Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/05/2013 – Jeff Ross

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/05/2013 – Jeff Ross

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 02-04-2013 – Release Date 02-05-2013

Production Number #1007

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Adam is now opening the show riffing on his choice line from yesterday’s show and how he’s at his most creative when he’s drunk.

Adam is asking the gang about indicators and he’s now off on a tangent trying to explain why he tells everyone to not bother getting successful as it’s a never ending headache of people needing things and coming after you.

Adam is explaining how Ozzie called him and demanded to speak in person, he’s now riffing about fucking with Ozzie and how it’s not unlike putting a party hat on a turtle, hilarious quotes and observations from Ace!

Adam is now citing a recent example of lending some cash to Ray and his super insulting yet true response to Ray’s repayment being delayed.

Adam is now explaining how difficult it is to communicate with Ozzie and about asking him why he thinks it is he doesn’t get offered work from Ray or Chris any longer, Adam’s got a killer wrap up to drive his point home.


Bald B kills it with another solid reply to Ace, Adam remarks on this one too and is now ordering him to stop right now as he’s used up his good joke allotment for the year and it’s only downhill from here.

Adam is now giving the gang a “douche” example for them to weigh in on; he’s first on a tangent about Mike August and his Mangria margarita machine.

Adam is explaining that Matt wanted to bring his roommate to the recording, Adam agreed that he could bring the roommate as long as they came early and helped set things up, doesn’t sound douche like at all according to this superfan.

Austin, Matt’s roommate is now the subject matter. Adam is riffing on how much Austin’s parents must love him and joking about him being a “go getter”. Matt is on mic weighing in and Bryan has now excused Adam of all douche behavior.


Adam is now citing an example from home with Sonny and Natalia, Alison is asking about using the phrase “could you help me” for tasks where she intends someone else to do most of the work.

Adam is now telling the gang about borrowing his coke cooler from Jimmy around 12yrs ago, he explaining the benefit of borrowing things from rich guys and the union style bargaining he had to do in order to get the kids to bring some bottles in from it.

Adam is now telling the gang about an event he did at the Roxy and he has the control room lay in a bed of “Fleetwood Mac” as he breaks down the band and their music.

Adam and Bryan are now breaking down the idea of a song sticking around forever, Adam just used the phrase “condemned” awesome.

Adam is now citing another misspelled marquee from his latest travels; he’s explaining why it bumps him and how it has nothing to do with ego.


Adam is welcoming Jeff Ross back to the podcast for his 10th appearance, Jeff Ross once every 100 shows or so.

He can also be found on ACP episodes #22, #160 and #275 as well as ACS episodes #61, #128, #171, #325, #555 and the Christmas 2012 Bonus best of featuring the Shakesbeer event all available by signing up for the official archive.

Adam is explaining all you need to know about Jeff’s show “The Burn” and what a 2nd season on comedy central really means nowadays. Adam is citing the differences in humor and style between him and Jeff but also praising Jeff for how funny he was on the episode Adam did.

Adam is breaking down his experience guesting on “The Burn” and how his “speed roast” segment was so strong they’re going to try to include some of the web only segment in the actual show.

Adam is now bringing up Monty Hall and telling the gang how he would daydream about what items he would bring in case he was ever on the show.

Jeff is now telling the gang about having dinner with Sid Caesar and Monty Hall; he’s trying to play it low-key and seems to think he’s not supposed to talk about being at Sid’s house.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the black out during the game, Adam is wondering how stuff can go son wrong and be fixed so quickly, he’s citing the difference in speed between the power being restored for the game vs. your home.

Adam is now citing the ratings for the game and how it not making the top 10 in San Francisco being a good sign for the city, and the converse of it being number 1 in Baltimore being the opposite.

They’re now discussing the commercials during the game; Alison reveals she was just informed that Axe body spray is meant for ball use only. Adam is now riffing on why that is.


Alison is quizzing Adam on his favorite and least favorite commercials from the super bowl; he’s citing the “Leon Sandcastle” spot as his favorite.

Adam is citing the coke commercial as his least favorite and he’s comparing it to the lame McDonald’s spots that are as generic and boring as the food.

They’re now playing the end of the commercial and Adam is pondering the use of a duck.

Adam is now riffing on nothing good ever happening in the old country stores on the edge of the desert; he’s citing “no country for old men” and has a great Javier Bardem riff.

Adam is now breaking down why they even waste their money on these spots, he has dual theories as to why they’re forced into it and have no options at this point.


Adam is now calling for Lynch to find out the cost for super bowl commercials from the past 4 decades and is citing the lame half time acts of days gone by.

Jeff says his dream gig is insulting random fans at the super bowl, Adam is now riffing and trying to jump in but Jeff steps on it, Adam is now bailing into a live read.

Adam is now reading the results of Mike Lynch’s super quick research; Adam is sharing some history about the super bowl rights and their value for the first game.

Adam and Bryan are now riffing in character as the guy’s negotiating the first deal for the rights to film the super bowl.

Adam is breaking down the origins of the name of the super bowl, good stuff.


Alison’s 2nd story is on Bill Maher appearing on the Tonight Show and discussing Donald Trump and his resemblance to an orangutan.

Adam is jumping in with is take on dueling and how he misses that element and how it kept people from talking shit.

Alison is now reading Donald Trump’s response and setting up a clip, Adam is agreeing with both parties and explaining his logic citing the time Ray shaved his ass and the time he made Ray eat a plate of wasabi.

Adam is now explaining his take on Donald Trump and how he’s a success in the “punt pass and kick competition of life” which Adam deems is raising your kids. Adam is explaining how truly impressive Ivanka is and how the rest are all successes too.

Adam is now going even further with his “white don king” analogy for trump and really clarifying his take.

Adam is doing a live read and giving some plugs, now he’s wrapping the show.