Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/05/2015 – Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/05/2015 – Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, and Matt Atchity

Recorded 02-04-2015 – Release Date 02-05-2015

Production Number #1505

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Adam opens the show to a funny “Hooker with a fart of gold” intro from Dawson and Lynch, BB has a new drop from James Deen as today’s #TopDrop and Kira Soltanovich is making her debut as newsgirl.

Adam is giving out the plugs for Kira, she’s telling them about being born in the Ukraine, she says she was traded for wheat and explains it to Adam.

Adam is bringing up his interview with Ross from #1504, yesterday’s ACS.

Adam is going out on a cock and saying Ross is gay.


Adam is now commenting on gay neighborhoods and Jewish neighborhoods always being nicer than the surrounding areas.

Adam is sharing his love for the Jewish people, Matt Atchity is also in studio and Adam asks him what’s up in his world.

Adam brings up the atrocity of Emma Stone being nominated for her performance in ‘Birdman’ and BB brings up Laura Dern’s role in ‘Wild’.


BB says that Jessica Chastain was hosed for not being nominated for the film ‘A Most Violent Year’ and now Adam is telling them about kicking open locked doors being used as an important scene in action movies and TV shows of bygone eras.

Adam was watching an episode of ‘CHiPs’ and Adam is now telling the gang about getting off the freeway near the warehouse and wants to know how brain-dead the people are who don’t utilize the 2nd left turn lane, instead choosing to pile up.

Adam is clarifying with Matt Atchity this isn’t people being considerate, its stupidity.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, not there.

2nd Caller John, he wants to know what Adam thinks the value of a joke is, he’s offering to assign dollar amounts to John’s jokes.

John laments telling his jokes, Kira has a funny reply.

Adam says that once every two months someone calls in saying they want to be a comedian and are so awful the can’t even get a thought together, which lets him know he’ll always have a job in comedy.

They get him to finally share his joke and BB is right it sounds more like a tweet than part of a standup routine.


He has a “Raw Dog” joke and has a funny herpes play on the old adage about assholes and opinions, Gary is telling Adam off mic that Ben Schwartz said he would get 50$ per joke for sending them into Late Night, he doesn’t know how long ago that was though.

Adam is trying to put a dollar value on Dice’s smoking around the head move, Kira jokes about him getting lung cancer and Adam says maybe it’s the opposite and the difficulty in inhaling that way has added 10 years to his life.

Adam offers him 25$ for the Chinese joke, he refuses as he doesn’t believe Adam will tell it, Kira tops the joke with a funny line.


Adam is doing a Radioactive Media live read


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Gene Hackman movies

1st Movie ‘The French Connection’ (1971)

Adam says he doesn’t know if he’s ever seen the whole movie, BB recently saw it.


2nd Movie ‘Crimson Tide’ (1995)

Kira is closest to the score, BB praises the film as highly re-watchable and Matt cites the screenplay draft by Quentin Tarantino.


3rd Movie ‘The Quick and the Dead’ (1995)

Adam has no idea as he never saw the movie, Adam is close with is guess.


4th Movie ‘Enemy of the State’ (1998)

Matt is amazed that nobody else has seen the film and says that he’s essentially playing the same version as his character from ‘The Conversation’ in this movie, interesting.

Kira tells them about Gene Hackman speaking at her high school and has a killer “farts” callback to the intro, she’s telling them about also speaking there and some other notable speakers.

BB says ‘The Conversation” does not hold up.


5th Movie ‘Welcome to Mooseport’ (2004)

Adam says this is his example of someone getting one shot and one shot only to lead a movie and this was it for Ray Romano.

Adam didn’t like this movie and BB gets in close, Kira knocked herself out of the running entirely.

Adam says that we should put Gene in some gay porn so he can salvage some dignity with his film career and go out on a higher note.


Adam is now comparing boxers losing their edge in the ring to what actors go through, Adam once again references Nick Nolte’s moustache (from the movie ‘The Deep’).

Adam wants to shove Tarantino into a Quentin Tarantino movie so he can have a solid final credit, Adam says he doesn’t like the Tenenbaum stuff.

