Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/10/2014 – A.J. McLean

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/10/2014 – A.J. McLean

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest A.J. McLean

Recorded 02-09-2014 – Release Date 02-10-2014

Production Number #1257

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Adam is opening the show to a #TopDrop selected by Lynette, Adam is sharing the back and forth about his hotness that he does with Sonny, their running bit.

Adam is now calling for a set memorization for takeout orders when it comes to the home front, Alison is joking with Adam about working this into her vows.

Adam is on a great chicken burrito riff and the idea of people not getting him the item he wants, that only costs 59 cents more.


Alison is bringing up the internal conflict of when you’re supposed to thank someone in society and are compelled to yell.

Adam is getting to his own experience taping “Catch a Contractor” and his thoughts about the possibility of dinner after a 16hr day.

Adam is bringing up the chipotle burrito he found in his fridge, this one was on “Old Guy” aka Olga who left his burrito in the fridge.


Adam is ranting about microwaving burritos and how hot tomato and guacamole ruin a reheated burrito, Adam says he would have preferred a room temp burrito over this.

Adam is further getting to the thought behind the burrito purchase but how the cold leaves it almost unable to be reanimated, he’s joking about trying to separate the ingredients, like trying to sneak away from a party with a select group.

Adam is getting to the missing hot sauce, the only relief he had was encountering Lynette who was also disappointed with the lack of the fire roasted sauce that Adam prefers, the medium?


Adam is getting to his on-set “creamy garlic sauce” from Zankou Chicken discussion that was followed up with a lunch run sans sauce, he’s saying that the idea of sending the guy on the lowest rung of the jobsite for the food runs has backfired.

Adam is getting to the move of coming home “salsa-less” from a Mexican takeout place, Adam is suggesting someone start running upon him discovering the salsa missing from the bag.

Adam is getting to the Mexican menu, the items that are best suited for reheating.

Adam is explaining his typical order and wants to know why Olga wouldn’t have gone with that, he’s explaining that the tacos are capable of picking apart unlike the burrito that requires a “rib spreader”.

Alison has a hilarious literal blowjob analogy for this type of favor, Adam has a great use of “Go Sick” and an even funnier “dude move on” in reply to Alison.


Adam is sharing how he taught Olga a lesson by eating the burrito while pouting in front of her, Adam is quoting the Notre Dame locker rooms and calling for a “Salsa?” over the door of all Mexican food joints.

Alison and BB seem to love it and Adam is now asking for how man domestic spats this would prevent, he’s explaining the Chinese food variant for this regarding “Moo Shu sweet plum sauce”.

Adam is saying there is no greater first world problem than when the lack of condiments starts to sink in, Adam is getting to the hopeful search for the missing accoutrements.


“Now its Moo Shu misery, MooShisery” – Adam

Adam is getting to the Chutney variant for Indian cuisine, the Peanut for Tandoori Chicken and Alison is calling back the Salsa? Signage.

Alison is bringing up Ketchup and how it’s almost never forgotten, Adam says it’s the ironic one that you already have an abundance of at home, and it’s given away because it’s almost free.

BB is saying that Adam should focus on this as society’s next great ill waiting to be remedied, Adam is now saying that sending someone on a run leads to you getting something towards what they prefer, great music selection analogy.


Adam is now mentioning a guy he encountered yesterday during a busy schedule, he’s telling them about the humungous pussy.

Adam is now saying cars should have a “working” on duty sign to let other drivers know they’re in a rush, hilarious “I’m not going to the park to molest kids” joke, great back and forth with Alison and BB.

Adam is now riffing the “oooooooooh I’m gonna tell momma” horn honk he experienced when another motorist witnessed him make a U-turn.


Adam is now sharing a Tom Sizemore clip he was listening to that he assumes the gang has already heard, Adam is now quoting it.

Adam is now quoting the Tom Sizemore clip and the story, Alison has a mushroom example of Adam’s query about someone being high and using it as excuse.

BB has a funny quip, he then tries to explain it to Alison who of course understood it.

Adam is joking with BB about being high, nice Alice in wonderland reference.


Adam is now saying that substances don’t necessarily mean people are lying, Adam is now citing all the ways truths have come out between coworkers in drunken scenarios at Christmas parties.

Adam is back to the story about Elizabeth Hurley and Bill Clinton, Adam is now playing the clip.

Adam is now stopping the clip to comment on the edited words, he’s breaking down the specificity of this story.


They’re playing the clip again, Adam is stopping it to get to the part where Tom talks about Elizabeth and Bill dating for a year.

Adam is explaining that Tom retracted his statement the next day, BB is giving his take on how you would want that story leaked by Tom of all people, due to his history that can be called into question.

Adam has a nice back and forth with BB, Alison is now stopping Adam digging into Gary for leaving out the dating portion in order to praise BB’s Bill Clinton impression.


