Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/06/2014 – Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/06/2014 – Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan

Recorded 02-05-2014 – Release Date 02-06-2014

Production Number #1255

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Adam is opening the show back at Carolla One studios for the first time in about a week, BB has an excellent #TopDrop that feature “Alison’s Squeal” perhaps my favorite of her multitude of reactions to comedy.

Adam has a funny bookmark word mix-up. Gary can also be heard losing his shit to Alison’s hilarious inquiry about the drop and why it was chosen.

Adam is now getting to the mantle of nougat’y confusion surrounding mike August and Alison bearing witness while en route to San Diego.


Adam is now recounting their drive to SD and how Alison’s hymen was popped regarding August and his cloud of confusion.

Adam is not mentioning it but I actually was interviewing him during said car ride and heard the news about the publicist happen live via mike’s email.

Adam is sharing the process of trying to book tom Cruise and interact with his publicist for the Newman racing documentary.


Adam is explaining that the publicist was trying to figure out if Adam had planted the story and their efforts to dissuade her from believing that.

Adam has a great “I Tombot” joke about the missing footage of Tom racing with Paul Newman back in the day.

Adam is telling the gang about checking with Matt from Carcast to see if the was involved and the mix-up with August and the conversation during the car ride that Alison witnessed.


Adam is sharing the 13 laps around park retard with Mike and their conversation, Alison is now confirming all of the details and BB has a reference to Sonnygate and the “But I’ll Look for it” comment.


Alison is sharing the close of the story and Adam is getting back to the door of suspicion being left open by following up with the publicist.

Adam says that “you’re the boss but I disagree” is not satisfying but ultimately ends up satisfying in a different way.

He’s now getting to the Chicago Park Mike August confusion incident, Adam is getting to the details and BB is filling things in.


Adam is telling the gang about being picked up by assistant Jay and his need to stop by the hotel before the show.

Adam is getting to the details of his “power signing” and explaining to Alison why he rocks a little goo “hair gel” in his pube like mane.

Alison mentions the experience of the full day in Chicago, Mike August was asking Adam about his room size and had a last minute detail about their rooms getting swapped.


Adam is now explaining that where they go nobody recognizes Adam at the front desk of a hotel and Adam often gets the wrong room with mike mistakenly getting his Jr. suite.

Adam is explaining what a mensch’y dude that makes August to bring it up and ensure that Adam gets treated well, awwwww.

Adam is explaining that August left his key in the SUV and now quoting their back and forth over the key.


Adam is now giving the “Who’s on first” over the room confusion, nice reaction from Alison.

Alison is now stepping in to clarify some of the details, Adam doesn’t know the missing info that she seeks.

Adam is now getting to the room swap and how there never was a suite, Adam is giving every detail about being at the end of his rope.


BB has a nice point about August never struggling for an answer regardless of whether it makes sense.

Adam is saying that he reminded August that the room has a “do not disturb” tag on the door and was describing the order of paintings for him to locate it.

Adam is explaining the mysterious knock that woke him up with nobody visible from the peep hole.


Adam is now to the 10th layer of confusion and the hallway conversation that led back into Adam’s room, this is great!

Adam is sharing the “you didn’t need to know” August gave him the next morning upon checkout.

BB is explaining that the merch for the Buffalo show didn’t get routed to the event, the Bung Lu Su shirts were sent to Detroit too late.


Alison is now getting him to clarify what August’s actual intentions were.

Adam is now launching into a live read.


Adam is now getting to the type of pedestrian that appears out of nowhere, he’s giving a lengthy explanation for the types of scenarios where you might encounter this ninja like pedestrian.

Adam is sharing his encounter with this type of pedestrian and how he saw the man still holding his hands up in the air in outrage in the middle of the street as Adam was fleeing down the hill.

Adam has a solid “Say Anything” and “Platoon” set of references for the man’s appearance, he’s joking about feeling sorry for the man’s family and possible wife.


Adam is explaining that people shouldn’t take this is a “me against the world” scenario and Alison has a great point about trust falls and the way her parents raised her.

Alison and BB have great points about Adam’s mom telling him that he’s the cause of all his own problems and the mixed message of her blaming the government for all of hers and societies too.

Adam is sharing the “Rikki Rachtman” conversation he had with his late grandma.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Armando, he wants to know how to convince his wife to give her oral sex and if Adam would bone Christy Canyon if he was single.

BB has a nice racial angle and Alison has a funny quip mocking his skillset.

Adam is sharing the infamous quote from “Squeak” telling him “I don’t eat nothin’ that gets up and moves when I’m done”.


BB wants to know why he even wants to do this and Alison has a killer reaction to that, Armando is explaining the reason why and Alison has an even funnier observation about “between the cheeks”.