They wrap up the game, Adam is joking about athletes talking in the 3rd person, using Karl Malone as his main example, BB buts out some Fake Jack Silver and Kira is fitting in nicely.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read


3rd Caller Mike gives a plug for Adam’s PO’dcast with Dennis Miller (where he oddly didn’t tell Dennis about inventing the “PoopDown” moniker celebration dance).

Adam is telling people to google image search Scott’s Valley after hearing Mike mention it and explains he refuses to move up there, he doesn’t want to grow tits and go soft, he needs it eye of the miserable to stay sharp.

Mike tells them about his life in the tech industry, BB jokes with Adam about the low tech industry and asks him about the average home price in his area.


Adam compliments the hour drive between Pebble Beach and Scott’s Valley and mentions a car restoration shop/museum.

Kira is reacting to the open display model as shown in the images from Gary, Mike wants to know who would win between Manny Pacquiáo and Floyd Mayweather, Adam is breaking down his take on the outcome and says the bet your kids life choice is Floyd but it’s really up for grabs and could be either guys night.

Adam has a great “Mooseport” call back.


4th Caller Michael he is correcting Adam’s comment from the other day, regarding football stats.

Adam is now breaking down what they were talking about, Adam has a super-hot blonde/ear fuck her right now joke analogy for Michael’s argument.

He has another question about hypothetically ranking NFL teams and QB’s based on made up ideas about comparing various statistics.


BB loves this question, not sure it’s much of a comedy podcast question…

Kira chimes in and we finally hear a peep from Matt, he seems knowledgeable but perhaps less passionate, if this were cars we would’ve heard more from him I’m betting.

Michael is getting a lot of show time and generating legitimate interest from Adam and BB, he’s got their number, nice work.


BB compliments Adam for his range and Adam is now sharing his respect and admiration for Clay Aiken and recommends him as CEO for your company should you have one.


Adam is now doing a live read for Iron Planet

Adam gives a plug for Matt and praises RT, he plugs the podcast too.

They’re heading to break.


Jay and Mark are now making their ACS debuts

They return to the show with some “What Not to Watch on TV Tonight.”

Adam gives a quick thumbnail sketch of the brothers and makes note of them filming a movie in his house, he says they’ll get to that another time, what?


Mark and Jay are now explaining their early influences and Mark is telling them about their early struggles to generate quality content that wasn’t just ripping off the Coen brothers.

They share their appreciation for ‘Raising Arizona’ and Adam references some key cast choices that leads them to discuss Nicolas Cage, they declare him as a member of the “Blown Testosterone Club” and they explain the idea to Adam.

They’re all now discussing various combinations of hairlines and hirsuteness in men, Adam is telling them about his shaving preference, man what a good opening for a shaving sponsor, too bad they can’t insert them and change them on the fly, podcasting 6.0 perhaps.


Kira is asking Adam if he’s ever tried to grow a beard, clearly she wasn’t listening to the show in 2013, BB references his thick beard and Mark picks on him for the phrasing, Adam goes along with it and BB explains himself.

Adam is showing them a picture of his beard from a Fox News appearance, Mark has some funny comments about Adam’s beard.

Adam is commenting on beard hair going grey before eyebrows and head hair, Kira mentions her husband of 10 years and they wrap up the hair talk.


Adam is asking Mark and Jay about their current project, Mark is giving them a brief run through of their career, very well put and completely encapsulates their specific filmmaking tone.

Adam asks them about being Sundance darlings and they tell him it’s better for him that he’s never been to the festival, Mark explains their brand while being self-deprecating for their low budgets so it doesn’t come off as douchey.

Adam is asking them how they get drawn to a project, Jay is telling them about producing for other people and how they didn’t go into this thinking they would be full-fledged producers for other people.


Adam is hinting at the project they shot in his home and says they’ll be back in the summer to promote it, he’s eager to see it and Mark jokes about doing some untoward things to his home, Adam then jokes about being a Christian but not an uptight one, I wonder if he ever will clarify that he’s an atheist or if they know that already.

