Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/12/2015 – Titus Welliver and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/12/2015 – Titus Welliver and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Titus Welliver and Matt Atchity

Recorded 02-11-2015 – Release Date 02-12-2015

Production Number #1510

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Adam opens the show to a hilarious intro courtesy of Dawson’s vocal talents and Mike Lynch’s brain, although I would actually love to hear Adam’s thoughts on the Marvel/Sony Spider Man deal.

Adam offers up a mandate to get it on and tells Gary to make a note about the upcoming 6th year anniversary, Gina Grad is in studio as Newsgirl and cohost.

Matt Atchity is in also in studio, Adam talks about the theme song to the Rotten Tomatoes Game and how much everyone seems to love it.


BB has a bit of Pat O’Brien as today’s #TopDrop and now Adam is getting to the Rainn Wilson comments from #1508.

Adam is recalling what happened when Rainn was in studio, Adam is now solving the “off-hair” mystery, it seems unclear if Gina or BB remember Rainn bringing up the nearly 8 year old hair controversy on or off air, it was on air and the original comments were also on air.

Adam is now setting the record straight and crediting me for an email I sent him that had the same notes from the sidebar for ACS #1508.


Adam says he loves Rainn Wilson and BB says he was one of their biggest guests for the early days of the KLSX radio show.

Adam is asking Matt how movie screenings work for him and how he gets invited, Adam asks him about ‘The Kingsman’ and the early buzz on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and Adam says he was watching Alfred Hitchcock and his holocaust documentary last night.

Adam is bringing up his idea to bomb Germany again, he says the message to be sent is that when you fuck up we will smash you.


Matt is explaining how the early footage of the holocaust and concentration camp footage from people Alfred was deemed too grotesque to share/publicize and Adam explains the dead mom’s crotch angle of this argument.

Adam is reading the MPAA guidelines about the latest Kevin Costner movie, Adam is mocking the warnings/descriptions as read by Gina, Gina asks if they’ve ever seen the words “a fight” and Adam has a killer “period smoking” tampon one liner.

Adam is sharing a story out of the university of Michigan and gets corrects that it’s Maryland, Adam is wondering why everyone went along with his “Wolverines” confirmation off air.


Adam is now listing the banned words from the school, retarded, ghetto, Adam is now explaining how retard is used in automotive terms, and he’s reading the rest of the terms.

Adam is saying he would like to be grandfathered in on some of these terms, Adam says that Mel Brooks couldn’t do the rape joke in ‘Blazing Saddled’ today.

Adam is now playing a clip from the interview with Mel Brooks telling Adam about Richard Pryor’s role in helping him not pull punches with the racial jokes.


Adam is sharing the blind/visually impaired battles he would have on Loveline with a persistent female caller, Gina has a point about shaming and Adam is bringing up the false sense of power some people receive from correcting others.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jason, he says hello to everyone like a pro.

Adam interrupts him to bring up something he forgot about film predictions, he says that in ‘Demolition Man’ they did predict the language police and he plays a clip.

Adam is now telling them about Richard Pryor’s booking for Bette Midler show from 1977, Adam is having Gary look for the clips and further info.

Adam says that Demolition Man got the language debit system right and Gina brings up the “Hello Gays!” Man Show parade float incident, assuming Jimmy didn’t get away with that, Adam explains how it was tough to get mad at him because he had everyone on a technicality.


Adam and Gina do a life lock pro live read


Adam takes it back to caller Jason apparently he’s the one dealing with the pooping coworkers who need to be coached up on shitting up a bathroom.

Adam is saying that for a guy shitting up a bathroom is a 3 on the embarrassment scale, Gina gives her take as a woman and takes into account modesty while being progressive about lady pooping.

Adam is sharing the system they have in place at Carolla Digital, Adam calls it his program this time.


Adam is explaining how his program works and Gina is asking Justin how these women might react, BB has a solid and funny point about HR and how Jason might want to avoid talking to the ladies at his work about their shitting habits.

Adam is guessing the chicks aren’t hot, Jason has a polite reply and Adam is now joking about loving a young man’s wiring and how a young hot chick could shit up a storm but these women don’t get the same consideration.


2nd Caller Richard, he’s got a nice hello and is now describing a recent attempt to see the film ‘Birdman’ that was interrupted by a couple with a service dog.

Adam is offering some light commentary as he describes it and Adam says that any really social change must come from within.

