Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/04/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan, Live from Chicago Park West Theater

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/04/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan, Live from Chicago Park West Theater

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison and Bryan, Live from Chicago Park West Theater

Recorded 01-31-2014 – Release Date 02-04-2014

Production Number #1253

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Adam is opening the 2nd of two shows live from the park west in Chicago, nice intro from Dawson.

BB has an excellent opening Dag drop, Adam is mocking super storm Maximus and saying it sounds like a condom variety.

Adam is sharing his scientific penis measuring method, Alison wants to know about taint length and high positioned buttholes.


Adam has a hilarious use of marshmallowy that Alison and BB have killer replies to.

Adam is joking about his nightly chess game with Lynette and the kids, BB has a great joke mocking Adams hypothetical reaction.

Adam is telling the gang about sonny coming in 12th out of 20 on his class chess competition.


Alison is taking it back to Adams marshmallowy butthole Easter basket riffing from earlier.

Adam is joking about a super husky dude offering to let them crash with his parents place and BB jokes it was me offering.

Hilarious vomit mattress one liner and Adam is explaining they have a place to stay but also one in buffalo that he’s worried about.


Adam is mow going off on weathermen and 10 day forecasts.

Adam is now citing a conversation with Fondiler from 3 days ago.

Adam is on a crazy riff about the ape in charge of fire weather, bb has as gr.

The gang are all fretting about getting stuck in Chicago despite my best efforts to convince them otherwise.


Adam is now riffing about airport carpeting and how it’s the only carpet you’ll laydown on like that, Alison is riffing with him about backup pillows.

Adam is saying he wants a straight answer about weather. He hates the waiting game and would rather spend 2 days chilling than at an airport stressing.

Alison and Adam are lamenting waiting for flight announcements and straining to hear them.


Alison has a great hypothetical and is now mocking oversized Chicago softballs and he’s sharing his experience in playing in the Chicago celebrity all-star game.

This is the infamous “robbed a home run off Brian McKnight” story thanks to Jake from the audience for feeding him that reminder.

Adam is joking about playing against Trista from the bachelor in the softball game, Adam is telling them about Dave Winfield and BB is chiming in to support him.


Adam is going in depth on the game and his theory on Dave Winfield killing Trista, Adam is bringing up the idea of jocks taking “half swings”

They’re further joking about Dave Winfield and his appearance, great comedy between BB and Alison about his appearance, Adam is being sarcastic saying “right again” to Jimmy while describing Dave’s homerun swing.

Adam is now sharing how Wade Boggs fouled out in the same game.


Q and Ace

1st question from Jake Connors

Adam is interrupting to share what made him mad about ordering omelets with Mike August and how he announced that he didn’t care for cheddar cheese and chose American over it.

Adam is now telling him to get on a bridge and start walking to Canada.

Alison is asking why he said he doesn’t like cheddar

“This is a guy who literally eats sharp objects if they smell like food, if you took gravel and carpet tacks and put some bullion beef, a little Au Jus over it, he would be taking handfuls of it and throwing it into his mouth and never stop” – Adam on Mike August saying Cheddar cheese is too sharp.

Adam is now sharing how he bought some medium Tillamook cheddar to test the man, Alison is sharing her own airplane incident on her non Wi-Fi aircraft.

Alison is now mocking the in-flight magazine and the info about how to see if your plain has Wi-Fi, she’s joking about having to observe the outside of the aircraft, Adam has a killer “we’re taking a detour riff”.


Adam is now sharing his own trauma from the airport earlier in the day, he was staring down the barrel of an endless day.

Adam keeps joking about “Squanto’s retreat” and Alison remarks that it sounds like a native American nudist camp, Adam is joking about Chief Thunderbear literally making it rain.

This is gold, Adam is killing it with his literal interpretation of “Makin’ It Rain!”


Adam is touching on his earlier airport thoughts lamenting everyone out having fun with Howard Stern and how jealous he was of everyone else’s life at that point.

Adam is explaining that Jimmy was on the cover of two magazines that August found and made sure to present to Adam, you can see the covers via the show page link above.


BB is taking it back to Jake, he welcomes Alison to Chicago and BB has a killer riff with Ace about his medical condition, this is great comedy.

