Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/02/2016 – Michael McKean and Dr. Bruce

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/02/2016 – Michael McKean and Dr. Bruce

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Michael McKean and Dr. Bruce

Recorded 02-01-2016 – Release Date 02-02-2016

Production Number #1748

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Adam opens the show with Dr. Bruce in studio, Adam is teasing the arrival of Michael McKean he’s praising ‘This is Spinal Tap’ and BB has a “Resveratrol” #TopDrop.

Adam is telling the gang about driving back east with Mike August and Mike Lynch for his standup gigs, Mike has thousands of songs on his phone and played some Spinal Tap for them to enjoy.

Adam is sharing his favorite lyrics from their songs, they play another track and all laugh in reaction to the lyric “You’re Too Young and I’m too well hung” and he praises Fred Willard’s work in this scene from the movie.


Adam says he’s rarely jealous of comedy but this movie transcends even his barriers for caring, they’re reacting to ‘Big Bottom’ and have fun with the insane lyrics, Gina reminds everyone of ‘A Mighty Wind’ and shares her love for that movie.

Adam is asking Dr. Bruce to tease the topic of Hillary’s health and possibly hidden stroke, he goes to a live read after Bruce brings up Bernie Sanders’ health.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Adam says Uber stands for everything he loves about our society edition

Matt’s wedding, Lynette volunteered his checkbook to pay for something at Matt’s wedding, wow!


BB is refusing to play the Dr. Bruce Health watch theme song, trying to do the tired trick of playing it over his voice, it’s not that funny anymore.


Health Watch

1st Story is on an exploding e-cig, Gina and BB both comments and Bruce tells them not to interrupt, Bruce says many nurses were waiting to see the guy’s burned up cock, I’m never going to the doctor now.

Bruce is telling them about how tight jeans can lead to exploding batteries and Adam talks about wearing form fitting pants that can’t even sustain pockets.

Adam has a killer “even the people, Dr. Bruce?” in reply to his comments about China, hilarious!


2nd Story is on E-cig juice and it’s link to the spread of virus and bacteria, he shares the science and Adam wants to know it’s better than cigarettes or not.

Bruce talks about the carcinogenic effects and he pronounces virulent strangely.


Bruce is telling them about the widely suspected stroke Hillary may have suffered that was not accurately reported to the press, Gina has no idea about this.

Adam “now I heard she stepped on one of her titties getting out of the shower”

Adam is talking about how Stone Temple Pilots used to use “exhaustion” and “dehydration” to cover for Scott Weiland, Adam is now picking on her and now asks about Bernie.


Bruce brings up the Bernie Sanders folk album they covered yesterday, Bruce heard it on Stern, he doesn’t listen to the ACS clearly, wow!

BB notices this moment and Adam is silent.


3rd Story is on the Zika Virus and he explains the risk, Adam asks why does everything that comes out of south America end up so aggressive and angry, Bruce blames the tropical climate.

Bruce references Beetlejuice form the Howard Stern show when Gina is asking about the syndrome associated with the virus.

Adam is asking about Charlie Sheen’s crazy doctor on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and says that when you’re trying to sell a crazy new scientific angle or treatment, ease it up on the Grecian formula or the just for men.


BB is sharing his surprise that Adam is buying into this charlatan, he talks about his own diagnosis and the snake oil salesmen of every shape and size sent his way.

Bruce is talking about vitamin D and Adam is quizzing him on how humans get it and Adam is now asking him about Tamiflu and says his daughter was not enjoying it.

Gina brings up some homeopathic cures and Bruce just blows her off awkwardly.

She’s talking about Oscillococcinum. Adam has a killer Walt Frasier reference and riffs with BB about sports that nobody knows about.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Frank, he’s got a list of other movies that also got two stars on his cable providers system.

Adam is talking about the origins of this gripe with his movie ‘The Hammer’ being downgraded on cable menus and his inability to understand why they round down and now Frank is listing off the various movies including ‘First Blood’ and Adam calls ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ a “tool tune” of movies.

