Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/12/2014 – A.J. Croce and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/12/2014 – A.J. Croce and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest A.J. Croce and Jo Koy

Recorded 02-11-2014 – Release Date 02-12-2014

Production Number #1259

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Adam is opening the show with the runaway winner for #TopDrop from yesterday’s guest Rob Huebel, Adam is telling Jo about the popularity of the Bung Lu Su shirts that are selling like crazy from Adam and Jo’s website.

Jo is telling them about being in Hawaii and seeing Filipinos wearing “Bung Lu SU” shirts in line, Jo is telling them about the spam he had on display while signing.

Adam is now sharing the Jimmy Kimmel anecdote about golfing in Hawaii and discussing the similarity between Spam and human flesh, Adam is walking them through the story.


Adam is calling vegemite the leader in the clubhouse of awful regional foods, worse than Poi and Spam, he calls it an attack.

Jo and Alison agree, they both don’t get it and Adam is describing the stuff.

Adam says we’re such pussies in the states that we can barely make it into marmalade when it comes to the jam/jelly department.


Adam is now getting into the “yummy phase” an old favorite theory of his shared on Loveline and the KLSX morning show from 2006-2009.

Adam is using a trip to Seattle with Jimmy, Kevin and Bean from back in the mid 90’s before he was hired on Loveline, he’s citing the fellas distaste for bitter beer to make a point.

Adam is now telling the gang about a recent Mangria sampling at the house and how Natalia was buzzing around and Lynette offered up a sip for her, Adam initially protested but went along with it.


Adam is sharing how this went from European to Mommy Dearest when Lynette said “maybe it’ll slow her down” Adam is now joking about all the ways he’s prepared to grind shit up and put in her cereal if we’re heading down this path.

Great comedic phrasing and twists from Adam, this is hilarious.

Adam has a hilarious riff about Brandy aged in pussy after Alison connects two of his points about things that aren’t initially yummy until you develop a taste for them.


Adam is now riffing about what the opposite of Thai cuisine is, the hardest core in comparison to the sweet and savory yummy Thai cuisine.

Adam is on some killer riffs about sex tours and Alison is in the mix helping him figure this out, Jo is taking it to France and saying they have the blandest food.

Adam is now asking Jo about his trip to Hawaii and efforts to go whale watching, Jo is doing a fine impression and Adam is now describing the guy from Jo’s trip as every guy he went to high school with.


Adam is now getting to how he likes the guy who is guilty and acts like you’re the one who made a mistake, Adam and Jo are now riffing out said phone conversation.

Adam is giving Jo and update on what Olga thought about his musical rendition from the last visit, the one dedicated to her honor.

Adam is now doing a live read after saying it’s time to bust out “Black Lab” and give Bung a bit of a rest.


Adam is once again riffing with Jo as a living bag of brown sugar, Adam is now getting into how he likes to see butter mix with brown sugar.

Adam is taking it back to the other characters in the panty, joking about captain crunch and how he wants to put him under the sink.

Jo is joking about beating Adam with his sugary penis, Adam is doing another lap with Jo about moving him to the garage with molasses, and maybe he’d be more comfortable out there.


Adam has a great “super articulate” use to describe molasses, Jo is mixing up how to pronounce Cinnamon, using a hard C, and this is gold!

Alison really like the brown dick+mouth one liners, Adam is joking about white sugar being insecure about his penis size in the cupboard.

Adam is now trying to explain the segregated community of the spice cupboard. Adam has a great “wheat germ” closer and now end scene.


Adam is now explaining wheat germ to the gang and how it was thought to be good for you back in the 70’s, Alison is the only one who remembers it, from the heyday for carob.

Adam is getting Gary to pull the proper pick, now Jo even remembers the stuff.


Adam is bringing up their next guest A.J. Croce and he’s telling the audience about his late father Jim Croce, BB is now playing some of his hits.

Adam is suggesting “I’ve got a name” and Adam is calling it a time capsule of the 1970’s.

Adam is recalling this from a recent film and BB’s been tipped off that it was used in “Django Unchained”.


Adam says that Jim could really write a love song and now they’re playing another one of his hits.

Adam is now doing a live read and joking about his staff worked up into a Shari’s Berries Frenzy like sharks, hilarious!

Adam is asking Jo about his upcoming schedule for Valentine’s Day and his love life, Alison is joking about his ability to meet women.


Adam is now riffing about George Clooney purposely getting married to have a “been there, done that” chambered with every new 23yr old he finds every 18 months.

Adam is joking about Jo and his various attributes that lend him to more dating options than your average aging white guy, Adam is joking about old whit dudes dying their hair “black/blue”.

