Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/06/2013 – Sgt. Robert Patrick Lewis and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/06/2013 – Sgt. Robert Patrick Lewis and Dave Dameshek

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Recorded 02-05-2013 – Release Date 02-06-2013

Production Number #1008

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Adam is welcoming Dave Dameshek back for his weekly visit, he’s fresh form the super bowl and is setting up some stories he’ll hopefully flesh out later on during his sports segment.

Adam is now riffing about shoes and footwear, hilarious quotes of brands and styles, Alison is chiming and it’s great.

Dave is telling them a quick anecdote about his visit to New Orleans, Adam is now riffing with him about it.


Adam is asking the gang to “dig this” and he’s now describing two very different experiences in front of the mirror. Adam is recounting his trip to the barber shop and an experience in an elevator, this is gold and I won’t spoil it.

Dave is now pondering how wonderful it would be to have the job where you view hidden security camera footage from elevators.

Adam is referencing Dave’s status as “Tsar of Uniforms” and now sharing his own personal desires to secure a spot with one of the NFL teams. Adam’s description of his job is incredible and hilarious.


Adam is now asking Dave about his trip to cover the Super Bowl and now they’re on a Bill Simmons tangent. Adam is telling the gang about Bill emailing him about the 6th Fast and the Furious movie coming out this May.

Adam is sharing his hilarious reply to Bill about the plot; he’s now riffing about gun use in movies.

Dave is now plugging the recently recorded BASIC CABLE COMMENTARY for Red Dawn; I’ve been trying to get that commentary done since before they even recorded the first one.

Dave is giving them some anecdotes from this time in New Orleans; Adam is busting his balls over some selective Yiddish.

Adam is now doing a crazy live read for Carbonite, he’s mentioning the value for writing a book and now he’s discussing the great news about his first book. Adam is advocating people buy his book and burn them, wow!


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

Dave is giving them some quick updates about New Orleans after some kind words for Kimmel, Dave is reminiscing about seeing Jack Silver. Dave just misquoted Jack’s “Bullet List” of “Comedy Death” and now Adam is stepping in him to tell him the 3 names.

Adam and Dave just quoted Jack’s old demand for the morning show, Alison’s reaction is priceless, now she knows what all the newsgirls before her had to endure; too bad they didn’t bring up the binoculars.


Dave is taking it to the sports.

They’re all riffing on the attitude of young people who refuse to learn things from before they were alive; Adam has a funny riff and Alison just threw Chris Laxamana under the bus.

Adam is now getting Chris on mic and riffing on his last name and how Drew thought Maxipada was his real name. Adam and Dave are laying into Chris; he’s taking it like a champ and making it extra hilarious.

Dave is now remarking on Bryan’s sadness about the 49’ers loss, he want’s Adam’s take on the Super Bowl and now he is going super in depth with it.

Adam is running the idea he floated by Hench in Monday’s episode about the Steelers being happier the 49’ers lose, Adam seems to think Dameshek would agree but he’s proving Hench right.


Creep of the Week, Dave is mentioning the guy who vomited on him and also exempting Daniel Kellison for a not so kind comment. Dave is now citing a hero he tried to get a picture with who gave him some crap.

Dave is now getting to the real creep of the week; he’s having the control room fire up a picture of the sign in his bathroom from the hotel. Dave is now ranting about the moral quandary it put him in and Alison is following up with questions as Adam drops a killer one liner about New Orleans.

Adam is now telling the guys about taping “The Burn” with Jeffery Ross, he’s citing past examples of guesting on shows and how you can’t find any time to prepare nor rest without someone knocking on the door of the dressing room.

Adam is explaining how he found himself needing to use the bathroom, he just explained it was actually the same type of dressing room as he had on MTV’s loveline; this story is a “new classic”.

Dameshek gives a final plug for the new Basic Cable Commentary they did for Red Dawn


Adam is returning from break with Sgt. Robert Patrick Lewis who is making his first appearance on the ACS, the gang are all weighing in on a super slick “Germany or Florida” from Mike Dawson.

Adam is doing a live read and now he’s asking Sgt. Lewis about how he came to record his audiobook at Carolla Digital. He’s going in depth on secrecy and the disclosure of information between spouses.

Sgt. Lewis is explaining how he started writing a book and how he became involved in the military, Adam has a funny aside about his family and Bald Bryan has a killer one liner about Adam’s mom that everyone seems to miss.

Sgt. Lewis is citing how 9/11 motivated him to join the armed forces, Adam is telling his equally heroic tale of speeding that day.

Sgt. Lewis is a good sport and telling Adam how he swears by his “Red Turn Arrow” policy, Adam is now giving a very unsettling account of almost getting his first ticket for the maneuver he’s pulled countless times.

Adam is now officially a hero, he’s ranting on the super confusing signs in L.A. vs. the ones fans tweet him from places like Texas, he’s going off!


The Sgt. is now getting back to how he found his way to Carolla Digital and first fleshed out his book.

Adam is asking about one of the harrier situations he was in, the Sgt. is now citing a story featured in his book and he’s breaking down his gear and weaponry.

They’re riffing on Jesse Ventura’s Gatling/min gun from Predator, surprisingly the Sgt. says they wanted to bring the Gatling and considered it. He’s now breaking down the actual weapons he did have and how he was hit by an explosion.

Adam is now explaining tracer rounds to Alison and the Sgt. is explaining even more.

They’re back to the harrowing story, Alison has a great question and Adam has a one liner based off the Sergeant’s reply, nice team work!


Adam is now asking the sergeant about the fighting style of the enemies in the areas he was stationed, Adam is fleshing it out and explaining he wants to know what kind of warriors they are compared to the enemies of World War II.

Adam is calling for a new measuring system for the experiences of the enlisted during war time while stationed overseas, Alison has a hilarious quip in reply and Bryan also is digging in a bit, they both seem to love the idea of Adam expounding on history.

Bryan is now reading a question from a viewer on VPN make sure to watch the show live every Tuesday night and you can submit your own question.

Adam is telling the gang and the sergeant about the times he considered signing up for various armed forces, very interesting.

Sgt. Lewis has a funny anecdote about what Fox news represents to the guys between missions and now Adam is doing a live read, Alison has a funny quip mid read.

Dawson is now jumping in to explain how they recorded the whole book in one 20hr recording session at Carolla Digital, whoa you can hear the weight of his statements, nice work Dawson!

You can buy a copy by visiting the show page I know I will.


Adam is now telling Sgt. Lewis about the power of Mangria and how Kevin Hench actually was dropped off by his mom for Adam’s super bowl party.

Adam is telling the gang a story he’s unsure he should share, I won’t commit it to text as not to contribute to anything that would prevent him from sharing something like this again, don’t miss this.

Sgt. Lewis is now relaying his love for the “Drunken Pilots” Man Show sketch, Adam is now giving one of his most in depth descriptions of the filming, more so than even the Loveline episode recording the same evening he recorded it.