Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/04/2015 – Ross Matthews, Ken Ehrlich, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/04/2015 – Ross Matthews, Ken Ehrlich, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ross Matthews, Ken Ehrlich, and David Wild

Recorded 02-03-2015 – Release Date 02-04-2015

Production Number #1504

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Adam says that BB is out today due to a medical issue, not bad, perhaps good Adam says but he’ll let BB talk about it tomorrow.

Beth Stelling is in as Newsgirl and quickly recaps her journey, Adam is commenting on how people praise Chicago but always seem to leave.

Adam says people are singing the praises of Chicago on the way to the airport to escape, Beth is in the mix and Adam is teasing his odyssey at Denny’s.


Adam is bringing up a conversation he had with Dr. Drew on an episode of the Adam and Dr. Drew Show, Adam is explaining the context of the Mel Brooks interview for his show Take a Knee.

Gary gets on mic to confirm that Mel has an EGOT, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.

Adam is sharing more details of the conversation he had with Mel about his HBO special, Mel even gave Adam a copy of a recent review.


Adam says that Mel in his 80’s is still seeking his approval, much like his son at age 8.

Adam is telling Beth to adjust her placement with the mic, that’s what Dawson’s hand signals were for.

Adam jokes about his son being drawn to burlesque and pasties with Beth, she’s doing great.


Adam is explaining who Andrew is, he’s the assistant/helper to his film producer Nate and is one of the adult males who refuses to intermingle his food.

This is not dissimilar from the old it “Will Angie Eat It’ and he explains that Andrew chose the Denny’s in Glendale for his birthday lunch.

Adam is sharing his “eat free” theory on why they were heading to the restaurant.


Adam explains that Andrew didn’t want the free grand slam he wanted a plain burger with nothing but meat and bun and an Oreo cookie milkshake.

Adam is sharing his advice to the guys about getting their shit straight so Nate could get the free breakfast.

Adam is breaking down the ordering process and empathizes with poor Nate, having to order a child’s meal choice.


Adam is sharing his process of trying to order a cheddar cheese and onion omelet.

Adam is sharing his theory on a “separate checks” presumption indicating you’re in a low class establishment.

Adam says he wasn’t going to eat at a Denny’s on a guy’s birthday without ordering a free grand slam.


Adam is doing a live read for CarVi


Q and Ace

1st Caller Zach, he wants to know what Adam’s training at ‘The Groundlings’ did for his career, he’s explaining how it helped him, almost a documentary style answer very interesting delivery and phrasing.

They should use this for their advertising, Adam has a funny campfire/changing a tire scene example and calls back the burlesque from earlier.

Adam is lamenting his time spent in Chatsworth and explains where he worked in an industrial complex next to a facility that primarily lacquered items and he notes the kid with the short arm, suspecting that the fumes caused birth defects.


Adam is now sharing the story of a guy who fell asleep smoking and Dawson gets on mic to explain how science has intervened to prevent cigarettes from burning people’s houses down.

Ken and David are now joining them via phone, working on the Grammys airing this Sunday.

Adam is asking if they have to ask people to come out and hunt them down or if people are eager to perform there, Adam has a funny one liner and then marvels at Ken’s longevity.


Adam asks Ken if anyone has campaigned to be part of the show but weren’t yet famous enough, he says they missed a few people along the way and caught them later, not often but it has happened.

David is now chiming in about John Legend and the impact his performance on the Grammys had on his career.

Adam jokes about LL Cool J hosting again and asks for a snippet, Ken teases some horns and Adam says horns can fix anything but Ken goes in a different direction and Adam references Rory Gallagher.

David Wild refuses to tell Adam the name of the artist he’ll be excited about, he says Adam will learn before the night of the show, just not now.

They plug the show and Adam wraps up the phoner.


Beth and Adam are briefly discussing the Grammys.


Adam is doing a Pro Flowers Live Read


2nd Caller Jose, he wants to know about renting in a nicer neighborhoods to enroll your kids in a better school or buy in less expensive place and tolerate the mediocre schools.

Adam has actually had this question before, I think on AOTH (Ace On The House) and ADS (The Adam and Dr. Drew Show) if not on this show as well.

Adam is now going in depth on his first home purchase and what he heard from everyone he knew about how he might want to wait on his first home purchase.


Adam is sharing his worst case scenario and says his experience with own homes is the complete opposite of his parents, Adam says his first girlfriend lived out in Arcadia.

Adam gives Jose some practical advice, Beth is asking follow ups and Adam tells her about his catholic Little Brother Nate who went to Beverly Hills High and how it was difficult to get the brownie points of helping a kid when it sounds like a he goes to a rich school like on the TV Show.

Adam is threating to go on a rant and shares how he marvels at the stupidity of society and cites his rage about wasted water and cites the dessert landscaping of Arizona vs. the grass and sod illusion of California and how much water that takes to maintain.

Adam now references the click it or ticket freeway signs, he gets to his actual point about his almost always expiring milk jugs, he shares his frustration with wasted units of energy and cites Chicken Nuggets.