BB asks them how they made ‘The Puffy Chair’ for 10k, Mark explains how they got community favors and the key to keeping a community tight, sharing your backend with everybody and Jay expounds on the importance of pizza and gasoline in keeping the peace on a low budget film production.

Mark jokes about Adam being an asshole with the house he let them use, Jay is telling them about their “has to be paid for” list and Mark jokes about being in Adam’s bathroom.


Adam is doing a live read for Shari’s Berries



The News – With Kira Soltanovich

1st Story Is on the fine levied at Doug Baldwin for the now moniker “PoopDown” celebration dance, the one invented by Adam Carolla many years ago.

Kira tells them Doug was only fined 11k, Adam says Bryan’s right and Adam is joking about the oddly specific amount of the fine.

Adam tells Gary to find out what Doug makes and how much this will hurt him, once again Adam doesn’t explain he invented the maneuver and it was quite possibly done in his honor.


Adam finds out that’s the league minimum penalty and Adam wants to know why they fine him so little for today’s NFL with its image concerns.

Kira asks what is allowed for celebration, Adam jokes about simulating oral sex on a priest, gold!

Adam jokes about neck slashing carrying in to 2015 thanks to ISIS and now Adam is talking about Denver and “The Fun Bunch” vs. today’s angry tough guy posturing.


Adam makes a point about him celebrating while bowling and drunk vs. a professional athlete celebrating for scoring, something they are paid to be doing, if they’re not doing there’s a problem.

Adam gets the details on Doug’s contract.

Mark jokes that this means he’ll be taking a real shit in the end zone next year, Adam once again calls himself a Christian calling back the earlier joke.


2nd Story is on a woman being kicked out of McDonalds with her support Kangaroo, Adam is explaining that when you’re nutty even sea monkeys can be your support system because your nuts.

Adam says the part they forget about is they’re insane, Adam is suggesting that McDonalds adopt the Kangaroo as one of their characters, Mark has a good point and better phrasing asking about the noise of a kangaroo relative to a crying baby.

Adam is telling them about working in a McDonalds and mentions peeing in the freezer, Adam mentions Ken his manager and working the mop and the grill in lieu of the cash register.


Adam talks about the sweet smell of restaurant dumpsters, BB says the sweetness is the soda that’s discarded and he tells them about eating food meant for the trash.

Mark and Jay are telling Adam about eating the back half of other peoples’ steaks and Adam is now asking who the people are who don’t finish a full steak and or glass of wine.

Adam asks who raped a cow.


Adam is now doing a live read for ‘Coaching Bad’

They’re going super in depth on coaches and parents getting too involved with children’s sports, everyone is weighing in, the live read led into a long tangent.

Adam quotes his “If It Doesn’t Make You Money and It Doesn’t Make You Happy” rule of life.


Now they’re talking about ‘Karate Kid’ and Adam jokes about remaking it in his house with Ralph Macchio and is now quoting the “Finish Him!” scene in the dojo, Adam has a great line “like what go and get the cash register and smash it over his head?…”

Adam is now bringing up Karate Kid III, I assume they won’t mention it on air but Adam has actually done a feature length commentary track for this film.

Basic Cable Commentary 2 the Karate Kid Part III  with the hilarious Kevin Hench @KevinHench  also available on iTunes and Google Play, it’s definitely in the top 3 funniest of the 6 BCC’s recorded so far.


Adam is joking about the super evil buddy character in KKIII, he’s talking about ‘Terry’ played by a 26 year old Thomas Ian Griffith.

BB is now warming over stuff Kevin brought up 5 years ago on the commentary that he could have easily bought and listened to or got a free copy of and listened to, you know to support his boss, also seeing as how his podcast The Film Vault learned about doing 3rd party commentaries from BCC and all.

Adam is telling BB to chill on the factoids and has Kira wrap up the news.


Adam is doing a live read for Arctic Ease

Adam tells BB he’s not done just yet, or is he telling Dawson, whomever is potting up the closing music bed, he references Terry Crews and Ray Lewis and wraps up the show.