharing the Vegemite conversation with Jim, he’s telling them about his former coworker Frasier from New Zealand and their time together working doing earthquake rehab.

Jim is saying that his son won’t even eat it, he’s telling the gang that its yeast extract and quoting the advertising campaign.


Jim is telling them about vegemite infused cheese and he’s telling them how much he loved it as a kid, happy as shit with it all over his face, he’s now questioning that term.


3rd Caller It’s my buddy Herbert Hodgson from Australia, holy shit!

He’s telling the gang about seeing Jim 10 days ago, Jim is now telling them about his gig in a local football club, the type of place where you would have a wedding reception.

Jim is telling his publicist to come get his son who is losing it.

Adam is now taking it back to Herbert and he’s trying to get Jim to help convince Adam to come to Australia for a live show.


Jim is telling him about wearing the Adam Carolla show T shirt and how popular it is out in the middle of nowhere in Australia.

Adam is now joking about being like “Sugarman” and traveling over there to be discovered, Jim is saying that the documentary is a little bit a of lie as they knew about him as an artist before the movie was made about him.

Adam has a killer joke about the lead singer of “Midnight Oil” being the lead from “The Hills Have Eyes”, you can see the comparison photos on the website, via the show page link above.


Adam is joking about Peter Garrett being Australia’s version of Michael Stipe, Adam wants to know who is more annoying.

Jim is giving his take on Peter compared to Michael, he’s telling them about Peter and his take on government and policy.

Alison is now asking for the guys to rank Bono, Michael and Peter in order.


Adam is now responding to the photo side by side and BB is calling one of the guys deformed, killer!

Adam is sharing his love for the movie “Weird Science” and Dream World by Midnight Oil, Jim is explaining how Peter is seen by Australians.

Adam and Jim are talking about “college politics” and Adam is connecting to the occupy movement, he’s pondering how man occupy Wall Street tent babies there will be.


Adam is telling them about seeing the luge and coming to a realization, he’s saying he could have dominated the sport had he been “luge-adjacent” as a child.

Adam is sharing a brief story of the dry-luge skateboard/gutter system they went to for a Man Show party, he beat Tom Stern, a rarely told story last heard in full on the morning show.

Adam is now joking about the middle guys in the luge, the attempt to suck your own dick’ers.


Adam is now asking if the luge/bobsled differences exist in any other sport that happen on the same track, Alison has an excellent standup vs. improv comparison that Jim and Adam both appreciate.

Adam is now joking about the lead bobsled guy farting on the guy behind him, Jim is bringing “Cool Running’s” in the mix and how practicing with a shopping cart means it’s not a real sport.


Adam is back to Herbert, he’s got Adam to promise he will finally come there one of these days and Adam is telling him about the “you have to go there” status of Australia.

Adam is getting Jim to confirm that he does need to go there, he’ now bringing up swimming with sting rays and how Steve Irwin died, he’s got a point about the footage not being released.

Jim is citing the two deaths from sting rays in that area and what it must mean about Steve’s death.


Adam has an excellent point about fucking with wild animals and Jim is now giving some facts about dolphins knowing about pregnancy via sonar.

Jim is saying that he’s told many people about unknown pregnancies, teenage daughters, Adam is surprised and never thought about it.

Adam is joking with Jim about consulting a doctor, how odd it would be to follow the advice to consult one every time you’re told to do so.


Alison is now doing an improv with Ace about him calling a doctor’s office to consult the doctor about each issue, Jim is now jumping in and joking with him.

Adam is taking it back to Steve Irwin and his death, Adam wants to know what Sting Ray’s do with that weird tale.

Jim is telling them about what he was filming at the time, they’re now talking about Bindi, and Jim calls her the happiest person with a dead dad in the world.


Adam is joking about Steve spending half of his life in the Ocean but never owning trunks for swimming, Adam says he never spends time in the ocean but has like 5 pair.

Adam is joking with someone telling him to put on a pair before he left the house.

Jim is telling them about the current shark culling in Australia, he’s giving both sides of the argument about it and Adam is joking about Shark’s heading onto land.


Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is bringing Matt into the read for Trunk Club and he’s riffing about Dolph Lungren and Jim is in the mix bringing up douchey dudes sporting gothic crosses.

Adam is bringing the very cross, he’s explaining how annoying it is and how men aren’t attracted to women based on their shoes or nails, he’s saying the inverse of bedazzled crosses is true.


They’re all riffing about the skulls covered clothes gals are sporting, Alison is bringing up the trend of human teeth jewelry.

Adam is bringing up fashion changes and style, they’re now looking at images of tooth jewelry.

Adam is now telling them about getting his hair cut the other day, the dude in the shop has a star tattoo on his neck, and he was in his 50’s with a tattoo he got within the last 3 years.


Jim is calling for a law on people not being able to get neck tats until after 50, he’s riffing about old men, Ferraris and young girlfriends.

Jim is mocking the idea of tattoos meaning something, Adam is sharing the “Fuck the LAPD” forehead tattoo Dr. Bruce told him about.

They’re all riffing about tattoos and Jim is bringing up suicide girls and a woman with a pierced back, to resemble a corset.


Adam is now launching into a live read, right after Jim’s wonderful tangent.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the death of Cid Caesar at 91, Jim is sharing how he had the same reaction to the death of Shirley Temple.

Adam is now sharing his sad suspicion about a lot of women who no longer look like we remember them and how it may keep them from the public eye at different stages in their lives, in reply to Jim pondering the absence of Shirley from the talk show circuit.

Adam is now riffing about Christy Brinkley with Jim Jefferies and how she may have had the longest “hot prime” of over 45yrs of being incredible looking.


Alison wants to know if Jim has ever found a crazy tatted up gal who is not wild in the bedroom, he’s telling them about the small part sex plays in a relationship.

Jim is bringing up the Paul Walker teenage girlfriend non-controversy that even Adam wasn’t ware of, Jim is not offended by their sex but their talk, their conversations.

Adam is now riffing about the same idea, they’re working Elvis into the mix, Adam is joking about spending quality time with a teenager is vastly creepier than sex.


Adam has a hilarious joke about heavy petting and Jim is in the mix, they’re riffing about Bindi Irwin again and how she could end up super attractive as adult or it could go south, Alison is now giving her take.

Jim is sharing how he views his kid, trying to see his face on the face of an adult man to see if he’ll be attractive.

Jim is talking about how the children of beautiful celebrities often don’t turn out attractive.


Alison is telling them about the career of Cid Caesar, Adam is joking about doctor’s notes and how they should only be given out by Adam’s doctor when it comes to companion animals.

Adam is bonding with Jim over companion animals, he’s telling him about how this really came into his view after witness the two dogs doing battle at his feet.

Adam is now showing the photo of the dogs to Jim and describing the inflight activity of the woman, sleeping with her dog on her lap.


Adam is explaining how he was ordered to put his backpack under his seat, but the dog was ok on the sleeping ladies lap.

Jim is telling them about riding the bus in London, he’s telling them about a dog he encountered and kicked off the bus thinking it was a stray.

Adam is now doing a live read, Adam is bringing Alison into the live read for Adam and Ave and joking about her custom “items”, great reply from Alison.


2nd Story is on the Ice Storm glazing the south

She’s reading the news of the storm and the damage, Jim is explaining how he’s heading to Atlanta and what he thinks is causing the commotion.

Adam is now joking about wasting water, Jim is explaining how in Australia they have rules on watering gardens, too bad Herbert is no longer on the show, he could explain this even better.

Adam is telling the gang about sprinklers and setting them for hours when you’re asleep, he’s telling them about getting his gardener to set them for when he was on duty, to check for broken heads and such.


Adam is joking about the serious drought in Los Angeles and why he refuses to believe it.


3rd Story is on Derek Jeter retiring after the 2014 seasons

Alison is sharing the details of his letter about his upcoming retirement, Adam is mocking his words.

Adam is now joking about the message of not doing things when they’re no longer fun.

Adam is agreeing with Jim over baseball being more fun than any other sport that actually has real danger.

Alison is now wrapping the news.


Adam is doing a live read, giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.