They talk about Oldschool and both Adam and BB praise ‘Rounders’ and now they talk about Rocky IV and Top Gun, along with Con Air, Point Break and Armageddon (which did get a criterion release FYI).

Adam says just because Michael Bay directs doesn’t mean it’s bad, just big, BB plays a Transformers drop and they go back to Health Watch.


4th Story is on the Lead poisoning of the water in Michigan, Adam has a funny memo just in, hilarious fake name and callback to the hair dye riff regarding Charlie Sheen’s doctor.

Gina shares how Adam brought up the journey of plastic water bottles on the way to the grocery store, just because you don’t leave it out in the sun in your car doesn’t mean that hasn’t already happened.

Bruce is lamenting his lack of a physical Ace Awards, Adam talks about his buddy Daniel being the record holder for fastest tap out in a wrestling match and what a dubious honor that is, much like an award for being thrown out of a podcast studio.


Adam is doing a Podcast One Listener Survey Live Read


2nd Caller Kelly, she just found out that her unmarried cousin is pregnant and she’s being celebrated despite not being prepared and too young.

Adam is talking about the problem of unwanted children and unplanned pregnancies, irresponsible parents and unstable homes.

Adam is talking about his old riff asking of “Ever worrying about Drew’s triplets” and he says smegma in their eye, mixing up some bodily fluids I think.


Adam is talking about his status as a radical racist guy, BB has a funny “yes and” reply and now he’s playing Bernie Sanders as Adam asks him about sodomizing the tax payer’s wallet, hilarious replies from BB and Adam is coaching him about family and education and all of the unborn tax payers that are waiting to exist so Bernie can rape their wallets.

This is so rapey and hilarious, Adam excuses Dr. Spazz and Michael McKean is rolling his eyes and walking into the studio, they head to break.


They’re back from break

Michael McKean is making his ACS debut, he was last on air with Adam for MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1998 – GUEST: MICHAEL MCKEAN • HOST: ADAM, DR. MARCEL.

I think he’s done Loveline either before Adam or after, so he’s presumably met Dr. Drew as well, that means he’s met 3 of the rotating gang of Loveline Cigar Store Indians who filled in for Drew despite only doing the show 1, maybe 2 times.

Adam is asking about this mysterious ‘Ray” character that asked for a copy of ‘Winning The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ via Bob Odenkirk and Michael is unable top solve the mystery and explains to Adam that he’s not with most of the cast and his role is fairly limited to the house set.


Adam is saying he was watching a documentary called ‘Drunk, High, Dead’ and he explains it was about comedy and asks Michael about who he came up with in comedy.

He tells them about meeting David Lander and getting into comedy together, they started with radio satire and they predate The Lampoon.

Michael tells them about transitioning to opening for rock acts and motions some very interesting band names.


Michael talks about Albert Brooks also opening for Richie Havens, Adam is recalling a conversation he has with a guy who was member of an improve troupe called ‘The Frayed Nots’ and how they opened for Pat Travers and were greeted with suggestions such as “your mom’s cunt.”

Adam is talking about all of the avenues for talent and content today and the lack of channels for people from Michael’s era.

Adam calls back the improv troupe and talks to him about trying to make a living back in the day, he tells them about doing commercials including one for ‘Head Shampoo’ and BB has a funny reply to that.


Adam is asking about collaborating without any endgame, he asks about people being in it for the right reasons vs. trying to get paid down the road.

Michael talks about having a sketch on its feet the night Nixon resigned, Adam is now asking about ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ and how it came to be.


Michael is sharing the pilot called ‘The T.V. Show’ a series created by Rob Reiner, he suggests Adam have Paul Shaffer on as he remembers all of this perfectly, Adam actually has had him on and he did have lots of vivid recollections.

ACS #182 (feat. Paul Shaffer)

Michael is listing off the original band members and he talks about the initial reception from critics and audiences in 1984 and how long it took for most audiences to come around to it.

Michael is telling them about the test screenings and preview cards they got back.


