Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/04/2013 – Super Bowl party with Dr. Drew, Kevin Hench, Alison Rosen, and Harland Williams

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/04/2013 – Super Bowl party with Dr. Drew, Kevin Hench, Alison Rosen, and Harland Williams

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Recorded 02-03-2013 – Release Date 02-04-2013

Production Number #1006

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This special episode was recorded from Adam’s home with Kevin Hench making his long awaited return to the show and special guests Alison Rosen with Dr. Drew.

Adam is opening the show and welcoming everyone, Drew is asking him if this is the first super bowl they’ve seen together and Hench has a funny observation about Natalia.

Adam is telling the gang about Natalia and her “wheel shoes” and her recent accident, Adam is now explaining how these shoes are the foot equivalent to the ATV.

Adam is explaining the nature of this podcast and the various surprise guests that might show up, Drew is pondering if he should just “grow a pair” and stay for the whole game.


Adam is telling them about doing Jeff Ross’s TV show “The Burn”, Drew just interrupted to ask Adam what it was like and he’s got a great analogy to explain what it felt like to be on set.

It’s now time for the coin toss and Kevin Hench is going off on Ray Lewis while explaining the details of his accusations/court case. Adam is now going off on how people only have time for “5 min” bites of information about everyone else, great examples and perfect logic from the Aceman!

Adam is sharing a detail he heard about Ray Lewis, Drew is jumping in and breaking down the meaning of the statement Adam just quoted.

Hilarious F with the listener’s moment from Adam just now. Hench is explaining more details from the Ray Lewis altercation.

Adam is explaining why he has burgundy carpeting and black midway briefs, hilarious and gross.


Adam is back to his weekend; he touches on doing “The Burn” and is now telling the gang about taking Sonny to the Hollywood YMCA to play basketball at 7am on Saturday morning.

He’s now breaking down the “Rock and Roll” dad’s there and he’s questing at what point does it become too much trouble to maintain a look, Drew agrees and Hench is jumping in with an anecdote about Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters.

Adam is explaining how they don’t allow the kids to keep score at these games; he’s telling the gang how the kids all keep track even though the adults won’t.

Adam is now going off on the “Walk a Thon” he witnessed, Hench has some funny observations and Adam is now ripping into the actual event and how meaningless it is, I’ve been waiting for this riff since I was a kid!

Adam is now staring a funny live read; he’s interrupted by the latest super bowl commercial.


Alison is asking how a person can live and die with a team and let their performance dictate their mood, Drew has some great observations and now he’s getting Adam to elaborate on his annual February depression.

Hench is weighing in and explaining how he’s affected by sports and what it means to him. Adam is now breaking down is thoughts on both teams in the super bowl.

Adam is now doing some plugs for Dr. Drew and Alison’s shows; he’s asking her about Melissa Stetten her latest guest who was discussed in a news story during the last time James Gunn guested on the ACS.

Alison just revealed that they actually think the Adam Carolla Show brought them together in some weird way, I’m the guy to first get James added to the ACS roster, how very great magnet!


Alison is asking if there is such a thing as a favorite kid, Adam had a great quote that sums it up perfectly, wow!

Adam is doing a live read and welcomes Natalia back onto the show, she just changed the channel from the super bowl and Hench was the only one to catch it.

Adam’s earlier comment has now come to life before everyone’s eyes and ears; Adam is going off on the TV commercial for “Identity Thief” and the amount of head trauma in the trailer.

Hench has a funny reply and now Adam is ironically explaining why it’s ok to hit overweight women in TV commercials and has a funny observation about LL Cool J, awesome.


Adam is now welcoming everyone back to the show, Harland Williams is joining Alison and Dr. Drew and I assume Hench is enjoying the rest of the game.

Adam and Harland are riffing on a bizarre hypothetical relationship they could have, Harland is resisting.

Adam is now asking Drew how much better their friendship would be if they were more flexible sexually, Drew is agreeing and they’re going over their possible liaisons.

Drew just unknowingly set up Adam’s “Christopher Lowell” story, Adam is now telling Harland and Alison about it and how he was turning PVC piping into faux bamboo.

Adam is now telling the fire alarm story in depth, very good telling.


Beyoncé is now performing and Adam is asking Drew about meeting them as teenagers and how they begged to guest on loveline, Harland is commenting on Beyoncé’s large legs.

Adam has a funny quote about men and what they prefer in women based on their race, Drew just had a hilarious reaction to Beyoncé and Adam is rolling with it.

They’re all further commenting on Beyoncé’s performance; Adam is now asking Alison about all chick bands and style over substance.

Adam is now telling Harland about his theory, where ones stock rises enough for them to date former super models and famous people, Alison is now explaining her recent “Corky” Nemic cross discovery.

Adam is floating his Robert Palmer thought and now they’re back reacting to the half time show.


Adam is now commenting on the message society is sending with the long straight hair on black women who appear in media. Drew is weighing in with what he experienced on some life changers episodes and how he was left stunned with how deeply it can affect someone.

Adam is now pondering how much electricity is wasted by various hair treatments and blow dryers, Adam is giving his theory on hairdressers and how nuts they are and why he thinks that is.

Adam is going off on time saving techniques and how he won’t even wear high top’s because he doesn’t want to spend the time to tie the laces, Drew references his parking discussion from “The Adam and Drew Show” Episode #14 with DAG.


Adam is now presenting a theory on hair for the gang to dig on, he’s explaining how in the 1970’s you weren’t given a cultural pass and everyone was expected to have a certain type of hair.

This is a famous observation between Adam and Drew, one of the best versions is the one between Adam, Drew and James Marsters on his 2004 LL visit.

Natalia is now asking to join the show; Adam agrees but only if she fleshes out the story of her accident. Adam is setting it up but now Harland is shutting him up so Natalia can tell it, whoa!

Adam is now explaining his side of the phone call alerting him to the accident and he’s describing speeding down the back roads looking for them and the confusion involve in locating them.

Natalia is chiming and defending Lynette by explaining they were outside on a porch, Drew’s reacting to the game, hilarious!

Adam is having a very funny interaction with Natalia, hilarious and adorable! The gang is all wondering what happened to DAG who they were expecting to show up mid party/show.


Adam is now opening segment 3 with Hench back in the living room, Sonny and Natalia are sitting in and Adam is giving them a chance to record some pod gold, Hench is mocking them.

Adam is now sharing some more anecdotes about Sonny’s basketball game from Saturday; he’s describing the young boy sporting the long blonde hair ala Kate Hudson’s son.

Adam is now going in depth trying to explain how you only judge kids based on hair length, Drew and Hench are weighing in and Sonny has some comments too.

Adam is now riffing about people who had the double vowels to their names, Aimee Mann is cited and now Adam is explaining how he only speaks to her once a year but every time they have a very deep and meaningful conversation that usually touches on their parents.


The game is wrapped up and now Adam is discussing the NFL standings when it comes to who has the best record and most super bowl wins, Hench is weighing in and now Adam is realizing he needs to ask Dameshek about this.

Drew is citing the teeth on a guy who’s on camera, now Adam is giving a new argument about people who have veneers and plastic surgery being the ultimate examples of “performance enhancement”. Adam’s making a larger point about Lance Armstrong and the gang is all weighing in.

They’re now riffing on another “identity thief” commercial and Adam is explaining his theory on using head trauma in the trailer to measure quality in comedies.

Drew is now remarking on the secret language he shares with Adam, they’re breaking down “El Kabong” and explaining it to Hench and Alison. Hench has a hilarious exit and now Adam is doing some plugs.