Adam is making a point about taking things personally in the bedroom and letting people not be interested in activities they don’t like.

Adam is now breaking down the male vs. female thing when it comes to sensation and how women understand what men say but men take the same information and make it a challenge they must overcome.

Hilarious closed door back and forth between Alison and Adam.


2nd Caller Zach, they’re having some fun with his obvious virginity and Adam has a great “Shocking” that takes almost a minute to unfurl, whoa!

Alison’s reaction to the shhhhhhhhhhhh preamble is priceless.

Zach wants to know why high school doesn’t prepare people for living in the world, Adam is now making some great points about CPR, taxes and other real world practical things being taught in school as opposed to merely setting you up for High school 2.0 aka College.


Adam is now calling high school high falootin, and he’s making a point about the powers that be not wanting an educated public to know that much about their own taxes.

BB actually agrees and Adam is now making a point about the outrage that would come from people being made aware of the tax code.

BB is sharing how shockingly unprepared he was for life after high school, only ready to go to college for more school.


Adam is making some great points about the wasted time he spent in high school and BB is now calling for a real world set of AP classes that could set someone up to make a loveable wage upon graduation.

Adam is now doing a live read.


3rd Caller John he wants to find a good pizza place out in Los Angeles and wants to know Adam’s take on Pineapple on pizza in general.

Adam is saying “poor assistant Jay” citing his recent Chicago Pizza with Tomato Slices incident as covered in depth on the most recent “Ace on the House”: Why are we hurting ourselves with pizza?

Adam is now sharing his take on pineapple and how he employs honesty about things like “Mmmbop” by Hanson and Hawaiian style pizza.


Adam is now quoting me about “Pineapple and Olive” and BB is giving his take on it, Adam is now ranting about Tomato oozing molten puss onto fresh pizza.

Adam is explaining the green room pizza snafu from the Park West, 2 out of the 3 pizzas had large tomato slices on top.

Adam is now bringing up plain cheese pizza and how Jay struck out completely with his pizza selections, Adam is now listing the meats he likes on pizza but how too many becomes a “literal pig fuck”.


Adam is now bringing up the tomato/basil trend in pizzas that nobody wants, he’s asking what happened to Mushroom and Olive, the once great kings of toppings.

Adam is now asking if Tomato as a topping on a pizza doesn’t crack anyone’s top 10 it shouldn’t be purchased, he’s citing why it doesn’t rate with him and he’s explaining why he hates the texture of hot tomato.

Adam is bringing up how Jay just ordered the best pizzas they had, Adam is now critiquing him for not asking what the pizzas consisted of.


Adam is now citing Dawson’s hatred of pineapple on pizza and my love for it, the other best vegetarian options are pineapple/green pepper and mushroom/onion.

Adam is citing how much he loves Jay and how that kept his rant down to a mild 18min as opposed to what someone else might get in response.

Alison is sharing how she heard Adam mumble he should apologize to Jay, I had already apologized to him for riffing with Adam about the pizzas, love that Jay.


Adam is now recommending some pizzerias for John, BB is now citing the high end locations that are doing some inventive things with Pizza.

Adam is now offering up two locations and he’s giving his instructions for good pizza, thin crust and black olive is hard to fuck up.

Adam is now doing another live read.


4th Caller Alex, Adam wants to know about the square pizza slices, Alex only eats deep dish so he can’t answer for the thin crust in IL.

Adam is now quoting the green room quote from Gary about his exhaustion after eating just one slice of the deep dish pizza they had before the show.

“It’s like eating 4 pieces of pizza that are butt-fucking each other” – Adam on eating deep dish pizza


Alex is moving to Denver with his girlfriend of 9 months and wants to know if Adam has any tips, he’s giving his standard square footage and two TiVo’s advice.

Adam is now using two buddies living together to make a point about personal space and interpersonal relationships and how they can degrade in tight quarters.

Alex wants to know about moving as a process and Adam is offering tips on packing boxes and marking them appropriately, funny tampons and baseball mitt riff.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote about moving roller skates from the high traffic zone to his workout area, he’s getting to the weird sentimental logic behind moving things you don’t use and how it closes the door on options you have in life.

Adam is getting to the emotional component that has you fighting for stuff you didn’t ever use, BB and Alison both have nice contributions and Adam is advocating people be realistic.

Adam is now joking about fish shaped molds in the kitchen, BB is joking with him and Alison too.

Adam is doing a live read, they’re looking at a Jell-O fish mold and Adam is now finishing up the read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, she’s explaining how the news broke as they were flying home from the east coast podcast tour.