Adam says he never switches that movie off, Michael asks about the 7hr Godfather whole of the recut version of the 3 movies, BB says he watched 4hrs of it.

Adam is now talking about binge watching and the modern era of nonstop content and how people who built the Brooklyn bridge didn’t have time to binge watch TV.

Michael says that he likes that his show is weekly and can only be binged afterwards on Netflix.


Adam asks Michael about any upcoming plans for projects, he’s telling them about writing a movie with is daughter.

He tells them about his wife and a show she’s been workshopping for 5 years; Adam asks him about the urn out factor.

He tells them about his variety of gigs and Gina gets in to talk about the show and the premise, she’s asking about his character and his “allergy” to electricity.


Adam gives out a nice plug and heads to a live read.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Adam bought a bathrobe online, that’s how lazy he is edition

“kicking sashes” – the equivalent of kicking tires when bathrobe shopping in person at a store.

Michael asks if Dawson is allowed to ever breathe, complimenting him.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the death of Vanessa Hudgens’ father and the staging of Grease Live, Adam is talking about Brett Favre coming out and playing lights out football after his dad’s death.

Adam has funny “huh!? that’s for fags” joke speaking for her late father, Michael has a funny reply.

Gina talks about how well done the performances and set pieces were.


She tells them about the 14 sound stages, Adam says that somebody needs to be bought, paid off.

Adam shares his “long snapper” game fixing idea to make a point about this other idea he’s about to fully present, he’s just getting Michael to get the logic.

Michael jokes about them not scoring (points scoring, not musical) musicals, hilarious.


Adam says someone needs to get paid off, some background dancer and have him just yell “Adam Carolla Podcast” or “PodcastOne” and Michael says that person doesn’t exist.

He thinks the attention and role alone are enough, BB suggests disillusioned actor ready to get back at this town.

Adam is further arguing his point and Michael suggest him yelling vote for Bernie, Adam is now putting down Spinal Tap as a joke.


2nd Story is on the doctor of Charlie Sheen who appeared on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and Adam riffs about the milk of arthritic goat and how that sounds like an old world curse.

Gina is now playing them a clip from the show.

Adam is riffing about Liam Neeson in ‘The Grey’ and his hair color, Gina says Adam would never take this AIDS cocktail because he hates goat cheese.


3rd Story is on a DWTS pro who put up an Instagram post with an overweight child drinking soda, Gina reads the details and explains it was kid with Downs Syndrome.

Adam has a fucked up “slowy mcblowy” line that Michael doesn’t care for, Adam is now talking about focusing on health for people with Down Syndrome too.

Adam is talking about being the custodian for your kids and Michael is sharing the real concerns for not eating enough either, it’s your responsibility to care and to ask questions as a parent.


Adam says he’s not at fault as he didn’t know this person had Downs Syndrome, Michael talks about getting a release for photographs and Adam is now trying to think of how hard it would be to try and intellectualize about diet with a child with a learning disability.


4th Story is on Abe the first homeless person who accepts American Express, she has the details on his businesses and Adam says he prays he’s not the only homeless Jewish guy in the world as he’s changing the game and it would only confirm stereotypes.

Adam is talking to Michael McKean about paying homeless guys who have cellphones and can afford that, Gina asks why defines a fake panhandler.

Adam thinks it’s about spending money on food vs. paying for a blowjob and drugs.


Adam is talking about playing a show in Bakersfield and says he arrived 40min early and filled up his car, he talks about the white minivan incident and the large woman of color who was asking for change and got chicken instead.

BB asks why that was depressing, as if he’s never heard this story before, it’s been described in greater detail several other times in front of him, Adam is not quite doing the best version and describing why this was so sad to witness.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Shaq’s ‘The Big Podcast’ on ‘PodcastOne’


5th Story is on the cray El Nino storms throughout San Diego, Gina references the death of a woman caused by a falling tree, that woman was actually the sister of Mike Carano who is tangentially linked to this show, Adam and Bald Bryan.

