Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/05/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 210

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/05/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 210

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-03-2015 – Release Date 02-05-2015

Production Number #210 – Bullying and Suicide

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro and thanks the audience for helping them climb the charts, Adam teases profound thoughts and Drew has him get right to it.

Adam is bringing up his trip to Mel Brooks place to record their episode of ‘Take a Knee’ and he explains how in his world/mindset he isn’t supposed to know who Adam Carolla is.

Adam is commenting on the only negative part of him not knowing of Adam’s status is Mel attempting to cut their interview short.


Adam explains that Norman Lear opened the door for Mel to appear on ‘Take a Knee’ and Mike August nailed the booking.

Drew asks if Mike has ever been on any of the podcasts, yes he’s been on the ACS over a dozen times with long segments and sometimes for a full show.

He was in the room for the classic ACS #47 (feat. Jack in the Box) asking listener questions and laughing at the madness that ensued, great episode.


Mike also was on my podcast for a full length interview about his career and work with Adam, very interesting and insightful chat, the exact thing Drew is describing a hankering for.

Adam is telling them about going into the Culver City lot, right behind where they recorded Loveline at ‘Westwood One’ and Adam mentions the beginning of the show where Mel handed Adam a review of his latest HBO special.

Adam is explaining he couldn’t read the interview at the moment but Adam realized that he needed Adam’s approval, he needed Adam to know its solid work he was promoting.


Drew is trying to elaborate on Adam’s point, is this a constant need to be wanted and loved or is it more about being like a shark and moving from one project to the next.

Adam is now using his son reenacting his sporting achievements for Adam and Lynette as he’s seeking approval, Drew asks if males are more wired that way.

Adam says yes he thinks men are much more wired to brag and boast, Women have it in a different way, an aesthetic way.

Adam is explaining how his daughter and her friends seek approval in slightly different ways, by memorizing a cheer or making a dance video.


Adam is saying he’s not sure that quality needs therapy to remedy it, Adam is elaborating and brings up Dennis Miller reading all 3 of his books, Adam says there is a huge difference between talking to Dennis and someone who hasn’t read his book.

Drew follows up and Adam chastises him for trying to turn it into some dramatic outburst as opposed to him trying to indicate that he was promoting good work.

Adam says this is how they’re wired and it doesn’t require therapy unless it goes off the rails, but Mel’s example was relevant to him and he thought of himself at 8 years old with his own parents, attempting to seek approval from them, yeah right.


Adam is sharing some details of what he gleamed during the interview with Mel, Adam is telling Drew about Mel’s work defusing mines in Europe.

Adam asks Mel if he would have risked his life if he knew what was ahead for him in his future, Adam is using his own example of riding motorcycles in the rain and what he would have done differently had he known what was ahead for him.

Drew is asking how Adam indicated to him he knew his stuff, Adam says he focused more on ‘Blazing Saddles’ and Drew says that Gene Wilder wasn’t originally cast, Adam says he might be switching that movie with a story from the set of ‘Apocalypse Now’.


Drew is doing a live read

Gary vindicates Drew that someone else was cast prior to Gene, Drew is giving his take about the severe alcoholic originally cast in Gene’s part.

Adam brings up Al Jolson and a story about him performing for the fire department on his wedding night.


1st Caller Abraham, he’s telling Adam and Drew about re-listening to his calls into the show and critiquing himself, oh don’t do that man.

He wants to know about bullying from Adam’s youth, Adam doesn’t like the term and tells him it’s fucked out.

Adam is explaining that everyone was resented and feels bullied because it’s them Adam says it’s a narcissistic endeavor.


Drew is breaking down making fun of someone and the affection of that vs. bullying, Drew is clarifying the differences between mockery and hatred.

Adam is giving examples of his buddy’s behavior that would be crying on Barbara Walters type interview material, pantsing other guys in public and smearing shit on Adam’s face.

Adam is explaining his mindset after being splattered with human shit, Drew is now recalling the story and Adam getting his parka to cover his head, Adam says he ran for the fence and tells Drew about setting the speed record for running the bleachers and the slalom with cleats.


Adam says he wasn’t fast in a straight line but was fast when maneuvering, Adam says he didn’t take the poop personally, he just waited for a time to pay him back.

Adam once again brings up Ray putting a flaming marshmallow near Adam’s face which then ended up stuck.

Adam is telling Drew about colluding to trick their friend Tom that he has a female secret admirer, Adam says it’s cruel in hindsight and says that his buddy John tossed a sack of gold medal flower and put it into his fan.


Adam is now lamenting his life + flour for the remaining time he spent in that room.

Adam is telling them about putting a firecracker into a lemon with Down syndrome and tossing it into his guest house where he was living.

Adam is explaining how Carl got back at Adam with a letter he doodled years prior while in high school, Adam said he would like to “drink his prom date’s pussy juice” and then Carl called her, Adam says he has the letter.


Drew says he’s never heard this story, it’s actually never been told on the podcast, and this is off air material they haven’t shared.

Adam says Ray and his buddies were the least of his worries, he was bullied by his family.

Adam is now sharing the time Ray filled up a tumbler with piss and ended up covered in his own pee due to poor planning.


Adam is proclaiming that Ray enema’d inside his grandparents den, the TV room.

Chris says he met a guy last night who went to middle school with Adam, Chris is now reiterating the story he was told about first meeting Adam from said guy.

Adam is telling Drew that he and Ray are the same person, they keep trying to work for that last name, that these people are grown up and have kids now.


Chris is now finishing this story and how Adam told the guy (Barry) to stand up to John, Adam says life shall attempt to bully you, he uses Gravity as the ultimate example.

Gravity tries to keep you in bed, tries to drape your belly fat over your cock etc.

Adam is now using crime in general as an example about why and how you don’t turn bullying into a narcissistic endeavor.


Adam says he’s rarely been insulted, he’s never chosen to feel insulted.

Adam says he has negative reactions and gets pissed off, but has never felt insulted.

Great Call Abraham, very nice work!


Adam is doing a live read for Cremo


2nd Caller Brent, he’s been thinking about suicide and you can hear it in his voice, he’s serious.

Brent has a bit of aggression towards Adam and Drew’s success and lifestyles, Adam is giving his message about suicide, kill yourself first before anyone else, but also don’t kill yourself if you don’t plan on harming anyone else first.

Adam is now taking it back to his worst days on earth, the physical punishment of digging holes 15ft underground with coffee cans and drinking from a hose.

Adam says when he got enough money to live, have a car and order a pizza on the weakened he wasn’t sad then, he’s now making a point about that time of his life.


Adam says “you get!” is something he tries to drive home with his wife Lynette, he tells them about getting invited to Kevin Costner’s beach house and how he’ll have to pitch that to his wife, despite of how great it seems.

Adam is now making a point about even the most amazing car just becoming a car after the 4th day, Drew connects that to men who get bored of boning super models.

An attitude of gratitude, Adam agrees and says he also tries to live that way.


Brent is now trying to take it negative again and brings up Adam making his living bases on complaining.

Drew says this is how you know suicidality is a symptom, he’s turning everything Adam says into a dark alternative, its depression and he needs treatment.

Drew drives that home and Adam is now using some a beautiful steak at Lawry’s turning into shit the next day as the ultimate metaphor for all things in life and life itself.


Adam is giving out some plugs for their new merch, Drew compliments the Che Adam shirts and the mugs, and oddly repeating what was just said by Adam and Chris.

Adam wraps up the show.