Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/05/2014 – Live From The University at Buffalo

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/05/2014 – Live From The University at Buffalo

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Live From the University at Buffalo

Recorded 02-01-2014 – Release Date 02-05-2014

Production Number #1254

Show Page

Adam is opening the show with a delayed intro and he’s telling the gang about the days of performing live with Dr. Drew at various colleges.

Adam is now sharing his uncomfortable exchange with the flight attendants about the open 1st class seats, Adam is sharing how the seats were beckoning him to come sit in one of them.

Adam is sharing his experience walking off the plane to ask to upgrade and how he was told no before he even finished his sentence.


Adam is now joking about these guys practicing their no faces at home much like umpires, great one liners from BB and Alison is now doing an improv with Ace, gold!

Adam is joking about his attempt to snag a 1st class seat and how he was busted by some bitch last minute, Adam is describing the motherfucker who said no to him and describing him as the guy who ran the “Wreck It Ralph” homeowners association.

Adam is now sharing his line of bullshit about getting the upgrade and paying for it, the flight attendant asked about Mike August and his upgrade, Alison took a picture of Adam’s exchange with August and tweeted it actually.


Adam is now walking them through the boarding process and his eagerness for them to shut the door, BB has a nicely timed “Argo” joke and Adam is sharing how the pilot sporting an undone clip on tie was spotted by BB.

Adam is now commenting on the photo that Alison took, you can view it via the show page link above, Adam has a funny line about critiquing clip on ties vs, the stretchy bow ties that are also cheating yet get a pass.

Adam is sharing how he was spotted by the pilot and invited to the cockpit, the pilot was a fan of the Drunken Pilots man show bit and was insisting it was closer to real life than he could imagine.


Adam is now describing the dick airline employee tattling on him and his casual walk past him and the flight attendant.

Adam is now asking what he’s supposed to do in this situation, he doesn’t like to lie to people but he wants the empty seat that nobody was taking and was willing to pay for it.

Adam is explaining his honest explanation to the flight attendant about their tacit agreement regarding his fictitious upgrade.


Alison is now sharing her take witnessing this from coach and thought Adam was addicted to talking with August, not running an elaborate con.

Adam is now lamenting the airline industry and the outrageous fees to access airport lounges.

Alison wants to know what goes on in the lounges and Adam is now describing a sea of haggard white guys wearing nice slip on shoes.


BB is now asking Adam for his Super Bowl prediction and Adam is making a point about this airing so late after the game.

Adam is now asking for his pick as made on Instagram, Adam picked the Broncos, and hahahaha streak is intact!

Adam is now lamenting the evolution of technology and the spikes in innovation, unlike the VHS/CD/DVD era of days gone by.


Adam is explaining how the water he left in his backpack was intercepted at the security checkpoint by TSA.

Adam is now telling the gang about the super confusing TSA line in IL where they told August and Adam to not bother kicking off their shoes or doing any of the normal procedures.

Alison is teasing how she was pulled out of line and Adam is joking about the offer to step out of line and polish off the bottle of water.


Adam is joking about wasting the full bottle of water when people are struggling in the rest of the world, he’s got some great descriptors and he’s mocking the idea of leaving possibly dangerous liquids at security check points.

Alison is telling them about her actual experience in the security line and Adam is joking about no not meaning no to TSA.

Alison is joking about the lack of concern for recycling at the airport, Adam is sharing the aluminum ingots he was forced to throw away.


Alison is explaining that she opted out of the millimeter wave detection machine, she’s very smart.

She’s sharing her “only in a rush” take on using the devices, Adam is getting her to clarify and Adam is now joking about shoes used in the floor mats for these machines.

Smaller gentleman’s shoes from the 1930s must have been the model according to Adam.


Adam is sharing his ideal nut protection posture for that machine, Alison is now walking Adam through the pat down process.

Adam is trying to figure out the male/female opt out statistics and she’s further joking about it with Ace, Adam has a killer frontal lobe/charade reply.

Adam is now calling for the return of the eunuchs of society for such things as airport pat downs, Adam is now working his NFL gimp into the explanation for why he likes this idea.


Adam has a killer “lick their finger first” reply to Alison’s comment about the thorough pat down she received and Alison is now quoting the weirdly flirtatious encounter they had.

Adam is describing what Alison experienced as 3rd base from 50yrs ago, he’s says modern day 3rd bass is fisting with a broken bottle.

Adam is joking about people saying compliments about their hair changed their lives, he’s giving examples.

Adam is now discussing the super sad scene at the airport with personnel guarding machines not in use, Adam is being very descriptive of this shitty airport scene.


Nerd Walking – From CES


1st question

“Even Rude makes what kind of product?”

Adam is ranting about this one being chosen.

2nd question

“Who is Roger Goodell?”

3rd question

“What is a 16 penny sinker?”

Adam is now going off on this, telling the game to hold on because he’s pissed off about his recent time spent standing in a liquor barn staring at a box of wine.

Adam wants standard units of measurement, not all these different systems that don’t exactly match up, he’s bringing up European boxing matches and the use of stone.


4th question

“If you are in an F-350 Dooley what are you in?”

