Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/11/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 308

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/11/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 308

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Diamond Dallas Page

Recorded 02-11-2016 – Release Date 02-11-2016

Production Number #308 – Skipper the Ship

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) is in studio and thanks them for coming back to the show, he was last on ACS #1167, he was scheduled to return with Jake the Snake Roberts last year but was passing a kidney stone, that old excuse.

DDP guested on the KLSX ACS back in 2006 three times promoting what was then known as ‘Yoga for Regular Guys’ and is now DDP Yoga.

Adam is talking about meditation and yoga, DDP is giving them a brief sales pitch and he explains how it’s fun and what poses and rehab stuff he mixed into the poses, Drew and DDP are talking about dynamic resistance and Adam praises the documentary about Jake the Snake.


Drew talks about mindfulness and meditation, Adam says he did Tai Chi with a guy the other day, Drew makes him explains how this went down, hilarious drop material.

Adam is talking about the guy who comes by and stretches him out once a week, he comments on how Tai Chi seemed to benefit him and he responds to Drew’s objections.

DDP shares a sales pitch line about going from Namaste to T&A and Adam confesses his illness to Drew, he says he hears wheezing and Adam blames Diamond.


Adam is asking if it’s the booze or an increase in cigarettes perhaps increasing his reaction and prolonging his symptoms to this illness.

Drew is playing “patient and doctor” and Adam is being very honest and telling him he’s not obfuscating.

Chris is now going to get Drew’s stethoscope and Adam asks Diamond shat made him receptive to yoga.


DDP is telling them about starting his wrestling career at 35 and how Yoga was the only workout option left for him, he shares the name of the guy who led to him sticking with the program and his rehab techniques.

DDP is telling them about his workout program and he tells Drew about the app he just had built, there is not app like it he says and DDP is explaining he’s trying to get ahold of Joe Montana to see if he can help rehab his body, he knows for a fact he could help rehab all the hall of fame NLF guys who are now having mobility issues.


DDP is telling them about working with veterans and Drew is talking about having a person there training you, DDP says this guy they’re talking about never met DDP, he did it all via the internet.

Drew is trying to make a point about human connection and getting someone to overcome personal trials.

Adam has a point about people with a vacuum of real human connection and the lack of the option to change that for some.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Dapper Drew edition


Drew is now going to check Adam’s lungs and breathing, he’s behind him and he yells at Adam telling him how to breathe.

Adam says this mic is going to stick and he says he needs a drink and a cigarette and Drew thinks he might need an antibiotic and asks if he feels sick.

Adam is now asking Drew to riddle him this and tells him about his daughter getting sick first, Olga took care of everyone then she got sick, Lynette got sick and Adam says his illness doesn’t’ count as he’s never missed a day of work.


Adam is talking about the symptoms he’s having and the off and on shitty feeling he’s got and the green stuff coming out of his nose.

Adam is talking about breaking a sweat every day and working out while sick, Drew has a point about frontier death rates due to exertion and says some mild cardio might be ok.

Drew is going to Purell up and be a puss as Adam puts it and Adam asks DDP about doing another documentary, he tells them about this app they just launched.


DDP tells them about a guy who lost over a 190lbs after using his program in 8months, DDP shares how he invited this fan to the Royal Rumble and he gets to the wheat and dairy that is commonly not processed by very large people.

DDP explains how they might turn this into a doc at some point.


Drew is doing a Live Read


1st Caller Eric, he wants to know about vaccine claim courts, Drew says there is now interaction with the medical industry that can’t result in some harm coming to you.

Adam is talking about the way people can eat at any place 156k times and get food poisoning once and still be pissed, Drew talks about lawyers and how they collect money and only care about collecting money in the system.

Eric is telling them about an injury from a flu shot, Adam doesn’t trust guys who know this much stuff and Drew says he’s mixing up some terminology.


Adam says are you a little bit suspect if something is always broken on them, Drew says that is somatic preoccupation and physical abuse leads to it.

Drew is sending in Adam’s prescriptions he asks if he’s ok with inhalers, he says yes but would prefer something that works like an enema, Drew is game to do that, hilarious!

Drew is going in depth on begin mindful and how difficult people with sematic injury’s and obsession are to interact with.


2nd Caller Ryan, he wants to know about gambling etiquette and adding a tip for his bookie, resident gambling lackey Nick gets on mic and mentions the vig.

Drew is booked to fly to Midway airport to tape Steve Harvey and Adam talks to Drew about his taping schedule for his two shows.

Adam is now asking Drew to float the idea of him being the black Dr. Phil, Adam explains it and says that nobody knows exactly what they do.


Adam says it looks like Steve Harvey has dropped 50lbs, Adam jokes it must be DDP yoga and he says he has a clip of him saying he did use DDP yoga.

DDP tells him about doing work with an herbalist and trying to hold back the hands of time, Drew has a knowing reaction.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

Never met anyone disappointed with the experience edition


Adam asks DDP what he’s doing now, he tells them about his cooking stage and how he makes healthy real food for people to teach them how to eat.

Adam is asking DDP for his daily food routine, his three meals, Adam is asking some intense follow ups and DDP goes off on organic produce and tries to get a witness out of Dr. Drew.

DDP tells them about a baking powder that is allergen free and gives a nice plug to some lady and her company.


He tells them about roasted vegetables and Adam asks him about his protein options, Drew tells them about his breakfast, sometimes he has eggs.

Adam drinks a compote of vegetables and it tastes like horrible paste, Lynette made it for him, Drew and DDP are insisting he has ways of eating this same food, Drew says something in this Carolla curtain gives him an allergic reaction.

Adam says Drew is dainty, he’s like the Bo Jackson of podcasters/doctors, he breaks down easy despite his hearty stock and nature.


Drew is talking about people who experience life externally first vs. those who experience the internal and what pertains to them.

Adam says Drew is not a whiner nor complainer but he’s almost constantly affected.

Adam wonders if Drew announces he’s out of sorts to lower expectation levels of people around him, whether he’s sick or not.


Adam says that people think of Drew much better than he thinks of himself, Drew says that Adam has never said anything like this to him in 15years of radio, Adam says he’s dying and they have funny exchange.

Adam gives a Dr. Drew rehab/divorce/suicide ending to his life and how you can reverse engineer his life and figure out what he’s accomplished based on how surprised people would be.

Drew quotes his conversations with Mike Catherwood about how people view wealth today vs. in the ‘Mad Men’ era.

Adam talks about hearing Michael Moore on Howard Stern and it was a rerun, Howard was probing him trying to figure out his net worth and Adam was intrigued by his false befuddlement about his bank account.

Adam went home and found out he was sitting on 50 million.

Adam likes Michael Moore and observes that he’s in the business of taking down the rich and Adam says he should be admired for his accomplishments and he should own his wealth.


Drew has a grim prediction and question about where this country is heading, Adam makes a larger point as they discuss the upcoming election choices without naming anyone.


Adam is doing a Slender Tone Live Read


Adam plugs the upcoming live show at The El Portal Theatre and how he invited Ray to come down and tell the Mulholland Club Story, Drew explains the note he’s seeing and says he’ll be coming from a black tie event and Adam says he doesn’t see tie color.

They wrap up the show.