Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/06/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 115

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/06/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 115

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-24-2014 – Release Date 02-06-2014

Production Number #115 Gospel  

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and Drew has an observation about “the good word” and “gospel”, he’ asking Adam his feelings about it.

Adam is now sharing his take on companies like “In and Out” and why they even choose to continue to advertise, Adam is joking about Drew’s mic punching and how he would be treated if it was his spouse instead.

Adam is further giving his take on the success of “In and Out” and their constant traffic, unlike other fast food establishments.


Adam is getting to the notion of their being a “secret recipe for success” and he’s explaining how it starts with traffic tips and other minor shortcuts then leads to all aspects of business.


Drew has an excellent point about “the secret” and other aspects of magical thinking, Drew is now giving an example of Christopher Titus from Loveline the other night.

Drew is quoting Christopher and his own thoughts about how the product has to be good for one to find the success they seek, Adam is now asking Chris Maxipada about his pink power rangers’ wallet.


Adam just spotted it out of the corner of his eye, Adam is asking Chris why he got it and he’s now explaining that it was sent to Adam and he turned it down, Gary is showing his “A” money clip, Gary is now sharing an anecdote about how they got them as groomsmen for his wedding.

Drew is explaining how Adam’s attitude flipped for Chris, he’s telling him to move along and now they’re doing another lap and Adam is explaining why he has a bright red wallet.

They’re doing a live read.


Adam is now giving a LeBron James meets the Secret analogy, he’s explaining how dudes react vs. women, hilarious shaving cream line of questioning for George Clooney example.

Adam is explaining how he buys cologne and when he chooses to apply it, only when heading to set to make his hair smell less funky in the makeup chair.

Adam is getting to the motor that is responsible for success and Drew is telling people to learn from Adam by observing him, he’s citing “Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Producer Lauren” and the incident on September 23rd 2003 that was covered on air on September 24th 2003.

“Adam asks him and Junior Producer Lauren what they’ve learned from their time working with him. They say there’s no preparation needed whatsoever, you can talk about whatever you want for however you want, you can leave immediately, you get to boss people around, you make big bucks, it’s who you know and who you’re connected to, and it’s about random luck, and you don’t need an education or any training.”


Adam is telling Drew about a light left on at the warehouse, Adam is now giving an elaborate explanation for how leaving the light on can always be extended with last minute adjustments to your schedule.

Adam says if you always turn it off then the “1 out of 57 times” you get distracted it won’t be an issue, Drew is adding to it and Adam says you’ll never get stuck outside in the hall in the hotel of life if you listen to this advice.

Adam is now riffing about the hypothetical deaths that float through his head, Drew is agreeing with Adam about women being inherently more nurturing and is launching into a live read.


Drew is getting to how he’s going to take Lynette out to dinner while in NYC, Adam is giving his take on the kids going out to dinner with Lynette and how he would like that to be a treat rather than an everyday occurrence, much like sweets.

Adam and Drew are having a back and forth about prohibitive work schedules and how Adam comes off, Adam is citing his 3 lawsuits and blowing Drew’s mind.

Drew was not aware that Adam is under this much pressure, trying to feed money into the legal furnace, Drew was taking this topic towards workaholism but now is thinking differently in light of this news.


Drew is citing an anesthesiologist he knew that was a workaholic and how it leads to a method thinking towards exceptionalism, but he’s now telling Adam it is fucked up that he’s being sued like this, Drew is pissed.

Drew wants to know if Adam can share any details, he explains that he can only say that 3 separate entities are suing him and his bar is so low he can’t even consider the logic of any of it.

Adam is citing the patent troll lawsuit and Chris is filling in some info for him.


Adam is getting to the things he can do to help with these suits and what is wife can do as well, it’s not him being sued, it’s their family unit and the company as a whole.

Adam is telling Drew it’s not about looking better to him via busy work, it’s practical and the work he has to do that she can’t shouldn’t be envied, it’s brutal.

Adam is sharing an update on the state of Mangria and how the sales could be improved, he’s trying to explain that not everything is about following your passion.


Adam is now explaining how he assigns tasks and his level of expectations for his staff, he’s citing the type of people who get things done with one mention and those who require you to circle back and double check.

Adam is getting to the different modes of guys in the military, USO show vs. Foxhole mode and he’s bringing up his own invisible foxhole mode that people can’t often recognize.


1st Caller Craig, wants to know about dating with STD risks.

Gary has a great reaction to Drew teasing this call.

Drew is telling Adam how much he loved the new Mangria commercial from Michael Narren and Adam is now stopping to comment on how much Drew loved it and the way he said it.

Adam is picking on BB for not saying a word about the commercial and Drew is sharing his query about the wife’s voice, Alanna Ubach, the classic Loveline guest.


Drew and Chris are singing the praises of the commercial and Adam is now telling Drew the visual cues he passed onto Narren for the animation.

Adam is commenting on the lesser reactions that he’s witnessed from others and how much he appreciates Drew’s.

Drew is asking Craig about the weather and now he’s sharing he’s been listing to the guys since 1996, he claims to not be far behind me in the fan dept.


Craig is 42, divorced after 25yrs and Drew is asking him what happened.

Adam says it’s people not settling into their lot in life, he’s citing the options for women later in life and Drew is explaining that a life and family need to be nuked for someone to get divorced.

Drew wants to know about infidelity, Adam is taking it back to his question.


Craig is telling them about a one night stand, Drew is bringing up the HPV vaccine and how even though it’s not meant for him, if Drew was out fucking around he would want it for himself.

Adam says why not and is now launching into a live read.

Adam is now wrapping up the show.