Adam is riffing about Alison using racial slurs into her mic, it went out and he’s covering it up with some excellent comedy


5th question

“Name one movie starring Jason Statham?”

Adam is now telling Alison and BB to defer to what Adam is telling them to answer, Alison is now breaking it down with ACE, unusual on stage interaction.


6th question

“Of these three trilogies which is your favorite, Star Wars, LOTR or Matrix?”

Adam has a crazy fuck yes in reply to always being right, great phrasing and emphasis from Adam.

Alison is now bringing up the rushed tone of Chris Maxipada in the questions, Gary is now confirming why he was rushed, nice save Gary!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Howard Stern’s live 60th Birthday party live on Sirius/XM.

Adam is now telling them about seeing the party and Jimmy with Cousin Sal on the 38 inch plasma that was 30 feet away.

Adam is explaining that he mistook Chris Christie for Cousin Sal, Mike August even said he saw Sal too.

Alison wants to know if Adam’s wife made it to the party and now Alison is lifting the guests and Adam is showing the side by side to the audience thanks to Gary.


“Cause we don’t know what a Tristan is?” Adam on the brain trying to make connections and how goofy names can throw someone off as they lack context.

Alison is listing the rest of the guests from the “Bash”.


Adam is now sharing why his opinion has been soured on Letterman, he’s citing the Indy racing team that he co-owns and its connection to the Newman documentary that he declined to be a part of.

Alison is asking for an update on Tom Cruise and his possible appearance in the doc.

Alison is asking Adam for his take on Chris and his political career, Adam is now giving his Don King approach to society, he’s giving the classic “stomped a man to death”.

Adam is explaining that he will be forgiven if he can be self-deprecating and handle this the right way.


Alison is now sharing Jimmy’s comments comparing Stern to Picasso, Adam is now killing it and making sense of what Jimmy said at the same time.

Adam is now explaining the “radio recipe” and how Stern broke the mold.

Alison and Adam are marveling over their dream party guests to run into and Adam is sharing his take on Robert Downey JR. as a guest on loveline, but he didn’t work on the show at the time, now they’re doing a killer “RDJ blew me” improv scene.


2nd Story is on the last podcast about how people get things wrong, she’s citing Adam’s chimpanzee weatherman riff from the last episode.

She’s connecting that to the Orangutan that picks the Super Bowl winner each year, Alison’s explaining how it works and Adam is now joking about these predictions and how as soon as it becomes a news story it stops happening.

Adam just referenced John Madden football the video game and its former record for picking the SB winner.


3rd Story is also connected to the last episode, it’s on wedding insurance and its status as a burgeoning business.

Alison is explaining the details and now Adam is pitching a side business with the TSA lesbian from Alison’s story.

Adam is now riffing about hanging his classes in shame and shrugging, Alison is now asking Adam about his driving test, he’s going in depth on the car and the time period.

Adam is joking about the lack of empty parking spaces nowadays due to everything being open on the weekend.


Adam is sharing how he worries about his daughter due to his own stunt driving past.

Adam is now joking about her need for danger and heightened excitement with the zip line.

Adam is comparing his daughter’s addition of the tire swing pendulum to her zip line routine to the invention of the speedball, this is gold!


Adam is getting the casual nature in which we brush off almost being hit by a bus and having a buddy put his hand on your shoulder, much like happened with us in Denver in 2010, where I that for him and then almost stepped in front of a bus and august saved me.

Adam is sharing his old timey boxing gym bounce box platform he built for skipping rope Adam is further describing the platform to the gang.

Adam is sharing the danger and commitment involved with turning on the bathroom light in the middle of night for a quick pee.


Adam has a great sonar back and forth with Alison, Adam has become a mother whale, gold!

Adam is now sharing the sound feedback of urinating on things in the middle of the night in a dark bathroom, BB is joking about opening exploratory bursts and Adam is joking about it being a tracer phosphate round to calibrate his scope.

Alison is sharing about arching on the toilet and accidentally peeing on herself.

Adam is taking it back to his bowel clock and his recent experiences peeing while sitting down.


Adam says he does a wipe every time he sits on the can, calling it an aborted shit and has a great groundhog reference.

Adam is sharing how he used the pre-rolled re-stuffed TP left behind from the last champ.

Adam is explaining how he’s “brown” a new version of being green, the freegan movement for your asshole as it were.


Adam is now doing a live read.


4th Story is on the new supermarket “The Daily Table” which will only sell food that has crept by its sell by date, Adam has a better name “Sloppy Seconds” and his attempt to get that title for his Comedy Central series “Too Late”.

Alison an Adam are making points about sell by dates and Adam has a great sniff taste riff that turns into an oral sex riff, he uses the silence of the lambs reference.

Adam is using the hostess thrift shop that used to be all around the state, Alison is now citing the one that Mike Lync has a picture of that was brought up on an old “tales from the cheap” segment.

Adam is complimenting the trader Joes guy and sharing his recent tale of a trek there without his “gunny sack” as required in CA, he’s now riffing a belt and hook system with Alison for carrying your stuff out, gold!


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is doing a live read.

Adam is wrapping the show and the first east coast live podcast tour of the year is now coming to a close, nice work Gang, brilliant shows!