Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/07/2013 – Kevin and Bean Live from Amalfi Restaurant

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/07/2013 – Kevin and Bean Live from Amalfi Restaurant

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 02-06-2013 – Release Date 02-07-2013

Production Number #1009

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Adam is opening the show with Kevin of the famous Kevin and Bean show on stage at Amalfi, Bean is now popping up via the internets (Go to Meeting).

Adam is ripping into Bean for the frames on his glasses, Kevin is encouraging it and Adam is dropping killer quote after killer quote and really going off.

Adam is asking Kevin and Bean about their origin in radio seeing as how Kimmel got them to give Adam his start in radio.

Kevin and Bean are explaining how they first applied for the job and now Adam is jumping in and mocking Bean’s red cabriolet he drove in the mid 90’s and how it served as Adam’s introduction to the cheapness of Radio.


Adam is trying to get Bean to reminisce about the old days, he’s saying his memory isn’t that good but he did just bring up a story I don’t even recall about Adam raising a barn, classic!

Adam is reminding Bean of his 10-20k custom CD rack he built that was last discussed on episode 9 of the Adam and Drew show.

Kevin is now having fun with Adam for never building him anything; Adam is quizzing him on how they brought Jimmy into the fold and how that made way for Adam.

Kevin is being very honest and it’s great, Bald Bryan wants to know what “Kiss Ass Carolla” was like, Kevin is explaining that Adam and Jimmy never changed.

Kevin is mocking Adam for being more interested in construction than show business, now he’s ripping into him for having an easy start in radio and not having to pay his dues.


Adam is now telling an anecdote about his initial discussions about payment for Loveline with Trip, he’s transitioned to another conversation about him and Rachtman co-hosting from Oct. 1995 till April 1996, whoa!

Kevin and Bean want to know if Adam considers the time he spent hosting the “Golden era” of loveline, Adam does and he’s explaining it, too bad he’s not using his most obvious resource the hardcore fans. Yes Adam loveline is the best loveline, for the record.

Adam is quizzing Kevin about waking up at 445am for morning radio and if he’s ever gotten used to the hours after all these years.

Adam is now telling the guys his “oh my god I would kill myself” reply he used to get when he would discuss his hours for his morning show.


Bean is now presenting a very interesting question for Adam about his KLSX morning show, he’s explaining it was weird for him and Kevin to have Adam as the competition.

Adam is giving his infamous Jennifer Aniston analogy to explain his thinking and lack of nerves when it came to replacing Howard stern.

Adam is now ripping on the promotions guy for KLSX and the station as a whole, Bryan even agrees with Adam’s quote about the place.

Adam is ripping into the nature of morning radio, specifically the aggressive promotional pictures.

Bean is being honest about all the crappy morning shows that would beat them in the ratings and how it makes them feel, Adam is making a larger point and he’s now calling for a list of Chris Rock and Dane Cook’s album titles.


Bean is now busting out another amazingly insightful question; he wants to know how Adam and Jimmy felt about working for them and being so much funnier.

Adam is giving a nice reply and admitting how he is the funniest man on the planet but insisting he never was gunning for Kevin or Bean’s job and knew his place.

Alison is delivering a great compliment about Adam’s appearance on “The Burn” with Jeffery Ross, Adam is following it up with another great analogy about earing your spot regardless of talent or intellect.

Kevin is remarking on how he thinks Jimmy loved them but knew they were wrong when they would argue over comedy and bits. Adam is using his “fruit in the middle” story to help explain how Jimmy can be in an argument.


Bryan just set up an old story; Adam is now telling the gang about doing season 3 of The Man Show. Adam is telling the “smoked clams” story from their buddy Eric’s bachelor party; Alison is having some great reactions.

Adam is setting up a tangent story to further highlight Jimmy’s arguing skills, he’s stuck on a riff about shitting his pants, he just made a pants exchange program and its gold.

Adam is telling the gang about Jimmy driving him and Kevin around trying to find his old radio station in Seattle, he’s now getting into the first driving story he set up, the “134 towards Pasadena” story.

Adam has a hilarious comment about the story and delivers a killer Bald Bryan joke mid telling.