Jake is now proposing to his girlfriend live from the front of the crowd, there is an interesting mix-up, BB and Gary were both contacted by men who wanted to propose and mixed them up, not knowing it was two different men.

Adam is congratulating the dude for getting a yes despite his V neck sweater, Adam is killing it joking Jake’s bride to be, Adam is now doing a “Stripper DJ” bit working Chief Thunderbear back into the mix.


Adam is quizzing her about their relationship and she reveals that they met in the “Urbana Champaign” area.

“Sounds like a carbonated drink for black people” – Adam on the name of the town and he’s now doing an impression of Xzibit doing a commercial for the new drink.

Adam is now calling for Snoop Dogg to copyright that shit, Adam is joking about rolled up paper bags over beverages and how they’re a dead giveaway of what you’re drinking.


Adam is mocking her for prefacing the way they met, he’s got a great riff about people who do online dating prefacing it with “I never do this but”.

Alison is sharing the reaction Adam gave when she told him she was going to get married.


2nd Question from Randy is from Houston and Adam has a great “he wants a divorce” joke.

Adam is now calling for a divorce camera at sporting events, how much more fun that would be in place of the “kiss cam”.

Adam is joking about it being illegal to throw things at stadiums, BB has a funny bag of piss at dodger’s game comment and Adam is getting to the old timey tosses from the peanut guy.


Adam is joking about him resembling Moby and he’s now asking her to marry him, Adam is asking him if he’s shitting him, you can hear some emotion in Randy’s voice.

Adam wants to know if this is real life, he’s asking if this is the fucking Grammy’s, comedy gold!

Adam is actually giving him a hit off the Mangria, as the club ran out halfway into the first show as they didn’t order enough, made sure to charge me 5$ for a sprite though.


Adam is now saying he feels like a cult leader, he’s got a killer Cat Stevens song reference and is threatening all women must pass through his “sack door”.

She’s now said yes too!

Adam talked over the proposal and Alison has a killer reaction to it.

BB is now explaining the mix-up and giving all of the facts and how BB and Gary had prearranged the question to be the first one asked.


Adam is talking with Randy’s future wife and getting their story, Alison is making a point about the proposal cock block after their travel all the way from Houston.

Adam is now joking about them being the runner’s up from Star Search.

Adam is now sharing the photo of Adam holding up the covers of two magazines with Jimmy on them, Alison has a great joke in reply.


3rd Question from Matt from Naperville and the audience is going nuts mocking it, Adam wants to know what’s up and is defending Matt’s hometown.

Matt wants to know any stories of Adam getting caught beating off, he’s now telling them the classic story of being caught in his garage/bedroom at his dad’s place by his buddy who kicked the door open as Adam was ejaculating.

Adam is explaining it was his buddy John and Alison has a great reaction to the point of the story where there was no turning back for Adam.


Alison wants to know if Adam has ever walked in on anyone, he’s saying that he hasn’t because he doesn’t want to.

Adam is joking about the smokeless cigarette women have in their pants and how hard it is to catch them, Alison has a killer vapor joke and Adam has an Ethan Hawke topper.

Adam is killing it with the cock, ball and jizz comedy, hilarious one liners, one after the other.


Adam is now sharing how men are always trying to get women to admit they masturbate so they can later beat off to it, Alison says women know that.

Adam is now joking about a lady coming up to him trying to get him to admit to beating off, hilarious comedy!


Alison’s News

She wants to know how intimate is too intimate with your dog, Adam is joking about peanut butter and cream cheese for dog/human oral sex and how using a pill makes it a different act.


Her Top story is on the Amanda Knox update on how her acquittal has been overturned.

Adam is explaining that he’s seen the whole 20/20 on this piece and knows the case inside and out, he’s saying that the only evidence seems to be that she’s kind of a bitch about her roommate’s death.

Adam is explaining how being gregarious the day after your roommate is killed doesn’t mean you killed them.


Adam is now joking about the one thing he would not be seen doing after he killed his roommate and he’s comparing it to the 911 calls from guys who murdered their wives.

Adam is joking about his own parent’s reaction if they heard about his murder, hilarious quotes.