She’s citing the internet hoax from the day before about his untimely death and how it lined up with his actual death.

Alison has all the grisly details and Adam is now joking about his policy and superstition that would keep him from reaching for the heroin rig within a week from an internet death hoax.


Adam has a funny reference to me when BB asked if Adam has met PSH, he’s exactly right of what I would do had he been on Loveline.

As far as we know PSH was never on LL during the Adam era, if he was it is lost in the archive for now.

Adam is now trying to recall any interviews or insights into his life, Alison is telling Adam the details of Philip’s “partner” and children, Adam is joking about shifting terminology of “Partner” in society where it used to be only the guy who sit across from you in the squad car.


They’re now addressing the gay controversy circulating, Adam is blaming it on “Scotty J.” from Boogie Nights and BB is bringing up the most recent episode of his show TFV that was dedicated to the man’s body of work.

Adam is now asking who these so called friends are that come out and say stuff like this after someone’s death, Adam is joking about mall defecation to get attention as opposed to slandering the dead.

“The truth should almost never come out, from the person who is telling it” – Adam


Alison is now reading even more details and Adam has a great “he’s got that kinda max!?” in reply to the news of him pulling out 1200 from the ATM.

Alison is now asking Adam about branded heroin and how she was ignorant of it until hearing the information on Dr. Drew’s HLN show.

Alison has some insight into the actual danger of heroin and Adam is in agreement while fleshing out the explanation with her.


Adam is now explaining how to fly under the radar while being hooked on drugs, 20lbs overweight and no footage of you having any outbursts.

Adam is now saying that people who are a little bit pudgy are assumed to only be chocoholics, Adam is now making a point about how PSH could get away with all of the stuff that Charlie Sheen is guilty of without anyone ever catching on.

Alison shares Roger Ebert’s desire for PSH to play him in a biopic and Adam is now asking if Roger has died or not and has a funny “oh good” after Alison’s mention of Dr. Bruce and Anderson Cooper pronouncing Heroin the same way.


Adam is now sharing the “retarded Pete Sampras” Jimmy suggested play him in a biopic, Adam is saying the PSH death is sad and he’s one of the guys whose work we’ll all miss.

Adam is now saying that zero mug shots and an extra bit of weight are the key to flying under the radar.


2nd Story is on the Rams owner purchasing land in California to possible bring the team back home.

Adam is now lamenting his daughter and her love of stealing his beanies after using fake out attempts at affection by asking for a hug.

Adam is now sharing his move of forcing Natalia to retrieve the beanie from top of the cabinets, he’s saying she then grabbed it and chucked behind the fridge.


Adam has a great “I had to throw her” way of phrasing the move he had to perform, he’s now sharing why they had to scrap the nightly wrestling as she was slapping him in the face.

Adam is citing her knees and punches to the groin and superman punches.

Adam is telling the gang about his headstand and how he can’t do it around Natalia and how she’ll try to injure him if he does and why she needs to be restrained while he’s doing it.


Alison wants to know how frequent the headstands are in the house, Adam is telling the gang about his kid’s headstand abilities.

Adam is explaining how Natalia will use her core strength for evil and explaining why it allows for her to then break free to do more evil.

Adam is doing a live read, hilarious “postage rates are going sideways” riff with BB.


Adam is now polling the staff on headstands, BB has a funny yet true tale of cancer robbing him of his ability to do this.

Adam is sharing his almost yoga style for headstands that he employs due to his palm damage, Gary is telling the gang about his method and Adam has a funny joke mocking him with levitation as the premise.

Alison is now trying to save Gary and BB has some nice drop work.


3rd Story is on CVS removing all tobacco products off of their shelves, she’s quoting the statement from the CEO and Adam is offering up his take on the “3rd hand smoke” stories now spreading that he’s being sent via twitter.

Adam is now citing a tweet he Favorited about this very topic, he’s trying to figure out some state that’s outlawing the “e-cigarettes”.

Adam is explaining that the internet is down so the listeners need to bear with them.


Adam is now citing the morning after pill and their campaigns for it on loveline, he’s saying that the people against it are not truly against abortion, they’re against recreational sex.

Adam is agreeing with their logic while saying it’s not going to happen, he’s just rather them be honest about their argument.

Adam has a great “chillax on mount pious” one liner that Alison appreciates while Adam is making a point about the hypocrisy among the right and the left, with tobacco and abortion being the two examples.


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is trying to figure out where the danger of the e-cigarette falls on the list of problems in the world.

Alison is in agreement with Adam, Adam is now riffing as someone from Huffpo trying to argue against Alison.

Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs for the upcoming books from both BB and Ace, you can view the link of Adam doing a headstand by checking out @CarollaDigital on Instagram.