Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/07/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 307

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/07/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 307

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-02-2016 – Release Date 02-07-2016

Production Number #307 – Skipper the Ship

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Drew brings up the caucuses as they didn’t get to it last time, Drew says that Adam brought up Drew and his perceived dishonesty of how he feels about race and what he says on air.

Adam is explaining his logic and cites Gavin Newsom and the bullshit headlines about him, he mocks the notion of feeling sorry for his wife and daughter.

Adam says you can go fuck yourself and he’ll go on your show and tell you the same, he’s talking about the PC police and the mob mentality of listeners and viewers.


Drew is sharing how they have an open forum on Loveline and a guy called in telling them about sexually assaulting a girl who was passed out when they were teens and the controversy that erupted in response to them taking that call.

Adam says he can’t be fired so he doesn’t care and he’s getting old enough that he doesn’t care anyway.

Adam says Spike TV can choose to fire him, but he really doesn’t care and anyone he knows can attest to that.


Adam says The Huffington Post fucked themselves by calling too many people racist too often, he now asks Drew to think back to 10yrs ago and if someone told you that Bradley Cooper was a racist, hilarious teen Nazi riff.

Adam says that the people who are getting offended are dumb people who don’t get out their checkbook and can suck his choad.

Adam is getting to the right and the left, he says the most narcissistic people are atheists and he calls Muslim terrorists cave people, he makes a point about Bill Maher and how people dismiss the right due to their religions beliefs and how judgmental that is.


Drew is doing a Live Read for


Adam says he doesn’t look at himself as smarter than people why have a faith, certainly not the Jews.

Denis Prager is the Jewiest Jew who has ever Jew Jewed across the planet according to Adam.

Adam says he could support a candidate with a religion he doesn’t share, he doesn’t need to graft himself onto his political leaders, he can follow the best Vietnamese woman, as long as she’s the best candidate.


Adam is talking about his new community of family ordinated neighbors and Drew brings up South Park and the episode where they covered Mormonism.

Drew is doing both sides of the scene.

Adam wishes more people were Mormon and did the kind things they do in the name of their faith.


Adam is talking about the number of Mormons in prison, who file false disability claims and live off welfare, he assumes they are more family oriented and live in tighter units.

Adam is talking about the right and left nonsense regarding voter suppression and gun rights and how it never ends.

Adam says the ultimate tyranny is giving the government half of his 10k haul for doing a show.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Happens every 2 seconds edition

Adam calls for Dawson and gets Drew instead, he’s a gooder reader than you think Dr. Drew!


1st Caller Mike, he’s calling about his MS like symptoms and Drew is asking him follow up questions about his descriptions.

Drew tells him some of is psychological and brings up the somatoform disassociation and asks about childhood trauma, Drew laughs at the “rape is not a sexual act” riff from Classic Loveline.

They riff on the rape/power redefinition and Adam asks about the assholes on the left who have to redefine everything Drew brings up Adam’s late grandmother and Adam talks about people trying to defend communism.


Adam says they are mad at their dad, they only endorse these things as they are on retard autopilot and are acting out against daddy.

Adam’s grandma never liked communism, she just wanted to push back against the standard, he brings up Hors d’oeuvre and the famous Clitoris debate with his late grandma.


Adam says the left wants to correct, the right wants to correct behavior.

Adam is commenting on how Gavin only wanted to correct Adam verbally while Adam wanted to correct the world.

Adam rants about rape survivor vs. victim and how it helps nobody and is just talking.


Adam is talking about how the left no longer wants to pass on wisdom, they just want to slap you on the hand, it’s going to be a great future and Drew wraps up the info for Mike.

Adam is back to the Ted Cruz interview and the “Luv Me Some Cruz” comment that led to Adam being written up as a celebrity endorsement for the man.

Adam talks about Elon Musk and he says he’s not sure he’s likeable and Gary says he’s a dick, Adam doesn’t care and just like that he’s changing the world and getting shit done.


Adam talks about the car he’ll have ready for his kids by the time they get licensed at 16, for under 40k.

Adam just wants the cars baby; he doesn’t care if he’s a dick.

Same goes for running the country, Adam has a sending flowers to a woman you’re infatuated with example.


Adam guesses General Patton might not be the best guy to have a beer with either, he doesn’t care, he just wants the product.

Adam brings up pro athletes and how Jimmy Kimmel or Nick Santora would be much better guys to have beers with.

Adam is now riffing about Tony Vilar, aka former mayor Antonio VillaRetardo.


Adam is now bringing up a DNC vote where Antonio Villaraigosa totally fucked up.


Drew does a Live Read for the Podcast One Listener Survey


They are now listening to the vote, Drew and Adam are doing some commentary over it.

Tony’s voice oddly resembles Adam’s buddy Chris.


Adam and Drew are now calling that the most insane clip and Drew says it’s tyranny, Adam say’s he a dumb person and he shouldn’t be running this state.

Adam doesn’t want a person with a fake name running the state unless it’s President Camacho and he references the movie ‘Idiocracy’ and his own book ‘In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks’ and how they’ve predicted so many things that have come to pass already.


Adam is doing a Slender Tone Live Read

Adam used it while skipping rope, felt good on his back edition.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show and gets a Super Bowl prediction form Dr. Drew and gives his own.