Adam is back to the party bus story; he’s describing the food poisoning and has some more great quotes, a very compelling variant of the story.


Adam and Kevin are reminiscing about Frank from the old radio station; Adam is now asking Kevin and Bean if they were present for when “The Boogerman” tried to choke the life out of Jimmy at the radio station.

They’re riffing about penis surgeries, Adam has a killer reply about all of his attempts to make his dong larger, Kevin is playing a great straight man and Alison is asking questions.

Bean wants to know if Adam was able to clean up with women in the Man Show days, Adam has an insane reply about him and Jimmy. Adam is now explaining how MTV was where it was at and has a funny riff about not paying male employees if he ran the network.

Adam is giving a plug for Kevin and Bean and now he’s seguing into a Shari’s Berries live read, this one has a hilarious quote from Adam about the dipping process.


Alison’s News

Adam is interrupting right up top with a quick anecdote about Dr. Drew and how he is very much a stereotype of his own persona.

Adam is now making this a full story and fleshing it out for the gang; Adam wanted a ride from Dr. Drew much like he did back in the Loveline days with the airport incident.

Adam is now actually telling and abbreviated version of the very story I was picking up on, simpatico.


Alison’s top story is on USPS announcing the end of Saturday letter delivery, Adam is asking if we really need mail on the weekend and now riffing on the UPS slogan, good stuff.

Bean is now stepping in as the rep for the USPS and Kevin is mocking him for being a “postal nerd”? Adam is now replying with a funny riff.

Bean is actually arguing Adam’s usual point about the postal system being the greatest value in America; Adam is taking a counter point and has a funny follow up.

Adam is now telling the gang about Jimmy’s fake Christmas cards he used to prank their agent James Baby doll Dixon every year, hilarious.

Adam is transitioning to the story of how Jimmy “terrorized” their buddy Mark, Adam is going super in depth and it’s by far one of the best telling of the story.

The guys are all bonding over Jimmy’s level of proficiency and passion for pranking his friends and family. Adam is citing the call he heard that Jimmy made into the “John and Jeff Show” as a prime example for the man’s almost constant stream of pranks.

Adam is doing a quick recap of the “don’t screw me man” story where he called into the Phil Hendrie show one night.


2nd story is on Kristin Chenoweth getting upset with American Airlines about being denied boarding with her special needs dog. Adam is now going off on how it’s now on, funny in character riff as a pilot.

Adam is going off on the “eye to anus” contact involved with being around a dog; he’s got a funny squirrel counterpoint. Alison is filling out the details and explaining what happened and closes it with a great/funny point.

Adam is telling Kevin and Bean about Dr.Drew’s panic attack on the set of MTV loveline and his “tough love” response.

Adam is now standing to give a louder and more focused take on the topic, hilarious closer.


3rd story is on the board game Monopoly updating their new playing pieces, Kevin is interrupting to explain that Bean actually voted on this, Alison is clarifying and Adam has a joke about the choices.

Adam is now riffing about Monopoly and playing it with his sister; he’s got a funny 2013 riff about trying to play with his kids as a counterpoint.

Adam is following up with Bean about the game piece he voted for; Adam has a genuine laugh in response. Bean has a letter from largest iron manufacturer in North America giving their take on the news.

Adam and Alison are riffing on bygone sitcom tropes, iron marked/burned dress shirts and soufflé humor. Adam has a great impromptu “the more you know” PSA.


4th story is on CBS sending a letter to the producers of the Grammy’s regarding wardrobes; Adam has a funny riff about Beyoncé at the super bowl.

Adam and Bean are figuring out its usually one person they have in mind each year, they’re riffing on Ke$ha and Alison is reading more quotes from the letter.

Adam is now on a very bizarre camel toe tangent; Bryan is proclaiming it as Adam’s finest moment.

Kevin has a killer one liner in reply to Alison’s vagina monologues bit, Alison is now reading the rest of the requests from the letter and Adam is threatening to show up and disobey the rules in a very specific and gross way.

Alison wrapped the news and now Adam is doing a live read and bringing Bean into it.