Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/12/2013 – Jay Mohr

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/12/2013 – Jay Mohr

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 02-11-2013 – Release Date 02-12-2013

Production Number #1012

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Adam is opening the show with David Wild in studio, they have some quick pope comedy and BB has a choice drop from the last episode.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about Sonny’s YMCA basketball game and the kid who’s a dead ringer for Kate Hudson’s son. They’re all now weighing in on gender identity and intentionally causing confusion.

Adam is explaining the styles and “looks” that kids should try for and should avoid, hilarious.


They’re now discussing the Grammy awards and the response to the memo about revealing clothing, Adam is off on another tangent about why the Grammy’s are “null and void”, and he’s citing the Tracy Chapman win from over a decade ago.

Adam is now breaking down the song as they play it, Adam is explaining he likes some of her other work but not this song. Alison has a great Ani DiFranco one liner and now Adam is dropping some black lesbian musician names.

Adam is now citing the other nominees from 1997 that lost to Tracy, Bryan is setting up the songs and Adam is ranting through them, he’s got great sports analogy.

Adam has an amazing quote about “6th Avenue Heartache”; he’s now furthering his point by bringing up John Hiatt also being nominated that year. They’re now playing the amazing Hiatt song, wow!

Adam is now riffing on Prince and Johnny Depp and their similarities, he’s now going off on guys who wear decorative scarves, and Mike Lynch has a hilarious flag football joke.


Music Monday with David Wild

Adam is doing a live read and asking David about the backstage scene at the Grammy’s, David is going in depth on his experience with John Mayer.

Adam has an update on his douche or not a douche status for John and now he’s sharing a theory on John being the Don Rickles of celebrity intercourse.


They’re back from break with Jay Mohr in studio; Jay is right in the discussion as they reference the performance from last night’s Grammys with Elton John.

Jay has declared the Beatles and the stones as both underrated due to their “overrated” status in modern culture, Adam is telling Jay about how he actually thinks the stones have some really shitty songs, Jay is playing along and they’re riffing.

Alison is now asking the guys about Aerosmith, Adam has a hilarious insight about their two best songs and Alison has a killer one liner everyone seemed to miss while basking in the majesty of Adam’s golden nugget.

Adam is now riffing on Johnny Depp and Steven Tyler being into scarves, Adam has a hilarious quote about a possible meeting.

Jay is now doing his Eddie Vedder and Johnny Depp impressions, Adam is rolling with it and it’s hilarious.

Adam is sharing his theory about Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter merging into the same species, BB chimes in and Jay/Johnny has a killer reply.

Adam is telling the gang about his take on the Jerry Lewis documentary, he’s describing the movie in depth and how it was more vaudevillian and less of a revelation than he had hoped.


They’re back from break with a rare repeated listener voicemail, Adam has a funny callback to his first answer and he’s giving some plugs.

David is telling Jay how much he enjoys his episodes with Barry Katz as a guest, Jay is now doing his impression of Barry and everyone loves it.

Adam is now guiding the impression and he’s having Jay recreate a conversation they had with a James “Babydoll” Dixon twist.

Jay is now telling the gang his story about Jerry Lewis that was teased before the break.


Alison’s News

Adam is taking the reins to do a quick clarification/retraction from Friday’s episode; Adam is playing a clip from last week where he knew the race of the women shot despite what was reported in the news, whoa!

Adam is making a great point about the LAPD and what would be happening if two black men were mistakenly shot instead of two Mexican women; Alison is even agreeing and pondering why there isn’t more of an outcry.

Adam is now asking if anyone else has noticed the perceived impairment in mayor Villareatrdo’s ability to speak, Jay is now going off on the man and it’s awesome.


Jay is busting out his Keitel impression for the Mayor’s quotes about the Dorner case, now they’re playing some clips of the mayor appearing on PBS.

Alison takes over and is giving updates on the Dorner case, and her own take on the greater meaning of this story, they’re now back into the clip and Jay is telling Adam how seeing this clip has revealed how different the man looks since he first took office.

Adam is going off on the cops and the chicken shit tickets ticket writers not being disturbed and moved around to pick up the slack of the busy department and Jay is giving his take on how he would improve the city.


2nd story is on the resignation of Pope Benedict, Adam has a hilarious callback to the earlier Johnny Depp riff, and Jay is jumping in as Johnny and its gold.

Jay is now doing some Norm McDonald and it’s just as good as the previous riff and impression, Adam is playing a great straight man while getting in some great line deliveries and giving a great “performance”.

They wrap the news, Jay does a sweet natured protest and Adam has them fire it back up, that’s a first!


3rd story is on the true cause of the super bowl blackout, Adam is now commenting on the ironic nature of preventative behaviors and devices only increasing the odds of what you’re trying to prevent actually happening.

Alison and Jay are discussing the “great magnet” nature of New Orleans being affected by flooding and storms despite all the preventive engineering. Adam is now going off on Spike Lee claiming the army blew the levees on purpose.

Alison wants to know if anyone played with matches as a kid, Adam is now telling the story of the time him and his buddy found bullets when he was five and their horrible plan to have fun with them.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read and now getting a twitter follower count update from David Wild.