Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/09/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 116

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/09/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 116

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-24-2014 – Release Date 02-09-2014

Production Number #116 Should I Tell My Kids About My Past?

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and asking Drew about his health, Drew is telling him that he’s getting over surgery and Adam is bringing up the pattern of Drew’s illnesses, Adam says he’s between a chick and an overbred poodle.

Adam is now bringing up Drew’s chick-esque wiring and his crusader for estrogen in all its forms, Adam says that Drew has many things that he lets wives get away with that he would never allow for them to do.

Drew agrees that he over idealizes women and says he would choose to hang out with women over men, Adam is sort of with him and he’s commenting on Drew’s lack of guy friends.


Adam laments the missing part of palling around and how he would like to get back to that, Drew is bringing up Adam’s recent interaction with ray.

Adam is now sharing his recent insight to his time spent with Mike August, who he likes a lot and who has become his weird companion.


1st Caller Albert, he want to start his own podcast and is nervous about being truthful and possibly hurting someone’s feelings.

Albert wants to know how Adam navigated these waters before his status as a literal millionaire, Drew is answering the question for him and now Adam is telling him to separate money from the equation of honesty.

Hilarious sister/100$ analogy from Ace, Adam is now explaining that honesty is different than being a history.


Adam tells Albert to just do the podcast and that he’s allowed to report the truth, using his own service porch bedroom as an example, hilarious mom’s a cunt one liner.

Albert is citing a “walk off” from around the year 2000, Drew is now commenting on the two times he remembers.

It was Wed. October 20th 1999 with Meredith Brooks, Adam is explaining why he would get angry about the lack of hierarchy at Loveline.


Adam is explaining his lack of interest in repetition and why he wants to get things done while he’s still alive, he’s bringing up the air conditioning issues at Loveline and the lack of movement to repair it.

Adam is asking Drew to stop him if he’s being unfair, great bombing in WWII has left the parts on back order excuse for the AC not getting fixed/recharged.

Drew is now launching into a live read, Adam is working the LL AC story into the read.


Adam predicts he’ll make it to 81, 4 months and change.

Adam is now backing out all the repetition spent in his life talking to Ann and Anderson at Loveline about AC, time spent looking for his dog’s leash, time in traffic, airport TSA lines

Adam is asking Drew about passive vs. active engagement in wasting your own time, he’s citing Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups 2” and saying that’s his thing, AC convo is unnecessary.


2nd Caller Leann has been sober for 23yrs, she has a 12yr old son and has opened the dialogue about substances, and she wants to know what she should share with him.

Drew wants to know if she was truly an addict or just an abuser, Adam is saying he doesn’t trust the people who sober up in their early 20s.

Adam wants to know about the impulse to tell your children all the details of your personal and sex life.


Drew is giving super practical advice and Adam is getting to the societal double standard of men and women telling their sons about their past experiences.

Adam says this is gonna be “momma’s a whore” with every 3rd story, incredible addiction meets young women often leads to stories that her son might not want to know.

Adam is launching into a live read.


3rd Caller Jason, he wants to know how to propose to his gf?

Adam and Drew are now speaking with him, he’s unsure if it’s time to keep looking or to settle down,

Drew is offering up some practical advice, man to man and asking him about his position in life and Adam is struggling to remember which one of them always says that women it’s about the right guy, for men it’s about being in the right place.

Drew is explaining his impatience for the midlife crisis and Adam has an interesting “what do you expect” explanation for the lack of a possibility to ever marry any of his girlfriends from his 20’s.

They’re doing another live read.


4th Caller John, has a 5yr old son with autism.

John is a single father and is telling the guys about the boy’s mother and her recent arrest for attempted kidnapping and her 3rd felony.

She’s now going through the motions trying to get joint custody of their son, John feels like he’s not being heard and his mom is getting to lenient of treatment in spite of her history.

Adam is getting to the inequity of family court and divorce, the double standard at play that’s unfair for men.


Adam and Drew are getting to the changing divorce policies now that women are falling victim to the same mistreatment that men have experienced for decades.

Drew is getting to the science of kids needing their mothers and Adam is mocking it calling it “hate speak” and citing the Huffpo interview and articles about him.

Adam has a great “Speciologist” one liner and Drew has an equally strong seahorse family structure riff, Drew is offering up some practical advice.


Adam wants to know when the experts became imbeciles and Drew says it’s when they have an agenda, that’s truly evil, knowledge used for philosophical purposes over objective ones.


5th Caller Jeremy, he’s been blue collar since birth and started working for a college in Louisville, Drew is telling him they’ve been there, and Adam doesn’t remember the 2nd time.

Jeremy says he can attend classes for free but doesn’t have time with his 4yr old daughter, he doesn’t want to miss out on her life over the next 6 years.

Adam interrupts with the sad realization that his kids don’t need him as much as they need his wife and his wallet, Drew agrees completely.


Adam says his presence is whip cream or gravy, not essential nutrients.

Adam is not trying to undervalue his contributions to his family, he’s putting a high value on it, and he supports everyone, that’s what they need.

Adam is explaining what his family does without him presence, he’s telling Drew about the “hit the road big sack” reply he would get if his kids were forced to choose between parents.


Adam is now getting to the idea of growing up without a dad, it’s not where was your dad, it’s what was he doing?

Adam is getting to the legacy of bad parenting, mom’s live in real time, and Dad’s live in a legacy memory sort of time, Adam is now giving an example of how people speak about their dads vs. their moms.

Adam is telling the caller to be best example and provider he can be, in his absence they’ll learn about sacrifice and hard work.


Adam says he’s found that with his kids “a little daddy goes a long way”, mommy is day to day according to Adam.

Adam is telling him to go provide and do this, he’s sharing how his kids could even use his story as one of inspiration when discussing him decades down the road.

Drew is saying it will be interesting to see if some of this translates to women who work, Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs.