Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/11/2014 – Rob Huebel and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/11/2014 – Rob Huebel and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Rob Huebel and David Wild

Recorded 02-10-2014 – Release Date 02-11-2014

Production Number #1258

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Adam is opening the show with David Wild making his 57th appearance, Adam is praising him for the Beatles tribute.

David is giving his take as someone who worked the show and reactions to the songs, he’s got a funny joke about the show being re-aired and how he’s going to get a 2nd paycheck.

BB is joking about never seeing David happier and Adam is mocking his arm length.


Adam is getting to the PSA bit they did on the ACS back in march and June of last year, Adam is now citing the show he’s never seen that he only sees while traveling.

Adam is taking them back to Buffalo and joking about the idea of local syndication and networks being on the wrong number, why certain networks only make sense with certain numbered channels.

Adam is now setting up a clip of Steve Austin on Arsenio Hall’s show, he’s doing his PSA bit, he also does it on his own podcast on Podcastone since April of 2013, and so Adam is probably right that it originates on the ACS.


Alison is now distracted by Adam’s smooth neck and chest skin, Adam is trying to talk about the makeup lady who is responsible and he’s sharing the conversations he has with people like this, regarding “pick up’s” for his TV show.

Adam is sharing the missing scissors that he doesn’t understand her not having on her, he’s also joking about hairstylists who will work on men but not women and what that says about women.

Adam is joking with David about “trim” and how she could have misinterpreted his request, nice “ginch” reference and they’re all in the mix.


Adam is now bringing it back to the Beatles celebration and Adam is saying that Peter Frampton is overshadowed by his own hair, he’s actually a virtuoso guitarist.

David is now asking Adam if remembers Peter’s role in “Sgt. Pepper”.

Adam is explaining how they did fantastic portraits of all of the band members, David wrote all of them and Adam is praising them further.

Adam is now commenting on all of the similar parts of their stories, regarding parental mortality and poverty, the typical inner city stories not too dissimilar from here.


Adam is getting to the lack of the concept of “white privilege” because it’s in England, David is now giving them insight into writing them and how he was tasked with the job.

David is sharing his observation about Ringo being the only person to have a worse childhood than Adam, David is telling them about the connection between John and Paul and their respective aunts.

David is now sharing a bit of trivia that he was even unsure of that Paul confirmed via a head nod in the audience, Adam is getting back to his point about the guys and their upbringings.


Adam is bringing up Jimmy Kimmel and his constant desire to move forward while not focusing on the money, the caboose in the train of success.

The faster that train goes down the track doesn’t affect the caboose, Alison wants to know the cow pusher, and Adam says its GRIT and ego.

Adam is now doing a live read, hilarious “50 shades of grey” wine live read.

BB wants to know how they arrived at some of their song choices for the special, Alison has a great reply and David is now telling them how it all came to be.


Adam is now bringing up Johnny Depp and saying he should pull him aside, akin to what should happen about midway into every bad date.

Adam and Alison are now riffing the bad date scenario, nice “uber cab” pawn off from Carolla.

Adam and Alison are doing the fake laugh thing and Adam is now setting up a clip of Johnny Depp.

Adam and Alison are doing live commentary and mocking his energy level and phrasing, gold!


Adam is now on an epic riff about Johnny Depp and his evolution into Bob Evans, Adam is having BB play some Evans and further riffing about Johnny.

Adam is now taking it to Joe Walsh and how his character outshines his actual guitar skill.

Adam is now going off on Yoko and why he dislikes her, David is silently disagreeing, his breathing is evident and Adam is joking about Yoko and what she does, she doesn’t do anything, she calls it art.

“I do something other people can’t do, she does something anyone can do if you back over them” – Adam on Yoko Ono, hilarious screaming follows the quote.


Adam is on a great B-52’s riff, he’s mocking Fred’s singing ability, he’s doing a mock version of him singing and someone, Gary I think, is losing their shit in the control room, gold!

Adam is having a great improv with BB playing Yoko, Alison wants to know how Adam feels about Bjork, and Adam loves her and her classic “It’s all so quiet” music video.

Adam is asking David what she’s responsible, he’s now mocking “double fantasy” and saying that half of the tracks were complete bullshit.


Adam is now rating the Beatles, Adam has another “Agnes Morehead” reference, the 3rd this month.

Adam is now breaking down the songs, he’s citing which ones songs are good vs. crap of “Double Fantasy” and he’s asking David to pick the 3 great songs off of it.

David is asking for “Grow Old Along With Me” by John Lennon, Adam is now doing a live read while BB searches for it.


Adam is mocking David’s pronunciation of “Grow Old” and they’re now playing it, it’s a posthumous release.

David is gibing live commentary and BB is asking about the recording quality used.

Adam is giving the order of the Beatles when broken up and how John and Paul are transcendent of their rankings when paired together.


Adam is telling the gang about the albums his family owned, “Hard Day’s Night” and some hilarious follow ups, gold!

