Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/08/2013 – Sam Sheridan and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/08/2013 – Sam Sheridan and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 02-07-2013 – Release Date 02-08-2013

Production Number #1010

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Adam is opening the show with a funny “tell a friend” intro; he’s holding a super fancy invite to Mark Burnett’s party. Adam is explaining how bad he feels about not being in town to make the party.

Alison wants to know what happened with Adam’s “Good Day L.A.” appearance, Adam told her they were bumped by the “rogue cop” story.

Adam is riffing about how he would get multiple shots from cadets upon graduating police academy; he’s describing it like a modeling shoot, hilarious!

Bryan is realizing the comedy opportunity and almost forcing Adam into an improv about the photo session, this is great!


Alison is telling Adam about trying to teach his kids how to hold a pool cue; Adam is giving his take as someone who grew up dying for a dad to instruct him and the cruel irony of having kids who resist it.

Adam is giving an example of trying to teach Natalia how to ride a unicycle and now he’s back to the pool example and lapping back again to the unicycle.

Adam is really emphatic about riding a unicycle and claiming it as one of the best feelings in the world; he’s even losing steam trying to explain it again.

Adam is now asking the gang to give their take on his kid’s homework assignments, Alison agrees with Adam and he’s trying to make a larger point about the papers from school fucking up his house, hahaha.


David Wild is now on the line giving a Grammy sneak preview, Adam has a funny riff about Bruno Mars and his dancing ability for David to relay.

David is giving some hints about the show and describing elements of the performance he just witnessed, Adam is thanking David for hooking Lynette up with some tickets to see Bruce Springsteen.

Adam is sharing his newfound aggression at Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and David is so angry he just told Adam to F off, Adam is asking David to tell LL Cool J his theory about him.


Adam is telling the gang about just getting back from The Tonight Show; he’s sharing his now updated theory on what could be done if organized crime was able to influence a long snapper on an NFL team.

Bryan actually agrees and they’re explaining it to Alison, Adam is going even further in depth on how to pull of this “perfect crime”.

Adam is explaining how he tried to pitch Amy Adams his movie idea about this very premise, Adam is explaining how he instructed the segment producer to find him a guy with some hands.

Adam is explaining the typical Carolla “Great Magnet” twist where his requests were purposely ignored and the very events he was trying to prevent came to pass.

Adam is telling the gang about trying to teach the writer’s assistant how to catch some long snaps in the parking lot, there was another Carolla style twist with a parking lot security guard.


Adam is explaining how he heard from another fan that didn’t get the joke on the back of his book, Adam is being kind with his reply but sounds perplexed, and its as if he feels someone is gaslighting him.

Adam says he was given the option to change his back cover for the paperback edition and suggested his original idea for how it should have been printed originally but somehow that was overlooked, shocking!

Adam has a funny joke during his legal zoom live read.


Adam is now telling the gang about his learning experience involving his plan for the day; he had a jam packed calendar and wanted to try to get some rest in.

Adam is explaining his bizarre obsession with symbolic numbers when it comes to setting his alarm clock and how it ends up burning him, very interesting revelation and advice.

Adam is asking the gang about a hypothetical deal with the devil; Adam is explaining how he would have shaved years off his life for low sums of money and extra sleep.


Sam is now in studio and Adam is reading some of his bio, Adam wants to know if Sam thinks a doomsday disaster scenario is heading our way.

Sam is explaining the birth of his son changed his POV and got him interested in looking into this stuff, Adam is riffing about the people who give up their worldly possessions because they’re so certain it’s the end of the world.

Adam and Bryan are riffing as one of those guys and his landlord, hilarious quotes from Adam. Adam is explaining how he doesn’t get how cavalier society is when it comes to disaster preparation.

Alison is keying in on their discussion and asking why they think many of us including her suffer from this reluctance to be prepared. Adam is explaining how he ended up with a bunch of guns despite not being a gun guy.

Sam is saying he’s also not a gun guy and describing his experiences handling firearms and training to use them properly.

Alison just mentioned Sam’s past as a merchant marine, his ship name reminds Adam of a bizarre great magnet moment from earlier in the day when he was listening to Dennis Prager’s show.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the L.A. manhunt for a “Rogue Cop” Alison is reading the details of the story and information from his manifesto.

Adam is expressing his concern with the cops shooting up a truck that didn’t match the make or the model of the truck used by the suspect.

Adam is going in depth on how this upcoming lawsuit will be at the expense of the taxpayers and not the cops who made the mistake; Adam has a funny riff about their nationality and relationship.

Adam is going super in depth on this and explaining how this is key evidence he deserved to be fired, Adam’s got a funny “door to door” riff and Alison is now shaping it into a great hypothetical question.


Alison’s 2nd story is on Chris Brown not completing his community service. Adam is now saying he should just go do some work on Rihanna’s yard as he owes her and not society.

Adam is now pondering with all the community service being handed out why is there seemingly no benefit and why does everything still look like shit in L.A.


3rd story is about the singer of “Wild Thing” passing away, Adam and Alison agree on the song. Adam is going off on songs that are shitty but work their way into our collective memories like crappy local commercial jingles.


4th story is about the Applebee’s waitress who was fired after a pastor refused to tip her and a photo was tweeted of his receipt.

Adam is giving his take on the service industry and drops a great quote about what a job at Applebee’s is worth.

Adam is explaining that when it all washes out waiters end up benefiting way more in tips than getting stiffed, Adam is lamenting some waitresses averaging the same wage as an engineer.

Adam is sharing some of the perks of being a waiter he’s encountered through his friends over the years, Alison wants Adam’s take on the pastor and her behavior.

Adam is doing a live read, Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is wrapping the show.