Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/11/2013 – Ben Shapiro and Dr. Bruce

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/11/2013 – Ben Shapiro and Dr. Bruce

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Recorded 02-07-2013 – Release Date 02-11-2013

Production Number #1011

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Adam is opening the show with Doc B in the place to be. Bruce wants to know if Adam is getting any money off his “good lenses, bad frames” quote.

Bruce has a quick anecdote about a parent brining a kid in to the ER and an even quicker/louder request for the podcast listening and doctor visiting public.

Adam is addressing the behavior of the woman from Bruce’s incident and extrapolating a point about this being a further example of the entitlement problem in modern society.

Adam has a new idea for another of his “sting” operations, this time involving people collecting disability checks.


Healthwatch with Dr. Bruce

Adam is doing a live read and Bruce is now giving him shit for interrupting his train of thought, Adam’s replies about what type of train Bruce has, this is amazing, this is gold, do not miss this!

Bruce’s top story is black women avoiding exercise due to sweat and their hair care, Adam is agreeing with him and telling him his point about swimming.

Bruce refuses to accept Adam’s logic even though it lines up with what he just read; Adam and Bruce are now getting a bit heated.

Adam is right and Bruce seems too tired, this is weird and great.


2nd story is on raising the price of alcohol reducing alcohol related deaths, Adam is explaining how this kind of works this way with everything, and he’s citing his example about gas prices.

Adam is even going further exploring the other side of this idea and how you could do this with everything all the way down to tap water.

Adam has a great hypothetical question to Bruce about whether you would prefer your son to be morbidly obese or a smoker, very interesting.


3rd story is on diet soda making people get drunker when served in mixed drinks, Alison has a theory and Bruce is powering through. Adam and Bruce are mixing it up again, whoa!

Bruce is reading the science behind it and now Adam is sharing how he would love to sign up for one of these booze studies, after he finishes his courses of cocaine research testing.

Bruce is now explaining the dangers behind mixing energy drinks with alcohol, he’s citing sugar free red bull and booze, Bryan is chiming in to explain that was his bachelor party.

Adam has another live read, he’s trying to work Bruce into it and he’s refusing to bring up anyone he might be dating.

Bruce has a quasi-threat for the Bald guy, Alison has a hilarious reply.


4th story is on women being more aware of health in the family than their spouse; Bruce is hinting at Adam, he’s picking up on it immediately.

They’re now discussing Adam’s nightly cigarette and Mangria, Adam’s explaining why he would never become a daily smoker and why that is.

Bruce is proclaiming he’s going to attempt to get the Carolla’s on a gluten free diet, Adam is smiling and Bruce is picking up on his doubt.

Adam is citing a couple anecdote’s about Lynette and himself, interesting stuff.

Bruce is now taking credit for Adam not being divorced by now; whoa he’s fired up today.

Adam and Bruce are now talking about Natalia’s head injury and Adam is giving his take, he has sound medical opinions on all of it and Bruce can’t fault him so now he’s giving him shit for not being trained to have those opinions.


5th story is on childhood emotional abuse being common among alcoholics; Adam is wrapping up his segment with a funny joke about twitter.

Adam is asking about Simone and her departure from Loveline where Bruce sometimes still fills in for Dr. Drew, Drew has proclaimed that Bruce is his favorite guy to fill in on the show for the record.

Adam is now riffing with a tongue in cheek tone about the hypothetical guy that was set to replace him on loveline and how the plans from the executives just never seemed to materialize, whoa!

We love you Doc B! One of the few tape providers, all Adam fans owe Bruce!


Adam is now setting up a clip from the most recent episode of “The Adam and Drew Show” titled “Tiburon”. Bruce wants to know why Adam set that up; Adam is explaining the idea in the clip proves his argument correct about the two different brains.

Adam is clarifying and explaining he loves adoption and he loves same sex parents, he’s now citing how people will twist his words and lie to make him seem like a bigot.


Adam is welcoming Ben to the show and explaining how he’s similar to Dennis Prager in the sense you wouldn’t want to debate him.

Ben is now explaining the premise of his book and his argument about the left vs. the right, Ben brought up Piers Morgan and now Adam is calling for us to ship a blowhard American over the to the UK to take his place, much like his Ted Nugent for Bono exchange plan.

Adam and Ben are digging into immigration and Adam is explaining how and why people twist his words and arguments to make him sound like a bigot.

Adam and Ben are making it clear they’re not cultural relativists; Adam is elaborating and making a fine point.

Ben is explaining how most of his family are into leftist politics and think he’s a jackass, Ben is giving his take on criteria on racism and referring to someone as a racist.


Adam and Ben are going even further in depth and breaking down Ben’s argument with Piers and now Ben is going off about tactics and morality.

Adam is citing how he’s more moderate than Ben and doesn’t have democratic nor republican solutions, he just wants a scientific one that we can all get behind and actually accomplish.

Adam is making a larger point about race; he’s using baseball to make the point. Alison is now weighing in with her take on the concept of Hillary being nominated for president and how it resonated with her as a woman.

Ben just asked a great question and made a great point, Alison is now clarifying and making some more sense, Adam has a great quote.

Adam is further giving his take on race, he’s citing his standby example of boxing and who you root for, Adam is explaining the underdog trump card that always comes up for him.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Christoph Waltz hosting SNL, Adam has a funny callback and he teases that they’re still working on booking him for his 2nd visit to the podcast.


2nd story is on Buzz feed’s collection of Beyoncé’s “fiercest moment’s” from the super bowl halftime show, Adam is on a funny John Stossel riff.

Adam is commenting on the excess of crotch in the photos, Alison is now citing Dr. Drew’s reaction to the half time show.

Adam is now telling Alison about Drew’s dong, Alison seems especially curious and now Adam is explaining how he saw it. Adam is going on an extended jag about urinal dividers and penis snooping at public bathrooms.

Alison wants to know how men feel upon entering a women’s restroom, Ben has a funny reply and now Adam is riffing and explaining how he recently had this experience, he’s got a great twist about trendy/goofy bathroom door signs at restaurants.

Alison has now sent them all off on a ceiling fan tangent, Adam is explaining this has actually made his standup act and he’s citing some examples.


3rd story is on a Mexican girl who gave birth at 9, Alison is explain how she tried to determine the veracity of the story and even checked snopes to find out, very interesting insight into the process of finding stories for the show.

Adam is now riffing on Peru and Alison is calling for a snopes for snopes, Adam is now on a very bizarre tangent.

Adam is explaining how he is often mistaken for a Jew; he’s citing his usual examples but also making a unique point.


4th story is on Canada phasing out their penny; Adam is for it and explaining a recent change conundrum. Adam has a good point about parking meters and the time limits.

Adam is arguing the fomite point about change, Alison has a bizarre and funny idea about keys and now Adam is explaining why these efforts always fall apart due to people’s complaints.


5th story is on the anniversary of the Patty Hearst kidnapping, Alison originally wanted to bring it up earlier last week but didn’t have time.

She’s setting up Adam’s story about Patty, Adam has a crazy reply and now he’s riffing about his hippy “free range” school and the ceramics knowledge he gained.

Adam is now telling the gang about the time his hippy teachers took the kids to the burnt out SLA headquarters in Watts and how he found a spent shell casing he fashioned into a whistle.

Alison wraps the news with a great quote, now Adam is doing some live reads and plugs and Bryan lays in a great drop from Ben.