David is telling the gang about working with Eric Idle for this special, citing his appearance on the podcast, ACS #624 Production number #956 from November 15th 2012.

Adam is saying how he could tell the type of guy that Paul was based on his reaction to the artists playing his music, David is now sharing a Nick Carter is a douchebag story.


Alison is saying that she’s never heard him speak poorly of anyone, Alison has a hilarious follow up, and David has actually told this anecdote before.

Adam is now saying that Nick and Aaron Carter would have been world class douches with fame or not, based on their origin and looks.

David is giving his take on N’Sync vs. Backstreet, Adam is giving out the twitter plug for his campaign to overtake Rick Springfield.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Leslie, she’s feeling neglected after 5 years of marriage.

She’s telling them about an unfortunate birthday incident and is hesitant to spend time with her and she can’t read him.

Adam is asking her about their plans for kids, hilarious replies from Ace.


Adam is getting her to go further in depth on her husband’s affair and illegitimate child with a woman in the Dominican Republic.

Adam has a hilarious reply to her news about her husband getting shot in the Dominican Republic, Adam is quizzing her about him.

Adam has a funny “What?” to the news that her husband’s brother is a baseball player, Adam has a great “you’re not fat yet” bit of encouragement for her.


2nd Caller Jared, is pretending to be Leslie’s husband and Adam is telling him he needed an accent to sell it.

Jared is asking them about Noel Gugliemi from movies like “Training Day” and almost every Hispanic gangbanger roll from the last 15 years.

Adam is now bringing up the old fat guys who would appear in every movie as the go to bikers in every movie.


Adam is asking him why this came up and he’s telling them about his hobby of spotting the dude in movies with his dad, Adam is appreciating it and riffing on the guys who get the intermediate “that guy” rolls.

Adam is doing a great live read for Trunk Club with Fondiler, nice use of “Porcelain” as a singular title for the man, Alison is joking with him about people’s reaction to his appearance in real life.


They’re back from break with Rob making his 3rd appearance and first solo visit to the ACS, he was on the old format episodes #100 and #325 with Paul Scheer.

Rob is telling the gang about shooting a movie with Jean Claude Van Damme while overseas.

Adam is commenting on the hat choice similarity between JCVD and Mike Love, Adam is telling the gang about watching “Time Cop” again and how was bumped by the 2004 setting, only 10yrs after the movie was filmed.


Adam is explaining that it’s due to budgetary restrictions, i.e. “we don’t want to change the cars that much” and Rob wants to know if the movie holds up.

Adam is now riffing about the first order of business is everyone who makes a movie with a time machine to go back and time don’t fucking do it.

Rob is telling Adam about the shape JCVD keeps himself in, he’s telling them about their nightly drinking and storytelling sessions.


Adam is now calling for Michael Moore to blend with JCVD, Alison has a nice “you can only improve” bit of advice for when you start a new job.

BB has a nice John Favreau one liner, Adam is now explaining why it’s important to watch TV with the sound muted to learn things about society and yourself.

Adam is now sharing his take on the deodorant commercial with the good looking young lady about to give a business presentation, the secret or dove commercials.


Adam wants to know if there ever could be a deodorant commercial where shit doesn’t go well, they’re all riffing out examples for how it could backfire.

Rob is further quizzing Adam about what else he notices while watching muted TV, setting him up for a background actor observation, Alison is now in the mix that “Friends” has been brought up.

Rob is now describing the movie featuring JCVD and explaining the plot to the gang, Adam is giving the plug.

Adam is doing a live read with Alison, Rob is adding to the read nicely with a great “Man!?”


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the weather in Sochi and the effects it’s having on the games, Adam is now joking about cross country skiing being the hardest sport that yields almost 0 pussy, he’s comparing that to the rodeo clowns and their badass job and total lack of pussy as well.

Adam is now riffing about being the guy who pitches the fake card game in the bull ring for the rodeo clowns, BB is now in the mix as a rodeo clown concerned about his safety.

Rob is asking about the prison themed rodeo clown events, Adam is telling the gang about the “prison rodeo” and Adam is describing it as “very Running Man”.


Rob is taking it back to the news story, he wants to know who is winning and Adam is riffing about the medal count suddenly inspiring interest in the games.

Adam has a funny math mix up, he’s fleshing out his example and mocking the idea of a bronze medal.

Adam would like only gold medals to be factored in, he thinks it would simplify things.


Adam wants to know how many bronze medalists have lied to women about their gold medal being tarnished in order to get laid, Rob totally agrees.

Adam is now on a great Latin Grammy riff, he’s got an excellent “Jaguares” reference.

Alison is now presenting her theory on attractive people and snowboarding, Rob is sharing about a snowboarder with over a dozen concussions.


Rob is now mocking the use of “stoked” by the modern snowboarders, Adam is joking about growing up watching the former Olympians in contrast to the stoner kids from the valley stoked about gold medals.