Adam is giving a nice DAG vs. Dana Gould analogy when it comes to aging male comedians and Alison says she would pick DAG first.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Chandler he wants to know about success, what about the process of coming up through the ranks and how do you push through the years of being stagnant.

Jo is sharing how he was going to do it regardless and how his mom tried to convince him to go into nursing, Adam is arguing against the “there always going to need” argument.

Adam has a great drown in a bedpan joke about Chris Maxipada, comedy gold!

Adam is now telling them about a “Derma Shield” commercial with Bob Eubanks and he’s explaining the premise of it.

Adam is now on a “Tony Little” riff, he’s got a great jet ski wake analogy for describing Tony’s pony tail emerging from the back of his baseball hat.

Adam is now asking who the asshole is who comes in at your worst point in life, citing the photos of Tony eating away his misery in his “before” shots.


Adam is telling Chandler he’s going to do whatever he’s going to do based on the journey, he’s telling him he can only do, he can’t steer it in advance.

Adam is telling the gang about watching a couple episodes of his new reality show and how good it actually is, he’s complimenting his producers and the editors.

Adam is sharing his thoughts on how it’s been a while since he’s been on TV, a decade since he’s had a remotely successful TV vehicle.


Adam is now listing off his failed projects of the past 10 years and how he gets shit for “Too Late” and almost universal praise for “The Adam Carolla Project” both from 2005.


2nd Caller Keith, he wants to know about the foreign characters on the “Bung Lu Su” actually mean, Jo tells him “The Asian Lover” which he translated via a phone app.

Keith was sporting one of the shirts in Buffalo and Adam is genuinely thankful for him showing up in it.


3rd Caller Chase, he has to write a paper on people who use check cashing facilities, Adam wants him to ask the question and he’ll research it all and they can argue it back and forth again in a future phone call.

Alison has a killer one liner, Adam follows it up with some incredible deadpan comedy joking about this being too involved, and Adam can’t commit to him.

Adam says by listening to that interview again he can gleam all of the information he might need for research from the Gavin Newsome episode.


Adam is compromising with a live read, Jo is in the mix and now Adam is wrapping things up and giving out he plugs, they’re taking a break.


They’re back from break with A.J. making his ACS debut to the sounds of his own music, Adam is giving out some plugs and complimenting him on the eerie familiarity to his father’s work.

Adam is sharing why he hates his own dad for doing nothing, A.J. is telling them about his origins in music, and Adam is asking him about his father.

A.J. is telling Adam about the 4 generations of musicians in his family and how he knew he would be following in their footsteps, he’s telling Adam about their nationality.


A.J. is confirming what Adam said about his father’s death, he’s revealing that Jay Leno was originally booked as the opening act, Adam is now telling the gang about calling Leno and finding out he was out riding his motorcycle around.

BB is joking about how satisfying it when someone is doing something that is so them, Adam is non telling them about the follow up call and what a great guy Leno was, almost unable to let Adam finish his compliment.

Adam is going even more in depth on A.J.’s father, Adam is sharing how every adult was an adult back then, but finding out he was only 30 and the body of work we all missed out on because of his passing.


A.J. is now telling Adam about his new album and how it was recorded over the course of a year with 12 different producers, very interesting concept.

Adam is giving out some plugs for his upcoming gigs.

Adam is thanking Miller Lite for sending over some beer, A.J. is now a recipient of some of it.


They’re playing “Time in a Bottle” and Adam is quizzing him about discovering his father as an artist when he’s an adult, BB is asking A.J. about his childhood brain tumor after his father’s death.

Adam is clarifying BB’s point about A.J.’s mom’s emotional state at that time, Adam is asking A.J. about going blind and how he’s gradually got some of it back over time.

Adam is filling in A.J. that BB has a brain tumor and A.J. is clarifying that he had “brain tumor syndrome” and they’re asking him about his time without sight.


Adam is now lapping back to the 6 years he already mentioned with sight, he’s explaining it and sharing how the vision was gone for a year, then gradually came back in his left eye, his right is still blind.

Adam wants to know if this has helped him tune in to anything, Adam is explaining how he would like temporary prison or time without a sense to then strengthen his others.

Adam is clarifying the prison point, he’s saying he could do a “weird little respite” of blindness for 6 months if he knew it was coming back, he’s asking A.J. if he got super hearing because of his lack of sight.


Adam wants to know if the blindness may have shaped his youth and led to his musical pursuits over other possibilities, A.J. says yes but has a great way of summing things up.


Alison’s News

Her top story if on the death of Shirley Temple, Alison is calling her the number one “are they or aren’t they dead” celebrity, Adam says Arnold Palmer needs to watch out now.