Adam is joking about the Italians, using hilarious slang terms and saying he can as he’s half Italian, Adam is now joking about the sentencing and how specific it is, he’s doing an improv as two Italian attorneys trying to come up with the sentence.


2nd Story is on the recent death of a woman on an escalator, Alison is sharing the horrific details of the death.

Adam has some killer Johnny Depp comedy about why he can never go anywhere near an escalator, BB is joking along with him and has a great Steven Tyler add on joke.

Adam is now adding Lenny Kravitz to the mix and has all three gents battling it out who will be forced to go on the escalator first.


3rd Story is on Ke$ha in rehab, Adam has a solid Kashi joke and he’s now riffing about a “douchebag store” that Lenny and Johnny shop at.

Alison’s story is on her requesting teeth from fans to make art, Alison is reading all the details and sharing her take on the trend of tooth jewelry.

The only one that Adam accepts is the Manny Puig Shark Tooth choker, he’s got a slid riff about the only guy who can wear tooth jewelry

Adam is joking about the guy wearing dolphin shorts and flip flops at the airport and how he’s just rubbing it in everyone’s face, Alison wants to know how he doesn’t die and Adam is joking about rounding everyone up to stone him to death.


4th Story is on the 5 different types of guys a man might have to share a bed with another man

Adam is now asking why a straight guy would sleep with a comically flirtatious man, Alison is now asking if Ray would do the same and he’s telling her about Ray and the bachelor party story.

Adam is first citing the trips for KROQ with Kimmel, Big Tad and even T. Chance Thrasher.


Adam is now saying you can tell a lot about a person’s psyche based on how they sleep when sharing a bed, they reveal their true nature, more than even booze according to Adam.

Adam is now telling the gang about sharing a bed with Ray while he was sporting the “ringworm” on Adam’s bachelor party.

Adam is closing out this epic telling and Alison is reading off the rest of the list of types of guys.


Adam is now referencing a guy who beat off while in bed on vacation with his dad, Alison’s reaction is priceless.


Adam is now joking about a beat off obstacle course to train his son to be able to perform in any position, his classic riff.

Alison is leaving the stage to pee before they wrap the show, Adam has a killer comment about not being accustomed to public speaking but agrees anyway.

Adam is now doing some crowd work, gold!


Adam is now asking for a show of hands for masturbatory positions, he’s going to poll the audience now.

Adam is now joking about having to tap out mid beat off to tell your cock to put its game face on, he’s now polling the rest of the audience.

BB is revealing that he’s an in the shower guy and jokes about his lack of hair freeing up his shower time.


Alison is now back to the stage and Adam is polling the audience on how man have beat off at the work place.

Adam is now doing a live read.


5th Story is on a pizza hut employee getting arrested after being witnessed spitting on a police officers pizza.

Adam is joking about the spit being a lateral move for the pizza, BB chimes in with the phrase and Alison is now explaining the details of the case

Adam is doing an excellent cop talk riff and now he’s sharing the story of Rudy in the San Diego dorms, Alison wants to know if Adam has ever blacked out, he’s telling her no and why he hasn’t as well.


Adam is joking about anytime there are leather straps holding you down it’s either the best or worst day of your life, or last says Alison, nice!

Adam is telling them about defecating on the dorm room coffee table and Adam is sharing that he hasn’t kept in touch because of their spat over lederhosen and how he heard that man appeared on an episode of “hoarders”.


6th Story is on the mile marker 420 signs that have gone missing in Colorado and the alternative sign they’re now using.

Adam is doing the “do no ass” graffiti he used to witness and appreciate like clockwork.

Alison is telling them about the mile 69 in Kansas that was changed and Adam is joking about the weird “Stoner/sex addict version of not having a 13th floor in a hotel”.


Alison wants to know if Adam has ever stolen a sign and he’s telling her about defacing the knots berry farm billboard.

The “To the Beach to Jerk Off” story and he’s telling them all the details of trying to accomplish this graffiti.

You can find the picture in Adam’s 2nd book “Not Taco Bell Material” and Alison is now wrapping the news.

Adam is doing a live read and now wrapping the show.