Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/13/2013 – Kenny Hotz and Sasha Grey

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/13/2013 – Kenny Hotz and Sasha Grey

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Recorded 02-12-2013 – Release Date 02-13-2013

Production Number #1013

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Adam is opening the show to a drop from Jay Mohr from the last episode; he’s teasing the arrival of Kenny Hotz and Sasha Grey later in the show.

Adam is telling the gang how he was only familiar with Sasha from her acting work on “Entourage”.

Adam is sharing about his old “porn swaps” with his buddies, he’s telling them about one of his buddies who worked at an upscale 711, Adam has a hilarious analogy for the store’s description.

Adam is now going in depth on that buddy and all of his classic stories; he’s retelling the “citizen of the year” story in full and noting he mixed up some details in past versions.

Adam and Alison are now on a hilarious improv tangent, this is gold!


Adam is now getting back into the correlation between scarves and douches; Adam is citing a fan who tweeted him a picture of Lenny Kravitz.

Alison is weighing in and Adam is exploring the correlation between angry women and the amount of bracelets they wear.

Adam is sharing his plan to forcibly breed Tyra Banks and Lenny Kravitz to create the ultimate douche human.


Adam is now exploring a different angle on his “gilded cage of minimum wage” theory, he’s describing the wall of angry people society has inadvertently placed between people and common services.

Alison and Bryan are weighing in while Adam explains how he will stop and put these people in their place, he’s telling the gang how it’s never more prevalent in Los Angeles than when you’re dealing with parking lot attendants.

Bryan is asking the gang if they’ve ever experienced one of their friends enthralled with the novelty of riding on the train system, Adam has some funny quips and Alison gets a good question in.


Adam is now telling the gang about his experience parking for Sonny’s basketball game at the YMCA on Sunday morning, Adam is describing the attendant and the car parked next to him that was parked a little over the line.

There is a picture of the parked car you can see on the website by visiting the show page link up top.

Adam is doing a hilarious impression, he apologizes for his lack of range when it comes to accents, Alison has a hilarious reply and Adam tops it with an even greater observation.

Adam is ranting and riffing about this encounter, Alison is jumping into engage a quick Dr.’s office improv bit.

Adam is tying it all together and making an even larger point about humanity as a whole and how competition affects society.


Adam is teasing his segment on the state of the union coming up later in the show, he’s welcoming Kenny Hotz from the legendary “Kenny vs. Spenny” series to the podcast for his first appearance.

Adam is asking him about his documentary film work, he wants to know about the gulf war photography and Kenny is filling him in on the inspiration to do it and what he was up to at the time.

They’re on a tangent about full flights and getting a whole row of seats to yourself, Kenny is telling them how he was able to get access through a relative.

Kenny is telling Adam about the freaky stuff he saw and experienced while working as a photographer and how other people will often stage photographs.


Adam is now breaking down the state of the union. He’s citing the tropes and obvious/vague topics addressed. Adam is going off on the education part of the speech and how parenting is more important, Alison even seems to agree.

They’re playing the first clip about high quality preschool, Adam is taking it back to the family and parenting and breaking down why these bandages for problems never work.

2nd clip about minimum wage, Adam is responding how you’re not meant to have two kids while working minimum wage. Adam is discussing his time working minimum wage and has a great judo like reversal on the “fair share” argument.

Adam is giving his quick 2min version of the state of the union, according to Ace delayed gratification is the most important part of solving all of society’s problems, and he’s citing the guys he grew up with and their take on college.


Adam is sharing an inspirational story he shared with another father while watching Natalia ice skate, he’s telling the story of how he went from all-star at pop warner to the B team in high school.

Bryan’s well timed music beds are really amplifying this and Adam is now wrapping up the story, he’s wrapping with an example of how many of his peers ended up in less than ideal situations because of their inability to delay gratification.

Adam is explaining why it’s not selfless to have this attitude, that he always had the goal to get paid, he just wanted to delay it until he could get paid what his talent was truly worth.

