Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/07/2014 – Nate Jackson and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/07/2014 – Nate Jackson and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Nate Jackson and Matt Atchity

Recorded 02-06-2014 – Release Date 02-07-2014

Production Number #1256

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Adam is fucking tired, Dawson has a great intro, did Lynch actually write that one, or did Dawson improv it like he said. Adam is welcoming Alison, BB and Matt to the show, BB has an excellent Teddy Pendergrass #TopDrop from Dag.

Adam is now sharing his day driving through watts, it was drizzling rain and Adam was averaging some impressively slow speeds, using the cars idle to propel himself throughout the city.

Adam is now mocking people who use rain as an excuse for people reducing speed to single digits.


Alison is now sharing how she was late and was worried about the explanation, Adam then beat her out and was 36min late.

Adam is sharing his fictional future plans to swing by the warehouse earlier, he’s now getting to the realization of the other two times Adam was in watts.

The first time was to see the “Watts Towers” a national monument that would never be allowed to be built today, he’s explaining why to BB.


They’re now all looking at the Watts Tower and Adam is explaining the materials and the history of the building and why it’s unique.

BB has a funny comment about the humongous stature being the only part that makes it a landmark, great “Tetanus Gym” joke from Adam that has become a new porn name “Tetanus Jim”.

Adam is now sharing the other trip he made to Watts, the hippy kid school field trips to the Watts towers and the burnt out SLA headquarters the teachers took the kids too after the Patty Hearst case.


Adam is now joking about beret’s and 6 guys making a group in the 1970’s and has a hilarious riff about what the SLA was fighting for.

Adam is now reading the history of the Watts Tower, Adam is explaining the teachers reasoning for taking kids to these terrible places like the SLA headquarters.

Adam is now joking about the stoned/beaked up on niacin adults who claimed to be teachers, BB has a funny one liner and Alison wants to know about the niacin being used at the time.


Adam is now sharing the 3rd field trip, the one to the Lawry’s seasoning plant and Alison has Adam on a Huell Howser riff.

Adam is joking about what he was going to do with a packet of taco seasoning, hilarious one liners.

Alison wants to know about things that slip out of memory after just looking them up, BB is sharing his own experience with this. Adam is joking about cities renaming portions to more appealing titles to raise property values.


Gary is now reading the details of the SLA and their history, Adam is now commenting on the idea of a “vanguard army” and calls it 7 stoners and a beret.

Adam is doing a live read and working the seasoning packet into the mix.

Adam is now getting Gary to give him the details on the burnt out headquarters


Rotten or Fresh – Bill Murray Edition

1st Movie “Groundhog Day” 1993

Alison has a funny accusatory tone asking about the guys possibly looking up a movie like this before and already knowing the answer.


2nd Movie “Charlie’s Angels” 2000

Matt is explaining the details of how Bill was cut from the sequel to this movie, Adam is saying he misses Bernie Mac despite never understanding a word he said.

Adam is now asking if this is a McG movie and says that there is nothing wrong with it, its pop eye candy.

Adam has a hilarious use of “bonkers” and apologizes for the kids listening, Adam is now saying that movies should be judged for what they’re trying to be, he’s a got a great food analogy.


3rd Movie “What About Bob” 1991

Adam is giving his take and BB of course loves it, Alison is now breaking down her scoring process and thanks god for trusting her 3rd instinct.


4th Movie “Kingpin” 1996

BB is asking if they did this movie already, they did indeed back in December on episode #1219, BB also has a perfect memory it seems


5th Movie “Lost In Translation” 2003

Adam is now going off on the movie and comparing it to “Little Miss Sunshine” and Alison wants to know about Adam’s fart/ejaculation noise, Adam is explaining the butt funnel move he uses to get the semen into his butt.

Hilarious back and forth with Alison, “I tried that, it’s not my scene” – Adam on anal sex with dudes.

Adam says Scarlett Johansson and her underpants were the best part of the movie.

Adam is going off on the easily manipulated fucking idiots who critique movies.


6th Movie “Garfield” 2004

Matt is thanking the twitter user who suggested the topic and the game is now over and BB is reading the scores for the gang.

Alison came in 2nd place, she says that’s like her coming in 1st place.

Adam is doing a live read for trunk club and promoting the video with Matt where they pick out new clothes for Matt’s Valentine’s Day date.


They’re now playing the video and Matt’s delivery is hilarious, they’re all doing commentary over it and breaking down Matt’s performance and take to the camera at the end.

BB is calling him “fat joker” and Alison says he’s going over the line with cruel comments.


