Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/11/2015 – Al Michaels and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/11/2015 – Al Michaels and David Wild

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Guest Al Michaels and David Wild

Recorded 02-10-2015 – Release Date 02-11-2015

Production Number #1509

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Adam opens the show with Gina Grad back in studio, Adam is explaining that he was trying to figure out how many Super Bowls Al Michaels has done, he’s telling Caelan what to write down for him.

Adam is now sharing how Al also did commentary for the Tommy Hearns and Marvin Hagler fight

Adam is making a point about this fight and how it achieved legendary status after such a short and specific amount of rounds, what must’ve taken place to earn that.


Adam says he had a dream about David Wild and BB says it’s cause he’s losing weight and is more appealing, Adam says it was about his Fitbit, although he calls it something else that’s much funnier.

Adam is now describing the dream and how once dropping David off at his home and the recent news of the Bruce Jenner accident were worked into it.

Adam is describing the law about rear-ending vehicles and insurance payouts, Adam describes people he knew who would purposely get rear ended to get insurance payouts.


Adam is now on an escalating list of vehicles you would or wouldn’t want your loved one to be struck by, Adam is lamenting the people who use flat paintjobs on their cars.

Adam is describing himself on a moped with David’s kids searching for the HOV lane, Adam doesn’t know why.


Adam is now doing a live read for Pro Flowers


Adam is setting up a clip from a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, they’re now playing it.

Adam is now responding to this clip that was also covered on the next Adam and Drew podcast airing this Thursday.

Adam tells them to remind him to come back to this topic after he gets rid of David Wild, David’s on the line and Adam is telling David about the dream after he takes credit for the midget in that commercial from yesterday’s episode.


Adam is explaining how like Jeff Lynn and threatens to bring in 8 of the best ELO songs, BB says that’s a subject for the ADS, nope.

Adam is joking about Cajun Queen, he says he was mad at ‘Evil Woman’ and is now mocking the lyrics and jokes about singing backup for that song being the easiest gig of all time.

Adam is telling David that Jeff sounded great on the Grammy Award broadcast, David is telling them about his Stevie Wonder show, Adam is asking him about Stevie’s weightless and David affirms he’s now lost 52lbs with his Fitbit.


David is telling them about the first time he met Lady Gaga and Adam is telling them about Sia performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Adam says he loves girl pop songs and says he didn’t see much of Sia after that time they both guested on Kimmel years ago.

Adam plugs the Stevie Wonder show and tells David to get Annie Lennox some hair extensions, Adam is complimenting her abilities while declaring all of her songs as horrible.


Adam is saying that in terms of weight gain, Stevie has it all going for him, hilarious riff.

They’re back to the topic from the episode of Real Time with Bill Maher and Adam says that Drew totally agreed with it, Adam is back to how Drew has always advised interpersonal relationships as an important element to lower/prevent addiction.

Adam is on a “statistically it’s a civic” metaphor citing the poor woman who died in the accident with the Hummer and now Adam is asking BB about his life sans relationships.


Adam is explaining that everything this country has tried to do with drugs is totally wrong, BB is predicting a future society being more aware of this process and addiction.

Adam is now explaining how Drew criticized the method for measuring addiction in rodents, Adam says there is a version of this society that requires no cops and no prisons.

Adam is using his triplets as an example of the types of humans that would lead to a perfect society, Adam says that if Drew and Susan raised every kid we could all leave our doors open at night.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Ramone, he’s calling from Westmorland California and Adam asks him about the connection to the general, BB thinks its spelled wrong like Adam and they throw Caelan under the bus, but he was right.

Ramone wants to know if Adam will be taking the show to the UK and Adam says he wants to interview guys in Europe about the Ford vs. Ferrari feud he wants to make a documentary about.

Adam is giving a quick history less on the Shelby Cobra, he says possibly some time in September and Ramone tells Adam that the finger point totally works at 4 way stops, Adam says the fan move only begets more fanning and Adam has a perhaps too soon “she’d still be alive” comment that BB even it’s a bit much.

“You become the finger of authority” – Adam


2nd Caller Curtis he has a loud background noise, Adam makes him explain it and Curtis says he wouldn’t be impressed by anyone, Adam asks him about his top 10 celebrity meets.

Adam is making note of Aries Spears and explains his time on Mad TV to BB despite Aries guesting on Loveline in 2004 while Bryan was working there “shots to the face” ring any bells?

Adam says he was more excited and nervous about meeting Tom Cruise over John Hiatt due to the societal weight/difference.



Adam is explaining how guys like George Clooney are so great at being themselves and only make you a bigger fan upon meeting them.

Adam is now having Matt Fondiler get on mic and Adam has a killing “dueling shit bowls” one liner and is now complimenting Alec Baldwin and explains how he sent Alec an email about visiting him while in NYC for ‘Road Hard’ and Alec insisted that Adam guest on his podcast.

Adam says that Baldwin is one of those guys where you feel like you don’t want to disappoint them, Adam is telling them about first meeting Alec Baldwin over 12 years ago.


Adam shares the “that guy should be doing your show” encounter and how his driver was a huge Loveline fan and taped episodes to play for him.

Adam is sharing the time he picked up the phone to Alec Baldwin calling him about the anal sex analogue Adam described on Classic Loveline.

Gina is now giving an example of meeting Billy Bob Thornton and how his celebrity overwhelmed her, Gina tells Adam he is one of the guys who is not handsome but women would gladly fuck.


Adam is doing a live read for Shari’s Berries


3rd Caller Jay calling from Manchester, he says Adam should absolutely come and says he will fill it himself, Jay has his own podcast and wants some advice from Adam on how to grow his show.

Adam is telling them about his custom carpet and BB has a killer “no raise” one liner and now Adam is explaining why he wanted the warehouse to look good and professional, he wanted people to be comfortable.