Adam says eventually the people need to stand up and Adam is commenting on the time he had the two dogs engage in battle at his feet while flying for a live show.


Adam tells them about a guy he took a picture of while eating at ‘The Kabob Hut’ and is now describing the fucking douche in the pictures via the show page link above.

Adam is further describing the scene from the parking lot and Adam asks what the fuck, Matt is telling them about an accident he saw outside of his office.

Matt is describing the man who was so angry he was literally “hopping man” and Adam takes them back to the In and Out parking lot next to the Kabob place.


Adam is doing a Pro Flowers live read


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Book adaptations Edition


1st Movie ‘The Hunt for Red October (1990)

BB shares he just saw this for the first time about a year ago, Adam is bringing up Alec Baldwin’s role and teases a possible podcast booking with him.

Adam brings up the interesting move/device the movie used to bridge the language barrier.

Adam goes with 84, BB and Gina are also close.


2nd Movie ‘Black Hawk Down’ (2001)

Adam proclaims this Piven at his finest and BB says this is his #1 war movie, Gina says she thinks the critics liked this more than the audience.

Adam tells BB he jacked up his shit by commenting on this movie.


3rd Movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’ (2006)

Adam can’t even remember if he saw it, he did.

Matt is trying to recall the plot, Adam blames Hank’s hairstyle and Matt says this is a terrible movie, Gina has a nice reference to ‘Amelie’.


4th Movie ‘Twilight’ (2008)

Adam hasn’t seen any of these movies and Gina is helping with some info before they all weigh in, Matt confirms her information.


5th Movie ‘The Bourne Identity’ (2002)

Adam is now waxing poetic about the filmmaking at hand and how the simplicity of the mini cooper car chase and a fist fight in a small apartment.

Adam says it’s his “Ball Pit Pussy Theory” hilarious riff and a nice reaction from Gina.

Adam asks what the fuck were you expecting from an action movie, Adam seems to really love this movie and is saying it delivers exactly what one should expect.


Adam reads the scores, Adam in 1st with 72, Gina in 2nd and BB in last place.

Adam is plugging the upcoming screenings of ‘Road Hard’


Adam is doing a Blue Apron live read

Adam says he’s missing cabbage in his life and sent Matt on a hunt for reliable Hungarian restaurant in Los Angeles.

Adam is teasing the arrival of Titus Welliver and they all sing his praises and call him a talent.


3rd Caller Chad, he wants to know if a shitty song is featured in a good movie if the song then becomes a good song, Adam says only if it’s Tarantino and Adam is listing some songs that are now fucked out for him.

BB asks Chad what he would suggest, he brings up ‘Danger Zone’ and BB busts out the “tool tunes” thing he always mentions.

Adam is bringing up a recent viewing of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and how Tom Cruise was on a motorcycle in the movie, Adam says that Richard Gere has only been on a motorcycle one time in film and explains why.


Adam suggest Dawson as a smoking coach for film productions, Adam is now playing the montage of Tom riding a motorcycle and says it’s funny this song was brought up as he had just witnessed Nate watching this montage.

Adam uses JCVD to make a point and has a great use of his Dutch accent.


Adam asks Matt if there are any movies we need to see, Matt tells them about a movie to avoid and is now explaining the Wachowskis to Adam.


4th Caller Josh, he says he noticed many similarities in how Adam describes the construction/contracting world and explains in his startup he also has to deal with bids and bidding.

Adam is asking Josh about his field and the competition, Adam is telling him to use the microphone feedback thing from movies as his example for why they need him.

Adam has a lengthy brand preference series of analogies and some practical advice about word of mouth, Dawson is on mic asking him about his business choice in such a saturated market.

Adam has a funny move to Haiti douche reply for Josh to deliver to Dawson.


Adam is doing a Tri-Calm live read

WooHoo! Edition, hilarious!

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Titus Welliver making his return appearance.

ACS #1264 Titus Welliver and David Wild


There’s a very slick intro plugging Take a Knee that plays as they roll in, Titus is now yet in studio.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Jon Stewart’s recently announced departure from the ‘Daily Show’ and she plays a clip of his emotional statements about his plans to leave.

Adam is commenting on comedians and how the faster and funnier you are the less likely you are to want to hear nor are able to take compliments and accolades.

BB has a great tidbit about Jon, Gina has some interesting comments and Adam is explaining how a show like Jon’s becomes a daily grind, a 9 to 5 job something which most Comedians are trying to avoid.