Q and Ace


1st Caller Will, calling from Kirkland Washington and he’s immediately correcting Adam about being from Seattle, whatever dude!

He’s saying that Seattle owes him for picking the Broncos in the Super Bowl and wants to know what Adam did on his Super Bowl Sunday.

Adam is now breaking it down, starting at 220am Buffalo time that morning.


“I’m like a cockroach, I don’t jog!” – Adam on his morning attitude.

“I’m the cockroach of comedy bitch, and I’m coming to your kitchen, hide the perishables!” – Adam


Adam is now back to the flight home, barely making the connection in Atlanta and made it home just after noon.

Adam is really breaking this down hour by hour for Will and the listeners.

Adam is getting to smart technology and is saying that DVR’s need to learn to assume the viewing traits of the users, he’s telling the gang about forgetting to set the TiVo to record the Super Bowl and trying to get Olga to set it up for him while he was hanging with Kimmel and Emily Blunt.


Olga only recorded the pre-game show and BB is defending her, Adam says he wasn’t mad at her and didn’t even get mad at himself either.

Adam is telling the gang about “getting his swerve one” and Alison has a funny reaction to that worse usage.

Adam is explaining that he ordered Lynette to take an Uber over to Kimmel’s so she could drive them all home, Adam says that nobody is better with kids than Jimmy Kimmel.


2nd Caller Wilmer has Adam going off about honesty in media and adults who lie, Adam is now citing people who don’t remember paying him back 10k they owe him.

Adam is making a point about what someone does who actually paid you back vs. someone who is lying about it.

Adam is saying that people are all dying for a story, he’s saying that regardless of the story it’s just no good unless you add a dramatic angle to it, citing the bullying/suicide from a few years back.


3rd Caller Jared, he wants Adam’s take on sitting to pee and how it’s connected to aging, Adam is now sharing that it has nothing to do with it unless you think you might be taking a shit.

They’re now playing the song “Wildfire” from “Michael Martin Murphey” which Adam says is about his asshole, Alison and BB are joking about the premise of the song and BB is mocking the lead up on the track.

Adam is now joking about the references all being connected to his recent Detroit pooping situation, Alison has a funny reaction to the twist in the lyrics.


The song is wrapping up and they’re joking about Michael’s image from the best of record, Adam is claiming they used to sport matching kerchiefs.

Adam is now doing a live read for DDP yoga.


4th Caller Bruce, he suggests “Wild Sphincter” instead and he is asking Matt about “The Lego Movie” and it’s 99% score on RT.

Adam is now sharing how off putting Ninjago characters are and he’s asking why it’s always the same 8 people doing VO work in these animated features.

Bruce has an 8 month old girl and she’s already starting to develop a personality, Bruce is already planning for 16yrs down the road.


Adam is now explaining how pliable women and their attractions are and how they can be sent after certain traits in rebellion against what their fathers drilled in to them.

Alison is agreeing that men don’t rebel via who they date and Adam is now making a point about fathers and sons and the lack of rebellion between them.

Alison has a wise point about expectations and double standards among boys and girls, Adam is now breaking down people as one way or like his dog with a rope toy, always pulling against you.


Adam is now saying that number #1 you kid should respect you, not through fear but through honorable actions and how once they respect you, they won’t want to disappoint you.

Matt is saying lead by example and Adam agrees, Adam is citing the charitable functions that he throws with Lynette and why he demands they come along to witness these events, even hanging out at Kimmel’s house.

Adam is wrapping up with Matt and asking him about what’s going on at the cinema, Adam is now asking who the fuck couldn’t have predicted that Legos would blow up like this.


They’re back from break with Nate Jackson making his ACS debut.

Adam is plugging his book and asking him about his 6 years in the NFL, he’s telling them about starting with the 49’ers and spending the rest of his career with the Broncos.

Adam is now getting to the Turk and being cut from the team, Adam wants to know why it was done at 5am on an episode of “Hard Knocks”.


Adam is asking him about his own experience being told to “get his playbook” and Nate is breaking it down for them, telling them about the first time and the message left on his parent’s answering machine.

Adam is telling the gang about playing football for 11 years and how it teaches you all that you need to learn in life, Jake is contrasting the sport to the NFL and how bitterness comes into play.

Nate is taking it back to “The Turk” and his 5am wake up call, Alison has a nice callback to Nate’s use of “pear shaped”.


BB has a great Sean Connery/Roger Ebert analogy and Adam is now joking about all the more appropriate candidates from the NFL hall of fame that could come and cut players instead of the fat Turk.

