Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/10/2015 – Rainn Wilson and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/10/2015 – Rainn Wilson and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Rainn Wilson and Jo Koy

Recorded 02-09-2015 – Release Date 02-10-2015

Production Number #1508

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Adam opens the show with Gina Grad once again back in studio, Jo Koy is coming in shortly and BB plays the “I’m in construction!” drop as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam says he thinks he spotted the first black dwarf he’s seen in media not being used in a black dwarf clichéd role.

Adam is setting up the commercial he saw, for a heartburn medication and he tells listeners to picture “Pint Size Common” and explains how he made Chris sit at a table to see his arm to shoulder distance length.


BB says he doesn’t think that’s a dwarf and is doing the audio version of scratching his chin, Adam is now making a point about casting and asks why you go with the short black guy if you’re trying to fill some sort of quota.

BB challenges the listeners to send in examples on twitter, Adam curses him to the same fate of tweets further about this.

Adam describes his breakthrough over the weekend including fist pumps in reaction to this revelation.


Adam is back to the Joan Osborne song “One of Us” and Adam is doing a mashup with the Elliot Gould clips, properly balanced this time.

Adam is telling them about his experience at the 1994 KROQ Weenie Roast, Adam explains that Jimmy got to KROQ 3 ½ months before Adam did but he’ll always look at him at the veteran, like a 3rd grader views a 5th grader.

Adam is now reading the list of names of bands who performed that day, Adam tells them about taking his white house tour with ‘The Afghan Wigs’ and further lists of the bands.


Adam is playing the big hit from the band ‘James’ and Dawson says that song is purely mailbox money for the band at this point as it’s used so often in movie trailers.

BB is shocked that the Violent Femmes closed the show, Adam says you want to go 2nd to last as people start to file out.

Adam is sharing Chris’s reaction to Beck’s placement on the lineup in 1994, Adam says he remembers feeling bad for Beck that year, he said the audience was kinda of doing the “thumbs down” going to get a beer move.

Adam is trying to make a point about seeing Beck 21 years ago in a much different place and winning a Grammy so many years later.

Jo Koy joins them in studio.


Adam is doing a live read for Pro Flowers


Adam plugs some of Jo’s upcoming dates and the next live show with Greg Fitzsimmons, Adam now wants Jo to sing along with the Joan Osborne song as Bung Lu Su and Jo immediately laments Adam doing this to him each time he visits the show.

Adam is reacting as if he’s never heard Jo protest before but wants to seem sympathetic while also steamrolling him to make sure he does it again today.

Jo explains that fans demand he sing along to things and when he refuses they call him Joy, Adam decided to take a call while Jo prepares, how?


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he wants to know when Adam is finally going to do an hour long standup special.

Adam says he will be doing one sooner rather than later, he explains his intense schedule and shares a crazy thought about doing the first improvised standup show, recording two shows and editing them down to one hour special.

Adam says it would either work or it wouldn’t and Matt is now further inquiring about Adam’s preparation level, Adam is explaining how you would structure it.


Adam asks Matt what he does, Adam talks about the renaissance of photo booths, Adam asks if he ever runs into the guys who inflate bouncy castles for children’s parties and has a funny improv riff with BB mocking this possible scenario.

Adam asks who the cock of the walk is in the “drop shit off at your party” business, Adam says the bouncy castle guys I the bottom of the rung, BB argues that the cotton candy guy is similarly ranked.

Adam jokes about having an air pump like penis and tells everyone about Larry Flynt’s pump in his scrotum.


Jo is now lamenting women working the testicles into foreplay, Gina is surprised that men don’t seem to like this and she’s now shock that Jo has never heard of ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ and they all explains it.

Adam has a killer riff about the person who built the theater holding the performances of the show being allowed to view what was now going on in their theater and how they would never stop vomiting, killer material.

Adam is trying to get Bung Lu to sing along a little bit, he’s doing it…


Adam tells Bung not to make it about it himself, he then takes it from the top once again.

Bung Lu Su is doing a “take it girl” Jizz themed approach where he also declares himself god, he seems to be making sex noises too.

This is perhaps the most bizarre one ever done, Adam is asking Bung about the Grammy Awards and they’re doing a funny back and forth about it.


Adam is quizzing Bung on his favorite female singers, funny R-E-S-P-E-C-T spelling joking and now Adam is trying to get things straight and Gina is in the mix too.

Adam is asking Bung about Kim Kardashian and how she didn’t stand during the standing ovation and how it makes people look like a royal douche for not participating.