BB asks if James Babydoll Dixon tipped him off about this, Adam says no and explains that he only talks shit about Mike August when speaking with Babydoll, it’s their agreement.

Adam says he’ll call up Babydoll and get a scoop.


2nd Story Is on Brian Williams 6 month suspension

Adam is giving his take on how he needs to come clean in a real way, he makes it a simple issue and says nobody should give a fuck about what he said regarding this.

Adam is using a “some people have real problems” angle to explain how this isn’t a real problem, that he should do a proper apology, keep his job and we should all move on.


3rd Story is on Jamaica’s senate passing a bill to decriminalize marijuana.

Gina explains it’s on the birthday of Bob Marley that this passed, she shares the details of the changes to the laws, and BB has a funny one liner mocking the idea of Jamaica having a formal government.

Adam brings up ‘Jammin’ and wrongfully credits it to Bob’s son, both BB and Dawson tell him he’s wrong.

Adam insists they look it up, Adam is mixing up his Bob Marley and Ziggy rants, he seems to be implying he was annoyed by a releases or cover of Bob’s son’s song.


Adam is commenting on Bob Marley’s white dad, Adam says he’s Conan O’Brien on a horse white.

Titus Welliver enters the studio and Adam praises Amazon’s original content.

Titus tells Adam that all 10 episodes are in the can and Adam is further praising the new era of digital content.


Adam asks Titus how he got involved and how they produced it.

Titus says the process is very much the same and Amazon is not interested in meddling or tampering with the content.

Adam is asking why it seemed like ‘Jammin’ came back 10 years after it was initially released, Gary backs Adam up and tells him that he’s right and Adam is not too nice about it, he was on your side dude!


Adam is riffing about the bygone era of white criminals, Adam plugs the show and asks Titus how the digital content transaction part works.

Titus explains the pilot process and Adam is asking him how much of his time this project took.

Adam and Titus are back to talking about the wild west time life books, Adam says that’s the only volume he remembers and says it predated the nerd in the encyclopedia Britannica commercials.


They’re now playing a clip of the commercial of the time life books about the old west and now Adam is riffing about the guy who was shot for snoring.

Adam has a hilarious improve scene as the upset gang member who was shot while sleeping, this is gold!

Ace Awards 2015 material!


Adam is further riffing this scene from another angle as the other guy in the gang who shot the guy while he was sleeping.

Titus tells them about getting his pristine set for free at the dump.


Adam has Gary pot up the commercial so they can finish it and Titus tells them about the other volumes and they discuss Battle Creek Michigan, Grand Rapids and Pueblo Colorado.

Adam riffs about all the answers being in Pueblo.


Adam is doing a Vermont Teddy Bear live read

Hilarious “boil it first” one liner from Adam.


Adam is now having Gary play the Time Life series on the mysteries of the unknown.

Adam is doing some light commentary and asks them if they remember what it felt like when a package showed up at your house.

Adam brings up C.O.D. and comments on the missing foreplay of life, ala watching ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ in July and how we’re fooling ourselves by eliminating the anticipation and reward part of life and skipping right to the reward.


Adam talks about GRIT magazine and asks Titus about trading stamps, Adam is commenting on the “hope to turn into the type of people who would use this” items up for grabs in the trading stamps and also just gifts in general.

Titus is now giving them a recap of his show’s cast and they’re now talking about Irwin Allen productions and go over the cast in ‘The Towering Inferno’ as a tangent from that.

Adam is asking Titus how a 2nd season might come about and what is required to get the greenlight, Titus explains the premise of the 1st season and has a solid Ed Sullivan reference to explains his character on the show.


Adam is now talking about plate spinners and how it’s a metaphor for life, Adam compares it to kids and comments on how the one you gave attention to last is on the one who needs it the most.

Adam is now sharing the “nice to see you two spending time together” quote from Sonny after witnessing Adam and Natalia hanging out together, Adam says his son cuts through the fog of life and shares the time he noted Adam having a beer in the middle of the day and relishes sharing the one about the cookbooks that never seem to get used taking up space in the kitchen.


BB makes sure Adam adds the button on the joke, Adam asks Titus if he’s got any other projects out right now, he’s tells them about a thriller he did with Ron Pearlman and Ron Eldard.

Adam and Titus joke about being old and Adam segues into a live read.


Adam is doing an Arctic Ease live read


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show to a funny “no homo” drop.