They’re talking about her history in film and Alison has some interesting facts about her career.

Adam is comparing her to Jonathan Lipnicki, Adam is joking about that being the worst name if you get pulled over drunk, and BB and Ace are doing a killer improv scene.


Adam is commenting on her good run and how she was able to get in make her nut by the 3rd grade, hilarious cigarette endorsement deal comedy.

Adam is commenting on his favorite parts of the Shirley Temple movies and how the little girl giving sass to the adult is the best part of those movies, he’s got a creepy “nothing sexier” closer.


2nd Story is on Tom Brokaw’s cancer diagnosis

Adam is now commenting on how we’re just going to see everyone cradle to grave live and die, unlike the past.

Adam says now it’s full color high def. ultrasound from zygote all the way to funeral, everyone now gets 5k pictures and stupid video tape of them talking about stuff, it’s all there Adam says with Alison almost in unison.

Adam is asking if humans were meant for all of this, Alison wants to know if people even revisit this media, asking about old photos and video clips.


Adam has a great “he won’t be missed” and is now riffing on John Wayne after Alison loses track, Alison wants to know about videos of birthing and what people do with them.

Adam says it’s useless and that all kids look the same upon birth, basically the same.

Alison is asking A.J. about his kids and if he has all of the stuff, Adam says his wife would know and it’s in a box somewhere that you’re never going to open.


Adam is now sharing the example of the only time you’ll watch a wedding video, shotgun and a bottle of booze post-divorce.


3rd Story is on a giraffe that was euthanized in a Copenhagen Zoo to avoid inbreeding.

Alison is reading the story and sharing what was done, Adam is now riffing a great improv with BB about bringing his bolt action gun to help BB’s kids avoid inbreeding.

Adam says he loves the insane practicality of these people, he’s explaining the logic and the occasional killing that’s required to maintain their systems, the feeding it to the lions part he loves even more.


Adam is now asking Alison about the off air conversation with Maxipada, how he ordered Maxipada to not waste the leftovers, Alison is getting to the details about the audience of children.

Adam is now giving his preferences, Alison is explaining this wasn’t the type of incest from “Flowers in the attic” and Alison is now quoting Jack Hanna, Adam has a good retort.

Alison is explaining the other zoos that were portioning to get the giraffe sent elsewhere, Adam is now making a point about the meat that’s consumed globally by all species and the hypocrisy in playing favorites.


Alison is now quoting the arguments against sterilizing the giraffe and Adam is saying they’re allowed to burn one, Adam is now conceding there may be something nefarious there.

Adam is now using lab rats who gave their lives to save BB’s, BB has a great “it’s a push” joke about his value comparable to the dead mice required to generate his medicines.

Adam is explaining that it is heartless and he’s now singing along to “I’ve got a Name” and adding in some giraffe eating rye bread lyrics.


Adam has a solid giraffe riff as he slides into his legal zoom live read.


4th Story is on Fred Armisen leading the band for his late night talk show, Adam is asking what his role will be exactly.

Adam is citing his Crank Yankers history and guest spots on the ACS, Adam is joking about “curating” and Alison is tired of the word.

Adam wants to know what that even means, he’s saying it’s a weird gig.


Adam is asking when that show is going to start airing, nobody seems to know for sure.

Alison is now telling Adam that Fred will be handling vocals and guitar, along with curating of course.

Adam is making a point about Kimmel being the only guy on the west coast in the late night time slot, Adam is sharing how the east coast makes it limited when it comes to booking options.


5th Story is on the Kraft Singles removing artificial preservatives from their most popular cheese product.

Adam is saying this is more like naugahyde than it is cheese, he’s also saying he doesn’t like the midstream changes, as he’s now consumed 30k+ slices by this point.

Adam doesn’t want to know whatever he’s been doing wasn’t good, A.J. has a nice one liner that’s very true.

Alison shares the info about the Subway bread and the yoga mat ingredients, Adam is explaining that away with the chemical compounds that can be so similar, from car doors to bread.


Adam is now explaining how his mom the hippy was doing nothing but worrying about preservatives, Adam wants to know what happens from it, what’s going on?

He’s citing Shirley Temple’s 85yr run, Adam is now commenting on the bad stuff surrounding her, hilarious “Black Mold the guy she tap danced with” comment to close things out.

Alison is now wrapping the news.

Adam is doing a live read, he’s giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show with some plugs for upcoming Adam and Drew shows, one with Art Alexakis from Everclear and another with his old football buddy Eric Kramer the show cuts off right here, prematurely.