Adam is now sharing his Taylor Swift argument and explains how she shows up and parties and rocks out, really gets into the show and makes it a better experience.


Adam is now breaking down the video clip of Kim seated while everyone was standing around her.

Jo shares a defense of her not standing due to her ripped dress, Jo says it’s probably the reason and BB chastises Jo for shitting on points.

Adam is commenting on how all we see of Kim’s nowadays is her vagina so why the modesty.


Jo has a question about promiscuity and women and Gina has a solid follow up, Adam then gets to the inherent hypocrisy present in society.


2nd Caller Ricky, he was in his refractory period and wanted to know about porn ratings on various websites.

Adam is now sharing his riff about wanting to track the guys down who have given negative rankings to videos, with Rampage Jackson and they kill the guy’s laptop like its fucking Dracula.

Adam says they are going to force the guys Jizz back into his cock, he jokes about not sharing all of the details of Rampage blowing the Jizz back into the urethra before they show up at the guys house.

Very funny stuff.


Adam is doing a Shari’s Berries Live Read


Jo brings up the 17k he spent on the Super Bowl and Adam is extremely happy that Jo brought this up, Jo is explaining it was a 20k weekend and Adam remembers thinking oh poor Jo, then happy for Jo then the game just ended.

Jo is sharing the experience of watching the catch that almost changed the course of the game, Jo is explaining that a lot of Green Bay fans were there and shares his theory.

Adam is having Jo paint the scene of the crowd, Jo is sharing his conspiracy theory about the outcome of the game and how the powers that be didn’t want Marshawn as the face of the game.


Adam is now sharing his theory, he explains how the west coast fucks everything up, and Adam says that Pete Carroll could have called a pick play but instead went with the genius move.

Adam says his 8 year old could have called the 3 runs over the pass play that ended the game.

Adam says he won’t be fired after Gina asks, Adam says that Pete simply out-coached himself much like California pizza toppings.

Jo asks Adam to says his name right and he insists his name should be Joy.


Adam is doing a live read

Adam says bye to Joe and heads to break.


They’re back from break with a Definitely Not a Jew intro, Adam is trying to get the name ‘Backstrom’ correct and admonishes whomever wrote his copy, it was Caelan and Gary even chastises him on air.

BB has a funny Thursday joke, Adam says he feels like Steve Carrell doesn’t care about being rich and Adam further riffs about celebrities who don’t seem to care much about money and find pleasure in the simple things in life like family and good pizza.


Adam says he these guys he always means to hang out with in Hollywood and isn’t really that plugged into the celebrity lifestyle that Rainn presumed.

Rainn says his guy is David Koechner and Adam says that’s his guy too, now Rainn is betting Adam that he can get David out to dinner before Adam does.

Adam has a killer “Back-Storm” callback.


Adam is now setting up the call to David Koechner, Rainn compliments Weird Al Yankovic live and mentions going with Tom Lennon and his wife.

Adam is further exploring what a Weird Al show is like, Adam says he likes Tom Lennon a lot but has never threatened to go out to dinner with him.

Adam is now further exploring how they do this, Rainn mentions ‘Crank Yankers’ and Adam is now asking Rainn about Soul Pancake and he claims it was created in reaction people like Adam, Adam asks what did he do and Rainn says he was just teasing.


2006 KLSX ACS Flashback

Rainn mentions that the first time he was on air with Adam on the KLSX ACS on March 1st 2006 Adam said to him “Dude You’ve got weird hair” which Adam objects to, I will find out right now…

Adam compliments ‘The Office’ and Rainn calls Adam his hero, claiming he was a huge Loveline fan and tells Adam about guesting on the show with Adam there.

Adam hopes the studio catches on fire and everyone dies but wishes them the best outside of the fire, Rainn calls him a hero for the ages, he says Adam is the Will Rogers for today.


Adam described Rainn as an “oh yeah guy” and tells Rainn that he has the best comedic role on ‘The Office’.

Rain credits his comedic success and inclusion in so many promos to his goofy haircut and Adam says “How is your hair doing it still looks weird?”

That solves that. Rainn brought it up and Adam didn’t just


Back to the show.

Adam is telling Rainn that he should call Koechner and ask them out to dinner on a certain date, he’s now calling David Koechner to ask him out to dinner.

This call is hilarious and Rainn wraps it up, Adam has a funny riff about not even knowing David but just wanting him and Rainn to finally get together and hang out.

Gary is now calling David for Adam, Adam is on with Koechner and he thanks him for doing ‘Road Hard’ and tells him about his idea to get the wives together.