Adam is doing a live read.

They’re now playing the missing snippet about the year of dating Bill and Elizabeth had, Tom is spilling the beans.

Alison is praising he line from Bill, BB has some nice drop work and Adam is getting to the retraction again, Alison is telling all asshole guys to use that line to get some closing sex sessions while breaking things off.

Alison and Adam both think this has to have happened. BB has a killer “thanks drugs” in reply to Adam crediting them with this story leaking, BB is also saying this raises Bill’s stock when it comes to the appearance of his sex partners.


Adam is sharing his hypothetical reaction if he was Bill, ordering Tom to not retract it.

Adam is now saying that maybe Bill and Hillary have the ultimate relationship in reply to Alison’s query, Adam has a killer Donny and Marie “hardly fucking” analogy.

“You know what ruins a marriage? Love!” – Alison

Adam has a great reply asking her about her stage of wedding planning, Adam is now commenting on how relaxed Hillary must be about their marriage, great “endless closet of pantsuits” comment.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Charles, he wants to know about switching careers, he’s currently a chef and wants to be a computer programmer because he hates what he’s doing.

Adam is getting him to clarify chef, line cook or 5 star bistro, Charles really seems to fucking hate it.

Adam wants to know what the best former profession is for someone you’re dating, for women, he’s getting to the tech side.

BB is sharing his own real world experience with his wife’s food blog, Adam is now throwing out one more option, a financial whiz partner, or tech expert or former chef?


Adam has a great “not living in the burrito moment” callback to Olga and the Chipotle drama, Adam is making a point about everyone having an off day and missing opportunity, calibration.

Adam is saying that as human beings it should be the only thing we discuss, do things work, and does the internal calibration work.



2nd Caller Clayton, he’s a huge fan and Adam is telling him to hurry, he’s a journalism major in his 3rd year of school.

He has a job offer, he wants to know if she should wait and go 100k into debt or go work now, Alison is jumping in to tell him it’s not worth it.

Clayton is working for Nerdist and Adam is telling him about hiring tons of writers over the years, how the submission was all it was about, that or their softball skills.


Adam is now saying he’s going save 100k by having Dr. Drew help his kids lie about attending Amherst College, Alison is citing her own history of never being asked where she went for any job over the years.



3rd Caller Mike wants to know where Adam would live if work wasn’t an issue.

Adam is now listing off the obvious candidates, the cities that like him and he’s got shows in coming up this year.

Adam says Seattle, off the top of his head and BB wants to know if Adam would consider Hawaii.

Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t think paradise would work, paradise? Hahahaha!


Adam is now doing a live read.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw “August: Osage County” and he’s listing off the cast, he mentions Julianne Nicholson who he was unfamiliar with, despite her 2004 Classic Loveline with Jay Mohr, where he literally said her name over 50 times.

Adam and BB are joking about “she’s grown up” and “She’s all grown up” and what that means about a woman, while discussing Abigail Breslin.

Adam is praising BB’s wordplay and picture painting ability in his review, he’s giving a nice breakdown of the plot and the structure.


BB is getting to the Oscar odds, citing the -1200 odds for Cate Blanchet and he’s saying that Meryl’s performance in this rivals Cate’s status as the frontrunner in her category.

Adam and BB have some interesting points about gambling on sure things, Adam’s got a Tyson reference.

BB calls it a B-.

Adam is now listing some stats from AJ’s work with “The Backstreet Boys” and they’re going to break.


A.J. McLean is now making his ACS debut, he’s telling them about his 21yrs in the group and work with the case manufacturers they use, Anvil.

A.J. is telling them about the mini anvil case for the iPhone and where they intend to expand the line, Adam is praising the wisdom of the cases and Alison is praising the design.

Adam is now telling the gang about his failing IPhone speaker, Adam is telling him to come out with a signature series that shaped flesh colored with part of a nose on it, to disguise it for talking while driving.


A.J. is telling the gang about cupping around the speaker and how the case doubles the sound of the phone, an added bonus.

Adam is telling everyone where they can preorder these cases.

Adam is now asking him about Lou Pearlman whose name came up the other day, Adam is asking A.J about what he did and why he’s in jail.


A.J. is now sharing what he knows about the convictions, he’s telling them about the boy band factory the man generated.

A.J. is telling him about being the 1st “Backstreet Boy” hired in 1992, he’s telling them about Lou getting a sixth of the pay, like a band member.

A.J. is telling them about Lou being tracked down in Thailand, Adam is asking him about any funny business that may have taken place, and A.J. says they missed it but has heard some rumors.


A.J. is getting to the shit that’s now weird in retrospect, “porn night” Tuesday nights with Lou and the young guys all watching hardcore porn.

Adam is making a point about Lou and how he orchestrated the business plan and market for boy bands in the late 90’s, A.J. is giving him a great amount of credit and citing how they reacted to him promoting their direct competition.

A.J. is sharing how the guys saw the two faced business practices when the dust settled, Adam is giving him congrats on the new baby.


Adam is now asking what A.J. thinks about Lou sitting in prison, A.J. says he has mixed feelings and while he wasn’t harmed personally, his group was harmed and his brothers from the past 21yrs.

Adam is getting to the crazy need for more that can’t be reasoned with, it’s their wiring and A.J. is telling them about their former “big papa”.

A.J. is telling the guys about the other band members and their feelings about Lou and how their first audit came to be thanks to Brian.


Adam is now arguing that the guys got paid in pussy, if he was Lou, he would use that argument.

BB has a nice contribution and A.J. is telling them about the guy fans who thank him for romantic music to use when they were losing their virginity.

Adam is now doing a live read, life lock with a Lou Pearlman twist.

A.J. is lamenting the rap that Florida gets, Adam is saying they’ve earned it and now they’re all riffing about the rich man poor man laws of the state that attracts such extreme “diversity” in its populace.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, he’s sharing how cute it is for his kids to witness these events and proclaim their intentions to become professional athletes.

Adam is sharing his viewing of the women’s skating laps, leisurely pace until the end, Adam is telling them about hitting the fast forward and how it took over an hour and bled into men’s cross country skiing, Adam want’s something downhill with action.

Alison is struggling to get interested in it too, Adam wants to know if they should even televise some of these, like the awards given earlier in the day before awards shows.


Alison is updating them on the conditions in Sochi, she’s got all the details of the sewage and water.

Adam is now joking about the Real Sports segment on the corruption over there and everything that took place to hold these Olympic Games.

Adam is joking about Putin’s shirtless horseback riding buddies getting all of the contracts, Adam is saying its dudes at their worst.


Adam is now joking about how they would kill Michael Moore if he made a doc about the corruption in Russia, poison at the 4 foot mark of his 6 foot sub, A.J. is joking along with them.

Adam is saying that “Michael Moore lookalike” is the worst day in someone’s life, a poor version of him, hilarious ruddy skin improv with BB.

Alison is now asking the guys about the photo from an American Bobsledder, Adam has a great “Kool Aid endorsement” one liner in reply to the photo you can see via the show page link above, and someone in the control liked that joke too!


Adam is riffing about the hollow core door he busted through and how he thinks all bathrooms should have solid core doors due to the sound issues, despite his hatred for the nanny state and frivolous building codes.

Adam is now joking about the 4 man luge, the two middle dudes who push the hardest and then attempt to suck their own cocks for the whole ride, gold!

Adam is commenting on Russia and their obvious issues, A.J. is telling them about the remaining dates for their 20th anniversary tour.

Alison is asking him about the band and the rehearsals after taking breaks.


A.J. is telling them about a quick change incident and what it’s like getting to tour with NKOTB, Adam is asking him about their Russian dates.

Adam wants to know the biggest international destination, he hates to say it but everywhere but the states due to the desire for new artists.

Adam is giving the comedy equivalent of Los Angeles and how all comics have to leave to make money.


A.J. says Japan is the biggest right now, Adam is wondering when it’s going to turn around that the Japanese no longer want to be like us, he’s saying he’ll explain that we want our kids over here to be like them.

Adam has a great “harpoon a whale” joke and BB has a nice comment. Adam is giving his “Hai” Japanese cell phone theory.

Adam is now doing a live read, he’s mixed up the sponsor and Alison has a nice back and forth with him about it.


2nd Story is on a teenager who faces suspension for taking a Selfie with a dead body after taking a field trip to an anatomical donor program at a local college.

Alison is reading the details of the offending Instagram Selfie and she’s making a point about PR director for the school, how that wasn’t common for previous generations.

Adam says he would be surprised if a young kid didn’t do that. Adam is now suggesting an experiment with people photographing a sign that said “do not photograph” and what the percentages would be.


Alison has a hilarious “she didn’t take a finger” comment and Alison is father giving her take on the outrage, Adam is now joking about this being a good day for someone who had donated their body to science.

Adam is getting to Dr. Drew and his cadaver that was assigned to his team while in medical school, hilarious corpse fucking comedy from Ace, comedy gold!

Alison has a great question about gender in the necrophilia realm, Adam is connecting it to prison and A.J. has a great joke.


Adam is saying that the people who donate their bodies are pretty hip and not uptight, he’s now sharing the penis enlargement investigation for “The Man Show” and how hey first learned of the donor tissue used for penis surgeries.

A.J. seems to love Adam’s riff about this and how the donors don’t think they’re giving parts to some middle easterner’s dong.

Alison is now wrapping up the news.


Adam is doing a live read, he’s giving out the plugs for everyone and wrapping up the show.