Adam says the carpet will pay for itself when it convinces the client you’re operating a real business, Adam has a funny reply to Jay about taking his money and investing in Adam over himself.


Adam is explaining that podcasting ultimately becomes a job, a great job but still a job and Jay tells him that his podcast is themed around Rugby.

Adam says he will be doing some local shows in the United Kingdom and Adam says that when he travels he wants nothing more than additional Americans.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read


They’re now heading to break.

Adam plugs Take a Knee and recommends the Terry Crews episode available on iTunes.


They’re back from break

The News with Gina Grad

1st Story is on the premier of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and Gina sets up a clip from the director about how it’s not a humorless project.

BB says he’s heard that the stars hate each other and Adam says that it has to be one way or the other, they’re now playing the clip.

Gina mimicked it flawlessly before they got it rolling.


Adam is saying she looks like one of the Gibbs and Toni Collette, hilarious “the Gibb is strong” and Adam is now launching into a live read.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


Al Michaels is now making his ACS debut and Adam is recalling his conversations with Al over at Kimmels, Al seems to be finishing up a bite of something to eat and launches into an anecdote about Jimmy Kimmel.

Al compliments Jimmy’s time working on the NFL on fox and Adam is asking Al about being baked into historical events like a cancer.

Al jokes along with that and is now telling them about his time working with John Madden and says that with his career he’s already had enough dramatic moments.


Adam is now plugging Al’s book and Adam is now asking him about the Super Bowl asking him what he thought, Al is breaking it down and sharing his moment by moment reactions and observations while noting what both teams were doing as well.

Al is sharing the reaction of his partner Cris Collinsworth and Adam is now offering up a defense for Pete Carroll, Al is sharing a statistic about scoring on the 1 yard line with a pass vs. a running play.

Al offers up some possible other alternative calls for that fateful play, Al is now putting on a football clinic and going in depth on the dilemma at hand for both teams.


Adam is bringing up the moment of the game where Brady gave a butt slap and asks about movement designed to draw a player off sides.

Adam is now setting up a video clip and Al is offering up his expertise, he compliments the officials on this play.

Adam is now asking for the clip of himself back in his day, Adam is showing the footage of him long snapping and Al is now reacting to the footage.


Adam says if you want to be a professional athlete and don’t care about getting laid nor paid, long snapping is the job for you.

Al is telling Adam about working on the upcoming NBC boxing events, Adam is describing the fights of a bygone era, Adam says boxing opened the door for MMA after the Klitschko’s came in an made it a business.

Al is offering up his expertise on the boxing figures of the past, Al is telling Adam about the Hagler Hearns bout and Adam is offering up his take on the fight.


Al says he couldn’t believe what he was seeing after the 2nd round, Adam says the best last round is the one he discussed last month.

Adam is asking Al if he had young kids who wanted to play football if he would be ok with it, he says he would.

Adam says you would do more damage depriving your kids from something they yearn for, Al is predicting how the farm system could dry up if parents fully nerf the game or keep kids from playing.


Al tells them about the recent lawsuit against Pop Warner and Adam shares his “because your pop’s warned ya!” explanation for the name before he knew who Pops Warner was.

Adam is explaining another possible outcome of the concerns about brain trauma and football, Adam predicts it could end up solely the game of the disenfranchised and poor.

Adam is asking Al how he feels about his take on the meritocracy of sports, Adam is saying that nobody would look at Mike Tyson as the height of his power and want to take him on.


Al makes a point about coaching and how people think they could coach if they can’t play, Al says people love sports because it’s truly the only unscripted television and drama.

Al is lamenting the way reality TV is produced and is now quoting a conversation he recently had with Jimmy Johnson about the experience of a 4 yard game from home vs. in the stadium.

Adam says he can’t watch games in real time anymore and needs the commentary and replays, Adam is further commenting on the drama of the Patriots and recent Super Bowl games.


Adam is doing a live read

Adam plugs Al’s book and Adam asks if Al would be interested in calling the Pacquiáo Mayweather fight, Al is complimenting Don Rickles and how phenomenal he still is despite his age.

Al says he was supposed to have dinner in Malibu with Don and his wife, Al is dropping some names and mentions inviting Doc Rivers to the dinner.

Al says that Don still appeals to every age group and Al admits he’d rather hear someone else call the fight, Al says he wants to hear the guys who are great in their field over doing the work himself, he says that’s why he doesn’t call hockey.


Al admits he’s never been to a soccer game in his life, Adam praises Collinsworth and says he likes him a lot, Adam asks who will be calling the game next year.

Adam says is it a forgone conclusion that the CBS guys will call the game if it airs on their network, Adam says we should just have Al and Cris do the game next year.

Adam mentions Les Moonves and they both agree he’s a mensch.

Adam comments on Al’s age, he asks him about having the greatest job in the world and he says that if he gets another life it’ll be spent in a sulfur mine.


Adam says that everybody has a space and a place, he’s saying that Al get to transcend all of that and appeals to all realms of people and types of celebrities.

Adam says that all gets to hang out with everybody and be adored.

Adam asks Al how it works technically from the booth, Adam says that Cris seems like a computer and he wants to know what they’re hearing once they start watching the Super Bowl.


Al explains the “let the game come to you” advice he gave to Dennis Miller when he started working on Monday Night Football.

Al is explaining the less is more approach to calling games on TV vs. radio.


Adam is doing a live read

Adam references the Green Grocer and has a funny riff about not caring about the cost of small items and vegetables.

Adam is complimenting Al Michaels and has a touching comment about being jealous about Al’s present and past and wraps up the show.

BB closes it with the “shut up already” drop from Al describing the reaction of the average home viewer when someone is talking too much from the booth during a televised NFL game.