Adam is saying with women’s long distance speed skating the attractive rules don’t apply as they do in snowboarding, Adam is now joking about them spending every day working in the worst moment of getting out of your car position.


2nd Story is on the KTLA Laurence Fishburne mix-up with Samuel L. Jackson

They’re now playing the clip of Sam unlashing on the dude for his mistake.

BB and Rob are explaining the full clip and how pissed Samuel actually gets, BB is now glad that the world is getting to know Sam Rubin their local news guy.


Adam is saying he feels bad for Sam Rubin, Adam is sharing the “don’t call him Larry” instructions for interviewing Laurence Fishburne for ACP #214 with the cast of “Armored”.

They’re all commenting and riffing on this mix-up, Adam is telling Rob about blacsimile.


3rd Story is on modified honking sounds for cars.

Alison is reading the story and sharing the idea, the one Adam has had on air many times, a “my bad” type of honk.

Adam says we don’t need to modify the cars, we just need to come up with a sequence of honks we all learn, and the beginning of the “Green Acres” theme is Adam’s idea.


Adam is telling Rob about light up car rims that you can put custom phrases on, Alison is telling them about 1930’s car “thank you” signs.

Alison has a mini story about a federal judge ruling it is lawful for motorists to warn other motorists about oncoming speed traps with a flash of their headlights.

Adam has a killer one liner about what he would want his rims to say.


Rob is telling them about his neighborhood DUI checkpoint and thoughts about warning motorists, Alison is reading the rest of the details of the ruling.

Adam is now going off on good Samaritans being mistreated, like people feeding parking meters for other, Adam is making a point about society raping citizens.

Adam is giving a perfect example, he’s using “Forrest Lawn Drive” and the illegal immigrants illegally selling roses and littering up the road, across the street there is a speed trap setup to further charge tax payers.


Adam is saying that the cops are supposed to pretend like they’re not in it for the money and when they arrest meter filling good Samaritans it comes off sleazy and obvious.

Rob is now making a point about street cleaning vehicles and the parking enforcement pussies who show up even when the street cleaning vehicle doesn’t.

Adam is now sharing video of the car going down PCH with the custom rims, Adam is joking about busty blondes driving Ferraris’ down PCH and how that means some producer is nailing her.


Adam is doing a live read with a solid Sam Rubin, milk/dark chocolate joke.

Alison has a DUI checkpoint question for Rob, she’s asking them about the one lane and the folding table with cops, she wants to know how they would apprehend anyone.

Rob is explaining that she was too early, the cops are fucking around until midnight.


Adam is now saying what he thinks they do, searching for people who turn off before the checkpoint, trying to bust them.

Adam is telling the gang about going to prison for a “Man Show” episode and the efforts to stop contraband from getting in.

Adam is joking about a “drug sniffer” hoop that Jimmy came up with to fool people into turning around to then hide their drugs they were going sneak in.


4th story is on two chefs who have pled guilty to serving whale meat at a Santa Monica restaurant.

Alison is joking about pled and pleaded, Adam is bringing up his own hanged and hung, funny death penalty and genital comedy from Ace.

Rob is joking about the restaurant owners trying to warn you about the meat being served, has a whale sound.


Adam is joking about people who want to drag whales back into the ocean, Adam says that whales should have the right to die with dignity if they want to.

Adam is joking about his fucked up pod, his loser pod, rotisserie dolphin team performance causing depression, this is gold!

Adam is further riffing as a whale about his depression, this is great!

Rob is asking Alison about the whale meat and what was served, she’s got the details on what the restaurant paid for the meat and what was found on the premises.

Adam predicts the price of illegal whale meat, almost dead on.

Alison and Rob have great reactions to Adam knowing this, Adam wants to know if there is a bigger creature that eats smaller creatures than a whale, Adam is joking about a snake meeting a whale and comparing their daily food intake, hilarious “Goat Chex” one liner from Ace.


Adam is now joking about possible cutoff points with snakes and eating and how they must view dogs, Adam is now staying that dogs don’t have any cutoff point for fucking things.

BB has a tale of an exploding snake whose eyes were too big for its everything and Adam is joking that they don’t look at hippos with intent to consume them.

They’re now looking at the very picture that BB described, Adam is riffing with Rob and they’re taking it back to the whale meat story.


Adam is now ranting about hypocritical eaters, vegetarians who eat seafood and the majesty of tuna, Rob is bringing up a point of how the American meat industries work in comparison to the Japanese with whale meat that we judge.

Adam is now further on the majesty of the torpedo like tuna fish.

Adam is joking about JCVD and a time machine in the future, Alison agrees with the hypocrisy of picking and choosing while pointing out whale’s protected status as an endangered species.

Alison is now wrapping up the news, with a closing Drop from Rob’s DUI checkpoint whale riff from earlier.


Adam is now doing a live read and wrapping up the show with some plugs.

BB is having lots of fun with the Rob Huebel “Oh Fuck” drops and closes the show with Adam’s Fred Schneider impression.