Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/12/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 212

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/12/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 212

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-10-2015 – Release Date 02-12-2015

Production Number #212 – Raising a First Child

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Adam opens the show with some plugs for upcoming live ACS live shows, Adam asks what’s up with everyone and says he gets caught in weird positions.

Adam is telling Drew about Rainn Wilson guesting on a recent ACS episode and the ‘Backstrom’/BackStorm mix-up.

Adam is explaining that Caelan’s info needs to be checked by Matt or Gary and he’s now asking Caelan why he chose to use the term premiered and he says he mixed up January and February.


Adam is telling Caelan to chill it on the weed and now he’s going back to last week and guest newsgirl Kira and her website mix-up, Adam is explaining he doesn’t know if Back Storm and Kira/Kera are typos or something he’s not familiar.

Adam is telling people about the time and says he turned the corner in life when he set his clock for the exact time, Adam has a killer “clock elf” explanation for how adjusting your clocks to run fast doesn’t work as it was set by the same tard you’re trying to trick.

Adam says he wonders if there are any wildly successful people who set their clocks forward and he also brings up the two alarm clock people.


Adam is asking if the alarm itself is not enough to wake you up and motivate you to leave, Adam says he lives with someone who likes to use the snooze alarm.

Adam is using a great stage manager analogy for what the 15-20min warning is for some people.

Adam explains he wakes up before the alarm goes off while travelling, Adam says he made one of his normal proclamations about where stuff goes around the house.


Adam says it’s not about doing things for him, they should be doing these things for them.

Adam says he shows up in the lobby to meet Drew on time for their ride back to the airport, not for Drew, he does it for himself.

Drew is saying they need to train Adam on motivational interviewing styles, Adam says the first eleven attempts are veiled in “this would be nice” and Drew has a different angle for Adam to try which he quickly dismisses.


Adam is asking Drew about the private jet bidding his wife and Susan did for a charity auction.

Adam asks when they are going to use the jet and where they’re going.

Drew explains that Lynette and Susan have gotten the guy to redirect it to Las Vegas and they can bring a bunch of people.


Adam explains that he has some upcoming trips he would like to use the jet for but its half Drew’s so they need to line it up.

Adam says that Lynette gives Adam information like black widow serial killers murder their husbands.


Drew is now doing an AVG cleaner live read


Adam says he dragged Lynette into his office to show her a video of something someone sent her, Adam explains how he coached his wife up on landscape vs. full screen recording modes on smart phones.

Adam says he was telling her for her and for her son, not trying to be mean, Drew asks why Adam figures that Lynette didn’t just take the advice.

Adam has a sympathetic answer about the accumulation of his input and how it must feel like living with a life coach.


Drew is trying to explore if there isn’t a better way to preserve their relationship while still initiating change and improving their lives.

Drew asks if Adam really thinks there isn’t a better way to do this.

Adam comments on the two types of wiring, Drew’s vs. how most people operate and Adam says his wiring is the smartest of all the wiring, using his brain to filter other people’s input and make his life better and easier.


Adam says he has a Japanese V8 engine that was put in Paul Newman’s race car, Adam is explaining that when he says to the engine guys he has this V8 he realized it’s all the same as a Chevy small block.

Adam says he’s just like Japan, he’ll steal your idea as it’s the best one.

Adam says he gave Kevin Hench the writing credit on his movie ‘The Hammer’ and claims that’s not the work of a narcissist and mocks himself for his ironic narcissist statement while explaining he’s not narcissistic.


Adam says that when Drew mentions the term narcissist to an interviewer they’re not aware of how he intends it and assume the worst about Adam instead of a more nuanced view of his narcissism.

Drew agrees and says he should be clearer about what he means, Adam is heading to the phones.


1st Caller Michael is telling them about someone who has elevated bullying behavior to sexual assault, he wants to know if bullying behavior leads to someone who can commit assault.

Adam is still unclear who he’s talking about and Michael further explains the situation without betraying any confidences.

Adam is sharing his take on how sex and bullying can become intertwined, Adam says he grew up with guys who always get what they want, Adam jokes about how you can’t say Rape without Ray, Drew brought up Ray and Adam did a weird noise thing.


Michael talks about the history of what Adam and Drew have said about child on child abuse vs. adult perpetrators of abuse.

Adam is trying to get the timeline down and Drew says this is meltdown time as Michael gives them more much needed information.

Adam is telling him he must have a discussion with the parents here and find the sane members of his family, Drew tells Michael to go to her treating team and be a part of the process that way, they’re trained and he’s not.


2nd Caller Walter, he has been listening to them since the early days of Loveline and Drew is taking it back to the last call and his feelings about it and reaction.

Walter just had his first kid and wants some advice about raising a girl, Adam and drew have super practical advice and Adam says that it’s wildly underrated to set an example, Drew heavily emphasizes how there is now recipe for raising the perfect child.

Adam says that his son is totally cool with him having to work and miss his basketball games, Adam says that if his son thought his dad chose not to be there it would fuck him up, Adam says that context changes everything.


Adam says that the example part is rarely discussed and comments on the shitty behavior of parents that bleeds into their kids, Adam says that you need to let kids see you doing the right things.


Adam and Drew are doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


Adam offers up a hypothetical for Drew, he says he would rather his son and daughter see him miss an important event of theirs because of his obligation to others.

Adam says that when you show up for every event you become just that, a part of the scenery.

Adam is launching into another live read.


Adam and Drew are doing a life lock ultimate live read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.