Adam wondered if the fridge was too warm and that’s why his milk was going bad so often, Adam googled it and it needed to be 35 degrees to keep the milk fresh, his 44 and he simply dialed back the setting.

Adam is sharing that his fridges are modern but not all have an accurate temperature reading, he also says milk jugs should have a sticker telling the optimum temperature for refrigeration.

Adam says he’s a multiple fridge owner and didn’t know what they need to be set at, he says the fridge never stops being used.


Adam is now commenting on the wasted electricity and food energy units, if you’re using the energy to power the fridges to be almost cold enough but not enough, it’s as good as wasted, which then causes you to waste the milk energy units.

Adam is demanding they put the “set your fridges to 35 degrees” on the electronic freeway signs in Los Angeles and further rants about the fridge being on all the time, more than any other devices in your home.

Adam wants to know if there has ever been a discussion about this, Gary confirms that nobody in the warehouse knew what temperature for optimal fridge temperature.


Adam is now sharing his hatred for all of our politicians and says he hates that it’s 2015 and we can’t repair things, he wants a meeting including himself and Elon Musk solving the problems of California.


Adam is doing a Smart Things Live Read

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Ross Matthews making his ACS debut, Adam asks him about starting out on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2001.

Adam asks him to elaborate about moving to Los Angeles and has a killer one liner after Ross asks if he can swear on the show, Ross echoes his advice about showing up and working for free.

Ross tells them about being prepared if the opportunity ever came, he quotes Oprah and Adam is riffing about her relative success.


Ross says he genuinely loves her and Adam is now explaining how he views people, he uses a company’s profit and losses as an analogy for how much Oprah has put into the society via taxes.

Adam says if the society was filled with people like his mom we’d all be fucked, Oprah is someone we need, Ross asks if he’s needed or not and Adam says he needs to see his tax documents for the last two quarters of 2014.


Ross has a mouth of babes moment asking Adam if he understands the feeling of being taxed so much it’s not worth earning anymore, Adam is telling Ross about driving Bryan Cranston to the airport after his first podcast appearance in 2009.

ACS #26 (feat. Bryan Cranston)

Adam asks Ross about his podcast after joking about getting Bryan to do a whole bunch of shit he doesn’t want to do.


Adam has a great pickup one liner and Ross goes with it, he’s telling Adam about deciding to be all in with his voice and personality at an early age.

Ross is really in the mix and they’ve transitioned to the Super Bowl and Ross says he’s a Seahawks fan and Adam tells him not to get so pitchy with him, hilarious sarcastic gay stereotype riffing from Ace, mocking Ross for his typical NFC championship game talk.

Ross is asking Adam about his experience over at Jimmy Kimmel’s house for the Super Bowl, Ross wants to know if there is ever a scenario where he could attend the Super Bowl party, and Adam says no and then presumes that DAG has sucked a cock, citing his work on Broadway.


Adam has a funny Toe Knee/Tony riff that leads into the live read.


Adam is doing a Life Lock live read and it sounds like Beth jumps in a bit too early


The News – With Beth Stelling

She jumps the gun on the intro, nobody says anything and they just let her finish the explanation of the first story.

1st Story is on Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl Commercial being timed with her new “book” of Selfies, Beth tells them about her book.

Ross estimates how much they give Kim up front for that book, Adam says that women may get underpaid but not in the book department.

Adam is now making a point about pimping and whoring, Ross can’t get a bead on who Kim actually is, does she really get the joke of her fame and success.


Adam has a solid Winchester Mystery House analogy, Adam is commenting on the success and motors of the Kardashians.

Adam says they have figured out ways for other people to part with billions to them without ever singing or dancing.

Ross is asking Adam what he thinks about the union between Kim and Kanye, Adam jokes about being able to love Sophia Vergara.


Ross is using his father and jobs where people have to put aside their pride, Adam interrupts to say that not telling your boss to fuck off are problems of today.

Ross has a counter point, Adam is adding the Kardashian’s to his positive side of earners contributing to society, he likes people who work their tail off, he doesn’t care if the quality is good or not, he wants the effort.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read


2nd Story is about a 50 year old car collection worth over 15 million dollars discovered in France.

Adam comments on the Ferrari they’re looking at and Ross has a funny one liner about this being the one hoarder who was right, Adam tells them about the neighbor of “Shaky Jake” who lived in the building where Adam did earthquake rehab work and kept milk carton panels of missing kids stacked from floor to ceiling.

Adam is giving his take on gay people, he says there is not a gay guy on earth who needs the free school lunch program, he wants to know the amount of gay parents with kids who aren’t being made food or bought food from their parents.


Adam is now sharing his admiration for what gay property and business owners do to neighborhoods they move to, Ross has a funny send the gays to Fallujah comment and Adam tops it with a funny ‘American Sniper’ reply.


Ross wants to run as Adam’s VP and Adam jokes about Bruce Jenner getting another ‘Wheaties’ Box now and has Beth wrap the news, no outro music either, weird, maybe nobody jumped it earlier?


Adam is doing a zip Recruiter live read


Adam gives out the plugs and teases Rainn Wilson’s appearance scheduled for next week.