Adam says the woman’s corpse would be ticketed where he’s from and Adam talks about the city banning him from cutting down his old oak tree on his property and the struggle to cut your own trees on your own property.

This bureaucracy leads to these tragic circumstances, Michael talks about crows doing away with the hawks in his neighborhood.


Adam is talking about crows and their endangered status, Adam jokes about their abundance and Michael wants to know about genetically making Crows delicious.

Gina just set Adam up for his ‘Attack Crows’ idea, Adam is referencing his idea and how he’s been discussing it on air for years.

Michael is now saying that Crows are not as smart as Adam thinks, Adam is telling fans to send stuff in.


Michael is now giving an example of how smart octopuses are, Adam jokes about a police attack octopi, Adam is now referencing various stories and out Crow intelligence

Adam is now going over his idea and its practical application in violent terrorist circumstances Adam is asking Michael if he’s more noble than a hawk.

Adam says good luck with that and he’s mocking his improv chops, no and indeed!


6th Story is on the charges filed for a man who threatened to break the legs of a child kicking his seat on a flight from Australia.

Gina has all of the details and explains what the judge said to him before fining him.

Michael is now bringing up Paul Lynde and the story about him supposedly threatening to fuck a child on a plane.


BB brings up a key detail where the kicking supposedly incited the girl to kick more, he picks up on that and Adam addresses the lack of respect for adults.

Michela is now asking Adam what he would have done first, he says the guys beard says volumes and he sounds like an asshole according to Adam.

Adam is bringing up BB’s point and they both blame the kid, it’s douche on pre douche crime, tomorrow’s douches.


Adam is doing an Live Read

Snobby Drew swears by MCT Oil edition


7th Story is on a recent survey of how people feel about prenuptial agreements, Gina gives her take on it and how bad it would feel to sign one before getting married.

Adam is talking about not wearing your seatbelt if there was a 50% chance of crashing your car, that’s the odds you’re dealing with in Los Angeles.

Adam is talking about the ‘Divorce Corp.’ element to all of this and how the lawyers end up getting involved after the ex-wife goes out to lunch with a friend.
Gina is now playing the ex-wife to be and Adam is her friend trying to get her to talk to “Marty” and “Saul” and they’re doing a very funny scene.

Adam is now asking all of the possible professional legal jobs she might be trained in, mocking that line of questioning and how self-serving and blowhardy it is.

Adam is now talking to hobo BB telling him to hire one of his hobo friend to kill him, hilarious riff.


Adam says you either have to be in or out when it comes to murder, he says that’s how we get murdered as we don’t expect it as we can’t murder anyone.

Adam is talking about the prison escapees getting caught and he jokes about how cops mostly wait by the phone for tips and don’t actually seem to catch anyone.

It’s always about dropping a dime.


Adam says the Unabomber sketch was the least helpful sketch of all time, hilarious riff about keeping an eye out for everyone.

McKean is riffing with them and Adam brings up a fake interview with the sketch artist on SNL, Michael brings up Frankie Boyle and a joke he has about the looks of child predators.


Adam is doing a Live Read for ‘Not Safe with Nikki Glaser’


Adam now has the Unabomber sketch and is riffing about how much he resembles John Holmes and says he thought that when they actually caught Ted Kaczynski he looked like a disheveled Harrison Ford.

Gina is sharing the details of a Radiolab that suggested he was berated into madness by a mean college professor, leaving out all of the LSD studies he took part in that might have fried his brain and altered his thinking or even opened the door to schizophrenia or a host of other disorders.

Adam is now sharing how he had nothing but abusive teachers and coaches and he didn’t bomb people via the postal service.


Adam is saying that he really thinks he looks like John Holmes and takes it back to the “what made him snap” and comments on his own life of not snapping on anyone.

Michael is now bringing up how he’s the only student to do this, Adam says Michael now sounds like that professor at thanksgiving dinner trying to defend himself, hilarious.

They wrap up the show and Adam gives out the plugs.