David is telling him how crazy this is as Rainn just called to schedule a meal, Adam is now trying to talk David out of going to dinner with Rainn.

Either David is an academy award worthy actor or he’s buying this…

Adam is killing it, he’s almost tipping his cards with too much talking, like he’s on air, he’s usually more reserved off air, but he’s nailing it.


Rainn is back on the line with David, this is great!

David is promising to call him back and confirm this, David is buying it.

This is the greatest thing ever, Rainn is demanding to know how he doesn’t put two and two together, and Adam says he’s sweating through his shirt due to his internal laughter.


Adam says he feels so uncomfortable at this point and wants to tell him back to tell him they’re fucking with him, this is wonderful!

Adam is loving this and takes it back to their “to hang out list” and Rainn asks Adam how he knows Koechner and Adam says he’s just a warm open guy and nice and cites his history guesting on the show and working on ‘Road Hard’ and Rainn says you can hand your baby to David and take off for a day without worrying about it.

Adam is asking Rainn about his wife and her work, Rainn tells Adam that his wife showed up to see him at the Canyon Club and now Adam is adding Rainn to the list of guys/couples he needs to hang out and dine with.


Adam is doing a live read for Reverie Bed

Adam says he has a happy but sad…

They try again to call David but get his answering machine message, Adam is now explaining that on the 20th he’s actually going out to dinner with Kevin Costner.

Adam is asking Rainn about his wife being a fan, Rainn says he discovered Loveline in 1996 and listened to Loveline with his wife when he was a struggling actor.


Adam tells Rainn that the greatest compliment is not being able to get out of car while listening to a radio show, Rainn is now explaining how he makes most of his phone calls while driving and organically ends them as he arrives at his home.

Adam is sharing his move with his mom who doesn’t want him talking and driving anyway, Adam is sharing how he would drive in a slow circle on conference calls while talking to the attorneys.

Rainn asks why Adam didn’t pull over, Adam is now telling him about the woman who was staring him down from her porch and giving him the stink eye.


Adam says all he could do is point at his ear, he says he was unsure what that move indicated to her and Rainn says he’s out for the 20th.

Adam says he can smuggle Rainn Wilson Koechner into the dinner, Adam says he could probably figure it out.


The News with Gina Grad

1st Story is on a mother who left her baby in the car while shopping in an adult novelty store.

Adam asks if you can’t just send the dude in to make the butt plug/anal bead run.

Gina tells them about another recent case of this in the news, Adam is commenting on the bygone era of sending kids to the liquor store to pick up booze for their parents.


Adam says the greatest thrill in the Carolla home was riding in his dad’s makeshift convertible standing up risking life and limb.


Gina brings up the Danish couple who left their baby outside, Rainn steps in and helps her with the facts.

Adam talks about using his kids for free labor, dispatching little humans to do his bidding.

Rainn is in the mix and Adam is telling them about his “dad voice” hey yeaaaaghhhhhaahah noise he makes to get endless conversations to wrap up in his home.


Rainn says his son now says no, Adam predicts that Sarge doesn’t talk that way to Koechner and BB has a killer ranking one liner.


Adam is now doing a live read for Iron Planet


They’re calling David back for another lap and now Dave says he knew this was too fucking weird and got the feeling that he was on a prank show.

Adam is now asking him who he would have chosen, he says Rainn as he agreed to that first.

David is mocking how both guys used the same script, Rainn critiques Adam using his same angle and David is mocking the comments from Adam.


This is great, Adam is now explaining the spirit of how this began, and Adam explains that David was their mutual guy.

David is asking if they’re doing a podcast right now and Adam is joking about Rainn and his wife going out to dinner with him and his wife.

David comments on the “I love you” at the end of Rainn’s call.


2nd Story is on the marriage license lapsing and explains the reasoning, his supposed bride would want to display his remains after his death and now Adam is riffing about the idea of Manson still being around and in the news.

Adam is taking it back to 1972 and a hypothetical argument about where Manson will be in 2015, Rainn is complimenting the look of Charles and Adam says that prison is good for many people and Rainn is now echoing Adam’s 6 months to get in shape idea.

Rainn is joking about wanting to explore his homosexuality and Adam is now working out an improv scene and sets up two variants.


Adam is calling Rainn gay, Adam is now doing a “you can’t judge” reply about it being literally “when in Rome” and tells him about a case of Pringles.

Adam dubs their scene(s) The CockCatcher.


Adam is doing a Vermont Teddy Bear Live Read

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.