Adam is now asking him for some details that the average fan might not be aware of, he’s getting to the journeymen in the league and the efforts to hold onto a job, the realistic side of the NFL.

Adam is now getting to the business side of the sport and the NFL coaches that need to be regulated, much like what’s been done with bars, forcing hours where the coaches can’t work.


Adam is giving his take on what society would be like if politicians treated their jobs like NFL coaches do with theirs, hilarious Villaretardo riff from Ace.

They’re all discussing the health of various coaches, Adam is once again saying they’ll have to implement the same rules they have for college football.

Adam would like the job of checking on the facilities overnight, he’s joking about chilling in the hot tub, randomly shouting at possible rule breakers, hilarious joking about trying on guy’s jerseys bottomless, BB is right in the mix, gold!


Adam is now doing another live read, working the having fun riff into the read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the final Tonight Show with Jay Leno that was recorded on Thursday afternoon, Alison is reading all of the details of the performers who showed up.

Alison is stopping on Olivia Wilde and Adam’s affection for her, he’s bringing up the “Real Time” episode where he met her.

Adam is singing her praises and Alison is reading the rest of the details while Adam cites his missed shot at a final booking for the show.


Adam is now citing the “ShakesBeer” event where Adam invited Leno to raise money for kids, Adam is now sharing how he first asked Leno to do the event and got a simple “is it for kids?” before Leno agreed to show up.

Alison is reading “ShakesBeer” for the first time and now gets the beer connection to the event, BB is telling her about the kegger element.

Gary is now mic explaining the connection to the inner city Shakespeare foundation, Adam is now joking about its effect on kids and their school performance, hilarious “fellas/Othello’s” mix-up with BB.


Nate wants to know what Jay’s plans are now, Adam is saying he doesn’t think he’ll do another late night show and is citing the man’s love for standup comedy.

Alison wants to know if Adam thinks Leno will adapt and become more edgy without a major corporate employer, Adam is now citing his joke about his wedding ring and how it upset Jay.

Adam has a hilarious Bill Cosby closing joke.


2nd Story is on the Woody Allen/Dylan Farrow controversy.

Alison is reading all the details and being extremely sensible and fair, much like her take on her own podcast.

Alison is now reading Dylan’s open letter about the sexual assault, Adam is now jumping in with a funny “Bananas” comment responding to Dylan’s letter and the rhetorical question in it.


Alison is now getting to her tweet that was very fair and considerate, measured as she says.

She’s telling Adam about the shit storm she’s got in response and she’s got a hilarious “I wasn’t in that tweet” reply to people saying she’s a rape defender.

Adam has a missing apple analogy for the case and the element of doubt, Alison is making note of Adam’s comments.


Adam is giving his take on taking a victim at their word, he’s using Maureen McCormack as his counter point for not believing someone with a new salacious story when trying to sell a book.

Adam is summing up his take and Alison is now offering up the findings from the early 90’s investigation and the counter claims of Moses Farrow.

Adam is asking about Satchel and Alison is saying that he’s now “Ronan” and Adam is joking about what he would do if he was Woody, hilarious fake name time capsule comedy.


Adam has a great “the only way I can come” riff with BB about Mia Farrow beating him, Alison is now giving her take, and she’s confused about what she wants to be the reality.

Check out Episode #250 of ARIYNBF for a full discussion of this case and her tweet and its controversy.

Adam is now doing a live read.


3rd Story is on a police officer and fire fighter that got into an argument, resulting in the fire fighter being handcuffed by the officer on the scene.

They’re now playing video of the scene and Adam is doing live commentary.

Adam is joking about the worst footage being of you arresting a fire fighter in full costume, he’s citing the zero tolerance speeding zone he witnessed on the way back from Vegas.


Adam is citing the attitude that I’s not turned into “who the fuck cares why you pulled me over dickhead!?” – Adam on the asshole cops using an attitude when ticketing you and stealing your money.

Adam is on a do what we fucking tell you to do and is getting to the psychology of it and how it escalates into the shit that went down surrounding the Dorner case.

Adam is going off on the cops, Alison is wrapping the news and BB is busting out the new drop from Alison about the Woody Allen case.


Adam is now telling everyone to go out and get a radar detector, Adam is clarifying that nobody is interested in driving dangerously but he doesn’t have all the time left in his life to waste.

Adam is now getting to carbon emissions and his long commute to Watts, all in an effort to pay more fucking taxes.

Adam is now asking for his own form of credit, where he can cash in the credits from L.A. Traffic going under the speed limit for when he makes up for it driving 90mph to Vegas, makes perfect sense.


Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping the show.