Adam is wrapping up with Kenny and giving some plugs.


Adam is welcoming Sasha to the show for her first appearance as well, he’s plugging her new movie and gets stuck on the name Brittany Snow, he can’t figure out how he knows her.

Brittany was on ACP #219 with Adam Scott, which you can find via the official archive or the Year 1 DVD set, both available via the show page link above.

Adam is remarking on the death of his prom date, everyone laughs at his delivery and now he’s giving the quickest possible recap of what happened, great one liner from Ace before telling the truth.

Adam is asking Sasha about her career and retiring from the adult business, Adam wants to know how she feels about people like him who have never seen her work, and she seems to hint that she doesn’t believe him.

Sasha is explaining her motivations to get into the adult film business and how she evolved out of it.


Adam has a very interesting observation about the age of consent for adult film performers; Sasha seems to agree while citing herself as an exception.

Adam has an interesting question and theory about filmmakers using her past work in adult films to attract more attention to their project.

Adam is asking her if there were any guys she refused to work with, she says yes right away and Adam makes a great Entourage joke.

They’re now talking about Ron Jeremy and Adam is explaining his aura to the gang, Sasha agrees and is giving her take on the man.

Adam is going in depth on body scents and how adrenaline adds an extra level of funk to a person.


Sasha is telling the gang about other performers she did or didn’t want to work with, they’ve now transitioned on to her next projects.

Adam is asking her about her writing and has a couple great one liners; he’s asking her about using her real name vs. Sasha.

Adam is asking her how she got involved with Entourage, she’s explaining how she was cast and it was based off the Ginger Lynn and Charlie Sheen relationship.

Adam is asking her if she’s ever got the publicist call for celebrity guys who want to date her, she’s giving the affirmative and Adam is rolling with it.


Adam is now telling the gang about the Margaret Cho incident, he’s breaking down her screenplay story and how she wanted to come by his house. Adam is citing the time he told Laura kightlinger and she admitted she tried the same thing with her.

Adam is explaining how loveline was the ultimate tool for getting away with lying to people about needing time even though he didn’t leave the house till 9:36pm every day.

Bryan’s asking Sasha about working with Steven Soderbergh and what it was like being on his set; Adam is now being reminded he’s married to Jules Asner and her ACP episode where she gave him crap for his take on Ocean’s 13.


Alison’s news

Adam is now doing another round on the state of the union; he’s having them play a clip where Obama addresses raising children and the courage it takes. Adam is riffing about the term courage and Bryan is giving his take, hilarious response from Adam.

Alison is making a point about people having kids later and later and how it will eventually phase out grandparents, Adam doesn’t seem to care and now they’re riffing about “grandma candy”.

Adam is telling the gang about his weirdo candy he’s thinking about getting into as an old man, hilarious!


Her top story is on the police having possibly killed/located Dorner, she’s reading the details of the press conference and how the answer to the origin of the fire had not been revealed.

Adam is asking why with all this connectivity now do news reports fuck up so often, Alison is explaining how it’s in part because of social networks and BB is giving his take on it.


2nd story is about a list of Hollywood’s “best and worst” lovers. Adam is explaining how he doesn’t need an element of danger in the bedroom.

Adam is now responding to a quote from Alison about Angelina Jolie from Billy Bob Thornton, Adam is going off and its gold, these quotes are off the charts great.

Alison is now reading some more details from the list, Adam is responding to the claims about Channing Tatum and Adam is trying it into the guys who call their wives their best friend.

Alison is now asking Adam how someone might describe him in the bedroom; Adam is now dropping some hilarious quotes, awesome!


3rd story is on Mountain Dew’s new “kickstart” beverage, Adam is singing its praises for amping up douchebags, and Alison is telling the gang about the two flavors.

Alison has a good point about the caffeine content and a prediction about people’s response regardless, Adam is joking with Sasha about tea, now they’re on a funny Earl Grey riff.

Alison wraps the news with a funny apology for the closing line.